The Rangers had left a while before and Tommy was already done with his shower and had dinner nearly finished. He went upstairs to see what was taking Jenny so long. He stopped a little way outside the mostly open bedroom door, smiling as he took in the sight. She was just finishing putting her hair up in her usual braided bun when the towel that was wrapped around her gave way and fell to the floor. Tommy's eyes roamed over her. She bent to grab the towel and his pulse leapt.

She paused as something caught her attention. Slowly, she straightened up and crossed to the full length mirror, tilting her head and studying her reflection. Jenny pressed her hands against her stomach, where the skin hadn't quite toned and tightened after her weight loss. Tommy mentally crossed his fingers that he wasn't about to be in a classic no win situation, moved up and leaned on the doorframe. "Hey, Gorgeous. Whatcha doin?"

She jumped slightly when he spoke. She blushed. "Nothing important. Dinner ready?"

He noticed that - intentionally or unintentionally - she had covered herself as she spoke. He nodded and answered, "Pretty much." His voice slid into a lower range as he continued. "But, you know, it'll keep for a while."

She shivered as she always did. Suddenly, her eyes met his and her mouth fell open. "Oh hell."

'Uh oh.' Tommy thought. Out loud, he said, "What?"

Her blush, which had started to fade, returned and more prominently than before. Her breathing was shallow. "You know."

He offered her a slow, sensual smile. "Know what?"

"What it does to me when you do that." Her tone turned accusing. "You figured it out and have been using it to your advantage!"

He couldn't decide if she was angry or not, but he was hoping for not. "Well, you did say I was an opportunist."

"Powers help me if you ever figure out any or all of my other major turn ons" she remarked dryly. "You'd have to quit your job and I'd have to find someone else to run the company."

In her peripheral vision, she could see his reaction to her remark. It was just as deliberate as his changing the pitch of his voice. "Oh, really? Like what?" he asked eagerly.

"Oh no. A girl has to have some secrets."

"Aw, come on. I want to know."

She had wrapped the towel around her again and was getting clothes out. "You're a scientist, aren't you? What about the joy of discovery? The thrill of experimentation?"

"Scientific process is overrated in a situation like this. And, sweetheart, you do not want me to treat you like one of my projects."

She considered this for a minute and then nodded. "Fair enough."

"Just tell me one."

"You already know one" Jenny answered quickly, blushing once more. "I don't know any of yours."

"I'm not that hard to figure out" Tommy replied dryly. "I am a fairly typical male, you know. Quite frankly, my biggest turn on is you." He crossed over to her. "Most especially when you're turned on." He swallowed hard.

"Honey, very little about you is typical. But taking the statement at face value, I'd guess - the more bare skin, the better?" Quickly, she sifted through what she did know about men and a deliciously wicked idea came to mind. "Hmm. I have an idea. Why don't you sit there?" she suggested, pointing to a chair in the corner of the room.

"Why?" he questioned, already moving.

Jenny didn't answer him. She sat down at the foot of the bed and waited for him to get settled. Once he was and returned his full attention to her, she said softly, "Want to see something nobody else has ever seen?"

His eyebrows went up at the question and he nodded mutely. His mouth went instantly dry as her hands began to caress her breasts through the towel. She wasn't going to- was she? She moaned softly as one hand crept down and rubbed gently between her legs through the fabric still covering her. Her eyes were closed and her face flushed and Tommy decided she made a very enticing picture indeed. After a few minutes, she unfastened the towel and let it drop on the bed behind her, both hands returning to her breasts. He watched very closely as she kneaded and caressed and pinched, little whimpers and moans adding to his excitement.

She was completely lost in her head, imagining it was his hands doing this to her. It was something she had done before, a long time ago. She finally gave in to the urge and let one hand drift down between her legs again. Completely forgetting that he was in the room, she gasped lightly as she brushed the sensitive nerves. Abandoning the very responsive spot for the moment, she caressed the rest of the area. Her other hand came down to join the first, gently spreading herself to her own touch and his view.

Tommy's hands were clenched tightly on the arms of the chair, fighting the urge to join her, knowing that was not what she'd intended. He could feel himself throbbing in the confines of his clothes and he was sure that he'd never been this hard before. He drew his eyes away from her questing fingers long enough to take in the rest of her. God this was hot - hotter than anything he'd ever imagined! He almost lost the battle to remain in the chair when she moaned out his name.

"Oh, Tommy, yes." Her fingers moved faster, causing her breath to come in short, sharp pants. Her tongue flicked out and wet her dry lips. Some part of her mind registered the low moan from across the room, but she ignored it. She gasped and then moaned again as she slid two fingers into herself. "Oh god. More, Tommy. Please more."

Tommy's eyes widened as she slid a third finger to join the other two. He almost forgot to breathe when her hands moved faster and harder. He wondered if she'd get as aroused watching him as he was watching her. As he watched, he noticed a few things that she did that were different than when he did this for her. All thought ceased as he saw the tell tale signs of her approaching the end. Her entire body tensed for a long moment before she convulsed in orgasm, falling back on the bed and crying out loudly as she did.

Gradually, she came down from the high that she'd created. She slowly extracted her fingers, shuddering lightly as she did. The continued silence from across the room started to unnerve her. Had she gone too far? Finally, she sat back up and looked toward him.

His eyes were dark and his breathing was shallow and he was very obviously excited by what he had seen. After another minute, he spoke, his voice quiet. "Do you have any idea how hot that was? How hard it was for me not to come and join you? How much I need you right now?"

She answered softly. "What do you need, Tommy?"

Tommy's voice was still quiet, but the tone became more forceful. "I don't care. Your hands, your mouth, anything."

"Whatever you want, honey. I'm yours." He beckoned her closer. She crossed to him as he swiftly stripped out of his clothes. He pulled her into a heated kiss.

When he released her, he said one word. "Please." She knelt before him, gently stroking him for a short while. She took a deep breath and took him as deep as she could. He moaned loudly as he was engulfed by the hot, wet, tight passage. Blindly, she took his hands and guided them to her hair. His fingers threaded into the strands as best they could. She drew back, took another deep breath and slid down on him again. Two quick strokes and she paused. Reflexively, his hips thrust up at her and she moaned low in her throat. The vibrations broke his tightly held restraint and his hands tightened in her hair as he repeatedly thrust rapidly into the orifice. He gave one last hard, deep thrust, shouting his pleasure as he did.

He released her immediately, chagrined at how he'd just treated her. She unhurriedly backed off of him, mindful of his currently sensitive state. She smiled tenderly at him and softly caressed his cheek and he knew he was forgiven for being so rough. He pulled her off her knees and they made their way to the bed where they held each other.

A while later, Tommy spoke softly. "So, what had your attention in the mirror earlier?"

She wore a self depreciating smile. "Just thinking that I've held up pretty well for an old lady."

"You're not old" he objected. "We're the same age and I'm certainly not old - yet."

"No, we're not. I'm a lot older than you, Tommy."

He rolled his eyes. "Sweetheart, our birthdays are less than a month apart. That doesn't make you a lot older than me."

Jenny propped herself up on one elbow and looked at him strangely. "Tommy, I'm five years older than you."

Tommy grinned at her. "No, you're not." His grin faded as he realized that she wasn't joking. "Well, you were in high school with me. You must have gotten held back a lot then."

Now she rolled her eyes. "Or I spent five years in another dimension, remember?"

A thought struck him. "Unless that's why you get so sick when you come back. Your body is returning to what it's supposed to be - not just size or weight or condition, but age too." She considered this for a minute before he continued. "If I'm right, the only thing that you've actually gained is five years of knowledge, not age."

"Interesting theory. Although I have no idea how I'd be able to prove it."

"Not like you have to" he pointed out.

"True." She stretched sinuously and slipped out of bed. "I'll be right back."

Tommy watched her cross to the bathroom, smiling slightly. Just before she closed the door, he said, "Even if you are five years older, you're still hot, Gorgeous."

He caught her grin as she shut the door. He stretched himself and sighed. If only Mesogog was already beaten, everything would be - well, if not perfect, damn near close! His mind wandered to the future - to the possibilities. Tommy was startled out of his contemplation of where to take their honeymoon when she rushed out of the bathroom and over to her nightstand. She yanked the drawer open and rifled through it for a minute.

Jenny was muttering to herself as she snatched the towel off the end of the bed. Swiftly, she wrapped it around herself and flew out of the room. Puzzled, Tommy got up, snatched up his pants and put them on before he hurried after her. He found her in the kitchen. She had pulled the calendar off the wall and was flipping pages rapidly back and forth. "Jenny? What-"

She held up her hand to stop him and continued what she was doing. Confused, he watched as she repeated the sequence two more times. Finally, she raised her eyes to his, several emotions swimming in them. She opened her mouth and closed it, and then a second time.

By this time, her anxiety and tension had infected Tommy. "Jenny, what?"

The answer was said quietly. "Tommy, I'm late."

"For what?" As soon as the reflexive question left his mouth, he knew and his eyes grew wide. "How late?"

"About two weeks."

Tommy pulled himself together. "Okay. Aside from the most obvious - and impossible - possibility, what else could cause it?"

"First of all, it's not impossible - just very unlikely. Second, there are a number of other possibilities. There's only one possibility that we can try and eliminate without a doctor visit and I really don't think going to see a doctor is a good idea right now. You know, since I'm a Ranger."

"Okay. How do you-?"

"I'll get dressed and run out for a test. That way, I'll have it for the morning."

"Can't you do it tonight?"

"You don't have any idea how these tests work, do you?" He could hear the humor in her voice and shook his head in response to her question. Her cheeks turned pink. "Engaged or not, there are still things I'd rather not discuss with you. When I get back, you can read the paperwork that comes with the tests."

Tommy paced the entire time she was gone, emotions in turmoil. He found himself going back and forth between hoping she was and hoping she wasn't. If she was, things were going to have to change and he knew that she wouldn't be thrilled about it. He had no idea how to broach the subject, either.

When she returned, she tossed the bag to him. "You go ahead and read that stuff. I'm going to go change into something else."

Jenny finally came downstairs, hoping she'd given him long enough. She found him in the kitchen, head down on the table, paperwork and packaging in front of him. She bit her lip. "Are you okay?"

"You know, I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing that." His voice was slightly muffled by his arms.

"Welcome to adulthood" she snickered.