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" FUCK!" , yelled the red head as she came running around the corner. " Why are they always following me?!" , she whispered under her breath. Sprinting towards the moving tram, she jumped on the top of it, catching her breath. As she was resting, she saw the white suits coming closer to the tram. Quickly she jumped off and headed towards the towns square. Maybe she could slip into the crowd and then hopefully disappear unnoticed.

Demyx looked around, desperate and anxious that there were no heartless nor dusks anywhere. It was impossible that Twilight Town was completely enemy free. But he has searched almost everywhere and no sign, not even a glimpse of a dusk which were usually swarming over the place. Xemnas would kill him himself if Demyx stuffed up this time. His last mission didn't went so well and the superior was on the verge of running amok through Castle Oblivion. It wasn't always a wise move to fail a mission but at this time it was even more dangerous. Ever since that wretched key blade wielder Sora and his duck and dog closed the door to darkness, Xemnas was even more obsessed with finding Kingdom Hearts. The entire organization now worked thrice the work than they did before Xehanort's heartless disappeared. And then there was this mysterious boy who all of the sudden appeared with the superior. Demyx had nothing against him, in fact he was one of his best friends he had in the organization. Yet sometimes he is quite creepy, as Xigbar describes him. For one instant he does what he is told to do without complaining or even saying anything, which was very unusual for a member of the organization. Barely anyone listens and does exactly what the superior tells them to except him. And he has also no clue about his past, or about his other. He was always quiet but helped with all the late pranks and jokes Axel played on the others. Number VIII and XIII were never seen without the other close by. Demyx strode past the town square, deeply sunken in his thoughts. He didn't notice the red headed girl running towards him, until she bumped into him, throwing both to the ground.

Even the girl hadn't noticed the man she just ran into. As she quickly stood up, whispering a hasty apology, she made a mental note not to look back while fleeing. No, I wasn't fleeing from those things, just exercising and they just happened to follow me, she thought rapidly. She was way to proud for herself to flee like a girl. In fact sometimes she wondered if she should have been a boy, but that thought was gone as quickly as it came. She couldn't be more proud to be a so fearless girl. It comes from growing up with a brother only and always on adventures with him. She missed it so much. The white suits came closer to her and the stranger. He wore a black coat with a hood so she couldn't see his face, but he obviously recognized those beings. Or whatever they were. As they moved towards them, slowing down a bit, the stranger summoned some sort of guitar but yet it didn't look like one. He played a few chords on it and water rose from the earth, building up to a gigantic wave. The white suits swarmed together, surrounded by water. The strange man played a final tone and water poured over the enemy, drowning them. After they've disappeared the water went as well, same for the strange instrument. The red head could do nothing else but stare in astonishment.

Demyx looked at the spot where the dusks just had vanished. He loved his element and he loved his sitar the most. Such a wonderful and useful weapon. This time the superior couldn't turn on him for running away again. "How did you do that?" the girl asked him curios and obviously amazed. Demyx felt pride running through him. Finally someone had noticed his awesome power and was astonished by it. He was always said to be the weakest member in the organization and was mocked with about it. No one ever gave him a compliment about it. And he slipped into day dreaming again.

The hooded man gave no answer. Although she couldn't see his face she was sure he had gone over into dreamland. Obviously a coward, even if not now after he saved me, she thought annoyed. "Hello, I'm talking to you!" she said to him bored. Now that she had no reason to run('exercise') anymore she could stop and collect information. And this fellow looked like he has been around a lot and he could be useful if those things returned. Not that she wouldn't fight herself, but it was more comforting if some one else can do it for her. Besides she needs rest, even that she won't admit it but she had barely slept for weeks now, months maybe already. But she can't rest until she found her brother and she can only rest if she has to for a short time, always keeping an eye out for those strange white suits that have been following her ever since. She was too much like her brother, she told herself sometimes when it was getting really bad. Close to drifting off to her own dreamland, the stranger caught her.

"It's my element, water. Everyone has an element.", he said with such a soft voice, it was unbelievable that he just killed something. The girl almost pitied him. He didn't sounded or acted much like a fighter.

Demyx didn't know what to do. He had never really talked to a girl before and he wasn't well with strangers. Axel was the one he needed now. But that thought of Axel talking with this girl made him think even more. Now that Demyx looked at her directly, she could have been Axel's female version. Except for the eyes, which were shimmering dark blue, like those of Roxas. And then as those eyes pierced him he saw the coldness in them. A coldness only a nobody can have. And it would explain why there were no heartless around. They flew from her and the dusks followed her awaiting orders, for she was higher in the ranks. She must be taken to Xemnas.

"You need to come with me to the organization."

"Will I get anything in return?"

"We are trying to find Kingdom Hearts. Xemnas says it will give us back a heart"

"I don't seek a heart"

Demyx hesitated. Every nobody sought a heart, more than anything. This one was special, he felt it.

"What do you seek then?"

"My brother" she whispered so quietly, Demyx could just hear it.

"Xemnas can give you power"

"I don't want power"

"To find him"

"Take me to that Xemnas"

Demyx summoned a dark portal.

"Ladies first"

And the red head stepped into darkness, Demyx following her.

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