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She didn't know what she was thinking when she agreed to this. Her mind was just a flash after she heard the hooded man talking about an organization. She had heard of it before. It was some organization that collected hearts for Kingdom Hearts, hoping that they as nobodies would receive one as a reward. They held a secret power no one knew, she heard whispers. But the man had said that his boss, that Xemnas guy, could help her in the search for her brother. Maybe this was the opportunity she has been waiting for all those restless months, in agony and fear that she would never see his laughing face and feel the warmth that surrounded him again. So she went with the man in black, who seemed to feel sympathetic towards her. He was quite nice and she was sure that he would be trustful and a loyal friend. At least if she joined this Xemnas in his plans she would have someone to talk to.

They arrived at a huge castle.

"This is Castle Oblivion. You'll get to know it very well soon, hopefully."

"It's very..." she searched for a word to describe it best."...white."

"Everything you'll see here is white" He sighed."Xemnas says it means nothingness, just as us nobodies. I hate it. The only thing that is no white are Marlurxia's flowers in his garden but even the roses and all blossoms are white."

"That's stupid. Just because you're a nobody doesn't mean you don't exist. I mean, you are standing here so you do exist, right? That Xemnas must be pretty dumb or sit behind a desk (probably white) all day and ..." she couldn't find anything to describe how she felt about it but the man understood.

"Well that's pretty much him"he said laughing.

"He's probably emo, just opposite colors! You know, instead of black he likes white?" she said laughing. Both laughed all the way up to the castle's main hall. That was when she noticed that she hadn't laughed in months, so she quickly fell silent. She was still mournful about her brother's disappearance and now her thoughts were back at it. The not so stranger guided her through endless corridors, all white, as promised. They passed another hooded figure which greeted the man enthusiastically.

"Hey how's little water boy doing? Got another pet I see, Xemnas ain't happy about that, you know, he he!" Then his tone of voice changed to very serious one. The red head wouldn't have expected this man to have this tone after she heard him before.

"No, serious, Demmy, he's in a shitty mood. Marlurxia just complained about Axel burning his roses, then Xemnas forbid Axel, to keep the peace, to go near the plants again and won't have dinner tonight because he made Marlurxia cry. Broken man, broken man,... Nonetheless, out of fury, he made Roxas to pour some potion from Vexen's lab on Marlurxia's favorite plant and it turned into a gigantic 'nobody-eating' rose, with loads of thorns"

"Wait, did you just say 'nobody-eating..."asked the man curios.

"Well, Marlurxia thought it was still a harmless pot plant, only now equipped with a huge mouth and very sharp teeth, so ... I think you can see it in your head... anyway, Luxord and Lexeaus went after him, Roxas was lying on the ground, unconscious, he has been knocked out when the potion kicked in, but I'm sure he was better to be so for he would have died of laughter" The new guy was now laughing himself."You should have been there, dude! Vexen was already there with an antidote but he couldn't get anywhere near the plant 'cause he didn't want to get eaten as well! Then Xemnas came up and tried to get near it and the monstrosity almost bit his head off!"

"Damn! How could it miss?"

"It got better dude. Axel came. You know what he did? In revenge for knocking out Roxas and NOT biting the superior's head off, he burned it. HE BURNED IT!"

The hooded man fell to the floor, laughing so hardly. It must have been a very funny sight. The red head hoped she would get to see things like that when she was going to be a member. Her guide laughed heavily as well. He must know those people quite well, because it looked like this wasn't the first time he laughed at something he hadn't seen.

"Sorry dude but I gotta go get Zexion some bandages or Luxord's going to loose a lot more blood..."

he left them laughing at the memory. As the girl's guide lead her along more corridors, she was deeply sunken into her thoughts. This Axel seemed to be a lot like her brother. Same temper and thought for revenge, after what she heard of him. And he had a sidekick who would do stuff he couldn't, just as she was with her brother when they were on adventures. She made a note to get to him better once she could walk around freely.

They stopped at Xemnas office. Demyx was a bit scared because if this girl wasn't satisfying enough he would get Xaldin to stab both of them until he got tired and bored of the screams. He only remembered a bit of the previous number XIII, before Roxas came. But Lexis was in a lot of pain after he left the organization. The girl was once again piercing him with those cold eyes, bored and awaiting. He made a final breath and entered the office.

Xemnas was furious. How could those damn ranks below him not spare a little bit of respect?! Especially numbers II, VIII, and of course the sidekick XIII. At least number IX wasn't there to join the mischief created before. How did those idiots ever came into the organization? Speaking of the devil, number IX entered his office, followed by a very strange but yet familiar looking girl. Xemnas was sure he had seen her before. He rose from his chair, starting to boil. He wasn't in the mood for another of Demyx's attempts to bring in a 'pet', how he called it, in the organization. He started before the younger man even opened his mouth.

"No, Demyx, it will not join the organization. Don't make me start this again."

"No no no, this one's a nobody! And a special one as well! Really, she's different!"

" Demyx, I"

Number IX was at his wits end. He panicked to early.

"Just look in her eyes and you'll see!"he shouted, for the first time, at the superior. A grave decision.

The girl was scared, for the first time. This man was cold, and she couldn't see mercy anywhere near his thoughts. And this time there was no one around to save her, she was cornered, couldn't run anymore. And her escort looked afraid himself, even though he stood up for her, his courage wasn't going to last forever. This man, Xemnas, every word he spoke sounded like a death sentence. She wished she had never come here. But as she was pushed forwards, so Xemnas could see her eyes, the man himself changed all of the sudden. Looking surprised he faced the girls accompanist.

"Good work, Number IX. You have earned my respect. What's her name?" he demanded as formerly as it gets but still crunching his teeth in anger.



"Hang on, I'm a nobody?" The red head joined the conversation. She couldn't be, even if she was, when had she become one? All she knew was that she has always been there, as she was now. It was even confusing the other two men.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Xemnas, disbelievingly.

"I mean that I can't remember ever turning into one"

"Even more special then, right, superior?"

"What was your name then?"


"Then from now on you shall be Raxein." The man ended.

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