Author's Note:

Well, I suppose by now all of you know that I went with the option to hold off on the sequel for now. I would have posted that, but I felt wrong moving the story up in the list for a mere author's note when there are so many good fanfics that should remain up on the list.

That being said, I am leaving an author's note now to tell you that the wait is nearly over (so that no one plots to come find and harm me if I do not update soon). I have finals next week, but I do have the first chapter done and I plan to finish another one very soon. So... want to know the release date?

I will be posting the sequel to "Healing Her Wounds" on Saturday, May 10th. The sequel will be called "Forget Me Not" and there are reasons for that title which I will not state. You can check my profile after May 10th for the link. I will probably not post the actual link in this story (or at least I won't until there's two or three chapters up).

It will not be an everyday update kind of deal, as it was with "Healing Her Wounds," which was planned and pretty much written when I began posting the story. I will update weekly (maybe sooner, maybe later), all depending on what's going on in my life at the time. Hopefully the updates will stay pretty constant. If (this is only a possibility) I write many chapters at a fast pace, then I will begin to update sooner than a week. We'll see.

So, that being said, hopefully you're not all mad at me for the severe lack of any updates. I can breathe now, though, for the most part... and that hopefully means I'll be writing more. I hope you'll all take a look at "Forget Me Not" on May 10th and let me know what you think.

Until then.