"Reunited with a side of Ramen"

Chapter 1: "Who says Old Friendship Fades?"

By: Kiba Inubake

Hey! I'm back with my second story and I couldn't be more excited about writing it! If you haven't heard from some other source, this is a romance story about everyone's favorite villain, Itachi Uchiha, and the cutest ramen cook you can find, Ayame. I have not written the story yet, and this is the pre-writing, so I'll use it and say that I may give Ayame a last name because Masashi Kishimoto was lazy and only gave her a first name…I think… This might have some comedy, and I hope I'll be able to think of some good jokes to put in, but since it's a romance, it would seem weird if I made it like a spoof, so just a few side-jokes will be the only comic entertainment… I'm so ashamed of myself for not making it hilarious… Anyway, go ahead and start reading, but don't cry to me that it wasn't funny enough for your liking. I gave you fair warning, and if that's not enough, then you're out of luck. The premiere of "Reunited with a side of Ramen" begins!

Warning- Itachi Uchiha is not evil in this story, but that doesn't mean he won't kill anyone! People who only like him because he's evil should just jump off a bridge and die…or just not read this… Is that better for you?

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"Who says Old Friendship Fades?"

The nippy spring breeze brushed against a man from a great clan, Itachi Uchiha, as he stood in front of the Konohagakure gate. As he entered the village, he remembered once again why he had come- to meet his old childhood friend. Itachi knew where he was going first, though: the Hokage's office. He had just returned from a very special A-Ranked mission, and needed to report back. Itachi had to go there soon, but decided that greeting his younger brother would be the kind thing to do. Normally, because he was right there, he would've gone to the office, but there was a high chance Itachi could've died, hence his decision.

As he made his way to the Uchiha estate, his brother ran out to greet him. Itachi was noticed through the window his brother was peering out from.

"Itachi!" His brother called, embracing Itachi. "I knew you'd make it back safely!"

"Hello, Sasuke. I have free time today. Care to join me for lunch later? I'd like to know how the month I was gone treated you." Itachi said, forgetting he had to report back to the Hokage.

"I'd love to, big brother! Have you reported back to Naruto-sama?" Sasuke replied with pure happiness in his eyes.

"Did you just say Naruto-sama? When did he become so great?" Itachi said without a clue.

"Oh, right… Naruto became the 6th Hokage while you were gone. It's amazing how he started out as a loser and now he's great," Sasuke said. He ran his fingers through his black hair. "Oh, and someone named Ayame came by the other day. She said she was looking for you. I can't remember who she is, but I'm sure I've seen her at least twice before…" Sasuke turned to the side and looked at the rising sun. "Actually, Naruto will probably be at Ichiraku Ramen right now stuffing his face- WAIT! That's it! She's the girl who works at Ichiraku! Now, the only question is where do I know her from out of work…?" Sasuke is now lost in thought.

"Sasuke, Ayame is my old friend from when I was a chunnin. Don't you remember? You knew her for a few years until she left to see the bordering nations. You're telling me she came back?" Itachi explained. "I do want to know what's happened to her since then… She was gone for quite a few years."

"That's the story. Now, shouldn't you go see Naruto-sama?" Sasuke said.

"Yeah, I'll go now. See you soon," Itachi said. And with those final words, he had left for Ichiraku Ramen.

The owner of Ichiraku wiped his head with a wet towel. "Phew! It gets hot standing over boiling water all day!" He said to his assistant.

"Yeah, and I can't stand it. This is why I left 7 years ago," Ayame said. "All I missed was the great smell of ramen…" She took a big whiff of the soup in front of her. "I'm glad Naruto took Tsunade's place. We get along so well." She looked at Naruto, who was sitting down, happily slurping up some ramen broth.

The owner just laughed. "Hahaha! You sure do, and it's only because you feel the same way about ramen! Haha!"

"Yeah, yeah… Oh, someone's entering," Ayame said as she looked towards the customer. "Welcome to Ichi-" She gasped as she saw who it was. "Itachi?!"

"Hello, Ayame! It's nice to see you again!" Itachi exclaimed. "How was your trip?"

"There's a long story I have to tell you about my trip, actually," Ayame said with a smile on her face. "At first-" She was cut off by the nearby loudmouth.

"Tell me too, Ayame!" Naruto yelled. "Who are you talking to, anyway?" He looked towards Itachi. "Hey! I know you! You're Sasuke's brother! Aren't you surprised that I'm the new Hokage? Huh? Aren't ya?"

"Of course I am! How could you of all people become Hokage?" Itachi said, with a playful grin.

"It's because I'm a super-special awesome ninja!" Naruto exclaimed, not knowing Itachi was teasing him.

Itachi just stared at him. "Did you just call yourself a 'super-special awesome ninja'?" He then stares at Ayame. "Is he seriously our new Hokage?"

Ayame nodded and added, "It's a good thing he is, too. We've been getting a lot more service lately, mostly from stupid followers who come here just because he does. In a way, they're what helps us, even if it does seem a little unlikely that people like them could help us." She started making more ramen. "Here, have a free order of ramen. You must be hungry from returning from your mission," She said.

Naruto slammed his fists on the table out of fury. "No way! Why does he get a free order? That's not fair! I give you the most business!" He said in an outburst.

"Shouldn't you be asking how my mission went instead of picking fights?" Itachi asked coolly.

"Oh, you took that mission? I was wondering who it was. After all, someone good had to do it," Naruto said.

"What was the mission?" Ayame said. "Sasuke told me it was life-risking, but that he didn't know anymore."

"The mission was to-" Once again, Naruto had cut off someone, except this time the victim was Itachi.

"To kill armed terrorists at the Grass village!" He obviously didn't care for Itachi enough to not interrupt him. "I would've done it, but I would've had to miss out on eating my ramen…"

There was silence for a while, until Naruto broke it and said, "What? Wouldn't you hate leaving ramen for a month?"

Ayame, Itachi, and the owner all shouted, "No!" and left Naruto confused. "I don't know what's wrong with you three, but as far as I know, I'm normal," He said.

"The key words are 'as far as I know'," Itachi added, slightly annoyed. Ayame giggled, and then passed him a bowl of beef ramen.

"Thanks, Ayame. It looks delicious," Itachi said as he sat down. "We should hang out later and talk," He added. "You know, get to know each other again."

Ayame smiled. "I'd love to, Itachi! Meet me back here at 12:00. I'll take a little lunch break." Itachi nodded as he slurped his ramen.

"Itachi's Side-Adventure!"

Itachi was walking around the village to check if there were any big changes, for example, the Great Hokage stone carvings, when all of a sudden, he heard a scream from a young girl. By the way, did I mention Sasuke had joined him? Because that's pretty important.

"Eek! Somebody save me!" Some girl shrieked far off in the distance.

"That sounds like a hot girl's scream!" Itachi said.

"How can you tell?" Sasuke asked.

"You have learned nothing while I was gone…" Itachi said, shaking his head disdainfully.

"Somebody, please hurry!" The girl screamed again.

"Let's go, Sasuke," Itachi said with a determined expression. "That girl might die, and she could be the hottest one we've ever seen!"

"Right, brother!" Sasuke said. The two sped off in the direction of the voice.

They got to the area where the girl was screaming. "The girl screaming was Sakura?! Ino's here, too?! Look, Itachi, she's knocked out," Sasuke said with concern. "But what attacked them?" He asked. Sasuke heard a noise from above him, so he looked, only to notice it was Orochimaru on his snake, which he had named Orochi. The name fit perfectly. –For those who didn't know, Orochi means big snake. There, now it's old news.-

"Orochimaru?! What the hell are you doing to Sasuke's two girlfriends?!" Itachi yelled.

"Shut up! You can't even be serious when someone's in danger?" Sasuke said angrily.

"What I'm planning to do is to make them pay for calling me gay because I said I came to the new gay bar," Orochimaru said. "Oh, hello, Sasuke! You look really sexy today! We should get together sometime. What's your phone number?" He said, licking his lips.

"I knew it! Orochimaru is gay!" Itachi announced. "Hey, Sasuke, you're boyfriend's here to take you to his house!"

"God damn it, Itachi! Get fucking serious already!" Sasuke seethed.

"Orochimaru, get lost!" Itachi yelled as he used the Grand Fireball jutsu. "Die!"

Orochimaru was hit with a giant ball of fire. "Aack!" He was burned by the jutsu.

"There, now that's that," Itachi said as he watched Orochimaru and his snake flee back home. Ino woke up, only to notice Sakura staring dreamily with a twinkle in her eyes at her savior. Ino soon joined the Itachi staring booth as they both admired him.

"Oh, Itachi, I knew you'd rescue us!" Sakura said like a fan girl. "You're so handsome and strong and dreamy…"

"Hey, I thought you liked Sasuke! Why me now?" Itachi asked.

"It's because Uchihas are so beautiful, and you're much better looking than Sasuke!" Ino answered, imagining him in boxers and posing for her.

"Yeah, Sasuke, compared to me, you're nothing!" Itachi joked as Sasuke silently cursed his name. The End

Itachi went back to get Ayame at 12:00 like she said. He entered Ichiraku Ramen and saw his cute ramen cook come out from the back with her normal clothes on. Basically, the only difference was a new shirt and her apron was off. She saw Itachi waiting for her and came towards him.

"Hey, you made good time! Hi, Itachi," Ayame greeted.

"It's great we can catch up now. How've you been?" Itachi asked as they walked out. He saw a picnic basket in her hand.

"I've been overworked lately," She answered. "Remember what I told you about the followers?"

"Oh, right. So, where did you intend on taking us with that basket?" Itachi asked. "Somewhere romantic? Hahaha!" He joked.

"No, I was thinking more along the lines of somewhere secluded where no one could bother us," Ayame happily answered.

"So, in other words, you're taking me to a nice, quiet and romantic spot," Itachi said, with only the slightest smile on his face. He liked Ayame, but not in that way. He thought of her as a cute friend, not a potential girlfriend. Then again, Itachi could get any girl he wanted.

"When you put it that way, then I guess it is," She said with a tone that would make any man or perverted teenager lust for her. Itachi could tell she was half-joking, but also half-serious.

Itachi laughed so quietly, he wasn't even sure if he had laughed at all. "I guess, if that's what you want."

They had made their way to a hidden flower garden Ayame had discovered a little while ago. She had taken a blanket out and placed it on a cushiony grassy patch. She placed the basket down, took out two sodas and handed one to Itachi.

"So, Itachi, what do you want most in life?" She asked, with a curious aura surrounding her. He couldn't quite figure out what kind of aura it was, though. Most girls who have tried hitting on him or flirting with him had something similar to that. But Ayame's was different. It wasn't out of flirtatiousness or sex lust, but it was out of something close to that and didn't involve selfish needs. It was truly amazing that Itachi, the Uchiha clan's pride and joy, not to mention smartest member, could not figure out what she wanted- love.

"I guess my answer would be to be happy," Itachi said. "Okay, I admit I was joking. But what I really want…" He thought about that for a moment, and then gave his answer. "…It's a secret." End of Chapter.

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