By wired2damoon


I sit and dream from afar

I love you just the way you are

You're no one like I've ever met

You're nice and thoughtful, your life so set

Yet still you never notice me,

Whether in a crowd or alone by a tree

You walk right past not passing a glance

I feel as if I've lost my chance

All alone I think of you,

That maybe one will someday be two

But that will never happen of course

As I just make the situation worse

If I were prettier, slimmer or both

Maybe then I can gloat

That you and me were meant to be

And not just some stupid fantasy

But I'm not pretty or slim

And honestly this does make me grim

As you have noticed these dreadful flaws

As people stare with crooked jaws

If only you could see past all this

Maybe then we can share a kiss

But alas you won't and that's just fine,

For now I've realised I've wasted my time

For you'll never see me for who I am,

You'll just walk past all solid and calm,

And look right through me as if I'm not there

But that's just life- hard and unfair.

Betty Suarez sighed as she torn up the page and threw it into the fire. There was no way she was reading that in class tomorrow…

Gathering up her things she got into bed and turned off her light. She knew sleep would not come easily, but when it finally did in the darkness she would whisper, "Daniel"…

A/N: A bit angsty I know lol! Let me know what you think! Thankies wired2damoon Xx