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Chapter 2: Back to School

It was early in the morning when Shinji awoke. Opening his eyes slowly, he wondered why he had woken up so early considering how late he had gone to bed. His eyes widened as he suddenly remembered what had he had done yesterday. Thinking over the events, the boy couldn't help but feel disgusted at himself. Shinji knew Asuka had suffered greatly. Not only had she been extremely distraught afterwards, their short discussion later at night in her room alluded just how much she was hurt as well; not that it should be a shock to him. Surprisingly, she hadn't killed him, though it had been close at one point. Nor had she told Misato what had happened and that confused him.

Logically thinking about it, he should be in prison by now or some other similar punishment. Yet the redhead had not turned him in and later when he visited her, she was somewhat civil and did not resist him. The only explanation in Shinji's mind was that the event had been too traumatic for her and had greatly damaged her pride; after all a girl like her being raped by someone like him only added insult to injury. As much as he wished to, he could not change the past and hoped that Asuka would return to her normal self. He should definitely make it up to her somehow; it was the least he could do.

Shinji stretched and got out of his bed slowly. After getting up, he walked over to the door and exited his room. The boy decided he might as well start making breakfast while it was this early; the other two roommates were still asleep after all. Moving into the kitchen, Shinji took out the abysmal amount of food that was left in the fridge and began preparing the morning meal. He made a note to himself to buy more food when he had the chance or at least get Asuka or Misato to do it, although he would rather Misato didn't.

The temperature in the room was already quite warm and Shinji suspected that today was going to be a hot day. A few stray beams of light pierced the blinds on the windows, lighting up the otherwise dark environment. Stopping what he was doing, the boy moved over to the windows and fully opened the blinds, causing light to pour into the residence. He then returned to the task at hand, making sure to be as quiet as possible.

Shinji's solace was short-lived as a bleary-eyed Misato walked into the kitchen, noticed him and sat down at the dining table. The boy turned to face the purple haired woman.

"Sorry Misato, did I wake you?" Shinji asked quietly.

Misato opened her mouth a couple of times, attempting to form words. "No… I had to get up early for work" she finally croaked out.

The Major was shocked at hearing her own voice and quickly stood up from the table. Moving over to the fridge, she opened it and grabbed a can of beer. Emptying its contents at an inhuman speed, she let out her usual "Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh" and then sat back down at the dining table. The boy just shook his head and continued making breakfast.

As Shinji finished making the meal, he turned his head to check on Misato and noticed Asuka walking in, also looking half dead. Instantly, the boy felt tense as he looked at the redhead and decided to make sure she wasn't angry.

"Did we wake you Asuka?" he asked.

The young girl paused momentarily before shaking her head and sitting down. Shinji noticed that the redhead was avoiding his gaze and she seemed surprisingly docile; quite the difference to supper last night. Even so the boy knew Asuka hated waiting and as he had already finished making breakfast, he moved to put the prepared dishes down on the table. At once, both girls began eating ravenously and Shinji sat down to eat as well.

Despite the fact that the food he had cooked this morning was pretty shoddy, as there wasn't anything left in the fridge, the redhead made absolutely no complaint about the quality of the meal. It was such a sharp contrast to constantly hearing how bad his cooking was for the past few months. Yet when it actually was bad, she said nothing; he suspected it was almost certainly because of yesterday.

"Good morning kids! Did you both sleep well?" Misato asked.

Asuka shot a look at Misato to let her know she was not in the mood to talk this morning.

"Good morning to you too Misato" Shinji responded, "My sleep was okay"

As the young girl did not want to participate in conversation right now, she just focused on finishing her meal.

"Well, I had great sleep! Thankfully, otherwise work would be just that more dreary" Misato continued.

"Are you going to work now?" Shinji asked.

"Not just yet but soon… by the way I noticed there's almost no food in the fridge, I think I'll go grocery shopping after work-" Misato started.

"No!" both Shinji and Asuka interrupted in unison, both understanding the danger of letting her shop for food.

"What's the problem? I did grocery shopping all the time before you two started living here" Misato responded, perplexed.

"It's alright Misato, I'll get the groceries for you" Shinji offered, not wanting to offend her.

"It's fine, it's fine, you do it all the time Shinji, don't worry about it" Misato said, waving her hand.

"Okay…" he finished, not knowing how to convince her. He could always get food himself irrespective of Misato going shopping, besides she would probably forget.

It was at this point Asuka finished eating. She got up from the table, put her plate in the sink and went off to the shower, leaving Shinji and Misato alone together, just like yesterday.

After having had her morning beer and observing her two wards, the Major had also noticed the redhead's unusual behaviour. Adding this morning and last night's behaviour, Misato was sure something had happened yesterday and resolved to find it out from Shinji as he was the easier of the two. As soon as the purple haired woman finished eating, she cleared her throat.

"So…" Misato started, "Mind telling me what happened between you two yesterday?"

The boy almost choked on his food, but swallowed it just in time. Fortunately, Misato hadn't noticed his slipup. 'God damn it' Shinji thought 'how does she know something happened yesterday? Stupid guardian always notices everything.' The boy stopped what he was doing and looked up at her. Despite him feeling extremely guilty for what he had done, he just couldn't bring himself to tell Misato what had happened, but he knew he had to say something.

"We told you, nothing happened" Shinji answered.

"Don't treat me like I'm stupid Shinji, you two have been acting strangely ever since I got back yesterday. Asuka was completely enraged at you yesterday and this morning she's the exact opposite. As your guardian, I am entitled to know what happened. If it's because Asuka is preventing you from talking, don't worry, I won't tell her you told me" Misato said determinedly.

'Well I guess nothing goes unnoticed by a tactical operations director. However, I'm the one who's guilty, not Asuka' Shinji thought, a little annoyed for Asuka's sake.

"So what? You think that something's wrong just because she didn't insult or complain about me? Is that all you think of Asuka? I'm sure she doesn't behave like a grouch all the time" Shinji replied.

Misato looked at him shocked, whether he noticed or not, he had just defended her. However, the boy had made the Major feel a little guilty that she made it sound like Asuka was supposed to annoy Shinji in the morning.

"No no, that's not what I mean" Misato said defending herself. "I just meant that she was clearly upset yesterday… are you sure everything is ok with you?" she asked.

Again, he felt a pang of guilt at her concern, it made Asuka's suffering that much worse.

"I'm fine, honestly, please don't be concerned about me" Shinji replied resolutely.

"Alright Shinji… if you say so, but if there is a problem don't be afraid to discuss it with me" Misato said earnestly.

"Yes Misato" he answered.

The purple haired woman chose to let it go this time, perhaps they were getting along better, besides she didn't have enough time to interrogate them. Funnily enough Misato didn't realise the irony of her own thinking; just yesterday she thought they'd never get along. It never once crossed Misato's mind that Shinji was the culpable one.

"Well I need to go to NERV now anyway" she started, standing up. "Oh and by the way you have a sync test tomorrow" Misato informed.

"Another one?" he whined.

"Yes and you're going. No excuses!" Misato said with finality.

With that, the Major left the table and went to the door. After saying goodbye and waving Shinji off, Misato exited the apartment. The boy sighed in relief in having avoided an unwanted confrontation. He set his concentration back onto eating his breakfast as it was still unfinished.

However, Shinji couldn't relax just yet as Asuka had walked out of the shower and headed to the dining room. The redhead looked around, unable to see the Major.

"Is Misato already…gone?" Asuka asked, a little uneasy.

"Yeah" Shinji answered.

"Jeez I don't want to be left alone with you!" Asuka said irritated, turning around.

"Misato said we have a sync test tomorrow" he added just as she started moving.

Asuka stopped. "Well at least I'll finally be able to prove my piloting ability is still superior" she said nastily, looking back at him.

Shinji finally noticed Asuka's current state. Her fiery red hair was all silky smooth from the shower, her skin gleamed and she was only wearing a towel; she was darn gorgeous. Looking at her scowling face, the boy felt an irresistible urge to kiss her. The lustful desires from last night were resurfacing; he never did achieve his own release after all. Even so, why did he so badly want her now? Was he trying to relieve his guilt by replacing it with desire?

At that the boy stood up and moved over to the redhead, surprising her a little. Asuka did not move, not wanting to show any weakness, besides what would he do? Shinji was himself at a loss of where things stood between them, the ambiguous outcome of last night didn't make it any clearer. An image of him kissing her went through his mind, 'It'd be good to have a proper kiss…' Shinji thought. The distinction between fantasy and reality was not apparent to the boy as he actually brought his lips down onto hers and wrapped his arms around her waist, completely shocking Asuka for a few seconds.

Pushing his face away, the redhead spoke up "Just what are you doing? Surely you aren't thinking you can just randomly kiss me?" she said moving away.

As the boy had been holding onto her waist as she moved away, he clumsily tripped forward pulling her towel down accidentally. Asuka instinctively grabbed her falling towel but not before her upper body was entirely revealed and Shinji's face landed in her chest.

"What the hell!" she said angrily, unable to smack the boy as she was holding her towel up.

As Shinji regained his balance, he quickly stood back up, taking his arms off her. The boy couldn't help a blush forming on his face as saw the half-naked girl, remembering where his face had just been.

"Sorry!" the boy said instinctively, then realised that was the wrong thing to say as Asuka's face grew darker. "You are just so beautiful, the most beautiful girl!" he quickly added, complimenting her.

"Flattery won't get you anywhere you moron! You're pushing your luck Shinji!" she said, raising her voice and pulling her towel back up to cover her chest.

"But how can I resist the most beautiful girl in the world?" he jested, hoping to calm her down.

"Seriously?! Don't make it sound so trivial!" she snapped.

"Asuka, I didn't mean it like that-" he started.

"I don't care! You're currently acting way too indifferent considering what happened just yesterday. Now get lost or I'll tell Misato how her good little Shinji raped me" she threatened.

The boy felt a little annoyed. She did have a point that he was behaving a little nonchalant, but he was only trying to keep things from being so heavy by not discussing it.

"You've had plenty of chances to tell her, you would have done it already!" he shot back, regretting his words immediately. It was not a good idea to provoke Asuka; he truly didn't want her to tell Misato.

However, the girl didn't respond but instead looked away; she had been bluffing. As Shinji looked down at Asuka, who had averted her gaze, he remembered her exposed breasts just moments ago and his lustful desires returned powerfully; why did he crave her so bad? Had yesterday's event unlocked some hidden feelings inside him?

He held back the urge to pull her towel back down and instead turned her head to face him with his hand, moving his face towards hers, bringing their lips together once more. Putting his arms around her waist again, he pulled her closer to him. Asuka's lips quivered a little as she wondered what he was going to do to her. She hated that she found herself unable to stop him and Shinji now knew she wasn't going to bring up the incident with Misato, though perhaps it was better this way as she didn't have to take responsibility for his actions. As such, the girl did little to resist his efforts, she was in such a vulnerable position anyway.

Sudden comprehension of his actions caused the boy to stop what he was doing. Just this morning he was feeling disgusted at himself, how could he take advantage of Asuka's wounded pride? Shinji couldn't understand what was coming over him.

Looking down at his watch, he quickly came up with an excuse for stopping. "Unfortunately, there isn't much time left before school and coming late will just be troublesome. Let's go get ready for school" Shinji said, trying to sound disappointed.

"Yeah, I don't know how much longer I could stand that" she responded, not wanting it to seem like she had wanted him to continue. With that, she swiftly moved off to her room.

Speaking of school, Shinji just realised he hadn't made their lunches and decided to skip his shower to make them. Temporarily forgetting about Asuka, he moved to his room to get dressed. Dressing up hastily, Shinji then travelled back to the kitchen to make their bentos.

As he began preparing their lunches, the boy found his thoughts returning to the girl. Shinji found Asuka's behaviour a little odd today. On the one hand she didn't want to even just be alone with him, but on the other hand she did little to stop him. He honestly needed to know where he stood with yesterday's incident; he was currently walking on eggshells, through his own fault admittedly, and perhaps further insight would help the situation. Shaking his head, he returned his concentration to making the bentos.

As Shinji finished making their lunches, Asuka, fully dressed, came in, took her box and rushed out of the residence. A little surprised, the boy quickly checked his pockets for his wallet, before grabbing his own lunch, packing it into his bag and bolting out the door after her. Making sure the door was locked, he then ran on down the stairs and exited the building. Upon emerging, the boy covered his eyes from the sunlight to search for the redhead. Seeing her down the street, Shinji sped off, catching up with Asuka shortly as she walked casually towards the school.

"You don't wanna walk with me today? You usually insist on doing so" Shinji asked curious.

"What's your problem? Do you have to hover around me?" Asuka retorted.

Shinji thought it best not to respond to this question and so turned his face forward again. The two eva pilots navigated the rest of their way to school in silence as Asuka obviously didn't want to talk to the boy. As they reached the front gates, Shinji mustered up his courage and broke the silence, wanting to understand the current state of affairs.

"You know Asuka, I'm not sure what you think of… well us and… things between us. You seem calm at the moment, but I don't really know… perhaps you can shed some light on the situation?" Shinji inquired.

"Just because I'm not bawling my eyes out doesn't mean I'm ok, far from it. If you haven't yet realised you numbskull, you raped me! Things between us? You're a rapist, I'm the one you violated, that's where we stand. Furthermore, I'm not whining and complaining about what happened because I'm not a pathetic moron like you! Now stop bothering me with stupid questions!" Asuka said obstinately.

At her outburst, Shinji felt a bout of remorse as he was reminded of what he had done and stayed quiet. Annoyed at Shinji's behaviour, Asuka muttered something under her breath as they walked through the front gates. School hadn't started yet, but there were no students outside and so the two teens walked into the school building together. Walking down the corridor to their classroom alone made them both feel uneasy for some reason and they were both relieved when they finally entered their classroom.

As they entered the room, the atmosphere suddenly dropped; Asuka wasn't happy and everyone knew it. The two eva pilots separated without saying a word and went to their usual seats. Immediately, Kensuke and Touji came over to Shinji to catch the scoop.

"Hey man what's up? It seems the redheaded demon over there is majorly pissed and you're looking down too" Touji commented.

"When isn't Asuka pissed?" Kensuke said jokingly.

"Hoo hoo haa!" Touji replied, giving Kensuke a high five.

"But seriously, did something happen Shinji?" Kensuke asked.

Shinji felt a pit in his stomach as he saw that other people noticed Asuka's current state; it had to really be noticeable for them to differentiate between her usual self and now. Kensuke's innocent question reignited Shinji's guilt; how could he tell them what happened? It was impossible.

"Oh, it's nothing really important but I strongly advise you don't make Asuka angry if you want to live. She's not in a good mood" Shinji answered.

"Point taken Shinji" Touji noted.

"Never mind that then. Anything happening at NERV? Are they hiring a new pilot yet?" Kensuke asked eagerly.

"Why would you want to pilot? It was the worst experience I ever had!" Touji immediately responded.

Kensuke had momentarily forgotten that Touji had been the pilot of the angel-infected Unit 03 and decided not to continue on his piloting rant. It had only been pure luck that the jock hadn't received any serious injuries when the dummy plug took control of Unit 01.

"Well there isn't another Evangelion to pilot anyway, though I got a sync test tomorrow, that's about it" Shinji said, trying to relieve the tension.

"I wish I could go to NERV with you" Kensuke said a little longingly.

"Just dress up as Shinji" Touji suggested, thinking it was the most obvious solution.

"Somehow I don't think that would work" Kensuke replied cynically.

"Oh, why not?" Touji asked amused.

"Well even if I managed to look like Shinji, I don't have his DNA or even his ID card and also…" Kensuke answered, slowly being tuned out by Shinji's thoughts.

The male eva pilot couldn't help but look over at Asuka as she was sitting at her desk all gloomy. He noticed a worried looking Hikari come over to the redhead, probably concerned about her ominous appearance. The class representative starting talking to the redhead and even though Shinji couldn't hear them, he knew she was asking Asuka if she was ok.

Hikari had noticed the scowl on the redhead as soon as she looked her way. Concerned about her best friend, Hikari had gone to her desk to see if she could cheer her up. Asuka looked up at her as she came over and Hikari took a deep breath before she spoke.

"What's wrong Asuka? You look… down" Hikari said a little nervously.

"When is anything right? Shinji is an absolute baka, everything is his fault!" Asuka exclaimed.

"What are you talking about? Did Shinji do something to you?" Hikari asked curiously.

"Yes, he was born" Asuka answered, her throat feeling dry. She couldn't tell Hikari what had happened, nor did she think it would help anyway. The ponytailed girl wasn't entirely convinced that this was just her usual annoyance towards her roommate.

"Come on Asuka, be serious. If there's a problem you can tell me" Hikari said sincerely.

The redhead paused momentarily. "Don't worry Hikari, I'm fine. Living with someone will always get annoying especially with that baka, just don't ask me about him ok?" Asuka replied.

"Yes alright" Hikari said, sighing in defeat.

At that moment, the teacher came into the classroom and Hikari had to move back to her seat. The class rep said her usual "Rise! Bow! Sit!" and the class began.

The teacher sat down at his desk and started another one of his routine lectures on, not surprisingly, the second impact. Shinji usually found it difficult to concentrate on the teacher's words but today it was just impossible and not just because of the heat. His mind would always wonder back to Asuka and what he had done to her yesterday. Shinji still wanted to make it up to her somehow, even though nothing could make up for what he did. Making up his mind, he supposed he wasn't going to listen to the teacher anyway, so he sent the redhead a message.

Asuka looked up at her screen, noticing the received message icon blinking. Opening the message, she then read it.

Shinji: God this guy is boring, help me stay awake…

The redhead didn't really want to talk to him, but she was also extremely bored and the last time she had fallen asleep in class Hikari had gotten real angry. She supposed nothing could be worse than listening to this old geezer and so she typed a reply.

Asuka: Whatever.

Well he got her talking to him, now he just needed to think of something to cheer her up. Maybe they should go somewhere?

Shinji: Well ok, any plans today?

Asuka: Nothing that I recall.

Shinji: Maybe you wanna go out somewhere after school today? To take your mind off things…

Asuka: We are not a couple!

Shinji: I didn't mean a date! Just to have fun or something like… how about the arcade?

Asuka: Hmmm that's actually not a bad idea, I haven't played there in ages. Well cool, after school we'll go to the arcade.

Shinji: Great! Also… I'd like to talk about yesterday.

Asuka: I don't.

Shinji: I hope I'm not pestering, but something has to be done… what are you going to do about what happened?

Asuka: I'm going to forget it ever happened.

Shinji: What? You're letting it go?

Asuka: As if! You're not forgiven. But I can't change the past. I'm not going to be like you and whine about it. I just… want to remove this memory from my mind.

Shinji: But how…?

Asuka: Just stop talking about it. Never speak about this again got it?

Shinji: I understand.

Asuka may have the strength to push the event to the back of her mind, but Shinji just couldn't get it out of his head and he wasn't even the victim. For now, he could respect the redhead's wishes and not bring up the topic again. There was still one problem though, despite his guilt, ever since yesterday night he had felt strangely attracted to Asuka, so much so that the desire to bed her again was becoming unbearable; were his hormones out of whack?

The bell rang for lunch, interrupting Shinji's thoughts. Everyone hurriedly got out of their seats, relieved to have a break from that dull lecture. Asuka was quick to exit the classroom and Shinji moved swiftly to catch up to her. The boy took the redhead's hand, pulling her into another corridor, causing Asuka to look back at him with confusion.

"Aren't you going to eat with your friends baka?" she asked, curious at the third child's behaviour.

The boy struggled to hold back his desires as he realised he had grabbed her hand without even thinking. 'What am I doing?!' he thought, 'I can't do this! I can't… but… what if she's ok with it? I mean last night she… no but that was… actually I still don't know what that was…'

"What do you want?" Asuka asked impatiently, tapping her foot as the boy stayed silent.

"Come with me for a second" he responded, pulling her with him towards the stairwell.

"What?! But why?" she replied with a hint of anger, wondering what he was up to.

'This is crazy, she will never agree to this… wait can I even ask her? She'll punch me… no she'll kill me… but there's a chance, right? Who am I kidding…' Shinji thought, wondering how to answer.

"Well… don't worry, don't worry, you'll find out pretty soon" he said vaguely.

"This better be important" she huffed.

Shinji led the girl down to the old storeroom. The school had two storage rooms and this one was barely used as it was quite rundown and the other was much bigger; it was perfect for what Shinji intended. As he reached the door, the boy looked down the corridor to see if anyone was watching or following them before entering the room with Asuka and closing the door.

"So…?" Asuka asked curiously, growing suspicious at the boy's actions.

"No one comes down here, so we can be alone for a bit" Shinji started.

"And what do you need, that requires us to be alone so urgently?" the girl replied, starting to feel uncomfortable.

Shinji took a deep breath, he knew this was insane, but he was going crazy. "Look Asuka, hear me out, and please don't hurt me… I am going nuts today… all morning and throughout the school day… I'm struggling to keep control of myself" he continued.

"What on earth are you talking about?!" Asuka said louder, perplexed at his words.

"I want to have sex with you!" he blurted out.

The redhead just looked at him shocked, not sure she had heard what she thought she heard. "What…?" she asked incredulously.

"All day, I've had the overwhelming urge to… screw you. And I don't mean like a teenage boy's usual lust, I mean like, it's the only thing going through my head, I can't think of anything else but this, my body is urging me to have sex… I-I have no idea what the hell is going on… and I understand this is insane… especially in light of yesterday's events. But I have to at least tell you, so you know" he explained, or hoped he explained.

The girl just stood there, eyes blinking. How do you respond to that? She should be mad, and pound him to death, but he knew all that and still went along with this; it was incredibly bold or stupid or both.

"Shinji honestly, I have no idea what's wrong with you. What do you expect me to do? Feel sympathy for you? Do you think I damn care if you're feeling horny? In fact, I can't believe you told me all that…" she said in disbelief. Finding out this was what he had led her down here for, she wondered what the hell was he thinking.

The boy knew this was utter madness, but at least telling her felt like a small part of the burden had lessened; besides, she was being surprisingly civil considering the ridiculous words he had just babbled.

"I can't believe I told you either…" he said letting out a deep breath, "Thanks at least for hearing me out, especially something so ridiculous" he continued, "I really want to have sex with you though" he finished.

The redhead blushed a little at the sheer honesty, it was so embarrassing. She should get mad at him, but seeing his current state she just lost the will to be angry.

"Shinji, I'm going to pretend I didn't hear any of this and let's just leave it at that" she said shaking her head. Her body was a little flushed, after all it's not like she wasn't slightly horny herself.

At this point, she went towards the door and Shinji could see his chance disappearing. He knew this would be the response and he was foolish to think otherwise; in fact, he was surprised he wasn't injured. Rather than respond, he chose to stay silent and focus his energy on just letting Asuka leave the room.

In her hurry to go towards the door, Asuka clumsily tripped on a crack in the floor and began to fall forward, reflexively putting her arms out. Shinji moved forward to grab the girl without hesitation to keep her from falling onto the ground, however, misjudged how quickly she would fall and ended up grabbing her breasts, eliciting a small moan from the girl.

The boy's inhibitions vanished, unable to hold back his desires any longer. The girl was still in a state of shock with her almost falling over and having her chest grasped so suddenly. Shinji pulled her back up straight with one hand, while the other slipped under her skirt rubbing her panties. Asuka gasped at the contact, turning to face the boy at which he brought his lips to hers in a kiss. Now that she had turned around, Shinji lifted Asuka up and she instinctively grabbed onto him to stop herself from falling back.

"What are you-?" she started, before he sat her down on one of the tables in the room. Without further ado, the boy reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down.

"Seriously? At school Shinji? Just wai-! Oooo!" the girl let out, interrupted by his hand making direct contact with her slit, her arms going back to hold herself up on the table. Her eyes widened as she felt his other hand move up her leg and stop just before her entrance, pushing her legs apart slightly.

Asuka was quickly losing control herself; she found it impossible to stop his actions and he was moving so quickly. Just as she was about to protest, Shinji brought his mouth down onto her slightly moist vagina and licked her entrance causing the girl to moan erotically, arching her back. The pleasure had her mind in a haze and she gave up trying to fight him, the sexual desires in her welling up as well. The boy pushed his tongue inside, moving it up and down, pleasuring the girl and she moaned even louder, raising her hips a little. Shinji's nose occasionally brushed against her soft mound of red hair and he could feel her getting more and more wet.

The boy abruptly stopped and moved off her, standing up straight. Asuka looked up at him panting, confusion and disappointment on her face briefly. Shinji could clearly see the redhead's excitement; her nipples were quite visible through the school uniform and her vagina was dripping wet. Not wasting any time, Shinji moved in between her legs and brought his face down to hers in another kiss. He brought one hand up to fondle her breast, and the other hand came up to her pussy, pushing a finger inside. He began thrusting it in and out, making her moan into his mouth. Shinji loved the little sensual noises she made; it was like she was desperately trying to pretend she wasn't aroused.

The male eva pilot added more fingers to her pussy and fondled her breast more roughly, making sure to give her nipples some attention through the fabric of her uniform. However, Shinji realised they didn't have much time left for lunch and so he reluctantly stopped his ministrations. As he parted from her lips, Asuka looked up at him, a hint of ecstasy on her face; even with all that onslaught she was able to contain herself a little.

The boy could wait no longer and promptly pulled down his pants, revealing his rock-hard cock; he was clearly excited. Asuka looked down at his cock nervously, she knew this was coming eventually but she couldn't help her legs tensing up, memories of yesterday coming back. Shinji was already between her legs though, there was little she could do at this point. The boy could feel the tension in her legs and see the hesitance in her movement and he spread her legs further to give him full access to her vagina; perhaps she was worried about the pain?

"What are we doing…? This makes no sense…" Asuka said shakily, the first words spoken between them since they started. She was still at a loss as to how they had ended up about to have intercourse.

The boy looked at her face but she was avoiding his gaze, almost pretending she wasn't there; she didn't want to show him any sign of weakness.

"I'll start gentle this time… it shouldn't hurt… or at least not much" Shinji said, reassuring her.

The girl made no reply and he took this as a sign to continue, positioning his cock at her entrance. The sight of her spread legs awaiting his entry was too much for the boy and he couldn't hold back anymore. Asuka was starting to have second thoughts and was about to object, but was too late as he pushed his cock inside her, making her groan in pleasure at the penetration. The redhead knew it was pointless to resist now and besides he was once again relieving her sexual frustration; as long as he initiated it, she didn't have to take responsibility.

Shinji pushed further inside her, causing Asuka to wince slightly but nothing more; the forceful intercourse yesterday had been enough. The boy could feel his heart pounding as he pressed himself deeper inside the girl, her tight canal felt warm and wet. Asuka let out a low moan as he went deeper, her legs finally relaxing as she wrapped her legs around the boy's waist; this felt so much better than the day before. Without hesitation, Shinji began to thrust in and out of the girl faster, using her waist as support, Asuka's cries of pleasure growing accordingly.

At this, the redhead began to dig her nails into Shinji's neck. Unable to stand the pain, he grabbed her arms and pushed the redhead down flat on the table and began to pound into her even faster. Asuka found herself powerless against his cock and stopped struggling against him. Still holding her arms, the boy moved down to kiss her neck as he continued to plunge into her.

"I can't believe…how good this feels" Asuka let out, her face contorted with pleasure.

Sweat began to form on Shinji's brow from the exertion and he wiped it off with his hand. However, the boy could feel himself growing tired and less able to hold back his orgasm. With a last-ditch effort he plunged his whole length into her, reaching further than he ever had, before pulling out fully and ramming it back in. He was fucking her so hard she could barely breathe. The effort was not wasted as the girl finally screamed in orgasm and Shinji was thankful the room was soundproof. Shinji felt her vagina clamp down on him and he exploded inside her.

Asuka herself was squirming as she climaxed with Shinji holding her down; it was obvious she had never felt anything this intense before. Despite being tired, the boy sat Asuka back up, holding her around her waist and continued to thrust into her as she came down from her orgasm. After she stopped, Shinji collapsed on top of her and both teens were panting hard, sweat covering them all over.

"You are so tight Asuka" Shinji whispered into the redhead's ear.

"That was something else…" she huffed, pushing the boy off her.

Shinji pulled the redhead up, bringing their lips together. Asuka made a small noise in protest but nothing else. Hesitantly, the boy slid his tongue across the redhead's lips as if asking for entry and she parted her lips, letting his tongue through. Shinji wasted no time in deepening the kiss, fighting with her tongue for dominance. Wanting Shinji to just finish she let him win, enduring the probing of her mouth, as he seemed to want to taste all of her. Finally he pulled away, leaving a trail of saliva forming between them before it broke.

"You most definitely enjoyed that" Shinji commented, feeling a huge sense of relief.

"Find me a single human being who doesn't enjoy having sex" Asuka refuted, still in disbelief at what had just happened.

"That scream was pretty loud" Shinji countered.

"We need to get back to class already!" Asuka responded, not wanting to continue arguing. "I don't want anyone getting suspicious and making up stupid rumours about us"

The boy looked at his watch and saw the break really was almost over. "Point taken, we'll head back to class now" Shinji stated.

"I can't believe we just did that…" Asuka started before looking at him with a death glare. "Just consider yourself extraordinarily lucky, you moron" she finished, slowly getting off the table.

Now that Shinji was calm again and his lust sated, he struggled to remember why he had chosen to do this in the first place. It's true that he had felt an intense urge to fuck the girl, but he also felt terribly guilty for yesterday and doing these things only made it worse. Thinking back on how he led her down here and just directly told her he wanted to have sex was highly irrational. Even so, the prevailing feeling amongst all this was just how physically pleasurable it was; the redhead barely resisted him either. As the high was wearing off, Shinji decided that he should hold back the next urge as it wasn't fair on Asuka; although why he had these overpowering urges, he really didn't know.

Shinji bent down to pick up the panties he had taken off Asuka, before handing them to her as she stood on the ground again. The girl quickly pulled them back on, not wanting to be exposed any longer. The boy also pulled up his pants to cover himself again. Still feeling the after effects, the girl's legs momentarily wobbled as she started to walk, prompting Shinji to move behind her and place a hand on her back to steady her. Surprised, the redhead stopped moving and Shinji brought his hand down to the redhead's backside to push her forward.

"Keep your hand off me! I don't need to be led! I can walk myself!" Asuka snapped at him, whacking his arm.

"S-Sorry Asuka you were-" Shinji started.

Asuka glared at him quickly. "We've wasted enough time already, let's just go!" she said impatiently, opening the door.

The girl hurried on out of the storeroom and back to the classroom, with Shinji quickly following after her. They stopped before the classroom and composed themselves, making sure their attire was worn correctly and their hair wasn't messed up or similar. After fixing themselves up, they started walking the rest of the way, Asuka didn't want anyone to suspect or find out what she had been doing with Shinji. Although she couldn't help but notice her skirt and panties were a bit damp as well as detecting a faint "smell" about her; hopefully no one would notice it, but she was still a bit worried nonetheless.

The two eva pilots decided to enter the class separately to make it less suspicious. Shinji entered the classroom first, where he moved to his seat. It would seem Touji and Kensuke hadn't arrived yet; Shinji wondered whether they were looking for him or just taking their time. With those thoughts he soon realised that with rushing out to get Asuka, it had completely slipped his mind to inform his friends that he wasn't going to have lunch with them. He quickly thought of a random excuse that didn't involve Asuka so they didn't think they had been together at lunch. As Asuka entered next, the students started their usual murmur about the school idol but nothing out of the ordinary. Looking up at the sight of the redhead, Hikari walked over to her friend, curious about her disappearance during lunchtime. Asuka saw the ponytailed girl approach and put up her usual mask.

"Did you go somewhere at lunch? Not that I really mind, but you usually tell me if you're not eating with me so I don't wait" Hikari asked.

"Umm sorry Hikari, I just realised I had to go see the principal about some NERV related business and I forgot to tell you I wasn't coming" Asuka lied.

"It's alright, I was just curious. You smell a bit funny though Asuka, it's a little faint I only just noticed it now" Hikari replied.

"Yeah that baka Shinji spilt something on me, the smell's almost gone now though" Asuka quickly explained.

"So Shinji was with you as well?" Hikari asked curiously.

"Yeah of course, it was NERV business after all" Asuka answered.

"So is everything ok? Was it anything serious?" Hikari inquired.

"Yeah it's all cool, it was no big deal honestly" Asuka replied, growing slightly annoyed at how big the lie was getting.

"Well that's a relief, but let me know if anything is troubling your mind" Hikari replied, smiling. "Also, I wanted to ask you something at lunch but class is about to begin so it'll have to wait"

No sooner had the ponytailed girl said this when their teacher walked in. Touji and Kensuke had entered the classroom just before the teacher and didn't get a chance to talk to Shinji. After Hikari's "Rise! Bow! Sit!" the students all sat down at their desks. Again, the teacher began his soporific lecture and, as always, everyone found it impossible to pay attention. Shinji looked at his screen as he noticed the blinking received message button and clicked it.

Kensuke: Where were you at lunch today? You just disappeared and we looked around for you.

Remembering the excuse he thought of earlier, Shinji began typing a reply.

Shinji: Oh sorry about that! I forgot to tell you I had to go do a teacher's errand, it took all of lunch… really sorry.

Kensuke: Can't be helped I guess. I almost thought you were abducted by Asuka or something :P.

Shinji: If I were you, I wouldn't be talking about her behind her back. You know the mood she's in.

Kensuke: Alright I'll play safe and shut up about her.

Shinji: Good, you will live past this day :).

Kensuke: Thank you all-knowing and wise Shinji.

Shinji: Lol.

Kensuke: Btw are you doing anything after school?

Shinji: Yeah sorry.

Kensuke: Oh ok, never mind then.

Shinji noticed Touji had sent him a message too, asking about his whereabouts during lunch. Shinji responded with the same excuse he gave to Kensuke before closing his laptop. Sitting back in his chair, the male eva pilot found himself once again looking in the direction of the redhead; he really couldn't get her out of his head. The only upside to his fixation was that she took his concentration away from the teacher, lessening the dullness of the lesson. Time seemed to fly by and it wasn't long till the bell rang and everyone, happy to leave, rushed out of the classroom. With the pileup of students, Shinji decided it was better to just wait outside the school for Asuka.

Getting out of the classroom, he then moved down the corridor and exited the school building. The boy walked outside the front gates and waited for Asuka there. Shinji soon noticed her red hair in the crowd and waved in her direction. The redhead emerged from the crowd and came up to him, flicking him on the forehead.

"Have you got money? Because if you don't, we have to go back to the apartment first" Asuka asked.

"Yeah I brought my wallet, it should have enough" Shinji answered.

"Well then, let's not waste any more time" the girl huffed, before moving off.

The boy hesitated only shortly, before following after her. Thus, the two eva pilots began their trek to the arcade and as Shinji had predicted, the sun was blazing hot. The only sound heard between them was that of the passing motor vehicles and pedestrians. Not enjoying the silence and tension between them, Shinji decided to speak up.

"Umm about lunch…" he began.

"I don't wanna talk about it, just don't talk to me" Asuka simply replied.

"But I-I err want to apologi-" he stammered.

"I don't want your bullshit apology" she interrupted. "Just stop taking advantage of me. And do shut up, you're ruining my mood" Asuka commanded firmly.

Shinji couldn't understand why, but he felt a slight smile form on his face at her response. Arriving at the arcade, they quickly moved inside to relieve themselves from the sun and got into the queue to buy tokens. When the redhead saw Shinji waiting for her to go in front, she pushed him in front of her.

"What's wrong?" Shinji asked, puzzled.

"I don't trust you" Asuka stated.

The boy smirked at the comment, making sure his roommate couldn't see his face. The line wasn't that long and the two teens reached the token office in a couple of minutes. Stepping back, Shinji pulled out his wallet and handed it to Asuka.

"Buy as much as you want" Shinji said unconcernedly.

The girl took his wallet, a little surprised he wasn't worried about her spending too much money. After paying for the tokens, they went over to the game machines.

"Where did you get so much money?" Asuka asked him curiously.

"You know how Misato gives us money weekly to buy stuff for ourselves? Well, I don't think I've ever used it and it just built up" Shinji answered.

"Amazing that your stupidity actually came in handy" she remarked.

The boy just stuck his tongue out at her.

"Before we get stuck into it, let's eat" Asuka started, "Because of you baka Shinji, I couldn't eat my lunch and now I'm starving" she remarked.

"Sor- I mean, good idea Asuka! I guess I am an idiot sometimes" he replied. He had forgotten about the bentos he made this morning but now that he thought about it, he certainly felt hungry.

"Sometimes? Isn't someone a little oblivious" Asuka joked.

"Ha, you got me" he responded, playing along, "That aside, we should find somewhere to eat"

"There's an empty table over there" the girl said, pointing to a nearby table with seats.

"Let's eat!" Shinji replied.

The both of them moved towards the table and took a seat opposite each other before dropping their bags to the floor to open their bags and retrieve their "lunches." Their actions almost identically mirrored each other, the sync training still having such a lasting effect on them. The two eva pilots placed their bentos on the table at the same time, opened them at the same time before looking up at each other to say "Thanks for the food" and digging into their meals. They were both quite hungry and finished up their meals quickly without saying a word to the other; the two of them were eager to dive into the arcade games after all. After packing their finished lunches into their bags, they stood up and entered the arcade.

Exploring the place, the two teens walked around looking for any decent games that were available. The arcade wasn't packed today, but it still had many people walking about and occupying games. The place was fairly dark but the light from all the flashing screens kept the place alight. Various images were played back and forth, trying to entice people to play it. Finding an interesting two player fighting game that was available, the two eva pilots dropped their bags and sat down in front of the controls.

"You won't stand a chance against me Shinji" Asuka said arrogantly.

"You're on" Shinji replied competitively.

The sound of furious button mashing could be heard as the two roommates began battling each other intensely. It was amazing to see the amount of concentration the two eva pilots put into their game. However, the first round was soon over as the redhead released a multi-hit combo upon Shinji, destroying him. The boy felt a little annoyed but decided he still had lots of chances to beat her and begun another round with her. However, his annoyance grew increasingly larger as he continuously lost to the girl. With the final score being 32 to 4, the male eva pilot had grown sick of losing and decided perhaps another game was a good idea.

"Oh my Shinji, is that all you can do?" Asuka said smugly, poking him in the chest.

"Let's play another game" he replied, not wanting to give in to her provocation.

"Fine with me" she said sniggering.

Despite the fact that he had lost so many times, Shinji was glad that Asuka was having fun; seeing her enjoying herself was much preferable to her scowl. Yesterday's events seemed to become more distant with each moment. After getting up, they looked around and found an unoccupied two player cooperation game. Unknown to them it was one of the hardest games in this arcade. The whole world disappeared around them as they fought through many levels, one could note the excellent teamwork they had. As they had advanced further through the game than most people, many had gathered around to watch the progress of the two eva pilots, forming a small crowd.

It wasn't too long till they reached the final boss, which no one had done previously. The two teens were both proficient in using all the weapons and were quite adept at covering each other. Of course, the redhead preferred to charge in with her guns blazing and have Shinji sniping from behind. The final boss was heavily guarded, requiring the two eva pilots to use stealth to approach them. Asuka gave Shinji the signal before moving off and firing her weapons at the guards. While the redhead fought running ahead, the boy would dispatch any guard who was firing at his teammate.

Accidentally missing a shot forced the redhead to duck behind cover. As Asuka was pinned down, Shinji took out his shotgun and got in close to blow up the guards from behind. Finally, with all guards dead the two approached the boss cautiously, not knowing how he would attack. Asuka decided to test his abilities out by running out across to the other side of the room. The boss instantly began firing at her with deadly accuracy even going as far as to shoot ahead of her, forcing her to stop and roll. Sensing Asuka was in danger, Shinji moved out and the boss used his other arm to fire at him as Shinji zigzagged his way across the room. It was impossible how he was able to aim so accurately at both of them at the same time, but then again it was a game. Fortunately, the firing stopped at that moment as he had to reload and both teens took the chance and began firing at him. Unfortunately, the boss was also good at dodging bullets. Using the idea that he couldn't dodge two attacks simultaneously they timed their attack perfectly, landing a hit on the boss. With that one flinch the two eva pilots unleashed a hail of bullets to finish him off, completely decimating him. Everyone who had been watching them clapped and cheered.

"Not bad Shinji" Asuka congratulated Shinji.

He just smiled at the praise, thankful for the time they had enjoyed together. Their moment of glory was interrupted shortly as Kensuke came out of the crowd and addressed them.

"So Shinji, this is what you were doing after school?" Kensuke asked.

"Oh hey Kensuke, yeah I promised to" Shinji replied.

"Oh it's fine, I just never thought you and the redhead would go out on a date" Kensuke replied back.

The change in room temperature was physically felt.

"What did you say you stooge?" Asuka said seething.

Kensuke realised his mistake too late and attempted to take back his comment. "You see it was just strange to see you two together" he said nervously.

"Shinji is the biggest baka in the world and I'd never go out with him. As for you at least Shinji has hope, you on the other hand have none, I couldn't imagine any girl wanting you" Asuka spat angrily.

Kensuke was riled up, finding her comment completely uncalled for. "Shut up you demon, you're just saying that cause no guy would want you, you uber bitch!" he replied angrily.

Asuka's response was immediate as she slapped him. Hard. At this point the crowd had completely dispersed, not wanting to get involved. Intervening in the fight, Shinji seized Asuka and held her back.

"Kensuke what the hell are you saying?" Shinji asked.

"She started it" Kensuke answered.

"That's just childish, you shouldn't have continued it!" Shinji refuted.

"Shinji let me go, let me kill him!" Asuka said exasperated.

"Let her go Shinji, I'll give her a piece of me" Kensuke said, raising his fists.

"Kensuke you don't stand a chance against her. She's an eva pilot and thus well trained in close combat" Shinji explained.

This momentary lapse in concentration was enough as Asuka used the distraction to elbow Shinji in the gut, making him release her. The redhead was quick to attack Kensuke, who had already prepared himself. Throwing a roundhouse kick at him, Kensuke dodged it and then punched her in the stomach. It wasn't that hard of a punch but it was enough to make her keel over, after which Kensuke kicked her in the side. Now Asuka was enraged.

"That's it Aida, I'm not holding back" she said furiously.

The girl kicked his legs almost making him fall over, after which she got back up and made no hesitation in landing a blow to his face. The otaku stumbled back and realised he really didn't stand a chance. Without mercy, Asuka pressed on and did a low kick, tripping him over. Pulling him up, she then punched him in the stomach. At this time, the girl felt two arms come around her and pull her back.

"Let go, I'm not finished yet!" Asuka shouted.

"Asuka calm down! Can't you see he's hurt bad enough?" Shinji said sternly.

She looked down at him noticing he was bruised and had a bleeding nose, but she was stubborn.

"What about me? He hurt me as well" she replied aggravated.

"Asuka…" Shinji started.

The girl still hadn't given up and wiggled out of his grasp. Just as she was about to attack again, Shinji quickly tripped her over. The male eva pilot then grabbed her and lifted her off the ground, carrying her out of the arcade, much to Asuka's dismay. After Shinji let her down, the redhead turned her face away from the boy, also irritated with him.

"Asuka you really went overboard" Shinji said, sighing.

"But-" she began.

"You knew he didn't stand a chance and you took advantage of his ignorance" Shinji interrupted.

"I don't care and I don't care what you think" Asuka retorted.

"Look, you really need to apologise to him Asuka" he said firmly.

"No way!" was her immediate response.

He put his hand on her shoulder. "Please" he requested.

"You don't have any right to tell me what to do" she spat angrily, shoving his hand off her.

Her words stung, but he deserved it. "You're right, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't apologise to him" he replied.

Asuka just stood there stubbornly, not making any attempt to move. Shinji didn't want to waste any more time; Kensuke was inside and in need of some help. He could go in himself, but he didn't want Asuka to think he was leaving her for him. If only there was some way to persuade or threaten Asuka into going back in.


"Well at least I'll finally be able to prove my piloting ability is still superior" she said nastily, looking back at him.


Sudden realisation hit him; her weak spot was her pride about being an eva pilot.

"I will tell everyone at school about your low sync ratio" Shinji pressured.

"What? No one would believe you, it's an empty threat" she countered.

"I could get Misato to tell me on loud speaker, video tape the next sync test or just make a public scene right now, it's not that hard" Shinji argued back.

"You wouldn't dare" Asuka said, glaring at him.

"Just try me" Shinji replied. The redhead didn't respond, believing he was just bluffing; she was in for a surprise. The boy felt bad resorting to something like this, but figured this would result in the best outcome.

"Asuka the second child who pilots Unit 02 has been perform-mmphh!" Shinji started shouting only to be cut off by Asuka covering his mouth.

Some of the passersby had looked their way at the outburst and the redhead knew it wouldn't be hard for the people to recognise them, she couldn't risk another one.

"Just shut up already, I will never say sorry to that stooge but I swear I will let you do anything you want to me at the apartment if you just shut up" she whispered to him.

Something stirred inside the male eva pilot; her comment had sounded so seductive and he could feel his desires burning up again. Shinji had the intense urge to just run back to the apartment with her, but controlled himself and began to reply. After Shinji started mumbling something, the girl removed her hand from his mouth to let him speak.

"You're kidding right? All you have to do is say sorry, it's really not that hard. I think I'll start shouting again" he said breathing in.

"No wait!" she said quickly, causing the boy to halt. The redhead seemed to think the matter over in her head and seeing no other options, she sighed in defeat. "Alright I'll do it" she agreed.

"Also, if he insults you again or doesn't accept your apology, don't start anything" Shinji added.

"Fine!" she said, throwing up her arms.

Asuka then stepped on the boy's foot before quickly walking back into the arcade sulking. Shinji clutched his foot in agony, leaning against a nearby wall to wait for the pain to subside. She hadn't just stepped on his foot; she had stomped on it with all her might. After a while, the boy decided he could walk again and limped back into the arcade to check on Asuka and Kensuke. It didn't take long to see Asuka's red hair and he walked towards her. Shinji soon saw Kensuke leaning against a machine, trying to stop his nose bleeding. Asuka moved over to the injured boy and hauled him up, wiping the blood from his face with a tissue which she took from her pocket.

"Here, hold your nose to stop the bleeding and lay your head back" Asuka said quietly.

A thought struck Shinji at that point, just then Asuka acted almost motherly. Upon noticing the her just standing there, he shook his thoughts away and coughed loudly. The redhead heard it, but she was finding it difficult to apologise to the bespectacled boy.

"I have something to say Aida" Asuka said hesitantly.

"What's that?" Kensuke asked.

"About this fight well…I'm…it's just…well umm" she said weakly.

The injured boy looked at her confused and Shinji coughed again.

"I'm sorry Aida" she blurted out. For some odd reason the redhead felt extremely relieved by saying this.

"What?" Kensuke asked, surprised.

Obviously not used to Asuka saying sorry, he couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"Don't make me say it again" she said aggravated.

"Are you feeling well Asuka?" Kensuke inquired.

The girl sighed in irritation but remembered what Shinji had said and stopped herself. "I'm perfectly fine" she replied.

"Alright, apology accepted Asuka, nice to know you're not such a bitch all the time" Kensuke joked.

Her forehead creased in anger and Shinji looked at Kensuke, shaking his head.

"Just kidding Asuka! I'm also sorry about what I said to you. But man do you punch hard!" Kensuke said, cringing at the pain in his body.

"It taught you a good lesson" Asuka replied pompously.

"Right… well anyway after beating me up, I don't feel like hanging out here anymore" he said, wincing. "I would love to stay here with you two, but I need to get some proper first aid treatment and I don't wanna ruin the mood for you two" he said sarcastically, before quickly moving to the exit narrowly dodging Asuka's fist.

"See ya guys" Kensuke said waving goodbye, before exiting the arcade.

"That wasn't so bad was it Asuka?" Shinji said, turning to face her.

"Whatever, you just spoiled all the fun I just had" she replied, pushing him away and exiting the arcade herself.

The boy frowned as he looked at her retreating figure. This was meant to be a way to make it up to her and he ruined it all; but he couldn't think of another way to have solved the situation. Shinji took both their bags and exited the arcade, looking up at the sky to see the sun was already setting. There was nothing he could do now except walk home with her and so he followed after her. After catching up to her, the two walked on towards their apartment silently. The redhead was mostly annoyed at the fact that she had to apologise to Kensuke, making it seem like she was in the wrong. 'That baka Shinji always manages to piss me off somehow. But he's gotta know his place' she thought. It was only a little further till the apartment when Asuka broke the silence.

"Just to make things clear, I am NOT one to be reckoned with. This was a one-off, if it happens again you'll be drinking toilet water" she declared, punching him in the shoulder.

"Understood Asuka" Shinji replied uneasily.

At that moment, a piece of paper smacked Asuka in the face. She pulled it off her face and began reading it out of curiosity.

Eva brand condoms; for protection as good as an AT field. Have safe sex and buy a condom from your nearest chemist.

Her eyes widened as sudden realisation hit her. "Shinji you baka, why did you cum inside me when you had intercourse with me? What if I become pregnant? You just let your load off without a second thought!" she told him angrily.

The boy seemed surprisingly calm considering the redhead's anger and the news she just revealed, however the only thing her comment had stimulated was his desire to make love to her; he really needed to control his urges better.

"You won't become pregnant, don't worry" he reassured her.

"How can you know that? Just because you think I won't, doesn't mean I won't!" she shouted back at him, annoyed at his nonchalance.

Shinji let out a breath before speaking. "Look Asuka, I know for a fact that if you bathe in LCL regularly it acts as a contraceptive. Now being eva pilots we both satisfy that condition, you won't become pregnant" he explained.

"That sounds absurd, how do you know that?" Asuka asked, perplexed.

"Kaji told me" he answered.

She just looked at him shocked; well if it was Kaji he probably would know, but why would he tell Shinji that?

"Well I guess if Kaji told you…" she said trailing off, thinking about Kaji and what Shinji had just revealed. Where was the man? She hadn't seen him for a long time.

The boy waved his hand in front of the girl's face, breaking her out of her daze. Shinji decided he needed the redhead to stop brooding; after all he wanted her to cheer up.

"Come on, let's have a race" he said, handing the redhead her bag before running off towards the apartment.

Asuka smiled slightly before quickly running after him, chasing him to the apartment. As they reached the apartment, she managed to overtake him and made it inside first. The two teens leant against a wall to catch their breath.

"What a speedy devil you are" he said panting.

"You should know by now I'm better at everything than you" she sneered.

At that comment, Shinji smiled. It was surprising to see how little it took to change the redhead's mood. "Wanna take the elevator instead of the stairs?" he suggested.

"Would I ever" Asuka replied.

The two eva pilots walked towards the elevator, entered it and pressed the button for their floor number. The two elevator doors closed and so began their ascent. The temperature inside the elevator was far cooler than the outside, but the two teens still felt hot after their exertion. Being alone in the elevator was stirring up Shinji's desires again, but he remembered his resolve to control himself and opted to tease her instead. He moved in front of the redhead, placing an arm on either side of her. Asuka just looked up at him with a raised eyebrow.

"So Asuka… what was that about letting me do anything I want to you?" Shinji asked mischievously.

The redhead couldn't help blushing as she recalled what she said. "What about it?" she replied.

"I would like you to hold up your end of the bargain" Shinji answered, beginning to play with her hair; he was sure she would protest, but it would be fun seeing her squirm.

"What are you talking about?" she asked, whacking his hand away.

"Well you did say you would let me do anything to you if I shut up and I did" Shinji replied, moving his face right next to hers.

"But you shut up to a different agreement" she retorted, pushing his head away from her.

"What if I included both? You certainly never took back what you said and Asuka always keeps her word right?" he said, smirking. It was more sophistry than anything else, but there was always a chance Asuka wouldn't retort.

"You're a manipulative bastard Shinji!" she shouted at him, before pushing him away and exiting the elevator which had opened just previously.

Seeing as she didn't deny what he said and enjoying the mischief, the boy quickly chased after her, exiting the elevator and running to their door. Shinji saw the redhead enter their residence and heard a bag drop. Sprinting towards the door, he lodged his foot in the doorway just before she closed it. Opening the door, he saw the redhead turn around and run off again only to trip over a beer can that was lying on the floor. Shinji moved fast and caught Asuka before she hit the ground.

"That fucking stupid alcoholic, leaving her cans around like that is dangerous!" Asuka shouted.

Shinji sighed in relief, grateful the girl didn't get hurt. "Well looks like it's my lucky day" Shinji said cheekily, closing the door with his foot, also dropping his bag on the floor.

The girl just groaned as the boy lifted her off the ground and began carrying her. Moving into the living room, Shinji set her down on the couch before moving on top of her. Asuka seemed in a much better mood now than after the arcade, but he didn't want to push too much. He was wondering what he should do next, while the girl was just looking up at him menacingly.

"Being able to do anything I want makes it really hard to choose what to do" he teased.

"I can make the choice for you asshole, get off me!" she retorted. Truthfully, she felt oddly excited at the situation though she would never admit it. Asuka knew she could stop this whole pretense, but part of her wanted to play along with the game.

Shinji held back a laugh at her retort. He decided he should simply tell her what to do instead of doing it himself.

"I would like to see your breasts" he commented.

"After your sheer bluntness at lunch, I guess this is pretty mild" Asuka replied. "But fine, if that's all it is, don't ever say I don't keep my word" she said, pulling off her shirt and unhooking her bra, revealing her chest. Even with all her bravado, she couldn't help blushing as she exposed herself to him.

Astonished that she actually went through with it, Shinji just stared in disbelief. He contemplated what to do now; he could tell her he had just been joking but that would humiliate her now. He figured he would just indulge himself a little bit and began fondling her breasts, causing Asuka to gasp softly. He could feel the girl's nipples going erect as he gave them ample attention, both teens getting excited at the foreplay. Shinji knew he couldn't hold himself back much longer if he kept this up, he knew he should finish this soon.

He decided he would at least give her a bit of pleasure before stopping and moved one hand off her breast and reached up her skirt. Asuka shivered as he slipped his hand into her panties and ran his finger up and down her entrance. He was a little surprised at how wet the girl already was; she was a lot more excited than she had let on. He easily slipped his finger inside her pussy and began thrusting it in and out. As they were alone, Asuka didn't bother holding back her moans of pleasure, pushing herself against him as he fingered her. The girl's face was all red with arousal and Shinji added more fingers inside her, causing her moans to get louder. As the boy started rubbing her clit with his thumb at the same time her breathing became quicker, she could feel it coming.

"Would you two stop that damn racket? What are you doing, making out or something?" a voice shouted from the bathroom.

At the sound of the familiar voice, Shinji jumped in shock; they had completely forgotten all about Misato. Thankfully she hadn't realised what they were doing, but if she came out now and saw them like this, they would be in deep trouble. At once, the boy removed his hand from her skirt and got off her. As his fingers came out of her and out from her skirt, Asuka felt great dissatisfaction and longing; it had felt so good and she hated that she was interrupted. Knowing there was nothing that could be done right now, she stood up after Shinji got off her and turned around to pick up her clothes. As Asuka was picking up her shirt, they heard a flush coming from the bathroom, making her panic and bolt to her room leaving her bra behind.

Footsteps could be heard as Misato walked towards the door of the bathroom, leaving no time for Shinji to hide the bra. Realising his erection was sticking out of his pants, which the Major would almost certainly notice, he ran into the kitchen and tried to calm himself down. He heard the door open, followed by her walking towards the kitchen. 'God damn it, this isn't working' he thought. Looking around the kitchen for some solution he found it in the form of the fridge. Opening the fridge, he used the door to hide himself, pretending he was looking for something. Misato entered the kitchen only a second later and noticed Shinji looking through the fridge.

"Were you having a fight with Asuka or something? Can't you get along for more than five minutes? You didn't even announce that you had come in" Misato told him angrily.

"S-Sorry Misato, but we didn't know you were home" Shinji replied timidly.

"That's beside the point, you shouldn't have been making such a racket" Misato replied back.

"What were you doing so long in the toilet anyway?" Shinji asked, trying to change the subject.

"Isn't it rude to ask a woman that?" Misato said teasingly before sighing. "I must have eaten something bad or drunk too much beer because I had the worst stomach ache" she answered.

'Wow, there's food even Misato can't handle?' Shinji thought, smiling.

"So, where's Asuka?" Misato asked curiously.

"I'm here" the redhead answered as she walked into the kitchen, wearing a loose top.

"What have you two been doing that you came home so late?" Misato inquired.

"We were at the arcade" they said in unison.

'Damn that sync training is freaky sometimes' Misato thought. "I see, Shinji have you finished looking through that fridge yet? I'm hungry" Misato said impatiently.

"Yes I'm done, I'll start making dinner right away" he said, closing the fridge door; thankfully his body had calmed down and his pants were as they usually were.

"You feeling alright Shinji? You seem a bit flushed" Misato asked, noticing his face.

"Yeah I'm fine! It was just really hot today Misato" Shinji stated.

"Asuka looks fine though?" Misato said pointing at the redhead "If you're not feeling well, just take it easy"

"Please, I'm not as weak as that baka" Asuka retorted.

"Thank you Misato, I'm fine really. I'll take a break right after I finish making dinner" he replied, smiling.

"Alright then! I can't wait to eat! Misato said, grinning.

The purple haired woman turned around and exited the kitchen, followed shortly by the redhead. Having looked through the fridge, the boy had discovered that Misato had gone shopping again; turns out she hadn't forgotten. He decided that the safest option was to just go with instant noodles; he would definitely go grocery shopping another time. Thus, the boy began preparing a meal for them to eat.

In the dining room Misato and Asuka sat down at the table, quietly waiting for Shinji to finish. A devious grin appeared on the Major's face as she looked over at the redhead. Asuka just gave her a confused look.

"Asuka what have you been doing? You're acting a little strange and your nipples are erect, it looks like you're in heat" Misato said playfully.

"What?" Asuka said, blushing. "I sincerely hope you're joking"

"Thank God Shinji is naïve, or he would have realised" Misato continued cheekily. "I can't believe you would do something like that while Shinji was just in the other room"

"I think you're gravely mistaken Misato" the redhead replied, irritated.

"Why are you so wet then?" Misato asked, pretending to sound serious.

"How did you-" Asuka started before closing her mouth, realising she had fallen for her trap.

"I knew it! With all the comments you make about Shinji being a pervert, you're such a hypocrite" Misato remarked.

"Misato, shut up!" Asuka snapped, blushing so much her face was as red as her hair.

"Admit it!" Misato ordered.

"Fine I did, you happy!" Asuka replied, deciding the Major would never let it go.

The purple haired woman smiled in victory. "Now now, no need to be ashamed or embarrassed, you're a teenager I understand" Misato said gleefully.

"Misato, I'm warning you" Asuka threatened.

"Alright alright…" she started, "So who were you thinking about though? Was it Shinji?" Misato finished off snickering, unable to hold herself back.

The redhead stood up from her chair and jumped onto Misato, tackling her to the ground, almost breaking the chair. Laughter could soon be heard from the Major as Asuka started tickling her.

"Stop it Asuka! That's something you're not allowed to do" Misato said feebly.

"I told you to shut up!" Asuka retorted.

Misato continued laughing, unable to tolerate the tickling. Gritting her teeth, the Major finally pushed the other girl off of her. Taking in deep breaths of air to replenish the oxygen she had lost, Misato then gave Asuka a big bear hug.

"No need to hide anything from me Asuka, if you ever need to talk about something I'm here alright?" Misato said warmly.

"Yeah, yeah I know. Gosh you are so annoying sometimes" Asuka replied, irritated. She did appreciate her guardian's words though, but even so could not bring herself to talk about yesterday.

With that the young girl stood up and returned to her chair, while the Major picked her chair back up and sat back at the table.

"Dinner's ready!" Shinji shouted.

As it didn't take long to prepare noodles the boy had finished pretty quickly. He had heard all the commotion coming from the dining room, especially Misato's laughing, but decided not to ask, not wanting to get involved. Placing the meals down at the table, Shinji then sat down at the table himself.

"Noodles…?" Asuka asked disbelievingly.

"Misato went shopping" Shinji simply replied.

Understanding crossed the redhead's face instantly at his comment. "Let's eat then" the redhead replied without further argument.

The Major just looked at the two eva pilots suspiciously, wondering what exactly they had communicated with each other. As the two teens began to eat, the woman gave up and began eating herself too. The three roommates ate in silence, nothing came to mind for any of them to say. Asuka in particular was a little irritated they had been interrupted in the middle of their foreplay, not that she had wanted it in the first place but Shinji had gotten her so close to climaxing. Her body had been left all flushed, wet and unsatisfied as he was forced to stop. The redhead didn't enjoy the feeling of her pussy aching for stimulation and so she actually had tried to make herself orgasm back in her room, but it was to no avail as she couldn't push herself over the edge; as much as it annoyed her, she needed Shinji.

Finishing her meal, Asuka then stretched back pushing her chest forward. With her loose top and no bra one could see her nipples accidentally exposed, unfortunately Misato happened to be looking her way the moment she stretched.

"Asuka, your shirt!" Misato exclaimed without thinking.

At Misato's statement, Asuka looked down while Shinji looked at her chest instinctively. In her current position and with him concentrating on her chest, he could see a small part of her breasts were exposed including the nipples; with a top like that, surely she would have put on a bra? Of course, it didn't go past the redhead unnoticed that Shinji was looking at her cleavage.

"Shinji you pervert! Stop staring at my breasts!" Asuka shouted at him, lifting her shirt back up to cover herself.

Shinji just realised what he had been doing and quickly looked away blushing. Misato had originally intended to warn Asuka, but her impulse had only brought attention to it instead. Although the guardian did find the current situation a lot more amusing than she let on as she snickered; she loved making Shinji blush too. Suddenly feeling self-conscious, the redhead put her arms across her chest, covering it with her arms. The boy quickly began eating his food again, not wanting any more attention.

The Major was in a teasing mood again and with Asuka off guard she was sure now was the time to strike. "You know Asuka… Shinji evaded the question when I asked what you two were doing while I was in the toilet, you two aren't hiding something from me are you?" she asked mischievously.

Hearing this, Shinji choked on his food.

"What has that got to do with anything?" Asuka shot back angrily.

"Looks like you're also evading the question, I guess you two were doing something" the Major said, smiling evilly.

"What? I would never do something like that with such a perverted baka like Shinji!" Asuka shouted immediately.

"I didn't say you were doing anything perverted, sure sounds like denial" Misato said wickedly.

The redhead stood up enraged and pointed at her guardian angrily. "Stop spouting such ridiculous nonsense Misato and don't ever point out things like my chest when a boy is present, he was damn near drooling!" Asuka shouted at her.

"It didn't look like you minded at first" Misato replied cheekily.

"I didn't notice!" Asuka replied defensively.

"Are you sure that you didn't dress like that so that Shinji would notice?" Misato asked, cackling her head off.

"That's it! I've had it with your perverted stupidity, I can no longer communicate intelligently with this crowd so I'm leaving!" the young girl shouted and stormed off to her room, slamming the door shut.

Misato instantly felt guilt and regret at her comments but it had been so fun to tease her. Noticing the boy standing up from his chair to clear the table, she sighed. "You know what, I'll wash the dishes this time Shinji" Misato told him.

"Thanks" he replied, watching her grab everything off the table before entering the kitchen to begin her task.

The boy couldn't help but wonder as to why Asuka had been so angry. Yes Misato had gone overboard with the teasing, but usually Asuka would make a smart comeback to get Misato to shut up. In any case, now that his guardian was preoccupied with washing the dishes he could go and safely retrieve Asuka's bra. Walking over to the couch, he picked up the bra left on the couch; it was amazing that Misato hadn't seen it. Looking in the direction of Asuka's room, he tried to make up his mind on what he should do. Shinji didn't want to hassle the redhead right now, but he wanted to see if she was ok; perhaps there was something else bothering her, besides he should return her bra. With this in mind, the male eva pilot moved to her room and knocked on her door. Not hearing any response, he decided to speak up so she would know who it was.

"Hello Asuka" he called through the door.

"Go away" Asuka replied instantly.

"I've come to give you your bra back" he said, making an excuse.

"Go away" she repeated.

Knowing the redhead didn't like to admit weakness, Shinji decided to just enter. "Alright, I'm coming in" he announced.

Opening the door, the boy walked in and saw Asuka lying on the bed on her back.

"Why didn't you put a new bra on?" he asked her, closing the door.

"I didn't have any in my room, they must all be in the wash or something" she answered, irritated.

"Ah… sorry" he said out of habit.

The redhead threw a pillow at the boy, annoyed at his apology.

"Err sor- umm you know it wasn't that bad Asuka, usually you would tear Misato to shreds. Are you sure there's not something else bothering you Asuka?" he asked, concerned.

"I don't need help from anyone, especially you" Asuka spat angrily.

The boy just stayed silent at her response. 'I didn't offer to help her. Something is definitely bothering her' he thought. Moving over to her, he left her undergarment on her desk and slid his hands under her, pulling her so that she was sitting up next to him. This simple gesture sent arousal throughout the redhead's body once again, irritating her even more; to think that her body reacted to him so strongly pissed her off. Seeing as she was avoiding his gaze and being uncooperative, Shinji decided he might as well put her bra back on for her.

"I'll just put it on for you" he said pulling her shirt off, exposing her bosom.

Unexpectedly, the redhead didn't make any movement to oppose him and so he continued. Cupping her breasts, the boy was surprised to see Asuka moan and arch her back involuntarily as soon as he made contact with her chest, while Asuka blushed at her reaction.

"Go away" she protested weakly. She couldn't bear to look like she was willing to go along with his ministrations, but at the same time she really wanted him to pleasure her.

Shinji looked at the girl to see her still unmoving, he then noticed her nipples were still erect in a state of arousal. Why was her body so excited? Or was this from before? Sudden realisation dawned on the boy as he worked out the redhead's grumpiness was due to the interruption; she hadn't orgasmed and so had been left unsatisfied. Shinji could understand that she would never ask him to finish feeling her up, but decided she was cranky enough already so he'd do it for her. Reaching down under her skirt, he slipped his fingers inside her panties, feeling how wet she still was, confirming his suspicions.

"Shinji… what are you doing…" was all Asuka said in response, contradictorily holding his hand in place.

The boy wanted to make a comment about how silly her behaviour had been over something so small, but really didn't see the point. Wasting no time, as Misato was in the other room and could pop in at any moment, Shinji swiftly pulled off the redhead's panties. Asuka couldn't help moaning aloud as the boy began to stimulate her pussy with his fingers. Needing to move fast, Shinji rubbed her clitoris with his thumb while thrusting his other fingers as hard as he could inside her wet cunt. He had to use his other hand to cover her mouth to stifle the loud noises she was making. The girl arched her back and did not resist Shinji at all; glad that she was finally getting close to the edge. The redhead pressed his hands into her harder, not wanting him to stop. Fortunately, it didn't take much longer for the redhead to climax as she let out a muffled cry, finally relieved of her aching.

Not wanting to brag or sound pompous by making a comment, Shinji just kissed her gently on the head. He certainly wanted to continue on with her but knew he shouldn't. Turning around, he moved towards the door. "Goodnight Asuka" he said as he walked out of her room, closing the door after him.

A million thoughts were clashing against each other in Asuka's head. She couldn't deny that she liked it when Shinji fucked her, it was apparent that her body gave in to him every time. The thrill that had gone through her body when he had lifted her up in the storage room at school and again when he had carried her to the couch was unlike anything she had felt before. Added to that he would temporarily stop whining and start acting more like a man; it pleased her even more that she was the one who brought out his other side, it boost her ego to think she was that sexually attractive. Not to mention the sex was great and he had already gotten so good at it; if it wasn't for her pride, she would initiate it more often. On the other hand, she felt somewhat ashamed at herself given what he'd done; he did not deserve her or forgiveness, why was her body giving in to him? Even so there was his gentle side, like he had just shown moments earlier. She had almost forgotten it after the horrible violence inflicted on her in the ordeal. Shinji had damn raped her and received nonstop abuse from her both before and after, there was no reason for him to care about how she felt, yet he still thought about her and tried to do things for her. All these thoughts seemed to contradict all her previous preconceptions about the boy, making her confused. The cynical side of her was telling her it was only because he felt guilty and didn't want her to rat him out to Misato.

The redhead pulled her shirt back on and rolled over to her side. "What is Shinji to me… it's all too confusing…" Asuka said quietly.

Too tired to think anymore, the girl went straight to sleep.

End notes: Shinji gets strong urges to have fun with Asuka and it's like taking advantage of her because she won't tell on him, what a situation eh?

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