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Dummkopf - idiot

Scheisse - shit

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Chapter 3: A "Rude" Awakening

It was in the middle of the night when Shinji awoke, tired and confused. Groggily opening his eyes, he saw it was pitch-black save for a few beams of moonlight coming through his window. He sighed and then rolled over, trying to get comfortable again so he could fall back to sleep, though he did wonder what had woken him up in the first place. In the deafening silence of the night, one noise suddenly broke out; it was the sound of someone sobbing. It had been very quiet and short and Shinji wasn't even sure he had heard right, but what else could have woken him up? Deciding he wasn't going to go back to sleep anytime soon, he sat up on his bed ready to investigate.

The boy was sure he had heard the noise coming from outside his room so he got out of bed and tiptoed to the door, stumbling in the dark a few times. Opening the door slowly, he peered outside to see… absolutely nothing; albeit how could he see anything in the darkness? Just as Shinji was about to close the door, he heard the sob again; it had come from Asuka's room. At discovering the source of the noise, the boy grew confused as to why Asuka would be crying. Curious, he crept over to her door and opened it. Entering her room, he saw the redhead's figure twisting about in her bed crying softly.

"No mother, please don't leave me" she let out full of sorrow and then started her fits again.

Her usually proud voice was full of such misery that it cut through Shinji's soul like a knife. Added to that, he too had experienced the pain of losing his mother, making him feel empathetic. 'I never thought I would see the day where she looks so innocent and vulnerable' he thought. Many opposing emotions ran through the boy's head; he felt a strong need to comfort the girl, but was also afraid of what she might do if she woke up. As his eyes had adjusted to the darkness now, he could more clearly see the sadness in the redhead's expression and this was enough for him to make a decision. Not really knowing how to comfort her, Shinji moved over to her and picked her up tenderly, making sure not to wake her. Holding the shaking girl in his arms, he gently rocked her and repeatedly whispered "It's ok, everything's alright"

Slowly, he could feel the girl relaxing in his arms and soon she had settled down. Relieved that she had calmed down and now had a more peaceful expression on her face, he carefully let her down. Just as he was about to move off the bed, the redhead held onto him. The boy was a little confused at Asuka's actions and tried to release her grip on him but only succeeded in either making her move with him or elicit a groan, obviously she wasn't going to let him go. Giving up, Shinji decided he could indulge her tonight and so slid under the covers, lying next to her. Wrapping his arms around her and resting his head against her, Shinji felt strangely at peace as Asuka let out a content sigh. The boy found it warm and comforting sleeping with the redhead and found himself falling asleep a lot sooner than he thought he would.

Asuka awoke first in the morning, feeling a little different than usual; unlike most of her other mornings, she felt excellent and strangely warm. Finding her bed quite comfortable, the redhead didn't want to get up. However, she knew she would just sleep in if she stayed in any longer. Attempting to sit up, the redhead found herself unable to do so. Confused as to what was binding her, she looked down to see two arms wrapped around her. It took several seconds for the sleepy girl to realise there was something wrong with that. With all her movement, Shinji had stirred and his hold on her lessened. The boy then noticed that Asuka was awake.

"Morning beautiful" he greeted, letting go of her.

"What the hell are you doing in my bed you baka?! If Misato sees us, she'll chuck a fit!" the redhead whispered loudly, then sat up glaring at the boy.

Shinji scratched his head nervously before replying. "A little hard to believe but I checked on you in the middle of the night and you were having a nightmare. After you had calmed down you wouldn't let go of me, so I stayed" he explained.

"Somehow I don't believe that story, coming from a pervert like you" Asuka replied, "But it doesn't matter now, just get out before Mi-" she started.

The redhead was cut off by Shinji planting a kiss on her lips. Pulling her closer, the boy wrapped his arms around the girl, holding her tight. As he had just woken up, Shinji wasn't totally lucid and his self-restraint was absent. Asuka found the prospect of being kissed so warmly in the morning unexpectedly to her liking but was a little confused at the boy's actions. After parting, the redhead's eyes looked at him curiously, her face puzzled.

"You're just so damn gorgeous" he remarked, smiling at her.

"Enough with stating the obvious already" she replied arrogantly, "Now get out of my bed" she added.

Now that he was more awake, the boy quickly obeyed, getting off her bed and standing up. Looking around, Shinji noticed Asuka's bra still lying on her desk from the night before and he picked it up. He then realised the redhead would still be wearing nothing underneath her shirt. The girl had seen Shinji take her undergarment and got out of her bed to confront him.

"What are you doing Shinji? Give me that and get out of my room already" Asuka ordered.

"I remembered you said you had no bras left, I need to finish the wash so you have some underwear, but I might as well wash all your other dirty clothes at the same time" Shinji replied.

"That's all well and good, but I need that or I'll have nothing to wear" Asuka responded, pointing at the item he was holding.

"Is that a bad thing?" he asked cheekily.

"Don't annoy me baka, you're wasting time. Just give it to me" she demanded, a little irritated.

Shinji, somewhat reluctantly, returned the bra to the redhead. "Get dressed and sort out your dirty clothes" he announced.

"Hai hai" Asuka replied, taking off her shirt, exposing her bare chest.

The boy just stood there with his mouth open while the redhead threw the shirt she had just been wearing into a pile of clothes. Asuka noticed him still standing there and turned to face him, placing both arms on her hips.

"Why are you still standing there baka? You yourself told me to sort out my dirty clothing. Go prepare the washing machine or whatever" Asuka remarked, annoyed.

Comprehension failed with Shinji; the girl was giving him a full view of her breasts and being so casual about it. Something stirred inside his pants and he felt his desire burning up again. However, with the redhead's glare growing increasingly angrier, the boy forced himself to turn away and exit her room, closing the door behind him. Calming down, Shinji then moved to his room to dress up himself.

After entering his room, he took out his school uniform and proceeded to change into it. It was a strange feeling having spent most of his night in Asuka's room, making his room seem unfamiliar for a moment. Shinji had enjoyed spending the night with the redhead and was beginning to enjoy just spending time with her in general. He loved the way she would react, the way she would look at him and the way she talked with him; Shinji wondered whether he was growing to like the girl, perhaps he had always had some sort of feelings for her. It was such a contrast to what happened the other day; he had been so full of rage towards her and did such unthinkable things to her. Doing something like that now felt far beyond him, she could never deserve something like that.

Shaking his thoughts away, the boy then sorted his own dirty clothes before moving to the laundry and depositing the clothes there. Walking back to Asuka's room, he opened her door and entered inside. The girl was still in the middle of dressing up and looked over at the boy as he entered her room.

"The dirty clothes are over there" the girl directed, pointing towards a pile of dirty clothes before resuming her actions.

Shinji found himself watching the half-naked girl dress as he walked over to the pile of clothes and tripped over it accidentally, sending him face first into the floor. The loud thump caught the girl's attention and she started laughing as she saw the boy get up with her underwear on his head.

"Jeez you really are a baka and a pervert" the girl said, wiping tears from her eyes.

Shinji just turned his head away in embarrassment, taking the items off his head and picking up the pile of clothes while Asuka just shook her head and resumed changing. He decided he would get her back; it was her fault after all, she had been distracting him with her unnaturally sexy body. Although really, he just wanted to have some fun with her after having seen her topless.

With that, the boy took the girl's clothes to the laundry and put everything in the washing machine before starting it. Having the washing taken care of, Shinji then walked over to the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast. Entering the kitchen, he noticed a note on the fridge and picked it up to read it.

Shinji, I'm pulling an all-nighter today so I'll be sleeping in for the morning. Don't bother making me breakfast. Also, I will be gone when you come back after the sync test so don't make dinner for me either, I won't come back till the middle of the day tomorrow. Have fun, don't forget to go to NERV after school.


'A free afternoon' Shinji thought, 'well apart from one sync test, but still, more than enough time to have some fun. Although should I really be thinking about that?' Putting the note down on the bench top, the boy then opened the fridge to get food for breakfast. As Misato had gone shopping yesterday, the fridge was full of food, just nothing anyone would find particularly edible. Sighing, Shinji just decided to risk spending two hours in the bathroom and took out some of the instant breakfast food; besides, Asuka's stomach could handle more than his, even though she complained quite a deal more.

Closing the fridge door, Shinji then began preparing breakfast for himself and Asuka. Something about this morning made the atmosphere seem peaceful; maybe he was feeling more at ease about the incident today. He was feeling much less anxious and tense than yesterday and surprisingly, it seemed that he and Asuka had developed some sort of relationship. Though he suspected it didn't go further than the sex, at least on her part.

As the boy was lost in thought making their meals, Asuka walked into the dining room, sat down at the table and yawned sleepily. The redhead felt fairly pleasant this morning, she had woken up comfortably and peacefully; she knew she had nightmares and was grateful she was able to get a good night's sleep. Furthermore, Shinji was becoming more and more confident; well she supposed anyone who would be having sex with her would gain some self-esteem. Also, Asuka didn't have to take any responsibility and could drop him whenever she felt like it; this had somehow become an advantageous setup for her. However, yesterday with Misato had been a close call and she wanted to make sure nothing like that would happen again. Funnily enough, she didn't realise she was already accepting there would be a next time; the terrible incident seemed to have been temporarily buried in her subconscious.

When Shinji had finished making breakfast, he brought the food into the dining room, noticed Asuka and set it down on the table. After the boy sat down, the redhead decided it was better to bring up the issue sooner rather than later and so spoke up.

"Shinji you need to be more careful. We were almost caught yesterday and you know I don't want Misato to know about this. She's also good at noticing things. She pulled me aside asking if I had masturbated and I had no choice but to say I did so she wouldn't get suspicious" Asuka confessed.

Shinji couldn't help snickering at her admission.

"It's NOT funny dummkopf!" she snapped angrily.

"Sorry-" he started.

"STOP SAYING THAT!" Asuka shouted at him.

"I didn't intend to almost get exposed yesterday" Shinji replied quickly, "I'm so used to Misato coming home later and I forgot we had come home later. Besides you didn't realise she was there either" he added.

"Yeah well, excuse me. I was just a tad busy having a horny demon chasing me" she refuted.

This time the boy broke out into laughter at her comment. "Well, this horny demon wasn't satisfied yesterday" he said, smirking slightly.

"Don't even think about it Ikari, I want to eat breakfast" she warned.

"I think you'll be saying otherwise soon enough" he replied, sighing.

The redhead just gave him a confused look before she began to eat her meal. As soon as the food entered her mouth, the girl's face went pale and she forced herself to swallow it.

"Scheisse! What the fuck is this disgusting rubbish?! Are you trying to kill me Shinji?!" Asuka yelled at the boy, momentarily causing him partial deafness; he had definitely been right about her complaining.

"Unfortunately, there was only Misato's food in the fridge" Shinji explained timidly.

"It tastes like freaking plastic and it's all slimy, it's like shoving a condom down my throat!" Asuka shouted back, annoyed.

Shinji fought back the almost irresistible urge to say "and you would know?"

"If it makes you feel any better, I have to eat it as well" he replied instead.

"You and I are going grocery shopping after our sync test! This is far from ridiculous" Asuka announced before resuming her meal.

The boy had come to the conclusion that the redhead definitely had a very good set of vocal cords; no wonder she screamed so loud in bed. The girl in question was making all sorts of faces as she ate the meal and Shinji decided to see what she was making such a fuss about. As the boy brought the food into his mouth, he instantly felt sick; he had to give it to her, she really could handle it better than him. Eating as much as they could, the two teens pushed their bowls aside unable to take anymore.

"That completely ruined my appetite for the day" Asuka remarked.

"I can't understand how Misato can eat it" Shinji replied.

"Speaking of which, why isn't she up yet?" she asked.

The boy stood up from his seat and began moving back to the kitchen. "She left a note" he answered.

After entering the kitchen, he picked up the note from where he had left it and returned to the dining room, handing it to the redhead. Curiously, the redhead began reading the handwritten note.

"Oh you must be happy Shinji. We got the whole afternoon free after the sync test" she commented, sighing. "For some reason I think you're gonna take advantage of this opportunity to do anything you want to me without hindrance" she deduced.

The boy grinned at her guess. "Wow you must be a mind reader Asuka. It sounds like you're looking forward to it yourself as well" he replied.

"Yeah right" the redhead said, snorting as she heard him.

Wanting to embrace Asuka, Shinji moved over to the girl and picked her up gently by the waist before sitting down in her chair and placing her on his lap.

"And what, may I ask, are you doing?" Asuka asked, confused.

"I'm getting you back for this morning" he replied, wrapping his arms around her waist to hold her close.

The redhead just grumbled but made no move to get off of him. At this, the boy began to stroke her brilliant red hair and cheekily brought his other hand up to her breast. At the contact, Asuka let out a small moan.

"Stop that Shinji" she ordered, moving his hand down to her waist.

Obeying her request, the boy brought his other hand down to her waist and held her warmly before resting his head on her back. Asuka didn't know why, but she felt strangely at peace like this. Added to that, she found this position quite comfortable and so she relaxed into him. Feeling that the girl was at ease, Shinji pondered what had the redhead in such a good mood. The only time she had been angry today was, understandably, when she had eaten breakfast. The girl was also openly accepting his affection, or perhaps she just couldn't be bothered stopping him. Either way it was a nice feeling, the girl could be much more enjoyable than she usually was. Shinji didn't really want to ruin the mood but he was curious about the redhead's behaviour.

"So Asuka… why are you so happy today?" he asked hesitantly.

The girl shifted a bit at his question, before elbowing him in the stomach slightly. "Who says I'm happy?" she retorted.

"You seem to be in a good mood, you've been fairly casual and non-hostile towards me and you haven't slapped me yet" he answered, "Not that I want you to!" he quickly added.

Asuka paused for a second, thinking about this morning; well she had been a little easy on him today, but she was allowed to be nice to people wasn't she? "Don't tell me you think I'm supposed to behave like a bitch?" she asked sarcastically.

"No, that's not what I meant! You're just acting differently than usual" he quickly replied.

Asuka knew she usually behaved nicer the better she felt. The visit last night had given her a bit of respect for Shinji and she had slept peacefully for the whole night without a nightmare; maybe that was why she was in a good mood.

"I don't have permission to be happy or something?" Asuka questioned.

"So, you admit it?" he countered.

The redhead fumbled for words as he had caught her. 'Why can't I think straight anymore? I used to be so sharp and decisive, now every time he looks at me I feel so strange' she thought.

Shinji had noticed her loss for words. "So, is there any reason?" he inquired.

"Do I need a reason? Just leave me alone you baka" she replied, wrenching his arms off her waist.

"Who said you could go? I quite like you sitting on my lap" Shinji said, wrapping his arms around her waist again and holding her tighter.

"Let me go! I am not in the mood for this!" she shouted at him.

The boy loved her strong will, she always resisted and always had so much spirit; it seemed like no matter what, she would always fight back. Giving in to his urges again, Shinji moved his mouth down to her neck and started nuzzling it.

"Come on Shinji, stop this already" she said annoyed, even though she was enjoying his mouth.

"But I want you" he said lustfully.

"I don't want you" she replied, trying to pull free from his grip but it was too strong. Instead, she opted to kick him in the legs.

"Ouch Asuka!" he said in pain.

The boy used his legs to hold hers still, halting her attack.

"God damn it Shinji!" she shouted in frustration.

Turning her head to face his, he kissed her abruptly to silence her. The redhead then pulled his ear sharply, causing the boy to cry out, finishing the kiss.

Shinji nursed his ear as the girl moved to get off. "When will you understand that I don't want to do this now?!" she shouted in irritation.

"But we're just having fun-" he started.

"Third child!" she interrupted.

Shinji hesitated for a second at her tone; Asuka had stopped calling him that nickname ever since the incident. Using the distraction, the girl jumped out of his lap, fortunately for them, as Misato had just walked in.

"Didn't you read my note? What's with all the noise? What are you still doing here anyway? It's time for school, get out of here and let me get some sleep" the Major croaked at them furiously.

With that, their guardian tiredly walked back to her room. Shinji almost had a bleeding nose and had to look away; Misato had come into the room wearing almost nothing.

"What did I just say about being careful? You just don't listen Shinji" she said quietly.

"Well, you were the one making the most noise" he countered.

"It was your fault for not listening to me" she countered back.

"It's impossible to understand what you want" Shinji replied with a frown.

"You don't have to understand, you just have to comply" Asuka explained arrogantly.

"So, let's continue?" Shinji hinted hopefully.

"No, you heard the lady, we go to school now" Asuka answered, moving towards the door.

"What about the lunches?" Shinji asked quickly.

"We'll be late. Besides, I think I'd rather my taste buds live and go to the school cafeteria instead" Asuka instantly replied.

The boy just chuckled and the redhead was out the door before he could even say "wait." Shinji swiftly went out after her, making sure to lock the door before catching up to her. As the two teens began walking to school together, Asuka started quietly humming to herself. The girl probably didn't realise it, but she had a small smile plastered on her face as they walked and Shinji was not one to ruin her good mood; it was rare to see Asuka so light-hearted. The boy reached down to hold her hand and was elated when he felt her fingers entwining with his; was this really Asuka? The two eva pilots held hands like that for the rest of the trip to school.

When they reached the front gates, Asuka let go of Shinji's hand and they entered the school building. Walking down the corridor, they noticed there were no students about and quickened their pace; class was about to begin. Opening the door to the classroom, the two entered inside just as the bell rang. Quickly moving to their seats, they sat down and Hikari called out her "Rise! Bow! Sit!" beginning the class. At once the teacher began to drone on again about nothing in particular, immediately causing every student to tune him out.

Hikari was curious about the redhead's late arrival and so sent a message to Asuka.

Hikari: What's with the late arrival Asuka? You're usually earlier.

Asuka read her friend's message before typing a reply.

Asuka: Baka Shinji held me up.

Hikari: What did he do?

Asuka: It's not important.

Hikari: If you say sohow are you today Asuka?

Asuka: I'm alright, how about you?

Hikari: Great actually, Touji came over to my house yesterday for dinner! Although it was a formal event as my parents invited him inside out of hospitality for helping me carry my groceries. We still had fun talking though.

Asuka: Don't tell me you're still interested in that jock.

Hikari: Don't call him that, he's real sweet. You just need to get to know him.

Asuka: Puh-lease Kaji is the only real guy.

Hikari: Really Asuka, now that we're on this topic, I've been wondering for some time, isn't there somebody else you like apart from Kaji?

For reasons unknown, images of Shinji kissing her came popping into her head and she blushed; was her subconscious suggesting she liked the boy? No, that couldn't be true of someone who had done something so atrocious to her. Before that incident, she certainly did like him better compared to most other boys. Currently, she supposed she did enjoy the sex she had with him, maybe that's what caused that response to Hikari's question. The redhead shook her head and decided to reply quickly to prevent her friend believing she paused because there was someone she liked. However, the ponytailed girl had noticed the redhead's blush and delayed response and typed a message before Asuka had finished hers.

Hikari: What was that Asuka? Who is it?

The redhead abruptly cleared the text she had been writing and typed another response to her question.

Asuka: It was nothing. There is no one.

Hikari: Asuka I saw you blush, don't lie to me. Is it Kensuke?

Asuka snorted.

"Miss Langley is there something you wanted to add?" the teacher asked.

"No sir" Asuka replied, embarrassed.

The teacher eyed the female eva pilot for a second before continuing his lecture. Hikari instantly typed an apology for getting her singled out.

Hikari: Sorry, sorry I was joking.

Asuka: Thank God you weren't serious! Next time try not to get me busted!

Hikari: But come on Asuka, who is it that you like?

Asuka: It's none of your business!

Hikari: So you DO like someone.

Asuka: God damn it, you're looking too much into it. Just drop the subject already.

Hikari: Given things between you, it's Shinji isn't it?

This time she recalled sitting down in his lap, his mouth nuzzling her neck and his hand cupping her breast and her face flushed at the thoughts. 'Baka Shinji got my body all excited this morning and now it's causing this stupid misunderstanding' she thought annoyed; her body was getting aroused just thinking about it. This conversation was going downhill fast for Asuka as Hikari once again noticed the redhead's behaviour and typed a message.

Hikari: I saw that Asuka. I can't believe I guessed correctly.

Asuka: Don't jump to conclusions.

Hikari: If you like Shinji why do you always put him down and insult him?

Asuka: I DON'T like Shinji.

Hikari: Have you done anything with him?

This time the sex they had in the storage room popped up in her mind and she felt a little embarrassed as she could feel a familiar wetness between her thighs. 'Damn Hikari, she's just ignoring what I'm saying' she thought angrily. Frustrated at the thoughts her friend had evoked, the redhead furiously typed back a reply to stop any further ridiculous questions.

Asuka: Look here Hikari, let's get some things straight! Shinji is a baka! I DO NOT like him! I have done NOTHING with him! Stop asking these STUPID questions!

Hikari: Ok, ok relax Asuka. I just thought the idea of you liking Shinji to be cute. But still, what was with all your reactions?

Asuka sighed at Hikari's persistence and decided there was only one way to stop this conversation.

Asuka: Fine I'll tell you, just drop this subject and don't tell ANYONE about this.

Hikari: Ok.

Asuka: There was one time when I came back from that date with that person you set me up with. I couldn't stand him so I left him waiting in line and came home. Now I was REALLY bored and well I asked Shinji to kiss me just to see what it was like and to pass the time. When you asked those stupid questions, I kept remembering that moment, I'm just embarrassed for doing it.

Hikari: Wow you and Shinji kissed? What was it like?

Asuka: It was crap, Shinji can't kiss.

Well that particular kiss hadn't been that great, mostly thanks to her, so her statement was half true.

Hikari: Somehow I think that's just you speaking, but thanks for telling me! I won't tell anyone, I promise!

Asuka: You'd better not.

While Asuka and Hikari had been conversing with each other, Shinji had been talking with Touji and Kensuke as well via a chat room.

Touji: Yo Shinji, what's with the late arrival?

Shinji: Just got held up this morning.

Kensuke: I bet it was that redheaded demon.

Shinji: Don't call her that.

Touji: Why? She brings hell on earth every day! She must be a demon!

Shinji: Come on, she's not that bad.

Kensuke: Why are you defending her when you take the brunt of her insults?

Shinji: I just think you judge her a bit too harshly, she really can be a good person.

Fortunately for them, both Touji and Kensuke snorted quietly just as Asuka did. After the teacher finished reprimanding the redhead, the boys continued their discussion.

Touji: Boy has she got you whipped Mr. Housewife.

Shinji just sighed.

Shinji: Why don't we have lunch together today? Just ignore her usual insults and you'll see her good side.

Kensuke: Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt.

Touji: Ok fine, but if she chews us out, it's your fault Shinji.

Shinji: She's in a good mood today, so it won't be too bad if it goes wrong.

Touji: lol.

Shinji: By the way, I didn't make any lunches so we'll be going to the school cafeteria today.

Kensuke: Fine with me.

Touji: No prob.

Shinji felt a little guilty at having arranged a meeting without Asuka's permission, but he didn't think she would mind and messaged her.

Shinji: Me and the other two stooges will join you at lunch at the school cafeteria, neither of us have lunch as you recall.

Asuka: Fine whatever.

Shinji leaned back in his chair as he waited for the lunchbreak to arrive. Fortunately, the discussion he had had with his friends had taken a good portion of the lesson away and in next to no time the bell had rung, signalling lunchtime. All students piled out of the classroom with Hikari, Asuka, Shinji, Touji and Kensuke moving off in the direction of the school cafeteria to meet up. It didn't take long for the five classmates to walk down the corridor and out of the school building, before heading to the cafeteria. After arriving, only two of them queued up at the line to order, while the other three sat down at a nearby table and took out their lunches. Shinji realised he had never ordered here before and they could end up eating something just as bad as Misato's food. At this revelation, he decided to call Touji over, as he was a frequent visitor of the school cafeteria, to help him and Asuka pick out a good meal.

"You know Touji, we could really use your help in choosing a meal from here" Shinji told Touji as he came over.

"Well well, I never thought I'd see the day that Asuka needed help" Touji teased.

"Watch it stooge" Asuka warned.

"What happened? Shinji didn't make lunch for you?" Touji continued on, not wasting the chance to make fun of the redhead. Asuka just ignored his taunt, but Touji wasn't finished yet. "Looks like the 'Great' Asuka has to rely on the 'dumb jock' Touji instead" he said, mocking her.

The redhead glared at him menacingly before smirking. "It would seem you are taking pride in the fact that you have an inferior taste in food and thus being able to distinguish crap from worse crap" Asuka retorted. "To me it's all crap but thanks for helping me choose the better crap" she added sarcastically.

Shinji quietly sniggered while Touji just frowned; it seemed he never could outsmart the girl. The jock chose not to say anything else and showed the two eva pilots what was decent before returning to their table grumbling. Asuka threw her hair back triumphantly before going up and ordering her meal. Shinji just shook his head; maybe this wasn't a good idea after all, he probably wouldn't hear the end of it from his two friends. After the redhead had received her food, she went over to their table while Shinji ordered next. Ordering a pork bun, he then joined the rest of his friends at the table and sat down to eat.

"So…" Asuka started, "What's this all about?" she asked.

"Ask him" both Touji and Kensuke said at the same time, pointing towards Shinji.

The two girls turned their attention towards the male eva pilot and he cursed his friends for putting him in the spotlight. 'They didn't have to make it so obvious that I planned this…' Shinji thought, annoyed.

"A-Ah w-well…" Shinji said, scratching the back of his head, "I-I just thought it'd be a good idea to just talk together and catch up, because we're all friends you know" he said timidly.

The redhead just raised her eyebrow at his statement. "We're all friends…? Since when did the three stooges become a part of my fan club?" she asked.

"We would never become fans of the demon!" Touji instantly retorted.

Things were really not looking good for Shinji. "A temporary truce is good now and again" Shinji quickly said, preventing it from escalating. "So please Asuka, try to be nice" he requested.

"Why should I listen to you Shinji?" the redhead asked, smirking.

"Give it a rest Asuka. I'm sure you want a break from those two insulting you" Shinji answered.

"Fine fine" she replied, waving her hand.

Touji and Kensuke were a little shocked at the redhead's agreement, but then again it could just be a fluke. The occupants of the table settled down after Shinji's intervention and began to eat their lunches.

"We supposedly all came here to talk, but none of you are saying anything" Asuka said, breaking the silence.

"Well, that's because we actually came here to have a fivesome Asuka" Shinji announced jokingly.

Hikari blushed, while Touji and Kensuke almost choked on their food. The redhead herself couldn't help but snort in laughter. It was nice to see Asuka so easy-going; she didn't have a scowl or smirk on her face, just a pleasant smile. Despite the silly remark, the other people did notice that Asuka was being a little more friendly than usual and that she looked much more beautiful when she was happy.

"Don't make such crude jokes Shinji, I was being serious" Asuka replied.

"I was just trying to break the ice" Shinji remarked.

"Well you know, I heard we're having a school play" Hikari said, changing the subject.

"Yeah I heard about that too, they're giving out the parts randomly so you won't know the role you're playing until they announce it" Kensuke replied.

"I should definitely be the main female character" Asuka said proudly.

"Yeah, you're perfect for it" Shinji said sarcastically.

"I've heard that the main female role is a princess, I can't imagine that demon being a princess" Touji retorted.

"Oi you jock, you shouldn't hate me just because I'm cute" Asuka replied, sticking her tongue out at Touji.

"Did you forget bad-tempered, annoying, arrogant-" Touji began.

"Touji!" Hikari interrupted.

"What?! I'm only-" Touji started.

"Me and Asuka went to the arcade yesterday!" Shinji blurted out before Touji could finish his sentence or Asuka make any further comments.

Asuka just smacked her forehead with her palm, while Touji and Hikari looked at the male eva pilot curiously as if encouraging him to continue. Shinji suddenly thought maybe it wasn't such a good idea to announce that, even though it was to prevent another fight, and struggled to think of how to continue.

"Yeah, it was umm… lots of fun playing games with her" he said weakly.

Asuka just repeatedly beat her forehead against the table; he sounded so stupid.

"So what? What has that got to do with anything?" Touji asked, confused.

"Well, how can you have fun with a bad-tempered, annoying and arrogant person?" Shinji replied.

"You don't need to defend me baka, I don't care about what he thinks" Asuka remarked.

"What's this? You don't want people seeing you as a nice person?" Touji asked, bewildered.

"No, it's not like that!" Asuka refuted, blushing slightly.

"So Shinji, anything else happen? She didn't happen to also feed a homeless man or something?" Touji said, grinning.

"Don't be ridiculous!" Asuka shouted.

"Spill the details Shinji" Touji pressured.

"There was nothing like that, just a fight with Kensuke and that's all" Shinji answered.

"She had a fight? Guess it was too good to be true" Touji said victoriously.

"Actually" Kensuke started and Touji turned to face the military otaku. "I was surprised myself, but she apologised after beating me up" Kensuke finished.

Touji couldn't help but start cackling and then bursting into laughter. "You're kidding me right? The 'Great' Asuka beats up Kensuke and then begs for forgiveness? I can't even imagine Asuka saying sorry"

"I didn't beg you moron and I was just thinking that maybe he didn't deserve all of my punishment, nothing else" Asuka stated with finality.

"Well it's good to know you're not a heartless bitch" Touji replied.

"Touji!" Hikari shouted again, this time pinching his ear.

"Owww! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" the jock said frantically.

The ponytailed girl released her grip on the boy's ear. "This is meant to be a truce yet you just keep insulting her" Hikari said, looking at Touji sternly.

"It was a joke ok? I was just a little surprised to hear about Asuka apologising" Touji replied.

"Well it's all fine now anyway, at some point we should go check out the parts of the play you guys mentioned earlier" Shinji said, calming down the situation again; although the boy thought that it was pretty much a lost cause now. No doubt Touji and Kensuke would just rub it in his face about Asuka.

"I don't think they've chosen the parts yet, we'll probably have to check after school" Hikari replied.

At that moment the bell rang, interrupting their session. The classmates got up from the table before heading off back inside the school building and to their classroom. After the students had all shuffled inside their classroom and back to their desks, the teacher walked into the room and the class resumed. Even though Shinji didn't really want to hear his friends go off at him, it was better than listening to the boring lecture so he, together with Touji and Kensuke, joined their chat room again.

Touji: You know I thought Asuka was kinda funny today. If you don't treat her insults seriously, it's quite humorous.

Kensuke: I have to say that when you make her smile, she looks almost angelic.

Touji: Heh pity she isn't one.

Shinji: Oh, I thought you guys were gonna go off at me.

Touji: Nah Asuka was nicer than usual, she even agreed to sit down and have lunch with us and she only made comments when we did.

Kensuke: Truth is I had forgotten about yesterday as well so I suppose you were right Shinji.

Shinji: Ah cool, I'm glad.

After Shinji's last message, Touji and Kensuke left the chat room and entered another one and invited Hikari to it. The ponytailed girl was a little surprised but decided to check it out and joined the chat room.

Touji: Hey class rep.

Hikari: Oh, hello Aida and Suzuhara.

Touji: Sorry about this but I just think there's something weird going on.

Kensuke: Yeah, Asuka and Shinji are acting a little strange.

Hikari: Well yes actually, Asuka behaved quite friendly towards Shinji and even I have to admit she is stubborn and hearing that she apologised surprised me also.

Touji: And Shinji just happens to suggest lunch together and Asuka agrees? I mean just yesterday Asuka was in a foul mood and today she's all "nice"?

Hikari: Speaking of yesterday, Asuka went off at lunch by herself without telling me and later told me she had been with Shinji discussing something with the principal, but it didn't sound convincing. Besides, she always tells me if she isn't going to have lunch with me.

Kensuke: That's strange. Shinji told me yesterday he had done a teacher's errand. Something doesn't add up.

Touji: Shinji told me that too. Sure sounds suspicious, I say we go to their apartment after their sync test.

Kensuke: Agreed.

Hikari: Can't we just ask them?

Touji: No, they will never tell us. We must catch them unprepared.

Hikari: You have a point. Alright then, we'll go to their apartment later today then.

Kensuke: Ok.

Touji: Ok.

Shinji had noticed that Touji and Kensuke still seemed to be conversing with each other even though they had left the chat room, but thought it probably wasn't important. Besides, the only thing he was thinking about now was what he would do after the sync test; his resolve to control himself had been temporarily abandoned as his urges came back strongly again. After having had numerous sexual encounters with Asuka, he was not really seeing much of a point in holding back anymore; she was clearly enjoying it too, even if only physically.

They hadn't yet had a chance to take it slow as every time they had had sex, they were in a rush or were interrupted. Countless fantasies of different situations and positions that he and Asuka could be in filled his head; regardless of how much of a gentleman Shinji may have been, he was still a teenage boy. Fortunately for him, he lost track of time thanks to his imagination. His thoughts were interrupted by the high-pitched ringing of the school bell. Despite being slightly annoyed at the interruption, Shinji was grateful that school was finally over. As always, the feeling was mutual with the other students as they rushed out of the classroom.

Not really eager to rush to the sync test, Shinji let the other classmates push through the doorway before he exited the classroom himself. Walking down the corridor, the boy soon exited the school building and found Asuka waiting for him at the front gates. As the redhead noticed the boy, she turned around and began to head off to NERV. Moving up beside Asuka, Shinji thought to try holding her hand again, however, his attempt only resulted in her pulling her hand away. Shinji gave the girl a confused look and she just sighed.

"You know, Ritsuko can be quite thorough when it comes to testing. She's been testing me often recently because of my… results. If she tests me at NERV today, she will probably discover I'm sleeping with someone" Asuka confessed. "I really don't wanna have that conversation…" she remarked.

Shinji paused at her comment momentarily. "Is that really a problem?" he asked hesitantly.

"Yes of course it's a problem you baka!" she shouted at him, annoyed. "NERV always wants to know everything that goes on with the pilot's lives, she will want to know who the other person is" she explained.

"How will they know who it is?" Shinji asked.

"Ritsuko isn't dumb and NERV has the technology, also it would be quite difficult for me to refuse the information from her" Asuka answered. "But that's besides the point, once they find out I'm sleeping with someone, there could be restrictions, punishments or anything really… I have no idea how she will react. Misato will find out too…" she continued.

The boy gulped; he wondered if Ritsuko could also find out if Asuka had been raped or not, but the most pressing issue was what she would do if she found out they had had sex.

"Let's hope they don't test you today then" Shinji said doubtfully.

"Yeah right, and what do you care anyway, it's embarrassing for me only" Asuka replied, irritated.

"Well, it's not like I don't care about you!" he started, "Err I mean… um it's just that…" he stammered after realising what he had just said; he had just confessed to caring about her.

Asuka just looked at him strangely before shaking her head. "Even if they don't find out today, they will eventually" she finished, moving on ahead.

The male eva pilot just followed after the redhead in silence, pondering about what he had admitted. Did he really care about her? All he knew was that he wouldn't want her to have to go through any extra hardship because of something stupid he did; finding out that he and Asuka had sex wouldn't mean they would find out it had been forced, but it would be extremely embarrassing for Asuka. His thoughts were just confusing him, surely it wasn't a bad thing if he cared for her anyway. He certainly felt sympathy for her situation though, her final words had sounded so defeated; honestly, he had never thought about NERV's response to their actions.

Looking up, he could see they were already at NERV. Entering the building, they both took out their pass cards and swiped them through the machine before heading down the corridor. Walking to the elevator, they went inside and pressed the floor number for the changing rooms. The redhead tapped her heel while the elevator descended.

"So, what was the real reason for us meeting at lunch?" Asuka asked, breaking the silence without moving her head.

"There was no ulterior motive" Shinji answered.

"Oh really?" Asuka said, looking up at him.

"Um yeah, I enjoy lunchtime with you Asuka, but also with my friends, so if we all have lunch together it solves both problems simultaneously" Shinji explained, scratching his head.

"Uh-huh" the redhead replied, not sounding convinced.

The elevator doors opened, saving Shinji from any further explaining as the two eva pilots exited the elevator. Going straight to the changing rooms, the two teens began to change into their plugsuits. Asuka didn't even bother putting up the privacy screen; he'd already seen her naked so she didn't see much point at the moment. Shinji finished changing first and found himself watching the girl change. Asuka noticed of course and sighed, unable to help her face going a little red.

"Would you stop staring already you pervert!" she snapped, annoyed.

The male eva pilot looked away, fearing Asuka's wrath. However, as he looked away, he realised someone was missing.

"Wait, where's Rei?" Shinji asked.

The redhead looked around at his question, unable to see the blue haired girl.

"She's not here, she must already be at the eva cages" Asuka replied.

"That gives us a little time to have some fun then" Shinji said teasingly, trying to lighten up the mood.

The redhead just looked up and glared at the boy. "Assuming we get off today without issue, you have the whole afternoon after this test and you can't wait? Not to mention how incredibly stupid it is to do it at NERV, we would easily get caught you baka" Asuka refuted.

"Don't worry, I was kidding, but it is certainly difficult to resist the urge" he responded, looking sheepish.

The redhead just raised her eyebrow at him before shaking her head. The soft swoosh of the plugsuit becoming skin-tight could be heard as Asuka pressed the button on her wrist. Just as Asuka had suited up, Rei entered the changing rooms.

"Pilots Sohryu and Ikari report to the eva cages immediately" Rei announced and left the room without another word.

"You see my point was proven immediately Shinji. I really hope you were kidding" Asuka told Shinji after waiting a bit.

"I was, but even so I think you're being just a little paranoid. We can be discrete" Shinji replied.

The girl just growled in irritation and stormed out of the room. Shinji followed after her and headed towards the eva cages to do the sync test. The redhead was walking fast to keep ahead of Shinji and he didn't really see a point in trying to catch up; they were about to have a sync test after all. When the two roommates arrived, the P.A came to life.

"Please enter your entry plugs so we can begin the sync test" Ritsuko Akagi announced over the P.A.

As Asuka had recently been getting low scores in the sync tests, Shinji wondered how the incident had affected her. He noticed the redhead was a little hesitant before she went over to her entry plug and entered it. Not wasting any more time, Shinji did the same; Rei was already in hers. After closing his hatch and feeling the LCL fill up his entry plug, he waited for the test to commence.

The bridge techs had everything ready to go and gave the ok. "Lowering entry plugs" Ritsuko announced.

All three eva pilots closed their eyes and began concentrating, thus began the test. Shinji tried to empty his thoughts, but found it very difficult; he kept thinking about how Asuka would do. It was impossible not to feel responsible if her score was bad, the guilt of that incident filling his mind again. As the three children were engaged, Maya was checking the charts, analysing the data and making sure everything was steady.

"Waiting for a stable sync ratio" Maya commented, noting the fluctuating numbers.

The bridge crew waited patiently for the pilots to synchronise with their evas as it always took a bit of time. Ritsuko was studying the pilot's faces up on the screen intently while they waited.

"Rei's sync ratio has stabilised at 50 percent" Maya announced.

"And what of the other pilots?" Ritsuko asked, looking away from the screen.

"Asuka's sync ratio jumped up to 78 percent and began dropping, it still hasn't stopped decreasing. Shinji hasn't stabilised yet" Maya answered.

Ritsuko moved over to speak to the second child. "What's wrong today Asuka?" the doctor asked. Recently, this had become Ritsuko's typical question to Asuka as the redhead always made up some excuse for her lowering sync ratio.

"Nothing" Asuka replied; she certainly had a valid excuse this time but there was no way she was going to bring it up.

"Are you sure? There's definitely something wrong if your sync ratio has lowered again" Ritsuko replied.

"What?" Asuka asked surprised. "But I honestly felt better today…" the redhead started, before trailing off. It was clear that the young girl was not pleased. 'If it wasn't for that baka Shinji, why did he have to do such things to me…' she thought.

"Shinji's sync ratio has stabilised at 87.9 percent and Asuka's at 68.4 percent" Maya interrupted.

"Did you hear that Asuka?" Ritsuko commented, "Shinji is beating you by a significant margin"

The redhead just grumbled at the doctor's remark. 'Of course stupid Shinji would be happy after fucking me. Damn bastard has even screwed up my sync test. I'm clearly the better pilot, why doesn't this stupid toy work?' she thought angrily.

Shinji had overheard the conversation, well he had been curious about Asuka's results, and it would seem things were not looking good. The gut-wrenching feeling of guilt was only spreading more now, but even so, today was the first time she had smiled in a long time; was her sync ratio lowered that much by him alone? Hoping that he wasn't the sole cause of her lowered sync ratio, Shinji decided to try and talk to the girl and opened a communications channel to her eva; he really wanted Asuka to regain her old self.

"You know Asuka…" Shinji started.

Normally they didn't allow the pilots to converse or distract each other during the tests, but Asuka's sync ratio was already low so the bridge crew just paused to listen to what the boy would say.

"What do you want baka?" Asuka replied grumpily.

"You don't want to be beaten by me, do you?" he asked.

"Are you trying to piss me off third child?" Asuka snarled.

"Asuka we all know you're the better pilot, your score should at least be close to mine" he replied, ignoring her remark.

"Well sorry that I can't beat the Invincible Shinji" Asuka rebuked. 'Doesn't he sound so conceited? I can't believe he's gloating…' she thought.

"Before you would never get discouraged, never give up. Just because you've stumbled for a moment, doesn't mean you've fallen. Surely you can remember how you felt when you were at the top" Shinji continued.

"It's all your fault! Stop trying to make yourself feel better Ikari!" Asuka snapped at him.

The male eva pilot didn't know how to reply to that. Asuka was blaming him for her low sync ratio, and rightly so; he knew this from the beginning, so what was he trying to achieve? Deciding he couldn't make her any angrier, the young boy decided to try again; after all she was at least responding so it could help her overcome her mental barrier.

"Yes, it is my fault… but forget about if it's my fault or not, that doesn't matter at the moment. When you beat me in the arcade games yesterday, if I had done something to piss you off earlier you would still have easily beaten me. I wasn't mocking you earlier, I know you can easily beat me in evas as well, so show me" Shinji finished.

"Don't you feel so high and mighty today Shinji? Arcade games and evas are quite different, don't give me such a lame example. I don't need to prove anything to you either!" Asuka refuted.

This time Shinji didn't respond, in truth there was nothing else he could really say.

"Oh, you got nothing to say now huh? Just because you got such a great score and everyone praises you for it, don't get so bigheaded. And I certainly don't need your pity! Me and my eva together are easily stronger than you, this test doesn't prove anything!" Asuka shouted.

"Asuka I don't care about the test results and I'm not just trying to make myself feel better. I couldn't ask for anyone better to fight alongside me, I don't want you to be replaced!" Shinji blurted out.

There was utter silence for a moment as the young boy's words caught Asuka completely off guard. In the moment of silence, the redhead contemplated the boy's intentions.


"A little hard to believe but I checked on you in the middle of the night and you were having a nightmare. After you had calmed down you wouldn't let go of me, so I stayed"


"Well, it's not like I don't care about you!"


'What am I doing arguing like this?' she thought. 'That moron does have a point. I don't like making excuses, I can overcome anything that comes my way! I've been feeling so bitter all this time way before that incident, it can't be him alone and I know he's not pitying me. It's just… he doesn't deserve forgiveness… even so, he's shown nothing but remorse and he does fight against the angels with me. I remember the times he saved my life. I haven't treated him well for a long time and I know it pales in comparison to what he did to me, but even so… I can just let it go… he doesn't deserve it, but I can let it go… I know I am far better than this anyway and I don't need to concentrate on anything else. I'll show this baka who's superior!' she thought, smiling.

Asuka started laughing. "You baka Shinji, who said I was going to be replaced huh? Surely the star pilot of NERV is too important to replace" Asuka said arrogantly.

"Asuka's sync ratio has jumped to 96.7 percent! She has overtaken Shinji for the first time in a long while!" Maya announced excitedly.

Shinji sighed in relief, grateful that his efforts didn't backfire. Maybe something else had been bothering her after all? In any case, he felt a small part of the burden lifted off his shoulders. Additionally, it seemed she had resolved something within herself.

"I never doubted you for a second Asuka" Shinji replied happily.

"Shinji's sync ratio has just moved up to 93.8 percent!" Maya announced again.

The doctor smiled, both pilots had extremely high sync ratios; this was the only good news in a long time. Being in a good mood, Ritsuko decided she would let the argument slide and reward the pilots.

"Good job, both of you. As a reward you can get off early" Ritsuko told the pilots.

"You should be grateful third child" Asuka said smugly.

"You bet!" Shinji replied thankfully, not just because they would be let off early though.

"Wait a second" a voice called out, causing the excitement to die down.

Everyone turned to face the source of the voice; Misato. The tactical operations director found the prior discussion to be conclusive proof that something was going on between the two roommates. As neither of them wanted to mention what was wrong, she wanted at least to be sure it wasn't anything serious like drug use.

"They've both been acting strangely lately, Ritsuko can you please just test them. I just want to be sure nothing's wrong" Misato requested.

"What?!" both teens said in unison.

"Sorry guys, but I'm a little worried" Misato replied.

"Well you are their guardian Misato, I can't ignore such a request. I will test them" Ritsuko said reluctantly.

"And we were going to get off early for once" Asuka complained.

"I'll make it up to you guys, I promise" Misato said apologetically.

Even Shinji grumbled in irritation, but not just because he wasn't going to leave early; he didn't want Asuka to suffer anymore, especially after she was finally feeling better. Grudgingly, Shinji and Asuka exited their entry plugs and began to head back to the changing rooms. Rei exited her entry plug, confused as to why they were finishing early but complied anyway. The blue haired girl watched the other two pilots walk off curiously, unable to comprehend their behaviour.

When the two roommates arrived at the changing rooms, they went straight to the shower, stripped off their plugsuits and began to wash themselves clean. After washing and drying themselves, they changed back into their normal clothes and exited the changing rooms. Walking slowly to Ritsuko's office, both eva pilots found themselves quite reluctant to be tested. Asuka, of course, was far more annoyed and addressed her companion to make sure he knew.

"Well what do you know Shinji, it looks like they'll find out" Asuka said irately.

"Yeah…" was all he said.

"What's wrong? Won't you be glad everyone will find out you fucked me?" she spat.

"Asuka… I-" he started.

"Just shut up" Asuka interrupted, "I don't wanna hear anymore from you today. You've already said enough to aggravate me" she finished.

The boy decided to stay silent. 'And after all that effort, God I was scared she was gonna kill me afterwards, you just had to ruin it Misato' he thought.

The silence and the poor lighting in the corridor only added to the feeling of gloom. After arriving at Ritsuko's office, Shinji knocked on the door. The two teens waited only a few seconds before the blonde doctor opened the door.

"Come on in" Ritsuko said, ushering the two eva pilots inside.

Shinji and Asuka walked into the office, both feeling anxious; they had no idea what was going to happen to them after the doctor found out Asuka was sexually active. The two teens waited nervously for Ritsuko to begin.

"Before I begin, is there anything you two want to let me know?" Ritsuko asked.

"No" they both responded in sync; neither of them wanted to bring it up.

"Alright then… first I'll take some blood samples" the older female stated as she took out two needles from the cabinet. "Hold out your right arm please" she instructed.

Both pilots held out their right arm and the doctor moved over to Asuka first. A sharp intake of breath could be heard from the redhead as Ritsuko injected one of the needles into Asuka's arm and drew some blood. After finishing with the young girl, the doctor moved over to Shinji and did the same. Having her blood samples, the older woman placed the two needles into an analysing machine for processing. Turning back around to face the two teens, she addressed them again.

"Now I'll take a brain scan. Please sit down over there" the blonde woman instructed, motioning towards a chair in the lab connected to her office; as head scientist, she required to have a laboratory within her vicinity.

The boy chose to sit down in the chair first and the doctor brought a neural scanner down over Shinji's head. Turning on the device, Ritsuko then proceeded to record his brain waves. It was only a little while before she finished and turned to face the other teenager.

"Asuka, your turn" Ritsuko declared.

Shinji got up from the chair while Asuka moved over and sat down. Ritsuko brought the neural scanner down over the young girl's head. The doctor then recorded Asuka's brain patterns as well. Moving away from her computer and standing up, Ritsuko adjusted her glasses before addressing the two eva pilots again.

"Now it's time for a physical examination, Shinji stay here please, Asuka you go back into my office for the moment" the blonde woman requested.

Asuka walked out of the lab and closed the door behind her; the redhead's palms were already sweating. The doctor locked the door before returning to the boy.

"Alright Shinji, remove your clothes" she ordered.

Shinji sighed, he never got used to this; even though she was a doctor, she was still a woman and it felt awkward. The male eva pilot removed his clothes and looked away as Ritsuko checked him over, not wanting to feel any more self-conscious. The doctor checked for any signs of injuries or sickness, making sure the boy was physically ok.

"Apart from a small bruise on your chin and a few scratches around your neck and arms, I can't see any physical abnormalities and nothing seems to be wrong here" she stated after examining the boy. "Did you have a fight or something?" Ritsuko asked.

Shinji just remembered that Asuka also had some injuries, especially that knife wound. He had to say something truthful but be vague enough so that Asuka wouldn't contradict him.

"Yes, I had a fight with Asuka the other day actually, but nothing serious" he answered; it was half true.

"I guess that explains it" she responded. "Alright, you may put your clothes back on and call Asuka in"

At this, Shinji changed back into his clothes before unlocking the door and exiting the lab. As Shinji entered the office, the redhead looked up at him.

"Asuka it's your turn to go in, I told her I had a physical fight with you" was all Shinji said before standing aside to let her pass.

The two eva pilots exchanged a short glance before Asuka walked into the lab and shut the door behind her. Hearing the lock click, the boy then sat down wondering what would happen.

Asuka tried her best to calm her racing heart as she looked up at the doctor expectantly; it was proving to be difficult with all the adrenalin rushing through her body. She was glad Shinji gave her that hint as she walked past him, as she just remembered she had injuries from that day.

"Remove your clothes please" Ritsuko instructed.

Asuka complied and proceeded to undress. After the redhead was fully bare, the doctor examined the girl in the same fashion she had done to Shinji.

"You seem to have some light bruises on your neck, and a long cut across your abdomen although it's not very deep… almost as if something sharp ran across you. What happened?" Ritsuko asked.

"I had a fight with Shinji the other day, he was in the kitchen with a knife in his hand, it was an accident" she lied; not that she wanted Shinji to get away with it, but it would just lead to too many questions.

"Shinji also said he had a fight with you, but that it wasn't too serious. It seems you also think this way" Ritsuko replied.

"Yep" Asuka confirmed.

"Alright, let's continue then" Ritsuko responded.

The doctor continued her examination and soon began to inspect the young girl's private region, at which point Asuka couldn't help biting her lip; you didn't need to be a doctor to figure out that she wasn't a virgin.

The older woman seemed to pause before speaking up. "Spread your legs further apart Asuka" Ritsuko instructed.

The redhead's face showed signs of obvious discomfort as the doctor did her work. When the doctor stopped, Asuka knew Ritsuko had found out and she readied herself for the questions. The blonde woman stood up, looking at the young girl with a small smirk.

"What have you been doing my naughty little Asuka?" Ritsuko asked teasingly.

"What are you talking about?" Asuka said, trying to feign innocence.

"Well there's nothing physically wrong with you, but there is one difference since the last time I checked you. You're no longer a virgin, you've had sex with someone, and recently too" Ritsuko replied.

'God damn it, this is not good. I fucking hate you Shinji!' Asuka thought.

"So" Ritsuko said continuing, "I need to know who your partner is"

"Why?" Asuka asked, trying to prevent the doctor finding out who her partner was at least.

"In this day and age STDs and what not are apparent, so I must know who it is. I can't endanger one of our eva pilots" Ritsuko answered.

"Can't you just find it out yourself?" Asuka shot back, intentionally being difficult.

"Yes I could but I'll have to get a semen or DNA sample from your vagina, plus most likely it's someone whose samples have not been recorded. It would take forever for me to get a sample from every boy you know and cross analyse each one" Ritsuko replied.

'This could work to my advantage' Asuka thought.

"But first things first, you are still a US citizen, where the age of consent is 16. Even though you are under Japanese jurisdiction currently, America might not be happy about this, so technically you are having underage sex. Depending on who the other person is, this could be a legal problem" Ritsuko elaborated. "That aside, are you using any form of protection? We can't afford to have a pregnant pilot either" Ritsuko asked.

"Well… yes" Asuka answered.

"Are you using condoms?" Ritsuko asked.

"No… it's not a form of protection you know" Asuka replied.

"What do you mean?" Ristuko asked confused.

"It's not important" the redhead replied.

"Well, I suppose it's not as long as you're using protection. But I know only condoms protect from STDs and they're not full proof, so I still must know who your partner is" Ritsuko explained.

"Just do it yourself" Asuka retorted, growing irritated.

"You know there's no point, you can just tell me and spare me and you all the trouble" Ritsuko replied.

Asuka sighed in defeat. "Alright fine, I'll tell you. However, you must promise not to tell Misato about this and don't report it to the Commander, just keep it a secret to yourself" the redhead negotiated.

"What? You can't possibly ask that of me" Ritsuko refused.

"Look, all you need to know is whether this guy is okay or not. If I tell you, you'll know and there will be no reason to tell anyone else" Asuka explained. "Besides the less people that know about this 'legal problem' the better, right?"

Ritsuko thought to herself quietly before coming to a decision. "Alright, I suppose there's no harm in that. So, who is it?" she asked.

Hesitating, Asuka avoided Ritsuko's gaze before speaking. "My partner is… he is… umm" she stuttered, finding it to be extremely embarrassing.

"Spit it out already" the doctor said impatiently.

"It's Shinji" Asuka replied quietly.

Ritsuko just looked at the young girl shocked. "Shinji Ikari?" she asked disbelievingly.

"Yes" Asuka answered.

"Eva pilot?" the doctor prompted.

"Yes" the redhead replied.

"The one standing right outside this lab?" Ritusko asked.

"For the final time, YES!" Asuka shouted.

"But you always complain about him?" Ritsuko remarked, unable to understand how the two eva pilots could be sleeping with each other.

"It's complicated and I don't wanna go talking about relationships, you got your information" Asuka replied.

"Well Shinji checks out fine, he doesn't have any STDs so I guess that's a relief. This also makes it easier to prevent a potential scandal, since he's not going to reveal this information. But I can't be sure you're lying, so I'm gonna ask Shinji to come into the room" Ritsuko warned.

"And?" Asuka asked, growing rather tired of this interrogation.

"Well, you are naked" Ritsuko pointed out.

"He's seen me naked several times" Asuka replied, uncaring.

Hearing this, the doctor unlocked the door to her office and opened it. "Shinji come in now" Ritsuko told him.

The boy entered the lab but immediately averted his gaze as soon as he saw that Asuka was naked.

"She knows baka, you don't have to pretend" Asuka remarked, rolling her eyes.

"Oh" was all he said in reply.

"Is it true that you, Shinji, have been having sex with Asuka?" Ritsuko asked seriously.

"Yes" he answered.

"How many times have you had sex?" Ritsuko inquired.

Both eva pilots blushed.

"How is that an important question?!" Asuka refuted.

"She's right, you don't need to know that" Shinji agreed.

"I did want to know if you had only just started dating or if you've been doing it for a while. I don't want Asuka to have a low sync ratio like before, I think that argument during the sync test is good proof your relationship can affect your results" Ritsuko explained.

"We only started recently, I had a low sync ratio because of… another reason" Asuka replied.

The blonde woman looked at the redhead curiously but chose to dismiss it. "Well this is most unexpected, a relationship like this between you two of all people. There's still one problem though" Ritsuko noted.

"What's that?" Shinji asked.

"I already explained this to Asuka, but technically she's underage for sex" Ritsuko answered.

The boy's eyes widened; he hadn't even thought about the laws of consent. Why did it only apply to Asuka though?

The doctor noticed the look on the boy's face and sighed. "The United States' age of consent is 16, and it probably still applies to Asuka, sex with minors is always tricky business legally. However, now that you two have begun, you probably don't want to stop. I can't risk separating you two, who knows how you might react, so I'm going to have to allow you to continue" Ritsuko began. "You must keep this a secret though, don't let anyone find out, the last thing we need is a scandal at NERV. Thanks to Asuka, I won't be telling Misato or reporting this to the Commander either" she added.

Shinji looked at Asuka, who just shrugged.

"Well anyway, I need to go check your blood samples. I'll be gone for about ten minutes, do whatever you want" the doctor finished, winking at Shinji. With that, she walked out of the lab and closed the door.

"Well, that wasn't so bad" Shinji remarked.

"Yeah right! That was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, you are such a dickhead! You're lucky I was able to negotiate her not reporting this!" Asuka yelled at him.

"I appreciate it! And at least we won't be separated or anything" Shinji replied timidly.

"Oh yeah, just my luck. I'm so grateful for being able to continue fucking you" Asuka said sarcastically.

Shinji just scratched his head nervously in response, before speaking up, "Actually Asuka I didn't know you were a US citizen" he asked sounding surprised; didn't she come from Germany?

"Yeah from my father's side, but I was raised in Germany for most of my life" she answered.

"I was just surprised when Ritsuko said all that, I didn't know that about you" he replied.

With Ritsuko having found out the truth, the situation was much calmer now and the redhead's adrenalin went down, causing her to shiver in the sudden cold; she was naked after all. At this, the boy moved over to the redhead.

"Don't tell me you're going to listen to that perverted doctor?!" the redhead snapped, backing away slightly.

The boy chuckled and shook his head. "Relax Asuka I was just going to hug you" he said, wrapping his arms around the girl and embracing her.

"Well knowing you… I have to be careful" Asuka replied, resting her head on his shoulder.

Shinji moved his hand up and down her bare back, soothing her. He liked the feel of her spine and all the bumps and curves. The young girl relaxed in his embrace, grateful for the warmth. The boy decided now would be a good time to ask about their current situation, considering everything that had happened today.

"Asuka" he started, "What do you think of our relationship?" he asked seriously.

At this question, the redhead brought her hands up to Shinji's waist and jabbed him in the ribs.

"Aah" Shinji cried out.

"You just have to ask the most stupid questions, don't you?" Asuka replied, shoving the boy away.

"It's not stupid! We have sort of become partners now, or at least it seems like that to me. But that's exactly my point. With everything's that happened, especially today, where do we stand?" he asked.

The redhead opened and closed her mouth a couple of times, unable to think of what to say. Blushing a little, she turned to face the boy. "I'll admit I enjoy the sex and… believe it or not, the little foreplay as well. I mean I don't want to do it, but the risk of being caught makes it a little more exciting. That's all it is though, nothing else" she answered, before looking away.

Though he found her embarrassment to be extremely cute, Shinji couldn't help sighing internally; either she was telling the truth or she was too stubborn to admit any feelings, just using the old "I'm a teenager" excuse. He wasn't one to talk either though. Thinking about the situation, Asuka most likely was only in it for the sex; although that admission alone was a big step for Asuka and he was willing to leave it at that for the moment. Besides this was leaps and bounds better than how things had been after the rape, it was surprising things had actually turned out this way.

The boy turned Asuka's face towards him and lifted her chin up to face him. The redhead had a confused look on her face as Shinji brought his lips down onto hers and kissed her passionately. The young girl felt a tingling sensation down her spine as they kissed and she brought her arms around him, returning the affection. At this, Shinji slipped his tongue inside her mouth, deepening the kiss. Asuka couldn't understand Shinji's response; he still wished to continue their "relationship" even after hearing what she had said. If Asuka had heard that from her partner, she would have ended the relationship; it was like saying I'm only with you for sex. It also made her wonder why she let him continue with it, she should just end the "relationship" and crush all hope Shinji had about being with her; after all it would only cause Shinji pain later on… and her as well. Maybe she was just selfish, maybe she didn't really care but for the moment she would take pleasure from it.

"Ahem, am I interrupting something?" Ritsuko said playfully.

At once Shinji and Asuka parted, both blushing.

"Don't be embarrassed, it's alright" Ritsuko said, smiling. "Anyway, I've come back with the results. Asuka you're fine, as for Shinji there's something awkward about your blood" Ritsuko announced.

"And what's that?" Shinji asked curiously.

"Your blood has extremely high levels of testosterone and I've discovered traces of the 'confidence drug' in your system. Now this obviously means someone is dumping hormones into your body, effectively increasing your sex drive. I will investigate this and try to find out how you are being drugged. Knowing what you two were like before, I wouldn't be surprised if Shinji pressured you the first time with his increase in libido. Having a little more strength because of the extra testosterone would have helped with that too" Ritsuko explained.

They both just stayed silent. Asuka was far more shocked to hear this information than Shinji. As she thought over this information, it would appear that his increased confidence and interest in her was nothing short of a few drugs, she wasn't the one who brought it out. Furthermore, someone else had obviously done this intentionally, for what purpose was unknown, but she had gotten raped because of it. She felt worthless right then, like she was being used and she felt her knees go weak.

'That horny bastard was just pumped up full of hormones, all his actions were just fake. Well, I shoulda known Shinji wasn't like this…' Asuka thought.

"Anyway, I promise I will look into this, other than that everything is ok" Ritsuko said, interrupting the redhead's thoughts. "Oh and I need a demonstration" she added.

"What?!" they both said alarmed.

"I have to know if you're not lying about your partner Asuka, it is very easy for you to use someone like Shinji" Ritsuko replied.

'Everyone thinks I'm the bad girl, I guess everyone's too used to good little Shinji' Asuka thought venomously. "No way, I don't care if you're a doctor, it is simply not happening!" she refuted.

"Relax I was kidding" Ritsuko replied, laughing. "Anyway, you're free to go now. I'll go make up something to say to Misato"

"Finally!" Asuka let out and quickly dressed herself.

"Though personally, I thought you'd go for Rei" Ritsuko told Shinji.

"No way, Asuka is so much hotter and at least I can have a decent conversation when I talk to her" Shinji replied instantly.

Asuka felt the corners of her mouth moving upwards at the compliment, but she forced her scowl back; she did not want to feel happy about Shinji at all. Though she had always wondered whom he thought of as better and that just answered her question.

Ritsuko chuckled at his reply. "Good luck you two, I hope it turns out well" the doctor said, waving them off.

The two eva pilots left the office, both feeling relieved; there was no danger of them being discovered, though Asuka was still quite troubled after hearing the news about Shinji's blood.

"Well at least we're safe from being discovered" Shinji said, breaking the silence between them.

"Yeah fuck you, she thinks we're a 'lovely' couple and she kept thinking I was the bad one, when it was you who raped me" Asuka spat.

The boy was slightly taken aback at her response. "Asuka are you still very upset about that incident?" he asked. "I don't mean that it wasn't a serious event, it's just you seemed to put it behind you is all" he added quickly.

"Losing my virginity is supposed to be a special occasion, forcing me against my will was inexcusable, how can I forgive you for that?! Furthermore, it was because of some stupid fuck who decided to dump some drugs into you!" she shouted at him, unable to contain her rage.

Understanding dawned upon Shinji as he realised part of what she was upset about. The boy took a breath before replying. "Listen Asuka. I don't care how much I was drugged up, the only thing it did was make me even more crazy about you. The night I raped you was entirely my fault, it was my decision, I can't conveniently blame drugs for that. It all came down to my choice. Nothing could make me do that to you but my own stupidity" Shinji said seriously.

The girl was shocked by the sincerity of his words and found herself unable to retort. Perhaps she had also been angry about the fact she had admitted to enjoying the sex and then discovered it wasn't because of Shinji himself. But what the boy had just told her, made her feel much better; something about the way he had said it made her realise it was the truth. She didn't seem to question why that revelation made her feel better though.

'Since when did that baka start taking responsibility for his actions?' Asuka thought, her lips twitching slightly.

Uncertain about Asuka's silence, the boy continued. "Even though it was my fault, I am still truly remorseful about raping you. I really wish I could change the past, but I can't. So I just have to accept my reality and that is that I'm sleeping with the most beautiful girl in the world" Shinji finished.

The redhead fought the smile that threatened to show upon her face and instead glared at the boy. "I get it already baka!" she snapped and then sighed. "I suppose I have to accept my reality too and that is that I'm sleeping with the pathetic, whiny and wimpy Shinji Ikari" she replied, sticking her tongue out at him.

The boy just sweat dropped at her comment and chuckled nervously. "Well anyway, let's just go home already" he replied.

"Yeah, I've put up with enough shit today" the redhead declared.

The two adolescents headed towards the elevator and entered it. Pressing the ground floor number, the elevator doors closed and so began their ascent. It took much of Shinji's will to keep himself from attacking the girl next to him; the only thing really holding him back was the fact that once they were home, he had her all to himself. 'God, as soon as everything's ok again, I start thinking about screwing her. Maybe I really am perverted' Shinji thought, 'then again I do have those drugs in my blood…'. The girl was completely oblivious to Shinji's internal struggle and just tapped her heel, waiting for the elevator to arrive at their floor.

As the elevator reached its destination, the doors opened and the two eva pilots exited the elevator. They headed down the corridor and then departed NERV, finally free for the rest of the day. The two roommates began their journey back to the apartment in silence. The sky was a little darker than when they had entered NERV and there were very little clouds. There were still many people out and about everywhere and the roads were full of traffic though.

"Hey, we need to buy some proper food remember?" Asuka announced as she noticed a grocery shop while they were walking.

"Thank God you remembered! We would have had to eat Misato's food again" Shinji replied.

"Let's go in then" Asuka said, moving towards the shop.

The two teens entered the grocery shop and began to look around. Both Shinji and Asuka took several items off the shelves, making sure to have a good supply so they wouldn't have to go through this morning's situation again. Deciding they had enough, they took their items to the counter and paid for them. They exited the shop with Shinji carrying their purchases and remained silent for the rest of the journey back to their apartment; they had said enough to each other today anyway.

As their arrived at their apartment, they entered the front door and took the elevator as they were both a little tired from the day's events. Shinji found himself impatiently waiting for the elevator to reach their level and studied Asuka as he was waiting.

The girl noticed his gaze and flicked him on the forehead. "You're staring baka" she stated.

The boy was about to drop his bags and push her up against the wall, when the elevator doors opened with a "ping." As the two eva pilots exited the elevator and moved towards their door, Shinji repeatedly told himself that they were almost inside their residence. The boy gave his keys to Asuka who unlocked the door, opened it and entered in first. Shinji went in next and closed the door behind him.

Asuka slowly walked towards her room while Shinji rushed to the kitchen and shoved the bags inside the fridge. As soon as the boy closed the fridge door, he lost all of his self-control. Now Asuka knew that Shinji was going to try something after they got home, but she had not expected that he had been so desperately waiting to screw her and that he would try to do so as soon as they arrived back home. So it came as a complete surprise when she felt her feet lifted off the ground as the boy picked her up.

"What the hell?!" she let out, confused.

"I'm at my limit and I'm not going to waste another second so get ready" Shinji replied.

"Already?! Let me rest a little bit first!" Asuka said, wriggling in his hold.

"Since when does the Great Sohryu Asuka Langley need to rest?" he teased.

"Since I want to, now let me go!" she demanded.

"I can finally take as much time as I want to, so too bad but I won't pass up this chance" Shinji said with determination.

Moving over to the living room, he placed Asuka down on the couch and moved on top of her. As the boy began pulling off the girl's shirt, she sighed in defeat and lifted her arms up to allow him to pull it off. Shinji began kissing the redhead, moving his mouth down the contours of her neck. The girl moaned as he moved his hand down to her breast, fondling her chest softly. Slowly, Shinji began to move his lips down to her shoulders and then further down her body. His other hand was playfully tracing circles on her stomach while his fondling grew more intense. Asuka could feel herself growing excited and found it embarrassing how easily this boy could make her feel like this; not too long ago she had been extremely pissed at him and here she was opening her legs for him.

The doorbell rang out through the apartment and without thinking Shinji called out "Who is-" before cutting himself off, realising what he was doing. 'Shit, why in the hell did I call out? Who the hell is it? Did they hear me?' Shinji thought.

Unfortunately for him, the people at the door had heard his short response. "It's me, Kensuke and Hikari" a voice shouted out, a voice that could be no one but Touji.

"Oh great work Shinji" Asuka said sarcastically.

Shinji just smacked his forehead with his palm before responding. "I'll open the door, just wait a sex, err I mean sec" Shinji called out.

Asuka couldn't help sniggering a little at his slipup. Shinji got off the girl and headed over to the front door while she picked up her shirt and pulled it over her head. Making sure Asuka was dressed, Shinji then opened the door and saw his three classmates standing outside looking a little nervous.

"Hello everyone" Shinji greeted.

"Hey Shinji" they all replied.

"Is Asuka home as well?" Hikari asked.

"Yeah she is, so come on in" Shinji replied, waving them inside.

Truth be told, Shinji would have rather closed the door on them, but he didn't want to be rude and refuse them entry. The male eva pilot closed the door when they had all entered. At hearing the door close, the redhead got up from the couch in the living room and began to walk towards them.

"Who are our visitors Shinji?" Asuka asked as she walked.

"It's your 'friends'," Touji replied back mockingly.

The redhead finally had the three guests in her sight and made an unimpressed face towards the jock. "Oi Shinji, why did you let that moron inside?" Asuka asked annoyed.

"Who you calling moron?!" Touji snapped angrily.

"We didn't come here to fight" Hikari said sternly, glaring at Touji. "Hello Asuka" she said, turning to greet her friend.

"Hey Hikari! Why are you all here for?" the redhead replied.

"Let's sit down to talk, we'll discuss it then" Hikari answered.

"Alright then" Asuka said, turning around.

They all followed Asuka as she walked to the dining room and sat down at the table. Hikari sat down next to Asuka, while Touji and Kensuke sat next to each other on the opposite side of the table with Shinji sitting in between Asuka and Kensuke.

"Does anyone want something to drink or eat?" Shinji asked politely.

All four heads shook left and right in response.

"So…" Asuka started, "What brings you guys here?" she asked.

"We just wanted to talk to you guys" Touji answered.

"There's an invention called the phone" Asuka remarked.

"In person" Kensuke added.

"Is this a bad time?" Hikari asked in response to Asuka's comment.

"No it's fine, but you usually don't come to our house just to talk and you tell us beforehand as well" Asuka replied.

"Well, you guys left before you could check your parts in the play. We figured we should tell you your roles, so we checked them for you" Touji declared.

"So, what are everyone's roles?" Asuka asked.

"Asuka, unbelievably, you are the main female character, the princess. Shinji you're the main male character, a knight if I remember correctly. As for us three, I'm the system's operator, Touji is a bandit and Hikari is a nun" Kensuke answered.

"How interesting, I think the parts we received are certainly ironic" Asuka replied, sniggering.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Touji let out; certain she was insulting him somehow.

"Well that is certainly unexpected, I never thought I would have gotten the male lead" Shinji said changing the subject, not wanting anything to erupt.

"Though considering our roles, I wonder what this play is even about?" Hikari commented.

"Why do we even have to do it? It'll just be a waste of time" Asuka remarked.

"Plays can be fun Asuka. You never know, you might enjoy acting" Hikari replied.

'She's acting everyday…' Shinji thought.

"It's just a waste of my skill to use it on a pathetic little school play" Asuka said arrogantly.

"We have yet to see" Touji retorted.

"And you'll be amazed by my acting too. You won't question why I was given the female lead" Asuka refuted smugly.

"Folks, was there anything else you wanted to discuss while we were here?" Shinji said quickly, preventing another fight; he seemed to be preventing quarrels between Asuka and Touji all day.

"Well actually, now that you mention it, there's a school event soon. They're hosting a school dance, you can't enter without a partner though, but I really want to go. They'll have good music, a big dance floor and nice refreshments" Hikari said excitedly.

"Sounds great, but is there any guy you'd want to go with? It just seems like an excuse for the guys to get girls to go somewhere with them" Asuka replied.

The ponytailed girl blushed for a moment. "Well, I-I do have… someone in mind, but I haven't decided whether I'll go or not" she stammered.

"Oh? Who's the lucky guy?" Asuka asked, curious.

"What about you Asuka? Who would you go with?" Hikari asked, not wanting to answer the redhead's question.

"Oh, too embarrassed to tell?" Asuka teased. "Well, there's no guy worthy of going with me, so I probably won't go" she answered.

"Oh, but I'd like you to come Asuka, I mean that is if I decide to go. Anyway, just think about it" Hikari replied.

"Fine fine" the redhead said, throwing her hands up.

"I've never gone to a school dance before" Shinji mentioned. "I wonder why the school is hosting all these events?"

"Beats me, maybe NERV is encouraging it to keep citizen morale up" Asuka replied.

"Geez you sound so cynical Asuka!" Hikari said in response. "Let's be grateful we get to do these things while we still can"

Asuka sighed, "I didn't mean it so pessimistically Hikari. You're right, I should not worry about the little details and enjoy these events" she finished.

"Speaking of NERV though" Kensuke started, "You had a sync test today Shinji right? How was it?" he asked.

"Ah well…" Shinji began; today's visit to NERV had been quite interesting, he probably shouldn't say too much. "We had very good results today, Asuka did splendidly" he said, praising the redhead.

"Do you expect anything less?" Asuka replied, throwing her hair back.

"Less than your big head? No, not really" Touji joked.

"Touji!" Hikari shouted.

"What…? Lighten up Hikari" Touji responded.

"Don't bother with that idiot Hikari, he can't possibly understand my greatness" Asuka retorted.

"Oi, I was just teasing, that was uncalled for" Touji contested.

"Well I wasn't" Asuka retorted, smirking.

"Hey now Asuka, you know he was just joking" Shinji stated.

"Fine fine, I'll stop" Asuka conceded.

The others watched the interaction a little bemused; again, the redhead had listened to Shinji.

Noticing the pause in the conversation, Shinji spoke up again, "Are you sure you guys don't want any drinks?"

"No thanks" Hikari replied.

"Ditto" Kensuke and Touji said at the same time.

Following this, there was a moment of silence as the occupants of the table couldn't think of anything to say. Hikari, Touji and Kensuke had come here to catch the two eva pilots off guard, but everything seemed pretty normal and they couldn't really justify their stay much longer. Kensuke decided on one last attempt to reveal any information but if it didn't work, they would leave; they could be wrong after all.

"So, what were you two up to before we came?" Kensuke asked.

"What do you mean?" Asuka asked, narrowing her eyes at the boy.

"What were you doing here before we came?" Kensuke answered.

"You make it sound like we were doing something sinister. It was just the usual day, baka Shinji listening to his depressive music and I was reading a book in the living room" Asuka replied.

There was another moment of silence as yet again they couldn't think of anything to say.

"Well I think we better get going now, that was all we wanted to discuss anyway" Hikari said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, we should get back home" Touji agreed.

All five teenagers stood up from the table.

"Thanks for having us" Hikari said, bowing.

"It was no problem" Shinji and Asuka said in sync, surprising the others slightly.

"We'll be going then" Kensuke stated.

All five of them walked towards the front door, before Shinji opened it. Touji, Hikari and Kensuke walked through the doorway and turned around to face Shinji and Asuka.

"Goodbye, we'll see you on Monday" Hikari said.

"Take care" Asuka replied.

With that, Shinji closed the door. After the door closed, the three teens looked at each other.

"Well, I didn't notice anything unusual about them" Hikari commented.

"Me either, I think we were looking into it too much" Touji agreed.

"Yeah… you're right" Kensuke said, pretending to sound convinced.

As the three began walking off to get back to their houses, Kensuke pondered a bit. The bespectacled boy had noticed one odd thing; Asuka had said that Shinji was listening to his music, so why had he answered their knock and opened the door? As the others hadn't realised this slipup, he didn't see a point in bringing it up. Kensuke decided he would try looking into the matter by himself a little more discreetly.

After closing the door, Shinji turned to face Asuka. "Finally… now to continue from where we left off" he announced.

"Is that all you think about?" Asuka asked annoyed, folding her arms across her chest.

"I've been thinking about this most of the day. With school, the sync test, Ritsuko's tests and now our friends coming over, that's enough interruptions for today. We're going to finish this now" he replied determinedly.

"Well I've enjoyed the break and I won't mind extending it further" Asuka said, sticking out her tongue at Shinji before turning around and heading back to her room.

"Now you're just asking for it" Shinji replied, quickly moving in front of her.

"I was clearly refusing it, not asking for it!" she retorted.

"I don't know why you insist on fighting me so much, even when you know I'm still going to go ahead" Shinji replied.

"It doesn't hurt to try" Asuka said, shrugging her shoulders.

The boy chuckled in response, before pulling the girl in front of him into a kiss. Shinji was sure he could finally take as much time as he wanted now. Pushing Asuka up against a wall, the boy then pulled off her shirt again and moved his mouth down between her breasts. He rested his hands on her waist while he kissed her and slowly moved them up to her bra. Undoing the clasp, he let her bra fall to the floor, revealing her wonderful bosom. With his mouth already at her chest, he brought his mouth onto her nipples and began to bite them softly, tugging at them gently. The redhead moaned in response and held him around his head, pulling him closer.

Shinji then gradually moved his lips further down her body, almost unbearably slow for Asuka. His mouth was soon replaced by his hands as they began to caress her breasts. The boy stopped at her stomach and teased her belly button with his tongue, causing the redhead to knee Shinji in the chest. He took the hint and stopped fondling her breasts and began to pull down Asuka's skirt instead, revealing her panties. Rubbing her panties softly elicited a moan from Asuka and they soon grew damp from the girl's excitement. The boy then removed the last bit of clothing on the redhead, making her absolutely bare. Resuming his kissing from where he left off, Shinji soon came upon her mound of red hair, the hairs tickling his face as he kissed her. It didn't take long for the boy to get down to her clitoris, which he immediately stroked playfully with his tongue.

"Shit, why does this feel so good?" Asuka gasped.

The boy sucked her little nub in response, causing Asuka to squirm in pleasure and press his head into her. Shinji stopped sucking her clit and moved his mouth down to her lower lips, running his tongue up and down her slit. He could feel and taste the redhead's wetness and continued to tease her gently, not wanting to rush. Asuka, however, was a very get straight to the point person and his actions were driving her mad. She growled in frustration as if to express this. Smiling at her behaviour, the boy finally slipped his tongue inside, pushing deep inside her as she was already quite wet, and making her cry out in pleasure. Shinji darted his tongue in and out of her, making sure to stimulate her most sensitive spots.

"Oh God" she moaned sensually.

Deciding she was ready, the boy halted his actions and stood back up. The girl looked at him strangely, a mixture of confusion and ecstasy on her face. Shinji abruptly picked Asuka up and carried her over to the dining table, placing her face down onto it.

"Just what the hell are you doing now?" Asuka asked, annoyed.

The boy pulled down his trousers and boxers and positioned his cock at her entrance. "I'm going to fuck you from behind" he answered, grabbing her hips for support.

Without hesitation, Shinji plunged into her pussy and Asuka cried out erotically. The boy saw no reason to hurry and kept his pace nice and slow.

"This feels slightly different" Asuka remarked.

"Does it feel good?" he asked.

"Well yeah but… at this slow pace I'll never cum" she replied.

"Oh, so you like it rough?" he teased.

"Can't you take a hint Shinji? Just fuck me harder already!" she shouted at the boy blushing; Shinji could not see her blush though.

The boy chuckled slightly before increasing his speed, Asuka's moans and cries increasing accordingly. Without mercy, Shinji repeatedly shoved his cock in and out of her as hard as he could muster. The girl found the drastic change in pace difficult to adjust to quickly and found herself arching her back and struggling against the boy. Asuka was being fucked so hard she felt like a whore.

"Ahh…Ahh…Fuck!" she cried out.

"Is this hard enough?" Shinji called out between thrusts.

"You asshole! Oh God! Shit, don't stop!" she replied, barely managing to form the words.

Asuka's cries were growing louder and Shinji could feel he was very close to cumming. The exertion was paying a toll on Shinji as it felt like his legs were going to break. Despite this, he increased his efforts in thrusting into her, his mind focused on nothing else. The redhead's mind was just a haze of ecstasy and she no longer formed coherent words as she was fucked relentlessly. Soon, however, the boy could not hold himself back any longer and he exploded inside of her. Fortunately, his discharge pushed Asuka over the edge and she screamed, quite loudly too, as she orgasmed. The girl's body was twitching uncontrollably as the waves of pleasure hit her and Shinji did his best to keep thrusting into her as she came down from her climax.

When Asuka had finally relaxed, Shinji withdrew his cock and breathed heavily. The boy could feel his heart pounding in his chest and the heavy sweat that had formed all over his body. Looking down at Asuka's pussy, he could see some of his semen oozing out of it. The sight aroused him even more and his cock jumped to full length again, all covered in Asuka's juices; the girl herself was breathing erratically.

"You had enough for today?" Shinji asked, noticing Asuka's exhaustion.

"And you'd be willing to leave at that if I said yes?" Asuka replied, turning around and sitting up to face him.

"After waiting all day for a chance like this, probably not" he answered grinning.

"Why did you even ask then you baka?" she replied irritably.

The boy chuckled at her response. "I was hoping you'd say no" he teased.

"Oh ha" the redhead said sarcastically.

Shinji just kissed Asuka in response and lifted her up, resting her legs on his hips and putting her arms around him. Just a few minutes ago he had thought his legs would shatter, but now a new strength flowed through him as he penetrated her once again. The girl wrapped her legs around him and gripped onto him tightly as he started again. This time, however, Asuka's cries were much softer as she was quite worn out. Thus, Shinji decided to slow down a little and began to kiss her neck gently. He enjoyed the feeling of Asuka's bare breasts pressed against his chest as he thrust into her. The boy could feel all of Asuka's movements, all of her perspiration and all of her heat.

The two eva pilots made love like that for a while, holding onto each other and exchanging kisses. Eventually Asuka came and, due to her fatigue, fell asleep in the boy's arms; probably due to the fact she hadn't eaten anything since lunch at school as he hadn't. The boy didn't mind so much though, even with all the interruptions, the time had been enjoyable and Asuka had resolved a few things.

The home was darker now as time had passed and seeing as the redhead was already asleep, Shinji saw no reason not to follow suit. He looked down at Asuka's sleeping form and noticed a content smile on her face; she was just so beautiful. The boy then went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up, doing his best to wash the redhead as well while not waking her up. He also changed her back into her clothes and put his trousers back on. As Shinji was too tired to carry her to his or her room, he just lay down on the couch in the living room with her on top of him. The girl snuggled up against his chest, sighing softly. Shinji found himself smiling as he stroked Asuka's long red hair. Kissing her on the forehead, Shinji then lay his head back and soon fell asleep on the couch with Asuka on his chest. Falling asleep, the boy's hand fell down and hit the TV remote on the floor turning on the TV; the volume was really quiet though, so it didn't wake them.

"Look I know I'm supposed to pull an all-nighter, but I just want to check on the kids. I'll come back I swear" the purple haired woman said anxiously; even though Ritsuko had told her the tests had resulted with nothing wrong, she still just wanted to make sure.

The blonde doctor seemed to think about it for a moment before sighing. "Alright fine, but come straight back" Ritsuko said firmly.

"Don't worry, I will. I'm just checking up on them" Misato replied, eager to have a small break.

"See you soon then" Ritsuko replied, sighing.

The Major was practically skipping out of Ritsuko's office as she was finally allowed to leave for a moment; although she really did want to check on her two wards. As she exited Ritsuko's office, Misato stretched before heading to the car pool. Soon the familiar red sports car came into view and the Major quickly entered it. Taking the car elevator to the ground level, she then rode out of NERV and headed towards her apartment. By now the sky was completely dark and the moon was covered by clouds. All was still and silent save for the lone car driving through the streets; it was dead in the middle of the night after all.

Finding her apartment building, Misato parked her car and turned the ignition off. After locking the car, she entered her apartment and walked over to the elevator and pressed the up button. The elevator doors opened instantly with a "ping"; it would seem the last person to use it had left it on the ground level. Taking the elevator to her floor, the Major went to her door and unlocked it, before entering her residence. Instantly she could see that, even though it was quite late, the lights were still on in the living room. Curious, the purple haired woman moved over to the living room to check it out.

It didn't take long to find the reason for the lights as she walked into the living room and saw the TV blaring various images. This, however, was nothing compared to what Misato saw when she looked at the couch and she almost fell over in shock. Lying there were Shinji and Asuka, with the redhead snuggled up against boy. The Major rubbed her eyes and pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming before looking down and noticing the TV remote on the floor by Shinji's hand. From this Misato deduced that they had both been sitting on the couch watching TV and had fallen asleep. People instinctively cuddle to the nearest heat source, which was Shinji, explaining Asuka's position; that was Misato's reasoning anyway.

The purple haired woman found the sight adorable and quite fitting and doubted she would ever see them like this again; knowing Asuka she would blame Shinji upon waking up. With this in mind, Misato decided she would take a picture of them; it would be a nice picture to tease them with later. The Major quietly moved to her room and opened the door without a sound. Entering inside her room, Misato went straight for her desk and looked through her drawers until she found her camera. Smiling evilly, the Major then went back to the living room and silently moved in front of them. Aiming her camera at the couch and the two sleeping teenagers, she prayed that the flash would not wake them and took a picture. Misato almost had a heart attack when the redhead shivered, but then realised the girl was just cold; after all they didn't have anything covering them. Pocketing her camera, Misato then took out a blanket from their wardrobe and placed it over them.

Realising she had taken way too long, the Major hurriedly turned the TV and lights off and exited through the front door. Closing and locking the door, the purple haired woman ran down the stairs and jumped straight into her car, turning the ignition and speeding back to NERV; thank God there was no one around to crash into. Misato drove into the car elevator when she arrived at NERV and hoped Ritsuko wouldn't be angry. As the elevator reached her level, she parked the car and rushed back to Ritsuko's office.

"I'm back!" Misato announced, opening the door.

"Why are you so late Misato?" the doctor asked, slightly irritated.

"Well, it's just…" Misato started, "You know what, I'll show you something and you'll understand why I was late" she finished.

Taking out her digital camera, the Major scrolled through her pictures until she found the one she had just taken at the apartment. Handing the camera over to her friend, she showed her the image.

"Look at them! Isn't it just cute? They fell asleep watching the TV and Asuka snuggled up against Shinji" Misato exclaimed excitedly.

Ritsuko looked at the picture and smiled slightly; they indeed looked cute together.

"Alright Misato I'll let you off this time, now get back to work" the doctor ordered.

"Yes ma'am" Misato replied.

End Notes: This rewritten chapter is now over 18000 words. It's basically now the same length of my final chapter. I guess it just speaks to how poorly written the original was - I made it more in character, made dialogue more natural and gave the side characters more time in the spotlight. To think it added on an extra 12000 words heh.