Title: SD Gundam Force – Zero's Curse

Author: LJ

Summery: Deathscythe puts a curse on his old companion, Zero, removing him of his magic, as well as lessening his physical threat.

Pairings: Bakunetsumaru/Zero, Captain/Guneagle

Rating: PG-13 for swearing and romance

Author's note: HA! Finally figured out what else I wanted to do to Zero to be evil. cough wanted to torment Zero/Baku for a while, finally came up with a semi-conscious plotline. Enjoy! .

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Please don't sue! I'm a poor college Student!

Chapter One: Forget-me-Not

"DAMN them! Damn you Zero!" Deathscythe growled and clenched his fists in anger, not that anyone could see him with his cloaking ability still functioning. Glaring through the one way portal left by one of those imbeciles Zako warriors, he watched as Zero laughed easily with the other members of the SD Gundam Force. Zero had gotten strong, very strong while he was in Neotopia, and his magic had somehow changed. It was stronger as well. There was also something ELSE in side of the magic, a spark or perhaps an outright fire of passion. One of the more intelligent Zako's made mention that he was fighting a lot more like the red Musha, or at least that they were sharing more of each other's style of fighting. Deathscythe growled and summoned his dark mana beginning to chant under his breath. He watched Zero carefully through the portal, and finally finished, smiling darkly. It would take some time to take full effect, but it would be done, and Zero would be much less of a threat to him, but more of a burden to everyone else. After all, he knew his old comrade's mindset well. He hated being useless…


"Come on guys! Why not go for a swim!" Shute said smiling at the three Gundams on the dock.

"We are not equipped for such actions, Shute…" Captain said logically.

"Captain is right, not to mention our buoyancy is non-existent. We'd sink like rocks," Zero said frowning hovering inches above the dock.

"Yeah, besides that I'd end up evaporating all the water, y'know…'blazing samurai' and all…" Bakunetsumaru looked around nervously, obviously trying to hide something. Zero looked over at him and laughed.

"That and can't swim!" Zero said smugly putting his hands on his hips. Baku glared at him and tensed.

"You're afraid of water! Like a big cat!" Zero blushed angrily and glared at the red and white Musha.

"No I'm not!"

"You are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"



"Come on guys! Stop acting like five year olds!" Shute cried treading water in the pond. Captain sighed and pulled the two arguing Gundams apart.

"Stop it. You argue like this every time you get, one of these days it's going to end up hurting someone!" The two Gundams shot the leader of the group a disgruntled look and crossed their arms over their chests.

"Zero started it!" Baku said pouting and avoiding looking at the Knight Gundam.

"You asked for it!" Zero said glaring at the Musha Gundam. Captain sighed and felt a sweat drop roll down his forehead.

"Just please stop…" Captain asked looking at them. "We're supposed to be enjoying ourselves while we have some time off. Not arguing over who's afraid of water or who can't swim." The two looked at Captain and sighed.

"Okay…" Baku said nodding slowly.

"I agree. It is rather childish of a Knight to argue over such petty things," Zero agreed, before holding out a hand to Baku. "Truce?" Bakunetsumaru looked at him and smiled shaking his hand.

"Truce." Zero smiled back before it turned into a mischievous one and easily tossed the red and white Gundam into the water.

"GAAAH!" Zero laughed and landed on the dock as Baku splashed into the pond, holding his sides.

"Zero!" Captain cried looking at shock at the Knight. Zero smiled innocently and put his hands behind his back.


"Tenkyouken!" came a garbled noise from deep under the water. Suddenly, the dock burst into splinters and both Zero and Captain splashed into the water, sinking like rocks. Shute covered his face with a free arm and shook his head smiling at his friends' antics. Looking down into the water, he could see Zero grumbling about something, and Baku laughing. Captain looked up and shrugged at Shute before activating his jump pack and shooting up to the surface.

"Apparently they don't understand the word 'truce'," he said shaking his head. Shute chuckled and shrugged.

"It's okay. If they ever stopped arguing, I'd start worrying about them."


Evening soon fell upon the quad, and nighttime was close on its heels. Shute bid his friends farewell, heading to his house to get ready for bed. Captain, Zero and Baku waved goodbye and retreated back to the SDG base. As they came closer to the hand shaped cloud that hid the base, Zero picked up Baku from under the arms and took off higher, Captain following with his booster pack. Upon flying through the protective cloud mask, and landing on the deck, they were greeted by Guneagle and Gunbike.

"Hey Captain!" Guneagle said smiling. Captain smiled back and walked over.

"Everything been going well while we were gone?" he asked. Guneagle nodded and chuckled.

"Of course! With me around, you guys could probably take a week off if you wanted!"

"Don't get cocky, kid," Gunbike said eyeing the flyer. Guneagle smiled and shrugged.

"Well either way. How was Shute?"

"Good, we went swimming…sort of," Captain said shrugging.

"More like sinking than swimming," the Lacroan knight commented giving a look to Baku, who growled at him.

"You said a truce! You didn't have to throw me into the water!" Captain sighed and hung his head. Guneagle patted his shoulder, feeling sorry for his idol.

"Let them argue, for once, Cap. You can't play peacekeeper to them all the time." Captain nodded and smiled at the younger Gundam.

"True. I need to get some food before I get some rest tonight. Swimming with Shute definitely built up some hunger." Guneagle smiled and put his arm around the smaller Gundam.

"No problem! C'mon then I'll make you my specialty!" Guneagle ushered Captain into the main base, Gunbike following, leaving the two foreign Gundams to argue to their heart's content.

"You're being completely unreasonable, Baku!" Zero cried crossing his arms over his chest and turning away from the other.

"You were being mean!" Baku cried blinking and noticing that no one else was around. "They left us alone out here again…" he muttered.

"Like I care. They don't need to baby sit me! I'm a knight of Lacroa!" Zero huffed but lowered himself down to the floor of the base and looked at Baku, who was still glaring at him.

"I would at least like an apology. That wasn't nice," he said, not even bothering to hide the hurt in his voice. Zero sighed, sliding his mask to the side and went over holding his hand, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm sorry. I let temptation get the best of me. Forgive me?" Baku smiled and slipped his mask to the side and returned the kiss smiling.

"I forgive you. Let's get inside before someone stumbles on us, kay?" Baku looked around nervously and Zero nodded.

"Agreed." Dropping Baku's hand he slipped his mask back on and left to enter the base. Baku smiled and followed, slipping his mask back into place. No one else in the base knew of their relationship, and they were still nervous of letting everyone know about it. After all, they were in a different world. Their customs were much different from their home worlds, and they were afraid of retribution for their relationship.

"Zero…when do you think we should tell them about us…?" Baku asked walking next to the blue knight. Zero looked at him and blushed shrugging.

"I don't know. I'm still afraid that they would think ill of us because of…well…our lifestyle choices." Zero shrugged a bit and continued to hover slowly towards the hall that held the quarters for the base. Baku shrugged and stopped when the Knight did at his quarters.

"True…and I know you want to tell them before we start to consider sharing a room." Baku looked slightly down trodden at the prospect of having less time together with his partner. Zero nodded but smiled putting a hand on Baku's shoulder, landing softly.

"How about tomorrow…?" Baku looked up and smiled brightly.

"You sure?" Zero smiled and nodded slipping his mask back into the recesses of his helmet, showing his very handsome features.

"Very. We need to stop being afraid. They're our friends, I'm sure they will understand, if not support our relationship." Baku nodded and slipped his mask back and held Zero's hand.

"Tomorrow…I'll make sure you remember, okay?" Zero laughed and pulled Baku close pulling him into his quarters so that there would be less of a chance of someone seeing.

"Promise…" Zero smiled and kissed Baku, his eyes slipping closed as he willingly opened his mouth for Baku. Baku sighed and kissed back, slipping his tongue over Zero's lips, tasting his partner. Every time they kissed so intimately, Baku could feel Zero put a little of his magic behind the kiss, sending shivers down Baku's back, as well as a tingling sensation all through his body as the magic twined with his own spiritual abilities. Zero gasped slightly as Baku returned the favor, heating up his body slightly, and warming Zero from within with his spiritual fire. Groaning a little, Zero reluctantly broke the kiss panting slightly, feeling the warmth of Baku still run through his system. Looking at the Musha, he could see the tendrils of his magic caress his form.

"Wow…" Bakunetsumaru said sighing, slowly opening his eyes. Zero smiled at him, noticing how his own magic began to form a pair of wings before being absorbed into Bakunetsumaru's body.

"We really should get to sleep; and in our OWN beds." Baku sighed but nodded.

"Okay. Goodnight Zero." Baku reluctantly let go of Zero's hands as he left smiling back at him. Zero smiled and chuckled.

"Goodnight, Baku. Sweet dreams." Baku chuckled and waved heading for his own room. Zero sighed and closed his door before walking over to his bed. Sitting down on the thick feather mattress he fixed his blankets, shoving the extra two he usually kept down, knowing he would be quite warm for the rest of the night thanks to Baku. Laying down and cuddling under the soft blankets he said a quick prayer for the night and fell asleep, feeling as though he could go through with telling his friends the truth about his and Baku's relationship, regardless of any butterflies in his stomach.


"Sleep well Zero, for tomorrow you will be much less of a problem for the Dark Axis, as well as me." Deathscythe laughed and watched through the portal and the changes took shape, and Zero began to shrink.