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Eternal Cherry Blossoms

Ballroom gowns swirled and champagne glasses chimed. Ladies and Gentlemen all danced in the marvellous ballroom, all except one lonely looking girl wearing one of the most exquisite gown ever made outside in the balcony looking down at the vast orchard.

"What is a beautiful girl like you doing here all alone when you could be dancing with some Noble men inside?" Asked a man who was standing in the staircase connected to the balcony.

"I just don't like being in crowded places, and I'm not really fond of parties" Was the soft reply of the pink haired girl." How about you? What are you doing here outside Sir…"

" name is Uchiha Itachi, First Son of the Noble Family which I think you are knowledgeable of. And I so happen to dislike crowded places and parties." Came the reply of the man who was slowly ascending the stairs.

"Ah,the Uchihas I have heard many stories about you and your family. So you are the eldest son." She said while turning her head so that she can see the man who is slowly approaching her.

"So Lady-Umm…"Said the man named Itachi while he stopped in front of the pink haired girl.

"Forgive me for my rudeness. My name is Sakura. Haruno Sakura" was the soft reply of the girl while slowly bowing to show her apologies.

"Ah, so you are a surprises me that you are not fond of parties when it is known that your whole family are more than happy to attend parties and balls." Said the man while softly laughing.

"Well Sir Itachi I guess you can say that I'm a black sheep in a herd of white sheeps." She replied while also softly laughing. "I also find it surprising that you dislike crowded places." Said Sakura while looking quite confused.

"My,my now why on earth will you describe yourself as a black sheep?Why not use a beautiful flower? or a pretty butterfly? And about me disliking crowded places and parties,well that is simply because I find it…how should I say it…Ah, I find it displeasing that many women throws their self all over me. And that happens a lot, specially at parties like this." He said with a serious face that Sakura thinks he's just putting on for effects.

"Is that so? Well that surprises me more because I heard these rumours that says that you are one of the most…how to put it?Ah! That you are one of the most Active Bachelors in the entire Kingdom. And about the whole sheep business, you flatter me too much. I was not describing myself as a sheep but I was just merely using it as an example."

"Is that so? Well then, please forgive me for my misinterpretation. May I please know what you meant when you said Active Lady Sakura?" Said Itachi with a devious smile showing in his face. This question made Sakura blush deeply.

"Well..Ahem…What I meant was that,well,that people say that you are a playboy. Not that it concerns me or anything." She said while blushing more brightly now.

"Well, aren't you going to ask me if its true?Huh Lady Sakura?"Asked Itachi while still smiling deviously.

"No. I will not ask you because I don't think that it is any of my business to know." She said while looking at Itachi's eyes. She noticed that his eyes are the most darkest that she has ever seen.

"Well that is quite true." He said while looking into her eyes as well. He noticed that her green eyes are like emeralds shinning and glowing even though it is quite dark in the balcony. He suddenly felt insecure of his onyx eyes, he felt as though his eyes are just plain and dirty black.

"Sir Itachi, would you please drop your gaze from my eyes? It's getting a little annoying now" She complained.

"Not if you don't drop your gaze first." He said while smiling.

"Fine. How about we drop our gazes at the same time. Does that sound okay to you?" She asked feeling more annoyed now.

"Okay. I'll count up to three. One, two, three." After saying three,they both dropped their gazes of each others eyes.

"Finally! My eyes were starting to get sore you know." She complained while crossing her arms and pouting.

"Really? So were mine." Itachi said while smiling. "This girl can be quite childish. But I guess that makes her more interesting." Itachi said to himself.

"I really want to leave now." Sakura said while looking down on the orchard.

"Well before you go, would you care to dance with me Lady Sakura?" Itachi said while bowing down and asking for Sakura's right hand.

"Well…I'd be honoured." She replied while giving him her right hand. After taking his hand they both danced in the balcony where they can also hear the music.

"Ugh…My neck hurts so much. I had that dream again." Said a sleepy looking pink haired girl while stretching in her bed.

"Well duh Sakura! Of course your neck will hurt. Did you see the position you were in? Seriously, you have got to learn to sleep more comfortably." Said Inner Sakura to Sakura

"And you need to learn to shut up. Sheesh! I thought I got rid of you already, I guess I'm wrong again." Said Sakura to her inner while standing up and heading to her personal bathroom.

"Exactly! You're wrong again. Bear in mind that I'm a apart of you and that I'll never leave you. Which means that you can't get rid of me."

"Right, that's one way to brighten my morning, and to think that I just had that weird dream again." She said to herself while brushing her teeth.

"Yeah, that dream. I thought we got rid of that dream already when we were 12." Said inner Sakura while thinking deeply

"We did get rid of it but I guess it just took a rest, it's been 4 years since we last had those dreams." Said Sakura again while putting back her toothbrush on her glass.

"Yeah…It's 4 years now since then huh? Wait a minute! 4 years? Sakura you Baka!" Shouted the inner while slapping her hand on her forehead.

"What?! What is it?" Asked Sakura, surprised by her inners outburst.

"You Baka!Today's our Birthday!" Shouted inner Sakura

"What?!" Shouted Sakura aloud.

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