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Garth's café. A small little coffee house located deep within the town of Jump City. This café was no different from your regular run of the mill café. It served coffee, tea and numerous sorts of caffeine drinks in big colorful mugs. The café also sold the regular pastries which were enjoyed by the customers who bought them. The café had it's tables and chairs carved of wood and not to mention the small lounge area that consisted of one couch and two arms chairs.

Yes, it was the typical café with the typical style and typical customers.

Or it would be if it wasn't for the special six customers who saw this café like a second home. These said six customers visited Garth's café every single day, rain or shine. To them, this café wasn't typical. It was special and the best hang out place.

The door to Garth's café opened and in walked a man and a woman. The woman was none other then Kory Anders Grayson. A tall, slender, woman she was with curves in all the right places. She had long, luscious, red hair that reached her waist and could mistaken for fire. Her eyes were a emerald green color that sparkled like the stars above and her tan skin was almost like a orange hue.

Next to her was Dick Grayson, her best friend, her lover and her husband. The two had tied the knot a little bit over three years ago. Like his wife, Dick was gorgeous. Thick ebony locks that were styled into spikes and deep blue sapphire eyes. He had a toned chest and was a few inches taller then his wife, something he was deeply grateful for.(Once upon a time he had been shorter than Kory, way shorter.)

Together they walked inside and went over to the lounge. Dick and Kory would always sit in the lounge area along with their four friends. That was their spot. No one ever dared to sit there but them. Others customers knew this and respected this.

Walking over to the lounge Dick and Kory spotted two of their friends. Vic Stone and his wife, Karen Beecher Stone. The two had been married for about five years now.

Karen was a beautiful woman with chocolate skin and ebony hair. She was slender with curves and had honey-brown eyes. Next to her on the couch sat her husband Vic. Vic could pass off as a giant for he was very tall with bulging muscles the size of soccer balls. He had chocolate skin and light blue eyes that appeared grey.

"Hey guys." Dick greeted as he took a seat on the empty arm chair left of the couch.

"Hey, Dick. Hey, Kory." Vic said, placing his cup of coffee on the table in front of him.

"Karen, what are you reading?" Kory asked as she sat on Dick's lap.

"Oh this?" Karen asked, referring to the brochure in her hands. Kory nodded. "It's just a brochure about Vermont. Vic and I are going there this weekend."

"This weekend?" Dick asked, making sure he heard his friend right.

"Yeah," Vic said. "This weekend."

"You can't go this weekend," Kory said. "It's Mari's birthday, we're having a party." Kory said, gesturing to herself and Dick.

Mari Grayson was the daughter of Dick and Kory. Both parents adored her and wanted to make her first birthday, which was this weekend, a special one surrounded by friends and family.

"Okay," Karen said in thought. An idea came to her. She snapped her fingers and looked over at Kory. "Can't you just have the party when we get back?"

The idea was full proof in Karen's eyes. Her and Vic would get to go to Vermont and still be at Mari's birthday. Everyone would win.

Unfortunately, the idea was a big no-no in Kory's eyes.

"Nooo," Kory complained loudly, much like a five year old. This would be one of her stubborn moments. "Then it won't be her real birthday!"

It was important to Kory that Mari's first birthday went perfect and in order for that to happen her friends had to be there. Karen was Kory's best friend and Vic was like a brother to her. They may not be blood related but they were Mari's uncle and aunt. They had to be at Mari's birthday party.

Unfortunately, Vic wasn't willing to give up that weekend in Vermont just yet. His feelings showed through his sarcasm.

"Jee...," Vic said suddenly. "If only she were one and had no idea what a birthday was..."

All eyes focused on Vic. Though his comment may have been a bit rude, it was completely true. Young Mari was to turn one this weekend.

Karen turned back to Kory and sighed. "I'm sorry but Vic and I could really use a weekend away to reconnect," Karen paused. "Emotionally."

Suddenly a broad smile crept it's way on to Vic's face. "There's this thing I really want us to do. I read about it in Maxim."

Dick suddenly felt the urge to laugh and vomit. He knew that Maxim was a porno magazine that Vic would sometimes look at. And how did Dick know this? Let's just say he's crossed paths with said magazine during his bachelor days.

"Well can't you just go to Vermont the next day?" Kory asked, practically begging by now. Dick couldn't stand to see his wife in such a way and came up with a plan of his own.

"Yeah, we really want everyone to be there," Dick suddenly raised his voice loud enough for the whole café to hear. "As much as I hate to delay you two doing weird sex stuff!"

Eyes darted towards the lounge area and looked at the muscular giant and his wife.

"Sssh," Karen whispered, glaring at Dick and turning red in the face. "Alright, alright, we'll go."

"That's all we asked." Dick said smugly, grinning like a mad man. Kory smiled and kissed his cheek.

The door opened and in walked a man and a woman, both with blonde hair. The man was Gar Logan. A short man and slightly toned but handsome all the same. He had forest green eyes. Next to him was Tara Markov. She had blue eyes and a slender figure with not many curves but she was very beautiful. The two of them walked over to the lounge area to join their friends.

And thus, the famous six of Garth's café had all arrived. Some may consider it weird how people completely different from each other could be so close like family.

Dick Grayson was a workaholic and yet one of kindest people you could ever meet. He was the complete opposite of his adoptive father Bruce Wayne. He was the most successful of the group but yet he was the one most frequently teased.

Kory Anders was what one could consider girly. Although she lived the life of luxury when she was younger, she is anything but spoiled. Kory cared about her friends and family more then anything. She was a terrific mother and worked very hard at her job at the modeling agency.

Karen Beecher was a bit of a tomboy. She was freakishly strong at times and a neat freak. Her entire house was spotless and when the gang wasn't her at the café, they were at her place. Out of the entire group she was the most organized.

Vic Stone was the sarcastic one and the smartest of the group. He even had a job at S.T.A..R. labs, though not one of his friends knew what it was. They didn't care much for his science talk. Any time he did talk science, the others would either not listen or Karen would shut him up for she had her husband whipped.

Gar Logan was the youngest male of the group and very flirtatious. His trade mark pick up line was 'how you doin''. He was a playboy and the girls loved him. Especially since he was a soap opera star. His want for women was only matched by his want for food.

Tara Markov was the weirdest out of all of the friends and defiantly the one with the most free spirit. Out of all the friends, Tara had the hardest lifestyle growing up and was a bit of a bad girl in her old days. Like Gar, she to is a flirt which may be one of her reasons for working as a masseuse.

Completely different they were but they fit together perfectly. They were like peas in a pod. Or sprinkles on an ice cream cone as Gar had so metaphorically put it.

"Tara, Gar, what took you guys so long?" Vic asked as his to friends sat down. Gar took the empty spot on the couch and Tara took the arm chair on the right.

"Hey, I would have been here a lot sooner had it not been for Gar," Tara said, crossing her arms. "I had to go pick him up from his dates house."

"Couldn't you have come here yourself?" Karen asked, looking over at Gar.

"Uh... yeah... That wasn't an option," Gar said. "The girl I was with burned my clothes after I broke up with her. Can you believe that?"

"Wait, you broke up with Bianca," Dick said, raising a brow. "Why?"

"Well, I spent the night at her house and this morning she starts talking about the future and me meeting her parents," Gar said, leaning back in his seat and he sighed. "She was one crazy girl but she did know how to cook."

Kory was going to say something but dismissed Gar's story all together. This was normal behavior from him. Her face brightened and she looked at Gar and Tara.

"You guys are coming to Mari's birthday party this weekend right?"

"Yeah, sure," Gar said with a wave of his hand. "I'm free this weekend."

Kory clapped her hands together and looked over at Tara. "What about you, Tara? Can you come?"

"Oh sure, I love kid parties," Tara said with a smile. "They always have those ridiculous clowns."

"Actually, we're not having a clown at the party," Kory said.

"Oh that's okay," Tara said with a wave of her hand. "We can always dress up Dick."

Dick scowled at the blonde girl sitting across from him. This one time he had dressed up wearing red, green and yellow. Tara never let him live it down. "I resent that."

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