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Dick and Kory were finally on their way home after coming from the cake shop. After Dick got Kory released from the police station Kory had insisted that they still go to get the cake. Naturally Dick gave into his wife's demand and they drove to the cake shop, only to find it closed. With the cake shop closed the couple were on their way home.

Kory was driving the right way this time with Dick riding shot gun while holding the cake box in his hands. They rode in silence until Kory requested that he call the others on his cell phone. Dick did as he was asked and called the others. He was a bit surprised when Vic and Karen answered the phone.

He was even more surprised when they told him what happened.

Dick sighed and shut his phone.

"What happened, Dick?" Kory asked in response to his silence.

"They all left." Dick said.

"What? What do you mean they all left?" Kory asked.

"Your parents went back home and Gar and Tara had something to deal with concerning work," he answered. "Vic and Karen are watching Mari."

"I can't believe they left," Kory said sadly. "Mari's first birthday was supposed to be perfect and just look at what's happened. She's being watched by a horny married couple and has a penis for a cake."

"Well, there's not much I can do about the married couple but maybe I can do something about the cake." Dick said while he opened the cake box.

"Don't even bother, today's already turned into a disaster. All I wanted was for Mari to have the perfect first birthday, was that-Hey, get off the rode you flippin' retard college student!" Kory yelled out the window. She spared a glance towards Dick and shrugged sheepishly. "What? They gotta learn."

"Listen, I know Mari's birthday hasn't been going according to plan but maybe there's still a chance for things to turn out great," Dick smiled. "Okay, all done."

Kory cast a glance towards the cake box and gasped. "Oh my gosh, you made it into a bunny. How did you do that?"

"Well, I split this thing to make ears and I used these things for cheeks."

"Dick, that's amazing."

Dick blushed and shrugged indifferently. "Some can sing, some can dance, I apparently can turn phalic cakes into woodland creatures."

The home of Dick and Kory was cozy. Vic and Karen were sitting on the floor with Mari sitting in Karen's lap. The green eyed-black haired baby girl had woken up not that long ago and was currently being watched by her aunt and uncle. Mari's eyes were filled with happiness as she looked at the row of her stuff animals.

"Now, another way to organize your stuff animals is by size." Karen said to Mari.

"I'm sorry," Vic cut in. "Is this a game for Mari, or for Karen?"

Karen rose a brow. "Game?"

Vic wasn't at all surprised at the answer he got, Karen was a neat freak after all and found organizing to be very fun. Vic sighed and decided to devote his attention to Mari.

"Hi Mari. Today's your birthday. You know what that means right?" he raised his index finger. "It means you're one year old. Can you say that, Mari. Can you say one?"

Mari looked up at Vic with big green eyes and raised her index finger and in a baby voice spoke. "One."

Vic's eyes widened. "Karen, did you hear that? She said it! She said one."

Karen smiled and hugged Mari as she rocked the baby back and forth. "I want one."

"There's no one here," Vic said. "Let's take this one."

Karen smiled. "We can go to Canada."

Vic frowned. "I was joking."

"I wasn't!"

At that moment the doorbell rang. Vic had never been so happy to hear a doorbell in his life and quickly went to go answer it before the situation got even more awkward... if that was even possible. Vic opened the door and was surprised to see Tara standing there.

"Tara?" Vic began. "What are you doing here?"

"I just felt so bad about leaving so I had to come back." Tara said as she walked inside and removed her coat.

"What about your client?" Karen asked, sparring Tara a glance before looking back at Mari.

"Oh, I gave him some sleeping pills," Tara said indifferently with a wave of her hand. "He should be out for a few hours."

Tara took a seat in the living room and before Vic could close the door Gar ran in.

"Gar?" Vic rose a brow at his panting friend and closed the door. "You're back early. What happened with your audition?"

Gar walked in the living room and fell back on the couch breathing deeply. Once he caught his breath he spoke. "I passed the audition with flying colors."

The others voiced their congratulations.

"Wait...," Tara put a finger to her chin. "That doesn't explain why you came running in here."

"I saw Dick and Kory coming into the building," said Gar. "I threw a garbage can at them to slow them up and then I ran up the stairs to beat them here."

"Why didn't you just take the elevator?" asked Karen.

Gar made a whining noise and grumbled. "Just don't let Dick and Kory know that I left."

Karen and Vic spared glances at each other but nodded at Gar. They wanted nothing more than to burst out laughing knowing that Dick and Kory already knew about Gar leaving.

The door opened and Dick and Kory walked in. Kory gasped in surprise to see all her friends there. Before she could voice her feelings Gar stepped up.

"Dick, Kory, it's about time you two showed up," Gar said. "I've been here the whole time waiting for you two."

Dick and Kory looked at each other and decided to humor Gar.

"Well we would have gotten here faster but some guy threw a trash can at us." Dick said evenly.

"But enough about that, we're all here and Mari is finally awake," said Kory. "Now we can all finally sing her happy birthday."

They all sat together with Karen in the middle of Kory and Tara with Mari in her arms. They sat on the floor with a low rise table in front of them that held the cake. The boys were standing behind the girls. Dick stood behind Kory with the camera in his hands. Vic stood behind Karen and Gar behind Tara. They sang Mari happy birthday and once they were done they all helped Mari blow out her candle.

Kory looked on and her eyes filled with tears.

"Kory, is something wrong?" Karen asked in concern as she looked at Kory.

"No, nothing's wrong," Kory said as she wiped her tears. "I'm just really happy right now. This is exactly what I wanted."

"Well we're glad we stuck around." Vic said in complete honesty with a smile on his face.

"Okay, so let's cut the cake." Dick announced happily.

"Hey, you made it into a bunny." Tara said with a wide smile on her face.

Gar looked at the cake and made a whining noise. "Oh man, what's wrong with me? It looked more delicious as a penis!"

Dick set the camera to record and quickly moved so he was sitting by Kory's side on the couch, the two of them facing the camera.

"Hey Mari," Dick said as he waved to the camera. "Happy birthday."

"Hi sweetie," Kory said softly. "Um, your father and I just wanted to let you know how much we love and adore you."

"And we wanted to let you know that no matter what we'll always be there for you and that we're proud of you." Dick said.

"Mari, your father and I..."

A shout was heard and Kory stopped speaking to look at Dick.

"What was that?"

"I don't know but I think it's coming from the hallway."

Dick helped Kory up and they walked to their front door. They opened the door and were shocked at what they saw. Outside was their friends having a toy race.

"C'mon you stupid dog move it!" Vic yelled.

"Go, go, go!" Karen shouted as she cheered for the child's toy racing for her and Vic.

"You guys are toast, my robot is so gonna win." Gar said while grinning.

"Not if my rabbit comes in first." Tara mocked.

Dick looked at Kory and took her hand, quietly pulling her back inside their apartment. He closed the door and shook his head.

"We have some weird friends."

"Oh yeah."


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