If I Were To Go

By wired2damoon

Chapter 1: If I Were To Go

A/N: Okay, this sequel is entirely dedicated to thebatwiggler as she wanted more Daniel from my first story, so here you go! Just to let you know Ireland is nearly two episodes behind the US so with the Gio references things might be slight AU I don't know yet! Just a word of warning!

Oh and this is definitely a one-shot, just because I want to be evil…mawahahaha evil laugh

For you, my Daniel…

If I were to go

If I were to go would you care?

If I were to go would you notice I'm not there?

What if one day I was just gone,

Would you laugh, cry, sing a song?

All these things I wonder as I gaze

Over at you,

If only you felt the same as I do…

Because I know if you left I'd care

I'd weep and cry when you weren't there

But that's just how I feel,

Sometimes I'm not sure if my feelings are real,

Do they count, are they right?

I can never find the answers wish as I might…

It's funny this poem is dedicated to you,

Yet you'll never read it,

If only you knew how I felt

That one time you talked to me

If only you would realise and really see me,

For who I am and not how I look,

and not be fazed by the fact my life's a book

But that is just all wishful wanting

All I'll hear is the taunting

For you will never truly see me

You'll never want us to be

If I were to go, you would never care,

So I don't bother anymore to stare,

And wonder if there will ever be an us

Because I know that in my heart

I'll pretend my love is lust

Some silly crush I'll say

Twenty years from now I pray

That I'll have someone special in my life

Who's not you and will not cause me strife

But in my heart and soul I'll know deep down,

That only you makes me smile not frown

You are the one I want my life with

You are the one I call my gift.

Betty rolled her eyes at her own pathetic attempt of relishing her pain. It was really ridiculous how melodramatic she could be at times. She remembered back when she wrote that poem, all those months ago. It had been a low time, her father was stuck in Mexico, Santos had just died, Hilda was devastated, Justin was broken, Henry had just left for Tucson with his pregnant girlfriend Charlie, and Daniel…well he had given her quite the scare.

She was so mad at him for his usage of those little pills. She felt horrible for what she said to him that night, it played on her mind for weeks after the accident.

"I'm way past disappointed Daniel", she muttered at him before storming out of the room.

But those little pills just reminded her of why he was taking them in the first place, his sex addiction. That was bad enough, having to watch him virtually undress every woman that past him with his eyes (and then later in his bed) was utterly unbearable. It just reminded her how she got her job.

"Bradford Meade only hired you because his son wouldn't be tempted to sleep with you…" Christina's words would haunt her in her dreams for years to come, but she knew that she only told her for Betty's own good. Still, it felt like a million icy daggers had pierced her heart and bled out all over the floor as Betty finally realised something, she was Ugly Betty.

The Ugly Betty that the infamous "play-boy" Daniel Meade would never go for. Thank goodness for small distractions. Walter, work, Christina. But then when Walter left and Henry came along Betty was sure everything would be alright. But then Henry left and yet again Betty was left with Daniel on her mind. She just hoped another distraction would come along soon.

"Hey Betty!" smirked Gio, walking confidently up to her desk, a large smile on his face.

"O-Oh h-hey Gio…" Betty stuttered as she hurried to tidy up the sheets of paper that had her poetry on it, shoving it into a folder.

"Ready to go to lunch?" Gio asked extending his arm and letting her link hers with his.

"Yeah sure.." she replied deliberately not looking in Daniel's office as she grabbed her coat and walked off towards the elevators, completely oblivious to the fact that one of the sheets of paper fell onto the floor beside her chair…

Daniel Meade was in his office when he heard voices coming from outside. When he looked up he saw Betty and that old sandwich guy Leo or something talking. He couldn't help but register the look the both had on their faces as the talked. Happiness.

It made Daniel feel extremely jealous all of a sudden. So much so that he was quite startled. What the hell was the matter with him?

It was just Betty and the sandwich guy. Nothing big.

He felt a weird twinge in the pit of his stomach as he saw her link arms with him and walk away. He noticed that a sheet of paper had fallen off her desk.

As if for an excuse Daniel stood up and decided that it would be the honourable thing to do to go out and put the paper back on the desk…and maybe catch a glimpse of the happy couple leaving?

Yeah…that was a good idea.

He tipped-toed out of his office, his eyes darting around nervously as if Betty was going to appear out of nowhere and tackle him, although something in his heart was telling him he wouldn't have any problem with that…

He safely made it over to her desk just in time to see her round the corner, chatting adamantly to the Latino guy.

"And to think we just got rid of Henry…" Daniel muttered to himself, again his eyes widening at his behaviour.

He really didn't know what was going on with him lately. Since the accident he'd been seeing Betty in an entire new light…a light he was a tad uncomfortable with, like he and Betty hugging, kissing, having sex in his bed all night long…

Shaking his head vigorously and tying to rid himself of such thoughts he bent down and picked up the piece paper.

Turning it over he instantly realised that it was hand-written, by Betty.

His eyes scanned over the first line. 'For you, my Daniel…'

Daniel's eyes widened as he continued reading. It was a poem, a poem about him. It seemed Betty had feelings for him, strong ones, unless there was another Daniel in her life…was there?

No…of course not! He hoped…

When he finished he heaved a great sigh and sat down in Betty's chair, his shoulders slumped.

So what would he do now?

Before he could even ponder it, he heard a voice, a wonderfully delicate voice drift down the hall towards him.

"I'll be just a minute Gio…I forgot my cell phone…" Betty called as she walked hurriedly back to her desk.

Daniel jumped. He quickly shoved the page back into the folder, leaped up from the chair, raced back into his office and practically dived onto the desk just a split second before Betty had view of her desk.

A few split seconds past and Betty arrived at her desk, searched for her cell phone and turned to leave before something caught her eye.

Her folder was in a different place to where she left it moments ago. That was odd. Very odd.

She glanced up into Daniel's office and saw him sitting behind his desk, his eyes glued to profile photos, obviously distracted by the models, typical.

Just as she was about to look away, Daniel looked up and their eyes locked for a few seconds, both unable to break it.

Slowly, Daniel raised his hand and gave her a wave and a small smile. Betty returned the gesture and walked away from her desk calling, "have a nice lunch Daniel…"

Daniel watched her go for the second time that day.

"Yeah you too Betty…you too…" he muttered before burying his face in his hands tiredly. Sometimes, just sometimes, life was just too unfair…