A/N: Sorry wasn't here for a long time. I was busy with home work and crap. So this is a litto OOC but will soon get in. Inspired by jolin Tsai's song Dancing diva. Enjoy!

"Why the hell is it so dark in here" Ichigo said to himself. Then in a flash, he was in a spot light. Then another flash he saw Rukia in another spot light, but she didn't seem like herself.

Rukia wore black stretchy pants that clinged to her form, a green tank top, a weird necklace and a weird belt, with her finger's painted in a black in white fashion.

"Rukia, what the hell's going on" screamed Ichigo.

Then suddenly he was seated on a chair and found Rukia, Tatsuki, Yourchi, Orihime, Matsumoto, and Hinamori on stage. It suddenly went dark then a signal lighted trail of water walls came up and saw Rukia looking suggestive in a pink dress, with her hair pinned up in a messy yet elegant pony tail.

Rukia started to sing: In another language…

Yuè guäng fàng sì zài sè de chuäng biän….

Chen yan mo huan suo you shi jue …

(a/n: Find Dancing Diva by Jolin Tsai on youtube.)

Then unexpectedly Rukia was sitting on his lap and caressed his face in the middle of the song. "Fang qui de kuai le dou shi xian, Nan guo dou cui hui" Rukia whispered to Ichigo while caressing his cheek, whispering into his ear. Making the poor boy blush and shocked into confusion.

"Rukia what are you sayin...and...and…" Ichigo stammered as he saw Rukia sensually dancing on stage then winking at him.

The near the end of the performance, Rukia came up to him. There noses brushed against each other then there lips almost….


"Ichigo wake up, is almost time for school" Rukia shouted as she slapped the boy awake.

"I'm up woman, jeez" murmured Ichigo as he made his way to the bathroom.

After washing up and eating breakfast Ichigo and Rukia began to walk to school.

"I saw you smiling in your sleep. Had a good dream?" Rukia asked walking side by side near Ichigo.

Ichigo then remembering flashing of his dream, containing mostly of Rukia practically flaunting over him, and scantily clad in what looks like a modern tribal ritual attire.

"What business is it to you" screamed Ichigo still blushing form his dream

"Whatever, you don't need to get offended over it" Rukia said still a little irritated

from the response. The then continued their long walk together.

The fanfic was sorta based on the music video. But the dancing the girls did was totally based on the dancing in the video.

"Fang qui de kuai le dou shi xian, Nan guo dou cui hui" - This line is translated like this

"The happiness that you have given up has all come true and all your sorrows have been destroyed "

This song is mandarin and was a lito skeptical putting a Chinese song on Japanese anime but it makes it interesting.

Thx Jolin Tsai for inspiration and Learn-ChineseThrought-Music dot com