Harry Potter and a Rip Through Time

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Summary: AU. Harry is 18, and he gets sent back in time to the time of the Marauders! HBP and DH never happened.

Chapter 1: The Final Battle

A sad howl of a werewolf echoed throughout the vast plain somewhere near Hogwarts in Scotland. It was a sad howl indeed because the two major armies of the Wizarding world, the Dark army and the Light army were standing off face to face. Four years passed since Voldemort was resurrected in the graveyard in Little Hangleton. The people of the Light and the people of the Dark had come to a compromise. One final confrontation would end it all. Nothing was spared in preparation for this day. All forces had been called in for this single day.

The even that lead to this confrontation started in Harry's sixth year, where he was captured and tortured for a month by lowly Death Eaters as an initiation. When Voldemort arrived, Harry's shields were too low to do anything protect his mind. The prophecy, which stated that Harry and Voldemort were immortal to everyone and everything except each other, was stolen and Voldemort used this new information to go on reckless recruiting drives and a mass of raids.

The leader of the Light army, Albus Dumbledore, stood in a tent behind his army, where he was going over last minute plans. He rubbed his temples and sighed. Four long years since the Triwizard Tournament and it had resulted in this, he thought. To his right stood Harry Potter, the only one capable of defeating Voldemort, as stated in the prophecy. Next to Harry stood his two best friends Hermione Granger-Weasley and Ron Weasley, who marrried immediately after 7th year, and his fiancé Ginny Weasley, Ron's little sister, who he proposed to on his graduation day. On their side stood the combined might of the Order of the Pheonix, which had at least tripled since Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts, and the Ministry of several countries in the world, namely: Britain, France, America, Germany, China, Japan, and a few minor countries. Also standing with them were the diminutive house elves, who freed themselves from the grasps of the wizards, and goblins, who did not appreciate their gold being stolen from them. Unfortunately, the centaurs chose not to participate in the battle.

On the side where the Dark army was presiding, their leader Voldemort stood at the back behind the rest of his army, also rubbing his temple. The last battle that would decide the outcome. He had spent years scouring the earth for dark rituals that would give him unlimited power and immortality. Several weeks ago, he had succeeded. Now the last remains of his humanity were gone. He was, truly, a monster. His three generals, Lucius Malfoy, Peter Pettigrew, and Bellatrix Lestrange, stood beside him. On Voldemort's side stood all thirteen clans of the Giants, numbering them to totals of over 300, seven packs of werewolves, who joined Voldemort for his promise of free meat, and the majority of the vampires.

The two sides were tense, waiting for something to happen. The clouds overhead began to gather, making the sky dark and gloomy. Several minutes later, the armies still tense, a lone thunderbolt struck the center of the battlefield and all hell broke loose. The two sides charged.

Green light, representing the Killing Curse, flew to and from both directions, snuffing out the lives of thousands. The giants swung their massive clubs and men from both sides went flying haphazardly in all directions. Werewolves leapt into the air and sunk their sharp canine teeth into the human flesh, tearing it out in a bloody mess while the savored the bloody taste. All around the battlefield people were dying, as if their lives were small candle lights that were blown out by a simple breath.

That was when Dumbledore, Harry Potter, and Voldemort were put into a trance.

The end is near, you three must fight,
To finish this war this very night.
Seek a lone cliff,
But beware of the rift.
For two of three shall move to the next plane,
While the third shall correct the universe, right as rain.
And when the world mends,
This will be, when the prophecy ends.

Dumbledore, Harry, and Voldemort snapped out of it. Harry looked to Dumbledore, who nodded in a grim response.

They looked around, and saw to the east a giant cliff that loomed menacingly over the battlefield. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny looked on, confused. Harry shook his head, and just motioned to the cliff.

"That is where it will end," he said quietly. When he and Dumbledore made to leave, the three followed. Harry began to shake his head to deny them, but decided not to. They are my best friends after all, he thought, not noticing the small nod Ron and Hermione shared.

The five set out towards the cliff after Dumbledore told his next-in-command, Minerva McGonagall, his long time supporter and friend, what was to happen. She only nodded with unshed tears in her eyes. With a quick prayer, she turned back to supervise the battle.

Voldemort was also looking at the cliff that Harry pointed out to his friends.

"It seems we will end this battle there," he told his generals.

"My lord," Bellatrix said in a tone of reverence, "allow us to come with you, so we may witness your greatest accomplishment."

Voldemort seemed to think this through for a few seconds before replying, "Very well."

The three strode out and headed towards the cliff.

Harry and co. were half way there when a giant lumbered into their view. It looked down and swung its club straight at Harry at a speed that was faster than should've been possible. It seemed Voldemort was playing God and messing with the different species on the planet.

Before anyone could move, Hermione pushed him out of the way, only to be struck in the back and the head. She was immediately dead.

Harry could only stand there in shock while Ron rushed towards her and howled his pain at the loss of his wife. He howled and howled as hot tears streamed down his face. Ginny also stood next to Harry, her wide brown eyes staring in disbelief, and her hand clasped tightly to Harry's.

After quickly decapitating the pitiful abomination with a powerful spell, Dumbledore laid a comforting hand on Ron's shoulder. "There will be time to mourn later Ronald. We must end this war as quickly as possible to save the lives of thousands."

Ron was no longer screaming, but his pain could still be seen by the shaking of his shoulders. He and Hermione had sworn an oath that they would do whatever was necessary to keep Harry alive several years before. Now, his wife had done what she believed was necessary and right, and he knew he would soon follow. A few minutes passed and he laid her head reverently down on the ground. He cast a stasis spell on her body so her body would remain fresh, relatively speaking. He stood up and buried her and quickly made a makeshift cross out of stone to mark her grave.

A loving wife, a best friend, and a sister in all but blood,

Here lies Hermione Granger-Weasley,

May she rest in peace.


Ron wiped his face on his sleeve and spat in a voice laced with cold fury, "Let's go kill that fucker."

The four marched on and finally reached the cliff.

At the same time, Voldemort and his generals were headed off by a band of Aurors from diffferent countries. Voldemort whipped out his wand and quickly cast two Killing curses, ending the lives of two of them immediately.

Unfortunately, these Aurors were not afraid to use Killing Curses either, and several were shot at Voldemort, Lucius, Wormtail, and Bellatrix. Voldemort conjured a giant slab of marble and it exploded when the curse struck it. Peter changed to a rat and let the curse pass overhead before returning back to human form and shot several of his own Killing Curses at the Order members. Two more died. Lucius sidestepped the curse shot at him and returned fire. One more Auror dropped to the ground, his face blank of emotions.

The last curse that was shot was headed towards Bellatrix, who surprisingly, did nothing. Her time in Azkaban, coupled with constant bouts of the Cruciatus curse and other means of torture, delayed her reaction time drastically and caused her health to decrease, so she never recovered, despite the fact that she was still powerful enough to use the Unforgivables. The green light struck her at the heart and she flew back, her face twisted in surprise. As she fell, Voldemort waved his wand lazily and a blasting curse hit the last Auror in the head, which exploded in a shower of blood and brain.

Voldemort turned his attention to Bellatrix and transfigured her body into an obsidian star, and made it into a necklace. "In memory of my most loyal follower, you will watch my most wondrous accomplishment even from beyond." He put it on and turned back towards the cliff.

"Come, let us move onwards."

The two groups met on the cliff. Wands were instantly drawn and aimed at one another.

Ron immediately fired a heart-stopping curse at Peter and the two moved off to the side, dancing a duel of death.

"You sick bloody rat. You lived at my home for twelve whole years. Probably liked spying on young naked boys in the shower!" he panted as each shot deadly curses at the other. No longer was Peter the cowering simpleton. Instead, he was an accomplished dueler, on par with Snape or the elder Malfoy.

At the same time, Ginny brought out her hate for the blonde man in front of her.

"Because of you I had to suffer being possessed by the likes of him!" she screamed, jabbing a finger at Voldemort.

Without giving Lucius a chance to reply, she started throwing a barrage of curses, from entrail-expelling to decapitation curses.

Also at the same time, Dumbledore, Harry, and Voldemort stared each other down.

Voldemort smirked. "Hardly a fair fight. You two versus me. I would easily win," he said in what could almost pass as a Malfoy drawl.

Harry tensed, wanting to use his bare hands to rip this monstrosity apart, but held himself back. "You think you can win against us Tommy boy? Let's hear you say that when you find yourself looking at your spleen!" Harry ended his last statement with an entrail-expelling curse.

Voldemort sidestepped it and calmly replied, "Flagrate," his wand snapping forward and then pulled to the left. A large black flame spewed forth. It consumed the grass and plants in dark fire and hit two stones of marble, conjured by Harry and Dumbledore.

Both Harry and Dumbledore then unleashed a steady barrage of deadly curses. Voldemort retaliated in kind and soon spells of all colors flew back and forth.

Dumbledore, using his Masters-level transfiguration skills transfigured several clumps of blackened grass into living white tigers. The three tigers separated and ran straight to Voldemort, who lazily flicked his wand at the approaching felines and making them implode.

With his attention off of Harry for a split second, Voldemort did not see the dark red curse soaring at him.

Wham! The curse slammed into Tom's right side and kicked him off his feet. The powerful Bombarda curse was one not to be trifled with. With enough power, one could use the curse to make a hole large enough for a giant to fit through.

Unfortunately, the curse only gave Tom a small hole in his side, black blood streaming out of it in vast quantities.

'He does bleed!', the ironic thought crept into Harry's mind, and he banished the thought away so he could keep his concentration on his enemy in front of him.

Ignoring the wound, Tom jabbed his wand once more and spit out "Flagrate".As soon as the dark flames left his wand, he turned the wand towards himself in an attempt to do a quick patch-up. Dumbledore and Harry, both quite familiar with Tom's use of the spell, stepped to the left and right, respectively, of the flame and ran forward. Their wands produced a whole rainbow of colors that impacted Voldemort's shield and caused a loud, reverberating clang to resound.

"Enough," the Dark Lord growled. It was time to end the foolish brat (although he was now a man) and the senile old senior.

"Avada Kedavra, Avada Kedavra, Avada Kedavra." The first two Killing Curses headed towards Harry's way and the third one towards Dumbledore.

The future's up to you, Harry. A voice he was so accustomed to rang through his head, and he slowly turned towards Dumbledore, whose face had a last sad smile. The green light smashed into Harry's mentor and the old man sailed backwards, landing in a heap ten feet away, his face still carrying that small smile.

That was when Harry remembered two Killing Curses were aimed at him! When he turned his head back towards Voldemort, he saw a giant slab of marble in front of him. It seems that Dumbledore sacrificed himself to protect Harry from the two deadly curses. The slab of marble was mostly demolished and fell apart within a few seconds. Voldemort stood triumphantly in front of Harry, and the other battles stopped as well to hear the crowning achievement of this cruel monster.

"Dumbledore has fallen! I am the strongest wizard alive!" he crowed victoriously, disregarding Harry as merely a stronger-than-normal wizard who was way below the esteemed old man and extremely lucky.

Harry and his two remaining friends were shocked. The leader of the Light, Dumbledore, dead?

The anger inside Harry boiled to a point where he could no longer take it. He forced his feelings of pain, loss, grief, and agony into his spells, and their destructive capabilities multiplied tenfold.

Reverting back to basic spells, the angered young man screamed out a Reductor curse and the shield Voldemort threw up was blasted apart like a cannon against paper.

Two piercing screams brought his attention back to his surroundings. Malfoy and Wormtail were putting Ginny and Ron under the Cruciatus curse!

Harry immediately turned his body to help his two fallen friends when Voldemort hit him with a Crucio of his own. His knees buckled, but he grit his teeth to fight through the pain. His steps towards his best friend and fiancé slowed and then finally stopped altogether. His eyes were still open though, and when he moved to get back up, Voldemort placed a simple Incarcerous hex on him, tying him up and rendering him useless.

"Watch, as the last of your friends perish!" he grinned triumphantly. One green light emerged from the tip of the wand of Voldemort and flew towards Ginny. Her eyes were locked on Harry's, and she whispered a silent "I'm sorry." The curse struck her and her head fell limp, her once warm eyes now devoid of life.

"NOOOOOOO!" His anger started to rise again, and the ropes binding him began to crumble. Another minute and he would be free.

"Now say goodbye to the other Weasley!"

When Ron locked eyes with Harry, he mouthed "Use the curse!" The green light swept over him, and he too, lost the life in his eyes.

The deaths of his last remaining friend and his wife-to-be cause him to lose it. The ropes burst apart and Harry got to his feet.

'Pain of Loss. I promised myself I wouldn't use it, because it would mean all of my friends are dead. But now...now...I have now choice.'


"C'mon Harry, please. Just think about it!" Hermione's insistent begging got louder and louder.

"No! I refuse to use it. Just no!"

Hermione had been researching ways to help Harry defeat Voldemort, when she found a curse that was long forgotten deep in a massive tome that was also forgotten. It seems the Potter vault held quite a lot of "forgotten" items.

The curse was designed so that when all of one's closest friends and family were all dead due to the results of a person, he could use the Pain of Loss curse. All it required was that the user focus feelings of pain, loss, grief, and agony towards the one who caused it. If the one who caused the deaths did not feel true remorse, the curse would tear the person apart. Not only would the body be destroyed, but the soul too. Once the curse was unleashed the caster would probably be out for several days with an extreme case of magical exhaustion The problem Harry had with this curse was that in order use this curse, it would mean that Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny were dead, since everyone else he could possibly call close was killed.

"Harry, if it comes down to you and Tom, you must use it. It'll help you win, and you could count on it as a last defense!"

"No, no, no, and NO!" he stubbornly refused.

Weeks of her begging eventually wore him down.

"Fine. But only as an ace in the sleeve. Promise me that you won't go getting yourself killed so I can use this curse, ok 'Mione?"

"Yes, yes," she replied waving off his concerns, while her mind was racing in order to find a suitable way to tell this new plan to Ron.

Another week passed until Ron finally learned about it.

"I will NOT let you get yourself killed, 'Mione!" he yelled.

"You don't get it," she replied, "it has to be all of us in order for the curse to work."


After explaining the curse to Ron, he too, shook his head in agreement. "We must do whatever we can to keep Harry alive. If one of must die, then so be it. I would gladly give up my life to save Harry's!" Hermione's head bobbed up and down in fervent agreement. "Now let's go get something to eat! I'm starving!"

Harry's eyes burst open, and his blazing emerald green pupils showed all the emotions necessary to fuel the Pain of Loss curse: loss, grief, agony, and even longing.

Channeling all of his power and his emotion into his hands, he let loose two simple words. "Morsus Perditio!" His finger, which was pointed at Voldemort, let loose a giant blast of gray energy. Voldemort's face took on an expression of abject horror, as it seems he recognized the curse for what it was.

Tom let loose an ear-piercing shriek of pain as the curse tore him apart, so that his body was in pieces. The remaining Death Eaters felt the death of their lord, and they too, felt the pain he felt. Unfortunately for them, this meant that they died in the same way Tom did: in a massive explosion of blood and guts.

When Harry's head stopped spinning from the release of so much magic, he saw a large glowing rip where Tom's body stood before. The hole got larger and larger until it suddenly stopped.

"...beware of the rift...correct the universe..." These thoughts ran through Harry's head. It couldn't be could it? The new "prophecy" that the three heard was referring to the survivor being sent to another universe! Oh no! And that's when Harry James Potter's world went black.