Fiona and Snow White followed Julia, Zacj, and Sui deep into the depths of the forest, jumping over decaying logs, walking across small brook streams, and muddy swamps to find what Dragon discovered.

"Kids, are we there yes?" Fiona asked them.

"Not yet. Just a little bit further," Zacj said as him, along with Sui, and Julia ran ahead of Fiona and Snow White who continued to follow them until they saw Dragon who was with Shrek, and Donkey.

"Shrek? Donkey? What are you guys doing here?" Fiona asked, "I thought you were baby sitting Donkey's children."

"I was until Donkey found someone else to baby sit them. Then, Donkey said that Dragon told him that she found something, and then dragged me in what she, here found," Shrek explained.

"Oh. Well, what did you guys find?"

"We found this," Donkey pointed as everyone saw something that looked like blood with words on a nearby tree like a letter that read;

You will never find where I am hiding! I will take my place as the new queen and I will restore dignity to my boyfriends' throne!

"Well, that's not a good sign," Fiona assumed.

"Did you find anything else?" Snow White wondered.

"Yes. I found this," Dragon replied, pointing beside the blood-written tree where Fiona and Snow White saw a lock of blonds hair, along with Sleeping Beauty holding it in her right hand unconscious!

"Sleeping Beauty!" Fiona runs up to Sleeping Beauty about to help her up until she was kicked, by someone, in the face that made her fall back and hold her nose in pain as it began to slowly bleed.

Everyone looked around as then heard a conniving laugh that echoed throughout the entire forest.

"Who's the hell's there?! Show yourself, you coward!" Fiona called out as the evil laughter continued to echo through the empty forest.

The laughter began to slowly fade away, leaving nothing but a long silence.

Fiona and the others stayed where they were, looking where the person that was laughing was as a dark figure swiftly moved towards Shrek, and attacked him, making him grunt in pain with blood running down his mouth before falling to his knees the front unconscious.

Donkey was about to run to his friend's aid until the shadowy figure stopped him by punching the mule in the face, kicking him near his ribs, picking him up, and slamming his body to the ground, then against a nearby tree as Donkey painfully yelled before he was knocked out, too.

Dragon saw this, and was about to crush the dark figure until the figure vanished and reappeared again in front of her who tried to swat the person away, but couldn't, as the shadow punched her directly in the nose that made her hold it in pain. Then, she felt a huge shock of pain surging through her chest, and making her couch up blood that was now on her knees, holding her chest in pain.

Dragon growled angrily as she slowly stood up, but was punched again in the jaw and fell to the ground with a large pool of blood forming around her nose and mouth raspfully breathing in pain as blood continued to run out of her, only seeing her husband and Shrek laying on the ground unconscious who soon began to drift into unconsciousness herself, laying on her side to the ground.

The dark figure swiftly moved from the tree to tree where Fiona tried to find her, but couldn't as the shadow began to rapidly punch her in the face, and in other parts of her body, making the ogress spit up blood and kneeled on one leg. Snow White ran to her aid and helped her to her feet.

The unknown figure laughed at Fiona as she wiped off the blood from her mouth as the princess called out, "Who are you?! Come on out and fight!" But only heard an echoing laugh.

"My, my. You always wanted to fight if someone pissed you off," It said as Fiona and Snow White heard footsteps approach there way and saw someone that made the ogress's eyes widen, "And I always thought you were stronger than this. But I guess I was wrong…Fiona. Or should I call you 'Fi-Fi' as I recalled from Snow White."

"Repanzel!" Fiona and Snow White exclaimed.

"Heh. So, I heard that you and Snow here fell in love with each other. How ironic. I thought Snow White was gonna be by herself alone in her house for the rest of her life," Repanzel remarked.

"Shut-up, Repanzel! At least I have someone that loves me! Unlike you!" Snow White growled as Repanzel smirked and vanished from her and Fiona's site before reappearing in front of Snow White, and punched her directly in the face.

"Snow!" Fiona called out, seeing Snow White flying in the air and was tumbling away from Fiona until she hit the trunk of the tree with dust covering her up from the impact.

When the dust cleared, Fiona saw Snow White still conscious with blood running down the side of her head, mouth, and nose with her eyes closed in pain from the counter attack, along with holding her side.

"Damn…..What a punch," She grunted, slowly standing up in surging pain.

"That punch was just a warm up. But the next time you say something about Prince Charming, I'll kick your ass!" Repanzel warned her.

"I wasn't. But now that you brought that up, Prince Charming's a no good Mama's Boy who only cared about himself and no one else! On my behalf, he deserved to be crushed, and you deserved to be humiliated in front of everyone!" Snow White exclaimed.

"Snow White, stop it!" Fiona told her who continued.

"We gave you our friendship, and you treat it like it's nothing! You're a heartless bitch that doesn't care about nobody but herself just like that no-good mama's boy!" Snow White said as Repanzel's anger began to rise, Fiona felt a huge amount of yellow charka surround her with yellow slanted eyes, sharp claws, and fangs about to attack her until she felt someone punch her in the face that sent her flying and land a few feet away from Snow White.

Repanzel slowly got up from the impact, seeing the person that punched her was Fiona, whose hair was covering her eyes, and was breathing heavily as Repanzel felt blood run down the left side of her mouth.

All Repanzel did was chuckle lightly, holding her left cheek. "Hmph. So…. The fatass ogress fights back."

Fiona's breathing slowed down as she cracked her knuckled from the punch with her hair still covering her face until she lifted her head up and said, "You!...If you ever try and hurt Snow White again…I will kill you!"

To be continued