Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Twilight

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Chapter 1: Explosive Entrance! Dragons vs Dual!

It was morning when the boy opened his eyes; he had to make sure nobody else was awake before he made his move. He looked through the windows and around the halls but there were no signs of life.

He made his way to a room near the garden, the cold stone floor brushed against his feet and woke him up completely by the time he reached the tall metal door, sure enough, he found a particularly hard lock blocking his way. The boy simply smiled and took out a small copper key from his pocket.

He opened the door and went into the seemingly empty room and was greeted by a comforting heat from inside. He cautiously removed the carpet in the middle of the room and reached out for a slightly darker brick on the floor and pressed his hand against it. He wasn't surprised when some of the other bricks sunk into the floor and revealed a transparent glass case.

The boy felt shivers run through his skin as he reached out for his prize. He slowly removed the glass case and took out the small group of cards. He calmly looked through the deck until he was faced by a particular card. Fear took over when he stared at the picture on the card, his thoughts trailing into his memories to pull out the images that were carved into his mind. He suddenly felt the wings of darkness tightening their grip against his body and broke free of his trance; he took the card and ran away as fast as he could.

Not caring about stealth anymore, he was out of the house as soon as he had grabbed everything. He ran down the streets, through the alleys and finally stopped when he reached the park. It was there that he decided to stop to take a rest. The only other sign of life was a boy of about his age who was sniffing a red rose...

The breeze blew by while the ship moved at top speed. The teenagers on board were all excited and found themselves in continual good spirits. Nothing could bring down the joyous atmosphere that had enveloped the boat.

A black haired teen ran around vigorously, holding tightly unto an old photograph that brought back memories of his childhood. He stopped various groups of people and asked the same thing to every person he saw

"Have you seen a boy and a girl that resemble these?" he asked frivolously, showing the old picture to the people around them. He already expected the replies from the other students before they gave a negative response, but he wouldn't give up since they HAD to be there.

He finally decided to take a rest in the back of the deck, his only companion being a blonde boy who was sitting alone.

"Excuse me" began the black haired teen, grabbing his attention "have you seen the people in this picture?" he asked.

The other boy looked at the picture, it looked very old, but he could clearly see a brown haired boy playing on a bench and a black haired girl walking towards another small boy, this one had black hair similar to the one belonging to the boy who was showing him the picture.

"I haven't seen someone who even looks like this, maybe if you could show me a recent picture..." replied the blonde teen.

"Don't have one..." interrupted the first boy faintly.

The two remained silent for a while.

"Are they friends of yours?" asked the blonde boy.

"Yep!" responded the black haired boy whilst he took out a yellow jacket from his bag "I knew them when I was younger but then I moved away"

"I see. So why are you so confident that they're here?" asked the blonde boy.

"They were always enthusiastic about dueling so I thought that maybe I could find them if I came here" replied the other boy "By the way..."


"You look different. Did you come from another country? Maybe a different continent?" asked the black haired boy out of genuine curiosity.

"Heh, you're pretty sharp! I was born somewhere else but I moved in with my brother a couple of years ago" responded the blonde kid "By the way, my name's Arthur! What's yours?"

"Some people call me Fuyuki" responded the boy, playing around with the sleeves of his yellow jacket.

Silence took place once more.

"I have an idea" said Arthur "maybe you could get their attention by dueling around!"

"That's right! If they see me dueling then they might recognize me!" said Fuyuki grabbing his things "Thanks a lot!"

Arthur watched him run towards the front of the deck with newfound energy. Arthur began to feel as the breeze in the air got colder 'Maybe I should go and watch some duels' he thought, putting on a blue jacket in the process.

The breeze got somewhat stronger whilst he headed towards the front of the large boat but watching the people duel with so much energy made the trip worthwhile. He noticed the various monsters around the deck, there were some that looked small and somewhat weak and others that ranged from big to gigantic and from ugly to impressive.

He walked around the deck for a while until he found a nice enough place to sit.

"A nice day we're having. Isn't it?"

Arthur turned around to see a brown haired boy wearing a similar blue uniform; the boy enjoyed the breeze and relaxed on the bench. He closed his eyes and carefully took out a vivid red rose out from his left pocket.

The boy suddenly continued talking after about a minute of silence "This is certainly a perfect day for a boat trip like this" he said, clearly in a state of comfort "it would certainly be bad if any stains of imperfection invaded this joyous atmosphere or if any ugly rain clouds covered the warmth of the sun's rays. Wouldn't you agree?"

Arthur didn't know what the boy was talking about but he responded nonetheless "Yes, I agree"

"However, I guess if anything like that came up it would be easy enough to just REMOVE them" said the boy whilst standing up, emphasizing the word "remove", before gently putting the rose into his pocket and promptly walking away.

Arthur was confused by the words that the boy had spoken and sat there for what seemed like hours, but in actuality were only 30 minutes. It was then that he stood up and walked around to see that a majority of the duels had stopped.

It didn't take long for him to find a crowd of people surrounding a platform in the middle of the deck. He made his way through the crowd to see a familiar black haired boy.

"HEY!" the boy called out "Its you! You're the guy from earlier. Thanks for the suggestion; I think I'll find my friends in no time!"

Arthur walked unto the platform so that he could be heard clearly "No problem! Although..." said Arthur as he turned to look at the crowd "I didn't expect it to be this successful"

"Its because I've gotten somewhat of a winning streak" responded Fuyuki, noticing the blue uniform "so, would you like to try and beat me? Or maybe you don't want to look bad after walking around while boasting that uniform!"

"Sure! Why don't you start?" said Arthur, walking to the other end of the platform and turning on the duel disk.

'He's gotten cocky... maybe he's already defeated an Obelisk or two' thought Arthur before he finished shuffling his deck. He looked at his opponent who had already drawn his 5 cards and looked ready to draw his sixth.

Arthur slid his deck into the duel disk and drew his cards, he then signaled his opponent to start the duel.

(A: 4000)

(F: 4000)

Fuyuki drew very quickly and very soon placed a monster on his duel disk.

A rusty machine rose into the field, looking proud by wielding its spear and shield. It was ready for battle. (1800/500)

"Ancient Gear Knight has been summoned!" declared Fuyuki "I'll also set a two facedown cards to end my turn!"

"You look pretty confident so I'll just set a monster facedown and that's that!" said Arthur.

Fuyuki drew a card "I now activate Reckless Greed to bring my hand back to five cards and I'll follow up with Card Destruction!"

Arthur was somewhat glad as he deposited the five monster cards into the cemetery.

"Facedown open! I activate Birthright to special summon my Hellkaiser Dragon (2400/1500)!"

Flames erupted unto the field as a magnificent black and green dragon emerged suddenly. It roared ferociously at the moment it spread its wings.

'Damn! So that's what he was planning, let's hope I don't have to waste it before that thing attacks...' thought Arthur.

Fuyuki analyzed the situation 'With no facedown spells or traps then it's safe to attack with Hellkaiser dragon but first' he thought "I second summon my Hellkaiser Dragon so that it can attack twice!"

This declaration surprised Arthur "What?!"

"Heh. I guess you don't know Dual monsters very well. They're powerful cards which can be normal summoned a second time to gain an effect" explained Fuyuki "cool, right?"

Fuyuki signaled the giant dragon to attack. The dragon shot an unforgiving breath of fire towards the face-down monster. It revealed a medium sized iron dragon (0/2000)

which proceeded to burst like a balloon once it got hit by the flames. It was the moment that the smoke cleared out that Fuyuki noticed the iron dragon was still standing.

Arthur was smiling when he explained the turn of events "If I discard Dummy Dragon from my hand then I can prevent my monster from being destroyed once, but only if I don't normal summon any monster this turn! I guess you couldn't defeat me on this turn"

Fuyuki still looked happy "That won't save your dragon!"

"I know" responded Arthur calmly while his Iron Ball Dragon melted under the heat of the infernal dragon's flames.

"Now go Ancient Gear Knight! Direct attack!"

Arthur was pushed back by the spear's thrust, it had enough force to make him lose his balance and drop to the floor.

(A: 2200)

"Damn..." muttered Arthur as he stood up.

"I end my turn" declared Fuyuki.

Arthur silently drew his card 'Hmph. The duel has just begun but I'm already in a tough spot. Maybe I just have to cool off his dragon for a bit'

Holographic ice then began to cover the platform. Two red eyes shone in the midst of the small blizzard giving a murderous glare to the Hellkaiser Dragon. It was then that a smooth looking blue dragon walked into the field. (1800/1000)

"Blizzard Dragon is here!" shouted Arthur "Now show him your special ability!"

Hellkaiser Dragon was completely frozen in ice in a matter of seconds.

"Whooo!" said Fuyuki excited "It looks like I'm in trouble!"

"Don't worry! He'll only stay like that till your next end phase!" said Arthur.

"I see" said Fuyuki "then we'll just have to make sure to slay your dragon before it can do its ability again"

"I'll activate my Inflate! Spell card then. I just have to remove Dummy Dragon and I'll get 3 extra cards!" said Arthur, sliding the card into the duel disk. He then proceeded to draw 3 cards from his deck and putting dummy dragon into his pocket "I'll set one facedown card and end my turn"

"I can't draw because of reckless greed. Not that it matters though. I'll second summon my Ancient Gear Knight and suicide it into your Blizzard Dragon!"

When the two monsters disappeared so did the blizzard, but Fuyuki's dragon was still trapped in ice. It suddenly burst into flames and was free of its prison.

"I end my turn!" said Fuyuki.

"Then that means its mine!" said Arthur, drawing his card "Now for a personal favorite!"

A small gust of wind blew by and then a small blue dragon appeared in front of Arthur. It sported a wooden sword, red robes and an iron helmet that didn't cover its face. (1300/700)

"This is Kendo Dragon! It can attack twice!" said Arthur, looking at the menacing dragon on his opponent's side of the field "but I'll just end my turn after setting this facedown card"

"I still can't draw any new cards but I'll activate Cyclone from my hand and destroy your new facedown card!" said Fuyuki as a menacing wind concentrated on the facedown card and blew it away.

"Now attack! Hellkaiser Dragon!" Fuyuki commanded.

"So it's come to this... I discard this card from my hand to activate Balloon Block which cuts your monster's attack by half!"

"NO!" shouted Fuyuki.

Hellkaiser Dragon prepared to launch its flame attack when a small balloon floated up to its face and expanded, blocking its sight. Kendo Dragon rushed towards the dragon and smacked it with its sword to finish it off.

(F: 3900)

"Good move! I end my turn!" said Fuyuki in a good mood.

"I'll set another monster and attack with Kendo Dragon!" said Arthur.

The small dragon rushed and delivered a powerful blow with its sword before jumping high into the air.

(F: 2600)

"Again!" commanded Arthur.

Kendo Dragon then fell at full force from the sky and slammed his sword into Fuyuki.


"I guess that's it!" said Arthur.

Fuyuki drew his card and grinned "If you liked my dragon then you're going to LOVE this one! Enjoy burning to ashes with this! The burning king... Pyron(1500/500)!"

Flames covered the field in the same manner of Blizzard Dragon's snow storm and in the middle of this emerged a man made out of flames. The audience looked in awe when the monster burned even brighter.

"I also activate my Dual Summon so I can second summon him! Now go! Special Ability!"

Pyron formed a giant ball of flames and launched it towards Arthur, who flinched and fell to the floor once it hit.

(A: 1200)

"Now overwhelm his dragon with your scorching flames!" said Fuyuki as Pyron launched another ball of flames and completely destroyed Kendo Dragon.

(A: 1000)

"I end my turn! It's been a good duel but it'll be over within my next turn!" said Fuyuki.

Arthur drew his card 'I can't destroy his monster or finish off his life points with this hand so...' he thought "I'll bet everything on this card! Activate Quick-Spell! Reload!"

Arthur shuffled his hand into his deck and slowly drew the same number of cards. He then began taking out three cards out of his graveyard and slid them into his pocket.

A giant kite resembling a salamander soared into the field. (3000/0)

"I won! By removing three dragon sub-type monsters from the game I can special summon Exotic Salamander Kite! Granted, he is removed from the game at the end phase but..." said Arthur as the kite came crashing down into Pyron "It has enough attack to finish the game!"

Fuyuki laughed "I guess my winning streak ends here!"

(F: 0)

Fuyuki looked around the crowd to see if he had attracted his two friends but didn't see either of them "Well, it was a good duel but, I'm going to take this opportunity to ask around for my friends! See ya!" he said energetically.

Arthur looked towards him 'He sure is energetic' and then he suddenly felt the cryptic wings of darkness try to force themselves unto his body. He turned to look at a single card in his hand before his expression turned to one of sadness. He knew nobody else could see them so he silently shuffled the card back into his deck and the wings slowly disappeared.