Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Twilight

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Chapter 19: Candidates

(E: 4000)

(T: 4000)

"The conditions have been set" said Edward, adding a sixth card into his hand "Let's start this darkness game!"

A horizontal card appeared in font of him.

"I'll set one monster and end my turn"

'This guy... how can he summon a darkness game just like that?' thought Tezuka as he drew his card "I summon Knight of Prophecy Silver"

Time seemed to stop for a moment as Tezuka placed a card on his duel disk, making the silver armored knight walk in front of him, effortlessly moving its iron lance in circles. (1700/1300)

"Now I'll activate its special ability by discarding one card to rearrange the three cards on top of my deck" said Tezuka "but that's not my aim at all"

'What the hell...?' thought Edward as the cards in his hand appeared in front of Tezuka.

"It's rather unfortunate that the only other monster in your hand is this high level dragon" said Tezuka "I'll send back Alloy Boost to the top of your deck"

"I'd like to know what's going on now" said Edward as he placed the card Tezuka mentioned at the top of his deck.

"The card I discarded with my knight's effect is Destiny Set which, when sent from my hand to the cemetery, gives me the privilege of returning one card from your hand to the top of your deck as well as forbidding you from shuffling your deck no matter what happens until you have drawn the card" explained Tezuka.

"Is that all?" asked Edward "I'm not here to waste my time"

"Of course" said Tezuka "Just be aware that it is inevitable that your time is wasted with all your actions. With that, I end my turn"

"Why is that?" asked Edward as he drew his card.

"Time is a force that cannot be fought. Time is destiny. My deck, gifted with the power of destiny, has already set yours the moment you accepted my challenge" said Tezuka.

"Is that so? Is time really something that cannot be fought?" asked Edward "I'll set a single card to end my turn"

'It's probably Alloy Boost...' thought Tezuka as he drew a new card "I'll have no choice but to set a monster and end my turn"

'He's not attacking? I guess he's already planning something' thought Edward "I'll set one card facedown and end my turn"

'I guess he must have placed that trap he had in his hand... What was its effect again?' thought Tezuka "It doesn't matter" he muttered "I'll flip summon Horoscope Avatar- Angel on the field"

The horizontal card flipped with a bright light and a completely white creature was suddenly floating in its place. The creature had small wings attached to its humanoid body as well as a small halo on top of its head that shone radiantly. (500/1800)

"I'll now activate Temporal Link from my hand" said Tezuka "First, I select a Fusion Monster and then, if one of the fusion materials is on my side of the field, I discard any number of cards from my hand"

'What type of monster does he plan to summon?' thought Edward.

"For each card discarded with this effect I can look at the same amount of cards at the top of my deck and then, if another fusion material is among them, I can send both to the cemetery and summon the fusion monster" explained Tezuka.

"How many are you planning to discard?" asked Edward.

"I'll discard Knight of Prophecy Bronze for this effect" said Tezuka.

'Just one? Is he that sure that...' thought Edward 'Wait! He arranged his deck with his knight so he probably had this planned the moment he used its effect!'

"I'll send Horoscope Avatar- Angel and Horoscope Avatar- Devil to the cemetery to summon..." began Tezuka.

The blue haired woman finally arrived at the beach, finally getting close to being back at the boat 'It's pretty quiet...' she thought as she climbed the rope ladder.

"It's her!" said a voice the minute she had jumped into the deck "Raise the anchor! Quick!"

"Already on it!" said another voice.

"What's going on?" asked the blue haired woman.

The black haired young man approached the blue haired woman "We're going" he said.

"Wait! It seems that we're missing two people!" said the woman.

"One of them is dead and the other one killed him" said the young man.

The woman remained silent 'Edward...' she thought.

"That guy must have been planning to kill us as soon as he got his cards!" added the young man with an angry tone.

"Now that you mention it" said the electrician "If we still have those cards then he'll probably hunt us down"

"Way ahead of you" said the young man "I left them at the beach"

The electrician sighed in relief "I guess we're safe then"

The monster that appeared was very similar in appearance to the previous white monster but it was completely black. It still had angel-like wings but the halo was now missing and it carried a trident in one of its arms. (2300/2500)

"Horoscope Avatar- Fallen Angel" said Tezuka "I will activate its ability at this moment"

"Hold on" said Edward "Reverse card open, Alloy Cancel!"

The black angel seemed to stop in its tracks as a burst of light suddenly and briefly flashed next to Edward's horizontal card. Out of the burst of light emerged a completely metallic dragon. From its scales to its teeth, everything but its eyes reflected the faint light that floated around the dark area. (2400/1200)

'Two thousand four hundred attack points?!' thought Tezuka 'What exactly did his card do?'

"Alloy Cancel negates the activation of a monster effect but doesn't destroy said monster. Instead, I get to summon a level four or lower dragon or rock type monster from my hand" explained Edward.

'That thing is level four...?' thought Tezuka "I end my turn"

Edward smirked when he saw the card he drew "I'm going to sacrifice my facedown Obsidian Dragon"

The horizontal card disappeared in a flash, prompting an awe inspiring green light to flash in its place. The beast that emerged looked as menacing as the metallic dragon but it was also a magnificent sight due to its radiant green scales. (2400/1400)

"Emerald Dragon!" said Edward "Both of you, attack!"

The two dragons roared in unison before ripping apart the two creatures in front of Tezuka. Tezuka seemed unfazed by this event.

(T: 3200)

'I have to think of a way to win...' thought Tezuka.

"I end my turn" said Edward.

'I'll just have to depend on the next card...' thought Tezuka.

A faint grin appeared in his face the moment he saw his card 'I guess this will keep me going a little longer...' he thought "I activate the spell card Crossing Paths of Fate"

"Sounds interesting but... what does it do?" asked Edward.

"First of all we must pick one spell, one trap and one monster from our decks" said Tezuka as he looked through his cards "After that we select one of the three cards and show it to each other, whatever happens after that will be based on our choice..."

'I wish I knew what the hell will happen depending on what I pick... Maybe I should pick the monster...' thought Edward 'But what if it was the type of card where both of our answers needed to coincide...? If that was the case then he'd definitely want the monster!'

'He has probably already figured out how the card works by now... it's too bad for him that I'm one step ahead of him' thought Tezuka as he grabbed one of the cards and held it up in front of him. At about the same time his opponent followed suit.

Tezuka suddenly looked surprised when he saw the card in his opponent's hand.

'He actually picked the monster?' thought Tezuka.

"So our choices were different... What happens next?" asked Edward.

"We discard the three cards as well as our entire hand..." said Tezuka as he dropped his cards into the cemetery.

Edward looked surprised for a moment when Tezuka looked down towards the floor, seemingly hiding an expression of grief. What would have surprised Edward more; however, was the fact that Tezuka was not frowning but rather smiling.

'I've won' thought Tezuka before turning his head back towards his opponent, everything on the field stopping completely as if time itself had stopped flowing.

"The spell card I discarded was Glimpse of an Alternate Destiny. When sent to the cemetery outside of activation it lets me special summon one Knight of Prophecy in my cametery until the end of the turn" explained Tezuka.

Darkness suddenly began to slowly surround the two monsters on Edward's field, interrupted suddenly with a powerful explosion that wiped them out.

'What?!' thought Tezuka, looking incredibly surprised at this outcome.

'I guess I'm in trouble...' thought Edward, not looking at his surprised opponent.

"What happened?" asked Tezuka as the darkness retreated to its point of origin.

"You see, the trap that I picked, Fragile Dynamite, also has an effect when destroyed outside of activation. It blows up all my monsters instantly" said Edward.

"Then... that means..." Tezuka began as a tremendous burst of darkness interrupted him from behind.

'Damn... That hurt...' thought Tezuka as he began to stand up.

(T: 1200)

"Huh?" was all Edward said, surprised by the turn of events.

"The monster that I chose to special summon was Accursed Knight of Prophecy which, when special summoned, destroys every monster on the field and deals effect damage to each duelist equal to the amount of the combined attacks of their own monsters..." said Tezuka.

'I guess I was lucky to pick that trap after all...' thought Edward.

"I end my turn..." said Tezuka, looking at his empty field 'Please don't draw a monster...' thought Tezuka.

"Heh, this isn't your lucky day!" said Edward "I summon Material Dragon Level Three!"

It was instantaneous the time it took for the armored dragon to appear on Edward's side of the field, it hadn't even finished its introduction when its owner signaled its attack with his hand. (1200/600)

Tezuka didn't bother to brace himself when he saw the bronze dragon rush at him, already anticipating that the pain would be gone within a couple of days.

(T: 0)

"I guess that's all the information I could get out of him..." muttered Edward as he returned to the familiar sandy shore.

He scanned his surroundings and noticed that there was something different from the last time he had been here. As he looked at the empty beach it wasn't panic or surprise that he felt but rather he simply sighed as he walked towards the ocean.

It was at the moment that he took his second step that something on the beach caught his attention; it was a plain old rock. It wasn't the stone itself what he was looking at but rather it was the thing under the stone that struck him as odd, there was some type of black fire coming out from underneath.

The moment he lifted the small rock there was very little of the dark fire left but he still had a general idea of what was happening as he picked up three cards from the sand.

'What a fool... The wings changed owners again...' was what Edward thought as he continued to walk deeper and deeper into the forest.

'Now I just have to search for the last one...'

A good time had passed since they had left the beach. The ocean was calm but the waves would still occasionally move the boat around. The electrician was busy steering the boat, making sure that it didn't stray in another direction. The woman attempted to fish but nothing had pulled the rod since the start of the trip.

The last one was sleeping. The adolescent was enjoying a quick nap and the other two were too entranced by their own activities to notice as a pair of black demonic wings embraced him momentarily as he continued to sleep...

The snow fell all over the rocky area. The young boy kept putting his hand into the cold river as if attempting to test his endurance; he didn't really have anything to do as the old man that accompanied him was too busy talking on his cell phone on a rock nearby.

"Only one of them?" asked the old man.

"That name, where did you hear it?" added the old man after a brief pause.

"Know it?! I'll have you know that I faced his grandmother in combat back when I was younger! So they still carry that name, huh?" said the old man.

"Don't worry, I have other promising candidates for those two positions" said the old man.

The boy wasn't really interested in the conversation and decided to go play with the snow once he couldn't stand the temperature of the river anymore.

"Bah! That's your problem! Get out of there yourself!" said the old man right before hanging up the phone.

"Who was it?" asked the boy.

"Just another report by my other pupil" said the old man.

"So... what happened?" asked the boy as he began to scoop some snow with his hand.

"He's trapped on an island and his boat was taken away by two of the candidates" said the old man with a wide grin on his face.

"I guess we won't see him for some time then" said the boy as he turned the snow in his hands into a snowball with relative ease.

"We don't need to. We already have our next destination set" said the old man "let's go" he added as he tuned around.

"Where?" asked the boy while standing up.

The boy took aim and threw the snowball at the old man. The boy wasn't surprised when the snowball was pulled into the ground with such force that it burst the moment it hit the rocky floor.

"Fool! A snowball can't stop "Gravity"! Not in a million years!" said the old man as the boy hurried to his side.

"Where ARE we going anyway?" asked the boy.

"That's right, I haven't told you, have I?" said the old man "We're going to the northern duelist academy!"