L had a wonderful dream.

He was investigating an extremely complicated case, and had met a wonderfully intelligent person.

Just like him.

There was a possibility that the person was the mass-murderer they were investigating, but all the same, L found himself enjoying every hour he spent with the boy turning man. The suspect was slippery, never tripping the wires set out for him.

So like L.

After a while, L and the suspect became used to one another, looking out for each other and even caring if the other survived the next day. L almost couldn't believe it, but they were becoming amiable.


They understood one another.

Then, the dream turned into a nightmare. Something happened, a breakthrough in the case, and after it his first ever friend was cleared of all suspicion. But something lingered in the air, and L sensed malice emanating from the one person from the outside he had been beginning to trust. Uncertain and afraid, he ate more candy than ever, the sugar finally making even him ill.

From there, the nightmare went even more downhill.

He saw a white demon hiding in the shadows, watching with angry eyes. Watari, his one rock, died executing his last orders. A sudden pain in the chest forced L to the floor. Above him loomed his friend and murderer.

Suspect number one smiled viciously down at his victim, and L understood that all his hopes and dreams of friendship were only that.

And then, L woke up.