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It was Monday the 19th of February and tonight Raw was being held at the Scott Trade Center in St Louis, Missouri. A young girl who looks to be about 18 is walking through the hallways of the Arena. She has medium brown hair with caramel colored highlights. She is wearing a long sleeved black top that came slightly off her shoulders, a white knee length skirt with black designs in it, and a pair of black knee length boots. She is pulling her suitcase behind her while carrying her white Louis Vuitton handbag. The sound of ⌠Stronger■ by Kanye West filled the empty hallway. She stopped and pulled out her cell phone.

Young Girl: Hey


Young Girl: I know I know. My flight got delayed and then there was traffic getting here but Im here now


Young Girl: Yeah Yeah I know. I will drop my stuff off in the locker-room and I will come and see you oh dear sweet brother of mine.

She closes her phone and puts back in her purse. She continues to walk along the hallway a little bit more until she gets to a door that reads Brooke and Kelley in black writing against a pink sign. She goes in and sets her suitcase down on one of the tables. She takes a look around and notices that Brooke▓s stuff is already here and that she must be wandering around the building somewhere, maybe working out, talking to her brother Nick, who knows. She puts her purse on top of her suitcase and takes her cellphone back out and leaves the room. She continues to walk down the hallway, responding to a text message she received and accidently bumps into someone. She looks up into set of familiar brown eyes and smiles. They both go and take a seat in a couple of chairs against the wall.

Nick: Hey Kelley

Kelley: Hey Nick, what▓s up?

Nick: Oh not much just got done talking to Cody Rhodes about our match later tonight.

Kelley: I see, who you guys going against again?

Nick: Its uh Brian Kendrick and Paul London.

Kelley: Cool, so how do you think you guys will do?

Nick: Well tonight is my first match, and Cody has been wrestling for a bit longer so I don▓t know. I mean I hope we definitely kick their asses.

Kelley: Uh Duh! You two are totally going to win. I mean come on you both are sons of legends. Wrestling is in your blood don▓t even sweat it, okay?

Nick: Alright, thanks, you▓ve got that one thing tonight don▓t you?

Kelley: No problem, and yeah I do. Im kind of nervous.

Nick: Oh please, you▓re the one telling me it will all be fine. You▓re the one who has wrestling in your blood, I mean come on you are a third generation. You should be fine going on National Televison.

Kelley: Yeah but still, its national television. This is my first actual tv apearance, you know.

Nick: Look girl don▓t sweat it ok? You will be fine, then Cody and I will do fine in the main event and it will all be a happy ending okay?

Kelley: Alright, Alright. Quit hassling me, but anyway I have to get going. I have to go talk to my brother.

Nick: Alright I have to go and find Brooke.

They both say their goodbyes and give each other a hug. Kelley steps away and walks down the hallway. Nick looks after her, sighs and just shakes his head and continues in the other direction.

After a few more minutes, Kelley arrives at a door that has RKO written across it. She doesn▓t even bother to knock just walks right on in. She sees Randy Orton looking in a mirror and flexing his muscles. She gives a little giggle which startles Orton and he whips his head around and backs into the wall.

Randy: Jesus Kel, you nearly gave me a heart attack, and don▓t you knock?

Kelley: Nope, not at all.

Randy: I could have been changing or naked.

Kelley: And when did that ever bother you when we were younger, at home and you would come barging in my room with nothing but a towel on and searching for your shoes?

Randy: That▓s different

Kelley: Whatever Randy

Randy: Come sit down we need to talk

Kelley: Alright

Randy: Look Im not happy about you being here, but your 18 now and there▓s nothing I can do.

Kelley: I know Randy but dad said I could come when I wanted.

Randy: I know but you▓re my baby sister and I love you and don▓t want to see you get hurt.

Kelley: Look I will be fine, okay?

Randy: Alright already, but you know I have your back in this place?

Kelley: Of course, otherwise Daddy and Grandpa would have your ass

They both give a laugh and continue their conversation.

Randy: So you excited for your debut tonight? Nervous? Care to talk about it?

Kelley: Yes I am excited. No Im not really nervous anymore. And No I don▓t want to talk about it because Vince said I couldn▓t tell you about it remember?

Randy: Yeah I know just thought being your big brother and all you wouldn▓t mind sharing a piece of information.

Kelley: No Randy Vince swore me to secrecy on who these people were and Im not supposed to tell anyone, especially the person that is the star of the segment Im doing.

Randy: Okay I tried and I failed.

Kelley: That you did, but anyway I have to go get ready for this thing so I will see you later.

They get up off the couch and she heads towards the door.

Kelley: Oh and Randy?

Randy: Yeah?

Kelley: Wear something sharp.

Randy: You Know I always do.

Kelley rolls her eyes and leaves the room. She gets back to her locker-room and finds Brooke there, smiling at a text on her cell.

Kelley: Let me guess, he▓s about 6▓1, amazing muscles, brown hair and a set of amazing eyes that you cant get enough of? Oh and has the initials CR?

Brooke: How did you guess?

Kelley: The smile and your blushing face .

Brooke: I don▓t blush

Kelley: Wanna bet on that?

Brooke: Nope! So how was talking to Randy?

Kelley: Went good, he doesn▓t like that Im here, but is dealing with it. I have been training for awhile┘hey wait how did you know I went and talked to my brother?

Brooke: Nick

Kelley: Yes of course of course. So you going to accompany Cody to the ring tonight? Im sure he would appreciate it.

Brooke: I don▓t know maybe, and we are just friends so I don▓t know why you▓re giving me that look.

Kelley: Oh yeah you guys are just friends, just like how birds don▓t fly.

Brooke: Very funny

Kelley: Anyway I have to go start getting ready for the segment, so I will see you later and you enjoy that conversation with your lover boy.

Brooke gives Kelley a funny face and throws a pillow at her as she goes to take a shower. About an hour or so later Kelley comes out in a knee length strapless black dress. Her hair is curled and pulled back. She goes over to her suitcase pulls out a pair of heels and then puts some finishing touches on her make-up. She leaves the locker-room and heads towards the entrance ramp. ⌠U and Ur Hand■ by Pink plays over the system and she steps out onto the ramp.

Lillian: And now from St Louis Missouri, Ms. Kelley Orton!

Kelley smiles as she walks down the ramp. The st louis fans erupting with noise. She gets in the ring and takes the mic that Lillian gives her.

Kelley: Hey St Louis, whats up? Anyway by now maybe most of you have realized that my last name is Orton, which isn▓t too common which obviously means Im related to Randy RKO Orton. You see im his little sister. And tonight Im here to do a little segment called ⌠This is your life.■ Where a superstar comes to the ring and out comes important people from his or her life. And tonight you see I get to interview my very own brother, so Randy why don▓t you come on out!

Randy▓s music hit and he comes out in a pair of nice dress pants and a black shirt. He has the first two undone and a big old grin. He walks down the ramp and gives his sister a big hug. The audience gives an ⌠aw■ sound. Kelley hands Randy the mic.

Randy: Well st louis here I am. This is my beautiful baby sister. Anyone harm her and they answer to me. Anyway Im going to give her the mic back.

Kelley: Alright Randy ⌠This is your Life.■ My first guest is someone who has not only here when our father was here, but also fought our grandfather. So Ladies and Gentlemen here is the one the only The Nature Boy Ric Flair!

The crowd erupts into cheers. Out comes The Nature Boy, he walks down the ramp and takes the mic from Kelley▓s hand.

Ric: Wow never did I think that I would ever have two Orton▓s in the ring one time. But this is not about me, this is about Randy. You are young and one of the best champion▓s I have ever met. You are also ambitious and I believe that you will one day get the chance to be champion again one day.

Randy nods in thanks to Ric. Flair hands the mic back to Kelley, she gives him a smile and Ric stands on the other side of Kelley.

Kelley: Alright now our next guest. Randy if it wasn▓t for him, you nor I wouldn▓t be in the spots that we are standing in right now. The man that has always been there for us. He has been our wall through the hard times, especially last year when Grandpa died. He has also our provider. So Randy here is a man that needs no introduction, a man that we both love, Our Dad!

Bob Orton comes out of the entrance. The fans all get on their feet and give the man the standing ovation that he deserves. He gets to the ring and shakes Ric▓s hand. Then he pulls both of his kids into a monster hug and takes the mic away from his youngest child.

Bob Orton: Well Well Well. I never thought I▓d see the day where I would see both of my children in the ring together. Randy since you were young I could tell that you would follow in my steps and your grandfather▓s, may he rest in piece, footsteps. I cant believe how far you▓ve come and the injuries you have had to face. I just hope that you know that I couldn▓t be happier, even right now if you decided to step down and never return to the ring again. I wouldn▓t care because you are my son and im proud of you. Also now that your darling angel of a sister is here, you▓re her protector, and I know you can do it.

Bob hands the mic back to his daughter as he begins to tear up. He steps to the side of Ric Flair.

Kelley: Thanks dad. That was a great speech. Now Randy we arent done. You debuted here in the WWE almost five years ago. You met several people here when you first got here but one sticks out in particular. They were the very first person you met, besides Vince. Im not saying their name, they are just going to come out here

Randy has a confused expression on his face and has no idea what his sister talking about, but when a certain intro of a theme song comes on Randy▓s face soon blanks and his eyes widen. The four occupants of the ring look up at the top of the ring as the person walks down. Randy stares at the person, then looks at his sister, back and forth until the person gets in the ring and takes the mic from Kelley▓s hands.

Person: Hello Randy.

Randy in barely but a whisper but caught on the mic says

Randy: Stacy┘.

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