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It had been over a year since Stacy had returned to RAW and Kelley had made her debut. Things between Randy and Stacy were going strong and she had forgiven him a long time ago for what had happened after that Wrestlemania. This past summer they had gone on a vacation to some of the most relaxing parts of Mexico, by themselves just to relax and get away from the stress of being a RAW superstar. They both came back dark, happy and stress free.

As for Randy's little sister, Kelley, well she had done a lot in the past year as well. She became a top diva, tag teaming alongside Stacy and Brooke Hogan. Most of the divas she had become friends with. However Brooke and Stacy had become her best friends. A few months after she joined the roster, and she had gained popularity, Vince gave her an onscreen storyline with Nick Hogan. It was weird at first, just because he was Brooke's little brother and Randy was watching her every move. However that onscreen romance went from just acting to real love. The two couldn't be separated, no matter where they went. Pictures were snapped and put in almost every magazine you could think of.

As for Brooke and Cody? Well they hit it off right away. A relationship so intense and full with passion that it sometimes made everyone else sick. As for the four of them, the four of them being Kelley, Brooke, Cody and Nick, they were called The Fab Four. They did everything together. In and out of the ring. Vacations, parties, etc. You name it, the Fab Four were probably there.

Like all couples, they fought, but fighting made the relationships stronger, or so they thought.

Present Day:

Nick and Cody's locker room:

Cody: Hey it's coming up on a year for you and Kelley isn't it?

Nick: Yea it is…

Nick trailed off as his phone played the song "Crazy Bitch" and he answered the text.

Cody: Dude that song has been playing non stop all day, who is that?

Nick: It's the song that plays for all my friends back home

Cody: Ah ok then

Cody rolled his eyes at Nick and went back to texting Brooke, things were going great but as of lately things had been weird. Her texts were off and she just wasn't the same, but he figured he would perk back up to her old self in no time.

Nick: What was that look for?

Cody: Nothing man, nothing.

Nick: Sure

Cody: Something just seems off that's all, you and Kelley are doing okay right?

Nick: What's that supposed to mean? Like everything with my sister and you are perfect.

Cody: Hey don't get on my case

Nick: Then don't get on mine

Cody: Damn man you're grouchy, still ticked off that the Little Orton isn't having sex with you?

Nick: My sex life is none of your business

Cody: Haha what sex life?

Nick: Nevermind

Cody gave Nick a weird look and grabbed his shower kit and clothes for later and headed to the shower.

Cody: Okay if your sister stops by or calls just tell her I will either call her back or just have her stay here

Nick: Will do

Cody walked out of the room, shaking his head at the younger Hogan. There had always been something off with the two second generation brother-sister pair, but he could never put his finger on it. Who knew though? He had his half brother Dustin, but they weren't that close in age, so maybe that had something to do with the closeness they had,

Thirty minutes later, he's walking back to his locker-room. As he reaches for the partially opened door, "Crazy Bitch" rang out, he sees Nick answer the phone and decides to wait.

Nick: Hey what's up?


Nick: Yeah Yeah I know, but things are complicated with work and other things


Nick: I'll try and see what I can do, alright? I miss you too but things right now are just not working out like Brooke and I would them too, okay?


Nick: Yeah yeah I'll ring ya later…peace!

As Nick hangs up the phone, Cody walks back into the room and puts his stuff in the bag.

Cody: Hey man who was that?

Nick: An old friend from home, god why are you always on my case?

Cody: Dude what is up with you tonight? Actually these past couple of months, you have been jumpy and


Nick: My god you're being the prick, and what's been up with you? Are you pissed off because my sister isn't giving it up?

Cody: Dude, chill out. It's my decision not to have sex remember?

Nick: Oh yeah that's right, man what's your problem?

Cody: Sorry I was raised different.

Nick: Man whatever, look I have to go make a few calls about some things, alright I will see you in a bit.

Cody: Whatever man, see you in a bit.

Nick leaves and Cody goes back to unloading his suitcase for the nights events. He had something special planned for Brooke, and he would hope that it would make their relationship stronger and make the coming New Year would be an eventful one for them. But first he would find out what the younger Hogan was up to before he did anything…

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