Changing POV's, You tell Me who you think is narrating which part

Confidence is a Must

His walk is like a model, no it's better than a model, because he knows that he's better than anyone else. So maybe I need to work on mine.

Happiness is a Plus

Is it sad that all of this fake world of drinking and drugs makes me happy? Can I stay here forever? Or should I grow up and bring him with me?

Edginess is a Rush

My attitude needs some work. Even my friends doesn't like to be around me anymore. Can I fix it?

Edges, I like 'em Rough

But he's still the same. Goddamn him. If i stay the same, I'm too young and immature, but if i become him, he hates me.

A Man with a Midas Touch

Anything he does is Perfect, so am I Perfect?

Intoxicate me, On the Rush

Just give me something to make my thoughts go away for a while. I won't tell if you don't

Stop, You're making me blush, People are looking at us.

Hold me close in secret, but when they're here, you push me away. Or am I Really pushing you away?

Interesting Sense of Style

Why try to blend in, when you're born to stand out.

Ten Million Dollar Smile

Well that works for me. No one else has as great a smile as me. No wonder everyone calls me sunshine.

Think I can Handle that

Just because i do drugs doesn't make me an addict. I can stop whenever I want

Animal in the Sack

Okay, Everyone says Brian Kinney's the Best lay in all of Pittsburgh, but when we're together, it even Better.

His Eyes See Right to my Soul

He knows I love him, what more does he want, me to say it. No Way.

I surrender Self Control

Strip me down and tie me up. It's all about trust. You know?

Catch me Looking Again

Just because i can't have him, doesn't mean i can't look.

Falling right into my plan

This will all work out for the best.

A line from the movie "What a Girl Wants" I just changed it a bit.

So this started out as an addiction to the song RADAR by Britney Spears, and i went from there... Hope you all like it, just a short little fic-lett.

Sorry to those who wanted a continuation of "Hello" but i'm not really feeling that story right now. Maybe sometime in the future.