Rating: T for language

Spoilers: Everything including the last 3 eps of the last series of Dr Who

Pairings: Many and varied

Summary: When Jack returns to the Hub after The Year That Never Was he finds a less than warm welcome and the team breaking up. Crossover with SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis

Disclaimer: Don't own any of it. I do own Delilah she's an OC from my Atlantis fics

Authors Notes: Bit of an angsty one from me this time as the bunny just wouldn't give up. He fancied seeing what would happen if things weren't all moonlight and roses when Jack got back.

Jack strode across the plaza and jumped on the kerbstone lift, he couldn't wait to see his team again, the memory of them and the things they'd done had kept him going through the months of torture at the hands of the Master. Owen, Gwen and Tosh looked around at the sound of the lift and saw the bottom of a long blue coat come into view, Gwen gave a squeal, leapt off her chair, ran towards the lift and threw herself into his arms

"Oh thank God you're ok, what the hell happened to you, where have you been?" she said. Jack laughed

"All in good time" he said

"I'll go and get some coffee and then you can explain everything" replied Gwen as Jack walked towards the others. He looked at their faces and saw they were not so pleased to see him

"Owen" said Jack as he stuck out his hand, Owen defiantly shoved his hands in his pockets

"S'pose you'll be wanting your desk back?" he said as he pushed past him and began to clear his stuff off Jack's desk. Jack held his arms out to Tosh

"Tosh" he said, expecting her to give him a hug, instead she slapped him hard across the face

"Bastard, you abandon us and run off with the Doctor, no reason, no explanation, nothing, we spend months searching for you and then you stroll in here like nothing's happened and expect us to be pleased to see you" she spat. Jack recoiled from the fury on her face as Gwen appeared with three cups of coffee

"Tosh please, let him explain first" she said, Jack looked at the floor

"I can't, not yet I need time, I will tell you I promise but not yet" he said. Tosh snorted in disgust

"Typical Jack Harkness, fine keep your bloody secrets see if I care, Ianto was right you are a monster" she said, Jack looked around, for the one person missing from this gathering

"Where is Ianto?" he asked. Gwen, Owen and Tosh all looked at each other

"Gone" said Owen

"Gone? What do you mean gone" retorted Jack

"He left three months ago, he went to America with his neighbour Delilah, he works for Stargate Command now" replied Tosh with smug satisfaction. The colour drained from Jack's face, the one person he desperately wanted to see had gone

"Why?" he asked in a whisper

"Why do you think? You left him and ran off with the Doctor" said Tosh

"Tosh" said Gwen, a warning tone creeping into her voice but Tosh was on a roll.

"No Gwen, I'm not going to mollycoddle him, he's going to hear this like it or not, Ianto loved you and you just messed with him, teased him, used him and when you got tired of him you moved on to someone else, the Doctor of all people. He was there when Torchwood One was destroyed, when Lisa was being turned into a Cyberman and he blamed the Doctor for all of that, for God's sake that's why Torchwood was created in the first place, to track the Doctor down and you run off with him, you betrayed Ianto and I will never forgive you for that" she yelled. Tosh sat down with her back to him so he couldn't see the tears running down her face, Owen put his hand on her shoulder and took up the tirade

"He was really cut up when you left but when he saw you on the news, running around London with the Doctor and the coloured bird and Harold Saxon saying that you were all 'Britain's Most Wanted', that's when he really flipped" he said

"Flipped?" Jack said fearfully

"Yeah, he went totally tonto when he saw that news report and smashed the place up, it took all three of us to hold him down" Owen replied. Jack put his head in his hands

"Oh my God, I had no idea" he said

"Bet you never gave us a second thought, didya?" Owen sneered

"Owen" pleaded Gwen

"Anyway, we asked Delilah to look after him while Harold bloody Saxon sent us off to the Himalayas, he came back to work then three months ago he told us him and Delilah were off to the States, the end" he said

"Why didn't you stop him, retcon him or something?" ask Jack

"Because he deserves better that's why" snapped Tosh. Owen patted her on the shoulder

"C'mon lets go and 'celebrate' " he emphasised the celebrate "our leaders return in the pub" he said, Tosh wiped her eyes and grabbed her coat

"Coming Gwen?" she asked. Gwen looked from them to Jack, who was now slumped on his desk with his head in his arms

"I'll join you later" she said as she gently squeezed Jack's shoulder, letting him know she was still there for him.