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A few weeks later...

Jack padlocked the front door of the little tourist office that was Torchwood Three's cover, it really was the end, he didn't doubt for a moment that the Torchwood Committee would let it lay idle, someone would take over in the future, build their own team, have their own adventures with the rift and the Weevils, but those adventures wouldn't include him. He'd returned to the hub without Ianto and told Tosh he'd given Samantha Carter a glowing reference, she could go with his blessing and take anything from the archives with her that would help the Atlantis Project, he then told Owen he'd do everything in his power to help in their take over of Torchwood Two. The rift between him and his team had mended after he'd told them about his leaving with the Doctor, truth about Harold Saxon and what had happened in The Year That Never Was, after that he'd thrown a leaving party that Cardiff would remember for years.

"Are you sure about this Jack?" asked the Doctor, Jack turned to his friend and smiled

"Yeah, I'm sure, we've been together for too long so I'll never be happy with another team, it's best to leave now and be happy knowing everyone is doing what they've wanted all along, including me" he replied with a grin. He picked up his bag and walked towards the Tardis,

"Ready?" the Doctor asked, Jack nodded, put his fingers to his mouth and whistled,

"You sure you don't mind me bringing her?" he said as Myfanwy swooped out of the sky and through the open door of the Tardis, both he and the Doctor winced at the yells and blue language coming from Donna,

"Not at all" the Doctor replied, Jack chuckled,

"It's good to be back" he said.

A year after that...

"How about a trip to Atlantis?" said the Doctor,

"Thanks, I'd like to see how Tosh and Ianto are doing" Jack replied. A couple of days ago they'd stopped off in Scotland to see Owen and Gwen, he'd been shocked by the change in both of them, they'd moved the offices of Torchwood Two out of Glasgow and into Torchwood House where they'd organised and archived all the files and artefacts that had been collecting dust over one hundred years, with help from one of Delilah's niece's who Ianto had sent to them saying she'd be an ideal Torchwood agent. The change in Owen had been incredible, he was no longer the hard drinking, womanizer he'd been in Cardiff, the way he'd thrown himself into the work of making Torchwood Two a success had made him almost unrecognisable, he'd become so dedicated to his work and the team he'd built from nothing that Jack couldn't help but feel proud of him, something he thought would never happen. Gwen had toughened up but not so much that she'd lost that spark of humanity that Jack had always admired, if anything it had grown, she was the mother hen of the group in Torchwood House, always there for anyone who needed her, Jack wondered that, maybe, if she'd joined his team earlier Suzie wouldn't have gone off the rails, Ianto may not have kept so much hurt bottled up and Tosh wouldn't have worked herself to a frazzle. He could see that Owen and Gwen's team were more like family to them than his team had been to him, they way Gwen chivvied them out of the door and sent them home in the evenings, they way she included everyone in the work, making sure no-one felt they were overlooked in anyway, when he left a couple of days later he knew Torchwood was in the right hands.

The Tardis had landed on the East Pier of Atlantis next to the Daedalus, Jack insisted that they go and present themselves to Colonel Samantha Carter, to avoid complications he'd said, the Doctor was all for just strolling in and damn the consequences until he'd come face to face with Major Lorne the head of security, 'ok maybe I should go and say hi to Colonel Carter' he'd said after arguing the toss with Major Lorne for ten minutes, which had ended in Lorne threatening to shoot him if he said another word. While Jack, the Doctor and Donna were with Colonel Carter Myfanwy had gone looking for food, following her nose she had found her way to the mess hall where she'd spotted Ianto, happy to see her friend again she launched herself at him with a screech, knocking him on his back in the process. Sam Carter had received a number of panicked calls from people in the mess hall saying that some kind of prehistoric bird was attacking one of the Daedalus crew, when Sam and the others arrived they found Myfanwy sitting on the back of Ianto's chair glaring at Major Lorne, Colonel Sheppard and their teams who were still pointing guns at her. Jack explained that Myfanwy wasn't dangerous just protective and the fact that she'd already given Dr's Radek Zelenka and Lindsey Novak a nasty nip was just her way of showing them who was number one in Tosh and Ianto's affections. The reunion had been a riotous affair even by Sheppard's standards, he'd learned that Tosh was something of a hero in the science department due to the way she took no crap from Dr Rodney McKay, Jack supposed it was due to the fact she'd worked with himself and Owen for so long that she could put up with anything. He understood from others that she'd become close to Dr Radek Zelenka and it made Jack incredibly happy, Tosh had never been sure of herself, sexually, and had used her work at Torchwood as an excuse to avoid relationships at all costs, they all had one way or another, seeing her so relaxed in the company of the scruffy Czech scientist made him glad she'd done the right thing by leaving Torchwood and joining the Atlantis Project.

Jack leaned back in his chair and watched the others in the group on the balcony, his main interest was Ianto, he wasn't the same man he'd said goodbye to a year ago, the young Welshman had grown, he wasn't the bitter man who'd greeted him in the video link back when he'd first tracked him to the SGC or the lost, lonely man with a haunted air about him that Jack had known in Cardiff. The job on the Daedalus and the love of Lindsey Novak had changed Ianto beyond all recognition, Jack could see the confidence that he'd never seen in Ianto before, the way he laughed and joked with the Atlantis crew that had joined in this particular party, even the way he reacted to the Doctor. Jack had made a point of introducing them, Ianto had been a little stiff at first but after they had talked for a while he could see Ianto unbending, maybe even understanding what the Doctor had gone through at the battle of Canary Wharf, he couldn't quite suppress the little spark of jealousy when he saw the way Ianto looked at Lindsey, he'd never looked at him that way, open and honest joy of love and being loved in return, he could see why Ianto had done everything he could to get Lisa back, he would do the same for Lindsey too. Jack watched Myfanwy showing off, diving for fish and making Delilah's stepdaughter laugh, he watched Tosh, Radek and the Doctor arguing over some scientific problem and Donna telling a joke to Delilah and her husband Evan, Ianto and Lindsey were standing at the rail watching the sunset, Jack sighed as he wandered over to join the group, everyone was happy, especially him, he could travel the stars again with a clear conscious.