Werewolves- an anonymous letter to the Daily Prophet

To the good wizards of the world, I bring this tragic truth to your attention:

What would you do if you were a werewolf? How would you handle it if, once every full moon, your body changed into that of a murderous, raving beast?

Would you deny it, refuse to acknowledge the truth and thereby placing the humans around you in danger, or accept, and resign yourself to a life of eternal solitude, not allowing yourself to become close to anyone for fear of what might happen to them, if one night the door was not properly closed?

Perhaps worst of all, would you embrace it?

Abandon your human and wizard ties and restraints to live life fully in the company of your fellow werewolves? Forget all that was you before the bite and scorn all civilization as a by-product of lesser beings, who deserve only the release of a Bite?

All of these options have been tried out by numerous wizard and muggle werewolves, but sadly the last one is becoming more and more popular, as common wizard society is not the most tolerant. In fact, if a werewolf discloses, for example when searching for a job, that he is in fact a werewolf, he is shown out the back door(as no one wants to have been seen at their own front door with a known monster)faster than you can say unfair.

Such is the status-nullifying effect of being bitten that all new victims are shunned from the moment the jaws have clamped down, the so-called "normal folks" claiming they must have been in fault themselves- Why else would such a terrible punishment have been inflicted on them?

To my ears, this reasoning smacks of medieval muggle superstition. They used to believe that illnesses stemmed from god, a retribution for some great evil the sick person had done.

The poor thing is left alone to handle his (or her) heavy burden, a pariah, while the entire wizard society turn their nose up, professing to shocked new insiders(1) that they "brought it upon themselves".

The truth is that the real culprits behind our wizard's version of lepra is none other than the corupt and ineffective goverment, who refuse to even consider any way in which the plague may be dammed. I wonder how Fudge would react if he were treated in the same way?

I say we denounce this foul treatment of our fellow human being, and work together for a better future for all!

(1)Who are usually muggleborns, eleven year old unschooled children who none the less, coming from a much more (though not perfect) advanced society when it comes to democracy, the justice system and not only being, but creature rights, see the wrongs that we ourselves, having been raised to turn a deaf ear, cannot or will not, perceive.

Sincerely, anonymous.