After I read what JK made HErmione do to her parents, this would not let me go. anyway, i don't own harry potter

She hadn't been herself.

Normally that sort of a statement was for someone who was ill, whether mentally or physically it didn't particularly matter. But this time she had literally not been herself.

Hermione, her daughter, her beautiful, talented daughter, had used magic on her, on her husband. For several months she and her husband had not remembered a thing about their true lives, about how they met, about raising their daughter. They had been completely different people and it was all because of her daughter. Because she had decided that they could not protect themselves. Their daughter had decided that she knew better than them and that since she had the power to do something she had the right to do it.

She looked at her daughter carefully. How many things had she been caused to forget? How many people in this world had their minds violated, for there was no other word for it, in this way?

Was that why they had agreed to send Hermione to that awful school? Was that why they had not taken her away after her second year? After her fourth? After her fifth? Was it all because someone had violated their minds? Because someone had taken the decision from her and then waved their stick so everything would be okay?

Her stomach revolted and she turned away from her daughter and ran to the bathroom to promptly empty its contents. By almost random chance, at least a million people in the world had been given the power to remove, modify and even control other people's minds and they didn't feel the least bit guilty about using that power on anyone who didn't.

She threw up again and spent the rest of the night crying. Over and over between the tears and the gasps she whispered,

"Who am I?"

No one answered.

Like i said, after reading that part, this would not let me and has been demanding to be written for a long time but it's only been today that the words have come to me. tell me what you think please