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He tried not to look at the person at his side, the beautiful girl dressed all in white with a lacy veil obscuring her face. They told him that this was his daughter. They told him that he was giving his daughter away to the scrawny boy who stood at the end of the aisle. But that couldn't be right.

His daughter was a strong, sweet, intelligent, level headed girl who always stood up for what was right over what was easy. His daughter never settled for being second best in anything. His daughter was someone who trusted him, someone who trusted her mother. His daughter listened to all sides of an argument before she made a decision. His daughter would have talked to them and explained things. His daughter was proud of her heritage.

This stranger had no qualms with waving her stick and controlling them, as if they weren't really capable of making their own decisions. The stranger did not mind that she made the woman that was her mother into a mental wreck. This stranger was rash and over emotional. She didn't like to be reminded that she was perfectly capable of using a telephone, that she really did know what electricity was.

The man in dark robes began to speak while he took his place and his mind began to wander. When did he loose his baby girl and gain this stranger? Was it during her first year at that school when, for reasons he still couldn't figure out, they failed to take her away after she nearly died in the troll incident? Was it during her second year after they again failed to withdraw her from that school, despite yet another close brush with death?

He tried and failed to come up with a year that his darling, precious daughter wasn't threatened with death while at school and he tried and failed to think of a time when he and his wife went through with the decision to help their daughter and take her away from the danger. He tried and failed to think of a time that their daughter came to them for help instead of depending on the magical adults she knew.

And now it was too late. All they had left was this person they didn't really know.

As he glanced at his wife, who would still cry in her sleep despite constant reassurance that all magical tampering had been removed from their minds, and then glanced at the stranger that was their child, he tried to make himself believe that maybe, just maybe, giving her away to this world was the best thing, that allowing the two red headed parents to take their daughter away and treat her as their own was a good thing. He and his wife didn't know her anymore.

After all, they couldn't help her anymore than they had been able to help her in the past. They couldn't smile and be happy for her while she stole memories from other people's minds, when she manipulated their memories and left them with empty words and pretty lies. They couldn't always pretend to be happy that she married someone who didn't deserve her, someone who they didn't know. This was for the best.

But that didn't stop the ache in his chest or stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks as the bride and the groom kissed and then disappeared with a small pop, leaving nothing to suggest that they had ever been there.

We know all about the Weasley family, we know about the stupid Dursleys, and what do we know about the Grangers? That they're dentists. This seriously bugs me