A/N: This is my newest Van Helsing fic and Unlike Mistaken it is NOT a Dracula pairing in fact Dracula is completely EVIL! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! But Iwon't give it all away. Here is the summaty First chapter up soon as well as my next chapter for Mistaken!



Lyndis Everheart fled Transylvania 21 years ago with her lover Chase O'Neill an American treasure hunter, adventure seeker to escape the oppressive and seductive Count Vladislaus Dragulia who isn't willing to let her go.

17 year old Silver has never understood her mother's fear of Halloween. Silver's birthday and the anniversary of her father's death. This year, her eighteenth birthday, her mother has finally allowed her to attend a friend's Halloween party. Later that night she gets a strange feeling and heads home early unaware that what she will find there will change her life forever…