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Chapter 5

It had been a little more than a month since Silver and her mother had fled and Natalie was missing her friend terrible, but she and Kester were received regular letters from Silver, as that was safer than a computer, which could be much more easily traced. Kester doubted Dracula was very up on current technology but it wouldn't be too hard for the vampire king to find someone in today's world who knew what he or she were doing.

After a long day of training at head quarters Kester came home, hungry and tired but well satisfied with how he had done. Half wishing he could have gone with Silver to help protect her, true he had given her weapons but she didn't have any training. He sighed as he closed the front door.

"Kester dear, a man came to the door saying he needed to speak with you." The teenager was only half paying attention, "I told him you weren't here but he insisted that he wait for you in your room," The colour drained from Kester's face.

His mother knew not to let people in his room with out him there. She knew he kept sensitive materials in there as part of his work. One look at her dull looking eyes and soft smile confirmed what he already knew, she was enthralled.

"Thanks mom, "He called and dashed up the stairs three at a time, his mind raced like it was racing the Indy five hundred, had he left the letters out? He hoped his memory was wrong. Prayed that the count had not found the tell tale letters or even so much as an envelope.

The bedroom door was open and there stood Dracula wearing a serene smile and holding an envelope in his hands. Kester mentally cursed himself as ten different kinds of idiot.

"Put that down blood sucker!" He growled at the Count.

Smirking the vampire tossed the envelope back onto the desk where he had found it, "I already know where they are hiding boy, and you are too late!"

"I won't let you hurt them!" leaping forward a silver stake gleaming in his hand, Kester struck hard and fast. The vampire deflected the teenager's blow and moved like lightening with palm strike, like a kick from a horse, to Kester's chest. The teen was blasted back against the wall.

"What do you think a pathetic hunter like you can do for them? You cannot even land a single blow on me. " The vampires dark chuckle chilled Kester like someone had run a cold clammy finger down his spine, "No man can defeat me." With that the Count was gone.

Natalie had heard the commotion and rushed to her brother's side, "Kester!" supporting him she helped him sit upright and regain his breath, "What happened?" Even with her music blaring in her ears as she did homework she had heard and felt how hard Kester had hit the wall and come to investigate.

"He knows," still dizzy from the blow it was all Kester could manage to say for the moment. Having been helped to his bed to sit he recovered more quickly. Once his ears had stopped ringing like fire alarms he explained to his sister, "We have to warn the order. Then I have to go and find Silver, I have to get to her before he does. You go and help mom." Their mother would be very dazed and confused once Dracula's trance wore off and Natalie would be more of a comfort to her than her brother,

The doors to the American Branch of the Knights of the Holy Order crashed like thunder as Kester thrust them open. He had to find the Bishop in charge of their forces…

"Kester?" He looked over to see Thomas wearing some ridiculous goggles that made his eyes look huge, "What are you doing here? I thought you went home already."

"No time to chat. Thom where is Bishop Tobias?"

"Well Carl showed up out of the blue so…"

"Just tell me where he is!?"

Thomas blinked and pointed over towards the information centre where knights received their missions and debriefed afterwards. Kester hurried over barely registering the short blond friar who stood with their leader.

"Your Eminence! We have a big problem!" He bent over on his knees panting a little, damn he was still a little short of breath from when the vampire had struck him.

"Kester, good to see you!" The blond friar, Carl, was from the head quarters in the Vatican, "What is this problem, you seem awfully worked up about it." Carl knew the most of the knights well enough to know that Kester was not given to exaggeration.

"Carl." It was the entire greeting he could spare, "Your Eminence will remember my suspicions of a month ago?"

"About Dracula, yes. That is why Carl has come to us, though we have no proof to show him…"

"I've just seen him with my own eyes! We never had any doubt it was a vampire, but now I have seen the Count as solid as you are now." He hastily pulled the buttons of his shirt open, "He struck me," The grape stain of a bruise the size of someone's hand was already forming on his chest, "he must have figured out that I was in contact with Silver. He has discovered their hiding place."

"These are the women you told me of Tobias?" Carl turned to see the Bishop nod, "That is indeed a problem. I cannot guess why Dracula pursues them with such determination. I would bet my life that whatever his reasons that it will not bode well for anyone but Dracula. We must go and find the Everhearts and place them under the Order's direct protection. We must make it a small elite force to avoid notice, Kester you know them best they are most likely to trust you over me, you must come with me."

"I had planned on going whether you asked me or not. It is my fault that Dracula discovered their hiding place." Kester's eyes glowed with hot embers of determination, he only hoped that they would not be too late.

Lyndis was home alone in the small, quaint colonial home they had rented in the Boston suburbs. Sliver was out at a job interview, despite her mother's protests. She had dinner ready and keeping in the oven. Enraptured in her book she relaxed in the living room until clammy fingers crawled up her spine, sending her into high alert. Rising from her chair her head whipping up and around like an alert doe.

"You have become more instinctive since the last time we were together in Transylvania my dear. I had not noticed before," melting out of the shadows the Count seemed to melt out of some dark nether world into reality.

"How did you get in?" half a step back was all Lyndis allowed herself, she would not cower before him in fear.

"You knew my powers would grow Lyndis," he floated towards her, his steps making not a sound, "You see with the help of some strong friends, I no longer require and invitation."

His smile was slow, radiating confidence and raw sexuality, his voice dropped and octave, husky with desire," Can you not see? There is no hope to fight me, to escape. It is impossible," his hands glided over her bare arms to her shoulders, "why fight at all? Why not give into feelings of the past and let them just… wash over you."

His voice echoed in her head dizzyingly. Stirring her mind, bringing to the surface memories of what it was like to be the object of his attentions. Doted on and adored. The feel of his lips on her skin, his voice purring in her ear, Faster and faster the memories came a torrential flash flood of emotions she had put behind her when she married Chase. As he caressed her shoulders all her fear was washed away like a fishing dingy over taken by a typhoon.

"That's it," he purred, a tiger in a human guise. The Count gently tilted her head up gazing directly into her foggy eyes with his now glowing blue ones, "relax Lyndis, all is right in the world." He drew her in, a fly in his spider's web of seduction and old memories from before Chase had even existed to her. Cool softness, like snake skin, met warm velvet as he leaned down, sealing his spell with a passionate reminder of what they had once had,

His lips pulled away from hers leaving Lyndis flushed and panting. Caressing her cheek he tilted her head to the side exposing the smooth cream column of her throat. Her soft moan of pleasure at his touch, her fluttering eye lashes, made him smirk, "You are mine~"

"Mrs. Everheart! Wake up!

Eyes snapping open Lyndis sat up, her head almost colliding with Kester's, "Where is Dracula!?"

"It's all right Mrs. Everheart, we got here in time and scared him off."

"Kester…" she murmured, he mind churning and spinning like she had just gotten of a tilt-a-whirl, "What are you doing here? What do you mean we?"

A blond man in Friar's robes stepped through the front door, "damn it! He escaped us. Not that we have a way of killing him just now…after all where does one find a werewolf in a major city?" He did not appear aware that he had an audience as he muttered to himself.

"Mrs. Everheart, this is Carl. He is the partner and friend of Gabriel Van Helsing." The friar seemed startled to realize others were in the same room as him.

"Ah yes, you are Lyndis. When Rome heard the report I knew I must come at once. Van Helsing was on a mission and could not be contacted."

"Mom!" Silver shoved passed the friar, almost knocking him over, "Mom, what happened? Are you all right? What is with the goon squad outside?" She helped her mother off of the floor and into a chair.

"Dearest I am all right, just give me a moment to rest."

"It's all my fault." Kester had retreated to the far end of the room when silver came in, "Dracula enthralled my mother… he… he found your letters, Silver. I am so sorry, I should have hidden-" The air was knocked from his lungs as Silver flew across the room to hug him tightly.

"You saved us Kester, that is all the matters. I missed you." She said softly, "I missed you." The knight's face look like he had spent too much time in the sun, as he tried to formulate the words to tell Silver that he had missed her too.

"Ahem… I hate to break this up but we should move this reunion to a later time." Carl said seemingly amused by Kester's flustered state, "After all we are still in danger here."

"Y-Yes , Carl is absolutely right!" Kester cleared his throat and took a deep breath, "we will have to move you and your mother again it seems."

Sliver sighed and nodded, "I will find the cases." She went to the closet under the stairs and pulled out suitcases from there.

As they packed Lyndis explained to Carl and Kester what had happened and how Dracula had revealed to her that his power was indeed growing. This was a cause of concern for Carl, it soon spouted an argument, the friar wanted them to take sanctuary in one of the many bases of the Order scattered across the continent.

"I will not cower in a church and wait for him to come for me!" Lyndis eyes flared like a forest fire and the Friar felt the heat but he would not be cowed.

"But you cannot protect yourselves! The weapons you have are impressive I grant you, but you have no training in combating this kind of threat."

"My husband battled them for years!" She shot back, "Believe me I picked up a few things!"

"You are one woman and a teenaged girl! He is Dracula lord of the undead newly realizing his powers! I would consider you lucky to be alive except that the only reason you would be is he wants you that way! Which I cannot figure out the reason for!"

"Move us to California!" Silver put in suddenly, her voice quiet but firm. The argument froze as if she had poured liquid nitrogen on it. She looked at her mother meaningfully, "Don't you always tell me not to ignore a solution without offering another in exchange? California is not too far from Texas." She grinned wickedly, "I think it is time to call in the cavalry, don't you mom?"

Lyndis sighed and smiled at her daughter, "Always seeing the easy answer, are you not my dear. I agree California is a good idea."

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