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Summary: Another dark Naruto fic, but with a twist kind of. Instead of just Naruto betraying the village. He is joined by his new friends, Shikamaru, Choji, and Kiba. Now they will train under the legendary snake sannin, as well as work with the other sound 5. They also meet their new friends Gaara and Matsuri during this time. Orochimaru calls this new 5 man team, the Sound 5 Beta Squad. With their help, and their new powers of the cursed seal, the leaf might finally meet their match. And unlike most dark stories, leaving some of the cool characters alive is boring. So expect some carnage and death of main characters at the chunnin exams. The pairings will be: NarutoxTayuya, GaaraxMatsuri, ShikamaruxKin, playing around with the idea of OrochimaruxTsunade, even though it would make me gag. I don't know who else, might bring Anko as well as a female Haku into the fold as well, if you have any idea for any of the characters not listed for pairings, then speak up.

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Chapter 1

8 year old Naruto sat silently in the single swing in the park. Every other kid stayed away, because their parents told them that it was known as the demon's area, and only one person goes there. Naruto glanced around to see every one going home with their parents, not even giving him a second glance. "Why do they hate me," Naruto sniffled. There was a soft bark from nearby, and Naruto turned to see a small white dog looking at him with worry. "Hey there, at least you're not scared of me."

"Akamaru!" a voice called from somewhere to the boys left. He turned to see a young boy with a grey jacket walking towards them. Akamaru quickly turned and jumped into his owner's arms. The boy then looked up, noticing Naruto for the first time.

"Hey, you're that Uzumaki kid from class right?" the boy asked. Naruto merely nodded, his body beginning to shake in fear. "Are you okay…"

"N-Naruto," the blonde boy finished, since the boy didn't know his first name.

"Nice to meet you Naruto," the boy said in greeting. "My name is Kiba…Kiba Inuzuka."

"Y-You're not afraid?" Naruto asked.

"No, I think you look nice, maybe we could be friends, and become ninja together," Kiba said with a grin. Naruto slowly grinned to, he had finally found his first friend.

"Hey, are you two the only other ones here?" another voice asked.

"Guess so," Kiba replied as he glanced behind him.

"How troublesome," another voice spoke up.

"Hey, aren't you guys the Akimichi and Nara kids?" Kiba asked.

"Yep," the first voice said. "I'm named Choji…Choji Akimichi."

"And I'm Shikamaru…Shikamaru Nara," the second kid said as he walked up. Choji had a green unbuttoned shirt over a white shirt with the symbol for the Akimichi clan on it. He also had brown hair. Shikamaru had his black hair in a ponytail, and what looked like a small grey chest guard under a grey shirt, which had the symbol for the Nara clan on the sleeve. "You two are Naruto and Kiba."

"Yes," Kiba grinned.

"Y-Yeah, we're in the same class in the academy," Naruto shivered.

"Don't be afraid, why don't we all become friends then," Choji suggested. "We can be the 4 amigos."

"Troublesome," Shikamaru sighed.

"Hey, I like that idea!" Kiba exclaimed.

"M-Me too," Naruto agreed.

"Fine, we will be the 4 amigos," Shikamaru said with another sigh.

"So, you want to play some games?" Naruto asked. He was really happy now, in one day he made three new friends, and he thought it couldn't get any better.

"Sure, let's play," Kiba said. "Want to Akamaru?" The small white gave a soft bark from inside Kiba's jacket. "I'll take that as a yes." Akamaru nodded quickly, which made the four kids laugh. Naruto jumped out of the swing, and the friends ran off the play around the playground, hoping that their parents wouldn't show up too soon. Well, the others hoped, Naruto didn't have to worry.


"See that," a man whispered to another group of men.

"Yeah, those three are playing with the demon," another said.

"Did their parents ever tell them not too?" another one asked.

"They are from the Akimichi, Nara, and Inuzuka clans right?" a fourth man asked.

"Yeah, we should teach them all a lesson for hanging around with a demon," the first man snarled.

"Yeah!" the entire group cheered as they got whatever they could grab to use on the kids.

"They will learn that they shouldn't hang around with that brat the hard way," the second man snarled. The group then headed for the four friends, who were oblivious to the coming danger. The group of men were also unaware of a pair of yellow snake like eyes listening to them.

"KuKuKu," the man chuckled. "I should teach them a fatal lesson, that you shouldn't be that mean to little brats…I mean kids." The man jumped onto the ground from the tree he was in, and followed the men towards the kids.


Naruto and the others were playing ninja, until a rock hit Naruto in the side of the head, making him fall. "Ow," the blond complained.

"Who threw that?" Kiba snarled as he turned to look for the attacker. Akamaru sniffed the air before barking in a particular direction. The others turned to see a mob of villagers coming towards them. "What do you want?" Kiba snarled.

"To punish you three for hanging around a monster," the first man growled.

"What monster? The only monsters I see are you," Choji declared.

"We'll make you pay for that," another man hissed. They took their weapons and ran forward. Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji stood there ground, figuring they were trying to hurt Naruto more than them, since they hit him first. Shikamaru glanced backwards to see Naruto quivering in fear. Shikamaru sighed as he turned back to the villagers.

"Poor kid, they must have done some awful stuff to him to make him afraid of others,"Shikamaru told himself. Before the group could get any closer, the first row of men became a head shorter as their heads were sliced clean off by a long blade.

"KuKuKu," the new arrival chuckled. "I don't think you guys are playing nice, maybe I should punish you for being rude to these innocent kids, what do you say?" The men backed away as they realized who it was. "Oh, am I scaring you, what a shame." The man pulled out a few shuriken and threw them at the man. He then did a few hand seals and grinned, "Shuriken! Shadow Replication!" The few shuriken multiplied into hundreds of exact clones of the shuriken, each hitting into a man and killing them. The man chuckled slightly as he turned to the four shivering kids. "Are you little ones okay?"

"Yes," Kiba said with a nod.

"Good, my name is Orochimaru by the way," the man introduced himself. "Why don't you come with me to my village, Otogakure."

"Why?" Choji asked.

"Well, when you are there, people wont hate you for being with someone who is different," Orochimaru explained. "Not even you Naruto, will be hated like you are here."

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, I can guarantee you all become ninja, and have a good home, not be known as losers or pranksters," Orochimaru smirked.

"I'll go," Naruto said as he stood up.

"You sure?" Shikamaru asked. Naruto simply nodded as he walked up to stand beside Orochimaru.

"I can't let Naruto be the only one to become a powerful ninja, I'm coming too," Kiba grinned, Akamaru barking in agreement.

"What do you say Shikamaru?" Choji asked as he turned to his long time friend.

"It's troublesome, but can't let Naruto and Kiba get into trouble, we'll come too," Shikamaru said.

"Good," Orochimaru nodded.

"What about our parents?" Kiba asked.

"Don't worry, Sarutobi will tell them, since he already knows," Orochimaru answered.

"Okay," Shikamaru said.

"What about food?" Choji asked.

"Don't worry, there is enough stuff in our village, so you don't even need to pack," Orochimaru replied. "So, if there is nothing else. Let's get going."

"Yes Orochimaru…sama," the kids said in unison. The group then quickly left the village, their next stop, Otogakure.


Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage, sighed as he gazed into his crystal ball. "Why did you come back Orochimaru?" he asked himself. He gazed out the window, wondering why four of the innocent youths of the village decided to go with the snake. "I guess I have to go tell the families that their children are now part of another village, leaving this one behind." He left his office, and went to the Akimichi clans home first. He knocked on the door slightly, and waited. In a few seconds, Choza Akimichi opened the front door.

"Hokage-sama," the big man said with a bow.

"No time for pleasantries, I have some bad news," Sarutobi said softly.

"What kind of news?" Choza inquired.

"Your son, Choji, has left this village behind and headed off to god knows where," Sarutobi sighed.

"What?!" Choza screamed.

"I'm sorry," Sarutobi said.

"I need to be alone," Choza said as he headed back inside.

"I understand," Sarutobi nodded as he too left for the next house on his list. He walked up to the door and knocked slightly once he reached the next house, the Inuzuka's house. After a few seconds, Tsume Inuzuka opened the door, her eyes widening at the sight of the Sandaime Hokage.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Your son…Kiba, has left the village," Sarutobi answered.

"No, it can't be," Tsume said, trying not to sob since she was a ninja.

"It's okay, it's your son, and you should let it out. I always thought that rule was a piece of trash," Sarutobi muttered. Tsume nodded as she walked back inside, her sobs filling the house. A few seconds later, they were joined by that of Kiba's sister, Hana. Sarutobi then left for the last house, the Nara's house. When he knocked on the door, Yoshino Nara was the first to open it.

"What is it Hokage-sama," Yoshino said in shock.

"I'm sorry to say, that your son…Shikamaru, has left the village," Sarutobi sighed. Yoshino froze as tears began to fall from her eyes.

"No," she wailed, which prompted Shikaku to come to the door.

"What is it?" he asked lazily.

"Our son, he has left the village, and he will never return," Yoshino cried. Shikaku glanced at the ground before taking his wife and comforting her.

"I'm sorry," Sarutobi said. He then left for his office again, not wanting to think about anymore of the sad faces he caused tonight.


It was about three days before the group reached the gates of Otogakure. "Well, here we are," Orochimaru told the four kids as they walked into the village. "I'll show you to your rooms, you'll be staying with five other kids, who are around the age of you four."

"Are they nice?" Naruto asked.

"Well, three of them can be nice, the fourth one is…how should I put this," Orochimaru said as he pondered his own question. "A little foul mouthed." On the way, they ran into a sound ninja, who was wearing a grey shirt with a black jacket around it. He had a sound hitai-ate around his forehead, as well as a scar down his left eye. His hair was also slightly grey and black. "Aw this is one of my best Jonin teachers, Saimato Hurige. He'll also be your sensei starting tomorrow."

"So, these brats will be my new students, I wonder how good they are," Saimato surmised.

"Don't worry my dear Saimato-kun, they will do fine," Orochimaru chuckled. "I'll send them to you tomorrow, after I give them their presents."

"Understood Orochimaru-sama," Saimato saluted. He then turned to the kids and grinned. "I look forward to training those picked by Orochimaru-sama himself. It's such an honor for me." He chuckled slightly as he left for another direction than the one they were going. After a few seconds, the group found themselves outside two double doors.

"This will be your room," Orochimaru told the kids. He then opened the door to reveal ten beds, with five of them occupied. The five ninja turned to see who entered.

"Orochimaru-sama," the white haired boy said with a bow.

"Greetings Kimimaro-kun, and to you four as well," Orochimaru added as he motioned to the five ninja. He then stepped to the side to let Naruto, Kiba, Choji, and Shikamaru enter the room.

"Who are these shitheads?" the red head girl said as she glanced at the new arrivals.

"These will be your new roommates Tayuya," Orochimaru grinned. "I hope you treat them nicely."

"We will do as instructed Orochimaru-sama," Kimimaro said. Orochimaru nodded as he left the room, letting the kids get to know each other. Tayuya quickly smirked as she turned to face Kimimaro.

"Are you trying to get extra points so that you can be fucked by Orochimaru," Tayuya laughed.

"Shut up Tayuya," Kimimaro said in a soft voice as he turned and got into bed. "I'm going to go to sleep."

"Whatever," the spider like ninja said. "The name is Kidomaru."

"I'm Jirobo," the bigger ninja said in greeting.

"And I'm Sakon, and this is Ukon," the purple haired boy said as he pointed to the wad of hair behind him. "And you already know Tayuya and Kimimaro."

"Yeah, I'm Kiba," the boy with the dog said. "And this is Akamaru."

"I'm Choji," the chubbiest one of the four said.

"Shikamaru," the lazy looking boy said.

"And I'm Naruto," the blond smiled.

"What's up with the whiskers?" Tayuya asked. "You some kind of fox wanta be."

"How did she guess," a voice said in a low toned voice from the back of his mind.

'Who are you?'Naruto asked.

"Oh yeah, I forgot that no one told you about me. I guess that since you are away from that fucking village, I can tell you about me, the great Kyuubi!"the voice exclaimed.

"Okay," Naruto breathed. "So, you are a giant talking furball that made my life a living hell, right?"

"Pretty much,"Kyuubi said in agreement.

"If it wasn't for being a new village, I would come in their and kick your ass,"Naruto said.

"Man, you got a mouth on you don't you kit," the Kyuubi said in wonder. "I wonder if the red head has already made an impression on you. Maybe this is what they mean by love…or lust…at first site. In my case it was lust at first site when I met my mate. Man, she was the sexiest fox on the face of the planet. Nice body, nice tails, nice-"

"I don't need to know that!" Naruto screamed in horror. "And besides I'm not affected by this ho-I mean foul mouthed girl."

"Sure, whatever you say kit," Kyuubi laughed. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I got some daydreaming about a certain sexy mate."

"I said no more talk about sexy foxes!" Naruto screamed. The others turned to see Naruto's face contort into horror.

"Party pooper,"Kyuubi whined as he left back into the boys mind.

"Are you okay?" Kidomaru asked.

"I'm fine," Naruto laughed. "Shall we get to bed?"

"Yeah, whatever you say shithead," Tayuya sighed. The group got into their beds and turned off the light, before falling into a deep sleep.

A/N: This was the first chapter of my new story, Sound 5 Beta. In the next chapter, they recieve their cursed marks, and begin their training, as well as recieve their first mission, next stop is Suna, and they already know some cool new moves, so its going to be fun. As well as some cursed seal vs. cursed seal action, or should I say Sound 4 vs. the kids. It's going to be fun, well, hoped you like this story, thanks for reading and review.