Rating: K+

Spoilers: Utopia

Summary: Jack told the Doctor that he'd been back to the Powell Estate to see Rose as she was growing up. One day he spots someone else.

Disclaimer: I own none of it

Authors Notes: An idea I had whilst working about characters meeting when they were younger

"I'm tellin' ya he's back, my mum saw him this morning" said Shareen as she and her friend Rose walked from the bus stop to the estate

"What that bloke in the long blue coat, the one that used to hang around the park when we were kids?" replied Rose.

"Yeah, mum says she's going to the council tomorrow to see about getting him banned from the estate or somefin', your mum's going with her and Mickey's gran" said Shareen

"He's done nothing wrong, he's never...you know, he looks, I dunno, sad like he's lost someone" said Rose. Shareen poked her in the ribs

"Look, look, over there, he's sitting on that wall reading the paper" she whispered, Rose looked round

"Oh my God yeah, come on lets go, I don't wanna hang about" said Rose

"I thought you felt sorry for him" said Shareen

"That was then, now I'm not so sure" replied Rose as she pulled on Shareen's arm.

"OI! We know it's you you perv, bugger off and spoil someone else's day" she yelled at the man on the wall

"Shar, what are you doing, come on, before he comes after us" said Rose as she picked up the pace.

What Jack Harkness could see but the two girls couldn't was a tall, handsome young man approaching the corner reading a map, he wanted to call out to Rose and her friend but he didn't dare, just in case,

"Shar come on, the sooner we get on home turf the sooner I...ooff" said Rose as she hurried around the corner and cannoned into a tall man coming the other way.

"Oi, watch where you're going" said Shareen as Rose ricocheted into her

"Oh I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going, are you ok" the young man asked, Rose looked up at the pale grey eyes of the dark haired man and totally forgot what she was going to say

"Wh...What?" she said

"I said are you ok" the man replied. Rose nodded

"Yeah, I'm fine no harm done" she said, thinking that the Welsh accent was really rather sexy, especially when it came out of such gorgeous lips

"Look, I'm lost do you know where Denbeigh Road is?" he asked

"Yeah, it's up that way second on the left" replied Shareen who was also grinning at him.

"Thanks" he said as he picked up his bag and walked away

"Hey, what's your name?" called Rose

"Ianto" he called back

"I'm Rose" she shouted

"Shareen, nice to meet you" she called

"Nice to meet you Rose and Shareen" Ianto yelled back. Rose and Shareen continued on their way home, forgetting about the man on the wall

"Wow did you see those eyes?" said Shareen

"And that voice, who knew Welsh could be so sexy" replied Rose

"And his bum" they said in unison as they dissolved into giggles.

Jack put down his paper and watched the young Welshman turn down the road he wanted

"So, Ianto from Wales living in Denbeigh Road, what do I do about you? Do I leave you in the clutches of two teenage girls or do I make a man of you" he murmured as he watched the young man stop outside the gate of a house. Jack momentarily forgot Rose and concentrated on watching Ianto.