Precious Little Miracle:

DISCLAIMER: Don't own Boondock Saints, nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They are owned by Troy Duffy and Joss Whedon, respectively... Just playing with the characters. ALSO, I Do Not Own the story "Murphy is in Love" I adopted it from "The Queen of Snape" with her permission. Mmkay?

Prologue: Murphy Is In Love

June 17, 2001:

Murphy was in love. Head over heels in love. He never thought it possible to love someone as much as he did now. He had never felt such a strong connection with another person. Well, that was a lie, he had that connection with his twin, but this one was something different. Connor rolled his eyes playfully as he leaned in the doorframe.

"Are ye gonna spend all day doing that?" he asked his twin brother.

Murphy looked up at him with slight annoyance etched on his face. Connor had interrupted a perfect moment, and he was ready to slug him.

"Connor, she's sleepin', you need to be quiet," Murphy told him in a harsh whisper.

"I won't wake her, she sleeps like the dead when she's out," Connor replied, a smile tugging on his lips as he watched just how protective Murphy could be.

"Yes, but she needs to be to sleep first, right now she's still wide awake," Murphy replied, looking down at the little bundle in his arms.

Rowan's green eyes were wide and alert as they darted over to her Uncle Connor. She smiled when she saw him and let out a little happy coo, as one tiny hand reached out for him.

"She wants her Uncle Connor," Murphy smiled as the little pink bundle began to squirm and wiggle loose from her blanket.

Rowan let out a little annoyed cry when her father wouldn't let her go, and she began to fuss loudly. Murphy rolled his eyes a bit and looked at Connor.

"She gets that from you," Murphy smirked, standing up and passing her over to his brother.

"Aye, Ma said that too," Connor smiled, taking her tenderly and she began to settle down quickly.

She was only three months old, but she could tell the differences between her father and her uncle. Both of them held so much love for her. But her father was a little more quiet and intense, while her uncle was a little louder and less subtle. Connor was a little more open, a little warmer, while Murphy could be withdrawn, but he wasn't cold. Uncle Connor was her playmate, her entertainer, always making funny faces for her to laugh out or funny noises to brighten up her face. Her father was more of a comfort for her to latch onto when she was upset or fussy. Her little fingers would wrap tightly around his shirt as he helped calm her down and chase whatever fears she had away.

Rowan calmed down and Connor passed her back to Murphy so he could finish lulling the little girl to sleep. He was a pro at that. He felt his daughter grow heavy in his arms, and gently placed her in the crib. The two men stood over it as they watched the infant sleep.

"She's perfect," Murphy sighed.

"Aye," Connor agreed.

So Murphy was in love, but so was Connor.