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It was a cool night in space as Jade traveled with her S.I.R Miles., who of course was counting the stars and planets as they passed each one, Which was kind of getting on her nerves since he couldn't count. "12…94…8" he counted. "26…19…19"

Jade of course couldn't concentrate at all. Nor could she take it. But she just stayed still. "13…23…65" Miles yelled. Jade was steaming, but before she could make it over there to strangle the robot, the computer beeped. "Warning, Planet ahead" it conformed her.

She saw the blue planet on screen along with its full name. After all those months she still couldn't believe that she managed to find it. More to the point, she knew Zim lived there. And since she didn't have time to build a gadget to create her base, she knew that out of all the creatures on earth. Zim would be the one she would have to stay with.

So she would make up a lie, telling Zim that the tallest sent her to assist and watch his every move, making sure he was doing his mission correctly. So as soon as they found the planet, she activated the computer. But of course she knew that life for her life would never be the same.

"Hey, Miles" she yelled. "You can stop looking out for the planet now, we're here!" Miles of course just sat there, still counting.

"6…39…500" he continued. "Miles! Didn't you here a word that I just said?!" Jade said strictly between her teeth. "We're here." But miles kept on singing and counting.


"MILES!" Jade screamed.

"25…4- huh" Miles turned his head, finally paying attention. "What- I thought you were-never mind" Jade sighed. "Anyway we're here"

"We're where?" Miles asked a little clueless. "Well, we're near earth" Jade said.

"Irk?" Miles asked, still a little clueless. "No, Miles. Not irk, Earth." Jade corrected him.

"Oooohh. Plaaanet Earrrrth" Miles said slowly. "Cause I thought you said Irk. Hey! Earth, Irk. That rhymes, doesn't it jade? Huh, huh, huuuuuh!"

"Would you just shut up!?" Jade yelled, not taking it anymore. "I am trying to pay attention so that we can land this thing!" Then Jade notice that tears began to form in Miles eyes. "Miles, I-I'm sorry" she said calming him down. I just really need to concentrate." But the tears were still there. "Hey, why don't you help me land this thing, will ya. " She finally said. "Yes Ma'am" Miles said getting up. "Okay then, let's see if we can land this thing.

(Note. Part 2 will be coming soon!)