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Timeframe: The Harry Potter part of the storyline in the prologue takes place two months after Voldemort's attack on October 31, making Harry a year and five months old; while the Gargoyles part takes place four months before Alexander Xanatos is born.

Summary: (Gargoyles crossover) What if, James and Lily survive Voldemort's attack, and Harry's twin brother, Dylan, is chosen as the BWL? After a major fight with James over Harry, Lily divorces him and takes Harry with her, and moves to America to start a new life with the help of some relatives.

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Wings of the Night
Prologue: On a Different Path
By: Sakura Lisel

-January 15, 1982-

-Lily's POV-

Lily Evans, formerly known as Lily Potter, was making a one way trip from England to New York City in her godfather's private jet plane, to start her new life away from the wizarding world, and all of the pain and heartbreak that she had left behind in England.

She was sitting quietly in her seat and flipping through a muggle magazine that the stewardess had provided, as the plane flew high above the night sky on its way to New York City, where she would meet up with her uncle Halcyon Reynard, who was going to give them a place to stay until she could get back on her feet.

In the seat next to her was her eighteen month old son, Harry Potter, who slept peacefully in his baby seat, completely worn out from the events of the past week or so.

About a year ago on the night of July 31, 1980 around 11:55pm, Lil1y had given birth to twin boys, whom she and her husband later named Harry and Dylan.

Harry was older than Dylan by ten minutes, and had inherited James black hair, and Lily's green eyes, while Dylan was born with Lily's red hair, and James hazel eyes.

Harry was the quietest of the two, never making a fuss even when he had a dirty diaper or was hungry, while Dylan was always the first one to wake up everyone in the household with his constant crying.

The Potters had lived happily in piece for a whole year, until about five and a half months ago, Albus Dumbledore came to their home and informed them of a prophecy that would place the boys in danger from Voldemort, and the family had to go into hiding under the Fidelius charm, with Sirius Black as the Secret Keeper.

They had been in hiding for two months after the twins first birthday, when Sirius came up with the idea to change Secret Keepers, with Peter Pettigrew, and leave Sirius as the decoy Secret Keeper so if he got captured he wouldn't be able to tell anyone where they were.

Thinking that it was a perfect plan since their enemies already suspected Sirius as being the Secret Keeper because of his close relationship with the Potters, and the switch was made and Peter became the new Secret Keeper.

But it turned out to be a bad idea, because in the end Peter betrayed all of them to Voldemort and revealed the Potters hidden location a week after the switch was made.

Voldemort led an attack on the household, and after a short battle with James and Lily, he simply stunned the two parents, planning to deal with them later as soon as he had gotten rid of the twins first, and headed up to the nursery.

No one really knew what happened that night, but all anyone really understood was that Voldemort had finally been defeated by a one year old boy when he tried to cast the killing curse on him.

When Dumbledore and the rest of the Order arrived on the scene, they quickly revived Lily and James, and all of then rushed upstairs to the nursery, already fearing the worst for the twins, only to come to startling sight.

They found young Dylan Potter sitting on floor of the nursery next to his brother's unconscious form, bawling his eyes out in front a pile of discarded robes and ash, and Voldemorts abandoned wand lying next to the robes.

Both boys were rushed to St Mungo's for a checkup, only to discover that both were fine and still in good health, though the only sign that the two boys were hurt, were the star shaped scar on Dylan's forehead, and Harry's lightning bolt shaped scar, and the leftover residue of the killing curse surrounding both boys. Both scars were quickly treated before they were sent back home with their parents.

Once the boys were back home, Dumbledore quickly came to a decision that since Dylan was the only one of the twins still awake when Voldemort had met his end, then it must have been Dylan who defeated the dark lord, and from that day onward was known as the Boy Who Lived to the wizarding world, and Peter Pettigrew was later tracked down and captured and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in Azkaban.

In the insuing weeks since that fateful night, the Potters were finally able to return to their normal lives, when Lily started noticing a pattern in how her husband treated Harry and it was starting to annoy her.

Before Voldemort's attack, James had used to treat both boys equally, always taking the time to shower both of them with his love every chance that he got, especially Harry who he adored and called his little prongslet. But now that Dylan was considered the savior of the wizarding world, James seemed to have completely forgotten all about Harry, ignoring the boy if he was in the room and spending all of his time spoiling Dylan.

Even Remus and Sirius had changed since that night. When the boys were born, Sirius had been named as Harry's godfather, while Remus became Dylan's. Like James, Sirius turned all of his attention onto Dylan, showering the boy with love and attention whenever he came over for a visit, and would barely acknowledge Harry except to sometimes give the boy a small pat on the head.

Out of the three men, Remus Lupin seemed to really still care for Harry as much as Lily did, and while Sirius and James were fawning over James, Remus could sometimes be seen playing with Harry to make sure the boy didn't feel left out of whatever was going on.

Upon seeing the neglect that her husband was now showing their eldest son, Lily had tried multiple times to get James to pay more attention to Harry, always telling him off for ignoring their son in favor of the other, and even going so far as taking Dylan away from James in an attempt to get him to pay attention to Harry, but that only made James mad and they ended up in a shouting match over who was neglecting which son, that left them not speaking to each other for days, and the two of them started sleeping in separate rooms.

The final straw that finally led to Lily and James big breakup and the separation of Harry and Dylan came over two weeks ago, when James brought Albus Dumbledore over to the Potter home to talk to her about the twins' future in the magical world.


It had been a normal day in the Potter household. James was off at work, leaving Lily to take care of the boys, and Lily had just put the twins down for the night in their cribs in the nursery upstairs, and was starting to make dinner, when James apparated into the living room with Albus Dumbledore, to tell her of the plans they had come up with involving the boys.

Lily followed the two men into the living room, and sat down on the couch, and Albus immediately started explaining what the Potters had to do in order to see to Dylan's future as their savior, and how they needed to start his training as soon as possible so that he would be prepared in the case of Voldemort's return.

At first Lily was willing to go along with it, but then the more she heard from Dumbledore about what was needed to be done with Dylan, the more troubled she became, until Albus finally brought up what they should do with Harry.

Albus had believed that it would be in the boys best interests to send Harry away to be raised by someone else, so that Lily and James could focus all their attention on Dylan, as they prepared him for what might be coming, and that was when Lily finally set her foot down.

"You guys are crazy if you think I'm going to do that to my son!" Lily exclaimed angrily as she stared at the man in front of her in open disbelief, after hearing what he had to say, "I'm not going to give up Harry!"

"Lily, be reasonable, I'm only suggesting this for Harry's sake," Albus said in a placating grandfatherly tone, as he stared at the younger woman for a moment, looking a bit surprised that she wasn't immediately agreeing with his plans, "With the two of you busy with Dylan, neither of you will probably have time for Harry, and it might lead the boy to be jealous and resentful from the neglect."

"And you think sending him away won't leave him 'jealous and resentful'?! And I don't plan on 'neglecting' him as you put it, headmaster," Lily cried as she glared at Dumbledore for a moment, before looking towards James for support but didn't find any, "Harry's as much my son as Dylan is, and I won't have strangers raising him!"

"He won't be sent to strangers. I was planning on sending him to your sisters home," Albus started to say only to be cut off by Lily's outraged shriek.

"Send him to Petunia?! Over my dead body! I wouldn't let take her care of my cat," Lily shrieked, her voice rising a few decibels at the news, as her face flushed a bit in anger, "let alone one of my babies! She hates both me and anything that has to do with magic!"

"I'm sure that your sister isn't as bad as your making her out to be. She's still your sister," Albus said, as he tried to calm Lily down, "and Once we explain the situation to her, I'm sure that she would..."

"There's nothing to explain to Petunia about, because Harry's still not going!" Lily exclaimed, her arms now resting on her hips as she stared defiantly at Dumbledore, before shooting her husband and angry look, "He's staying right here where he belongs, and nothing's going to change that! We'll raise him alongside Dylan as a family should."

"Lily, I thought you understood. Dylan is the Boy Who Lived, and he'll be needing all of your attention, in the coming years," Albus said as a slight frown appeared on his features as he stared back at Lily, "if he's going to have any chance of surviving if Voldemort comes back. Harry will only be in the way if he remains here, and he will only be a distraction to you and James in what needs to be done for Dylan."

Frustration filled Lily as she looked from Dumbledore to James and back again, as her fury built up inside of her at the gall her former headmaster had at telling her what to do with her sons, before she finally rounded on James who had remained silent during the whole conversation.

"James, don't tell me you actually agree with him on this?!" Lily exclaimed, as she stared at him in open disbelief as she silently dared him to voice what she hoped not to hear, "Harry's our son, and you really want to send him away just so we can focus our attention on Dylan?!"

"Lily, you have to see that it's for the best. Dumbledore is right about this." James said as he looked over at his wife, meeting her gaze head on for a moment before finally looking away from her, "After everything that's happened, Dylan should be our number one priority right now, and Harry will only get in the way of what needs to be done for Dylan."

As she heard the words leave her husband's mouth, Lily could feel her heart break into a million pieces, as she stared at the stranger who had taken her husband's place in the past two months. The James Potter that she had come to know and love wouldn't have agreed to do something like this.

'What happened to him? He's not the same man that I married. I didn't want to believe it, but he's changed so much since that night.' Lily thought brokenly to herself as she stared at James for a moment in silence, 'Just when did things get to be this way in the first place?'

Lily was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice that Dumbledore was talking again until she heard her name being called, and she looked back at the elderly man for a moment, to see him staring at her with an expectant look on his face.

"I'm sorry. What did you say professor?" Lily asked, her voice sounding broken as she spoke.

"I was just saying that now that it's been decided, I will start making arrangements to send young Harry to your sisters," Albus said, believing that Lily was finally seeing things his way, "When he comes to Hogwarts you and James can reclaim him into your family if you chose to do so and..."

As she listened to Dumbledore speak, she could feel her anger starting to build up, as she realized that her former headmaster had already decided that Harry was already a done deal, whether or not she agreed or not. A quick glance in James direction showed that her husband was nodding his head in agreement to what the headmaster was saying and it was then that she came to a decision.

"You're making a mistake, headmaster. I never agreed to send Harry away," Lily said, cutting into Albus' speech, causing both men to their attention back on her with wide eyes, "I already told you repeatedly, that Harry's not going to my sister and her family."

"Lily. We've been through this already..." James started to say, only to stop in midsentence as Lily stood up and turned and glared down at him for a moment, "Lily?"

"If the two of you are going to insist that we get rid of Harry, then I'll tell you this." Lily said, a determined stubborn look on her face as she looked at both men, and she crossed her arms over her chest, "If Harry has to go, then I go too. Obviously since no one around here wants him around except me, so I'll take him and raise him on my own without any of you."

"Lily don't be ridiculous!" James exclaimed, open disbelief in his voice as he couldn't believe what he was now hearing, "I need you, and so does Dylan. Don't let something as petty as this make you ruin what we have together."

As soon as the words left his mouth, James knew instantly that they were the wrong thing to say, as Lily immediately turned her angry gaze fully on him once more. He had a feeling that if this was one of those muggle cartoon things, there would be steam coming out of his wives ears at that moment as she started yelling at him once more.

"You think that it's 'petty' to chose to leave you rather than give up my baby boy? James Potter, I won't give Harry up for anyone." Lily hissed through gritted teeth as her glare intensified as she stared at James defiantly, "But if you and professor Dumbledore are going to try and force me to chose between Harry and Dylan and Dylan's happiness, Harry will win hands down."

"Now Lily, I think you're being very unreasonable." Albus said, his eyes no longer twinkling as he heard what Lily had just said, as he stood up and started to reach for her arm to stop her from leaving, "Why don't we sit down and talk about this some more..."

"I'm through with being 'reasonable', Albus. I can't believe the two of you! It was bad enough when James started neglecting Harry for the last two months, and I never said anything," Lily snapped as she moved out of Dumbledores reach, before turning her gaze back on the headmaster, as a saddened look momentarily replaced her angry expression, before it returned in full force a few seconds later as she continued speaking, "because I convinced myself that it was Dylan's publicity as the Boy Who Lived getting to him, and that he would change after awhile. But what the two of you are telling me to do now is the last straw! I'm through with this crap."

"Lily don't be like this. It's not like we're going to give him up forever." James pleaded as he also stood up, and reached out to grasp Lily's hands, only to have her jerk her hands away from his, as he looked her directly in the eyes for a moment, flinching a bit at the cold disgusted look she was now giving him, "It's only until he starts school at Hogwarts. If you want we could even have more kids later on if you want to, so Dylan can have some playmates."

"You're right about one thing James," Lily said as she pulled away from him, and took a few steps away from him, as her angry look disappeared for a moment, and was replaced by a pitying one, "I have every intention of having more kids, but their father just won't be you."

"Lily what are you trying to say?" James asked he felt a cold chill run through his body at her words, as he stared at her. The look she was giving him reminded him of their days back at Hogwarts, back when she wouldn't give him the time of day, only this look seemed to be a lot worse, "Look we can work this out..."

"There's nothing to 'work out', James. Not anymore. What I'm trying to say is that I don't want anymore of your kids, James. Your actions tonight have just proven to me that you would be an unfit father to any child that we might have who isn't Dylan. I want a divorce." Lily asked in a quiet voice as she stared back at him, her gaze unwavering as she pulled off her wedding ring and tossed it at James who just barely managed to catch it before it hit him in the forehead as he continued to stare at Lily in shock, "Since he means so much to both you and the magical world, then you can just keep Dylan, and raise him to be the savior of the wizarding world, and I'll take Harry and raise him on my own."

"Lily you can't be serious!" James exclaimed, his eyes widening in shock as he stared at his wife and saw the determined look on her face, as he reached out to grab her arm once more, "We need you here. Dylan needs his mother."

"And Harry needs his father, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. I've been thinking about this for awhile now, but was willing to stay for the boys' sake. But what you're telling me to do now is the last straw. If I let you talk me into doing this to Harry," Lily said with a slight shrug of her shoulders once more, as she shook off his grip on her arm, and started backing away from the two men as she headed for the living rooms entranceway, "I'll never be able to look myself in the mirror again without feeling regret. Go find some other woman to marry you, who won't mind putting up with your crap, James. Harry and I can just move on with our lives and find someone who will love both of us."

With those final words, Lily didn't bother to wait for the two men to respond, before she quickly spun on her heel and marched upstairs and walked into her bedroom, and slammed the door shut behind her.

Ten minutes after she had left the living room, James came storming upstairs after seeing Albus to the door, and started pounding on Lily's bedroom, pleading with to open the door so that they could talk about her decision, but Lily refused to open the door, and ordered him to go away.

James even resorted to trying to cast the Alohomora spell on the door to try and force his way into the room, but Lily had placed over three powerful locking spells on the door in case he tried something like that. After over ten minutes of ranting, James finally gave up and went to his own bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

That very night, Lily packed up a multi-compartment trunk and filled it with as much of her belongings as she could fit into it, before shrinking it and putting it in her purse, then went into the twins nursery room and packed a small suitcase filled with Harry's baby clothes and anything he might need before walking over to the twins cribs, stopping in front of Dylan's crib for a moment as she stared down at his sleeping form with tear filled eyes.

'I'm sorry to have to do this honey, but it's better for everyone if I just take Harry and leave.' Lily thought silently to herself as she bent over the edge of the crib so that could place a kiss on her youngest forehead before turning away and headed straight for Harry's crib, 'If we stay, all James and I will do is fight over the boys, and everyone will continue to pressure me into choosing between the two.'

Calling for one of the house elves, she handed over a letter that she had written for James, and left orders for them to watch over Dylan and take care of whatever he needed until James woke up in the morning, and to wait for further instructions from James once he was up.

Once the elf had left, she pulled out her wand d, she summoned one of the baby seats from the closet and had it settle on the floor in front of Harry's crib, before turning around and reaching in to gently pick up Harry, lifting him out of his crib and placed him inside the baby seat.

Lifting up the baby seat and holding it under one arm, she turned and started walking away, stopping just outside the bedroom doorway, with her hand resting on the doorknob, for a moment to look at Dylan's crib one last time before she turned away and shut the door behind her.

-End Flashback-

After leaving the Potter household, she apparated to Diagon Alley and checked herself into a room at the Leaky Cauldron for the night, and Lily got in contact with a magical law firm, and had them start the divorce proceedings.

Once he received the divorce papers along with a court date summons concerning who would get the boys, James tried contacting her and visiting the hotel room she was staying in to plead with her to stay with him, and not go through with the divorce. Saying that they could work things out, and that he would do anything she wanted as long as she stayed with him, but she continued to turn him away.

Even Albus, Sirius and Remus paid her a few visits to try and convince her to stay with James, if not for James sake, but then for the sake of the boys. But Lily stayed firm in her decision to divorce him, and refused to listen to anyone else's suggestions and arguments about how she should properly handle the situation.

Within a week after receiving the divorce papers, and after all attempts to try and reconcile with Lily had failed miserably, James reluctantly signed the papers and sent them in to the ministry. Within hours, the two of them were now officially divorced in the eyes of the wizarding world.

On the day of their court date to see who would get the boys, Lily's was given full custody over Harry, while James got Dylan. Her lawyers also had James sign a magically binding contract with an written agreement to never attempt to contact either her or Harry, or try to take back Harry for any reason, unless Harry decided that he wanted to meet him once he was older and invited him to wherever they were living, or else risk losing custody of Dylan, and Lily signed a similar contract concerning Dylan.

James also set up a bank account for Harry in Lily's name at Gringotts, with plans of depositing ten thousand galleons a month in the account so that Lily and Harry would have financial support for the next few years, and some money to buy Harry's school supplies when the time comes, despite Lily trying to refuse the money offer.

Now that she was free of James Potter and the fame that was surrounding her former life, Lily couldn't decide where she wanted to go next, as she checked out of the Leaky Cauldron and moved into a muggle hotel.

She didn't think it would be a good idea to remain in the magical world, because she knew that she would probably be swamped by Dylan's admirers. The newspapers had already had a field day covering her divorce from James, asking her annoying questions about why she had divorced James, along with a bunch of other embarrassing questions. It reached the point that she had to threaten to hex the whole lot of them before they would let her leave.

'I just can't stay in England anymore. Harry and I will never have a moments peace if we stay here,' Lily thought silently to herself as she sat on the floor in front of her enlarged open trunk rummaging through the things she had packed inside, as she glanced over at her son as he slept in the new crib she had bought a few days ago, 'then there's the risk of Death eaters finding us and finishing what Voldemort started. We have to go somewhere safe and far from here...'

Sighing a bit, she pulled her hands out of the trunk, and closed the lid, and pulled out a key to lock it. Then pulled out another key and fit it into the lock and turned it, and the trunk shook a bit as things shifted within. Pulling the lid back up, she started looking through the new section that had opened up in the trunk for a few seconds before pulling out a little black book.

The black book was a gift to her from her godmother, Anastasia Reynard, who had given it to her as birthday present during one of her trips to the Evan's home with her family. Over the years Lily used the book to keep track of important dates and phone numbers of her muggle relatives.

As she was flipping through the pages, something fell out of one of the pages, and she picked it up to an old photograph of her and her cousin, Janine Reynard, or Fox as she was now going by these days. The picture had been taken back when the girls were sixteen years old and she was staying with the family for the summer, after getting kicked out of her home by Petunia after their parents death at the hands of Death Eaters.

Lily's godmother, Anastasia Reynard, was a distant relative of Lily's from her mother's side of the family, who kept in touch with the family every now and again, and was like a second mother to Lily after her parents were killed, while Halcyon Reynard was like an overprotective uncle.

When she was younger her family used to travel to New York City to visit the Reynard family during the holidays, spending weeks with them before having to return to England for school.

Janine 'Fox' Reynard was Halcyon and Anastasia's only child, and was the same age as Lily, with bright red hair and green eyes that matched Lily's own, and over the years, Lily and Janine Reynard had become best friends, and were as close as sisters, while Janine barely got along with Petunia.

When Lily's first Hogwarts letter arrived, the two girls had continued to kept in touch and written to each other nearly every day via owl mail, during the next seven years of Lily's education at Hogwarts, and was later picked as one of the bridesmaids at Lily's wedding to James Potter, with Halcyon standing in for her father to give her away at the alter.

A week before her sixth year at Hogwarts was about to come to an end fro the summer, the Evan's family home was broken into and attacked by Deatheaters, and Lily and Petunia's parents were murdered with the Killing Curse.

Petunia, had been out on a date with her boyfriend, Vernon Dursley, when the attack happened, and had come home to find her parents dead bodies and her parents killers standing over their bodies. She would have been killed too if Order members hadn't picked that time to show up and saved her.

When Lily had found out what had happened, she had rushed to Petunia's side, only to have Petunia lay full blame for what had happen to their parents on Lily's shoulders, saying that if it wasn't for her and her freakish ways, their parents would still be alive, announcing that she no longer had a sister, and banned her from setting foot in their family home ever again, leaving Lily without a place to go to for the summer.

When Anastasia found out about her parents deaths, and what Petunia had done, she had flown straight to England and personally invited her to come live with the Reynard's in New York City, which Lily had accepted gratefully.

Upon arriving in New York City with Anastasia, the Reynard's did everything they could to help her get over her parents murder, treating her like she was a member of the family. Janine was also a big help in the recovery process.

By the time it was time for her to return to go back to Hogwarts, Lily had been tempted to simply drop out of the magical world and go back to living a simply muggle life free of magic, but Anastasia and Halcyon managed to convince her to go back and complete her final year.

When she returned to Hogwarts for her final year, she finally agreed to go out on one date with James Potter just to get him to stop harassing her as he had done every year since the start of their fourth year at Hogwarts, and to her surprise, she found herself falling with him, and by the time graduation came, the two of them became engaged to be married, a month later was walking down the aisle to become the new Mrs. James Potter.

A few months after her wedding to James, she learned from her letters from Fox, that Anastasia and Halcyon had a falling out with each other and had divorced, and also learned that Halcyon had recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and was going through treatments to help him fight the disease.

The muggle treatments had put the Leukemia into remission for a year and a half, but then came back in full force, his body deteriorating to the point that it left the older man confined to specially made computerized wheelchair that he had his company built for to monitor him at all times, with his personal aide Fenton Vogel watching over him and dealing with business matters for him, and the doctors saying that he didn't have much longer to live.

Five months ago, Lily had received an wedding invitation to Fox's wedding seven months ago, but wound up missing it, because a week after the invitation arrived, the Potters had to go into hiding from Voldemort.

As she thought back on the day of the wedding, Lily remembered Halcyon telling her that if she ever needed anything from them, that she was always welcome to contact them anytime she wanted.

'Finally. I thought I would have to spend all night looking for this thing,' Lily thought happily to herself, as she shut the trunks lid once more and used her wand to send it off to a corner of the room, before she climbed onto her bed and stated flipping through the pages, for a few seconds before stopping on one page as she reached for the telephone to make a call, 'It's been a long time since I spoke to them, so I wonder how everyone's doing in the States?'

Checking the time on a nearby clock, she saw that the numbers on the clock showed that it was only 1:35pm, meaning it was probably still early enough to make a call to New York City.

Dialing the number in the book using a long distance calling card that she had bought earlier in the hotel gift shop, she waited as the phone rang a few times before it was picked up and the familiar voice of Halcyon's aid, Preston, could be heard over the line.


"Hello, Preston? I don't know if you remember me," Lily said, her voice sounding a bit nervous as she spoke on the phone, "but my name is Lily Evans, I'm Halcyon and Anastasia Reynard's goddaughter."


"Oh, I'm fine. Yes it has been a long time." Lily said as a small smile appeared on her features, as she visibly relaxed for a moment as she leaned back against her beds headboard, "I'm glad that you remember me. Look, I was wondering if Uncle Halcyon is feeling well enough to speak to me?"


"Yes I'll wait," Lily said, relaxing a bit as she waited for him to come back onto the phone with Halcyon's response.

It didn't take long before Preston's voice came back on the line, and told her that Halcyon was willing to talk to her now, just before her uncles voice came on the line, concern filling his voice demanded to know why she was calling and wanting to know what was wrong.

Hearing Halcyon's voice again, caused Lily to break down into tears as she started telling him everything that had happened in the last couple of months, and he silently listened to everything she said before she finally ended her story, just as a loud string of curses could be heard echoing over the phone as Halcyon called James and Dumbledore every foul name in the book.

Halcyon's rant finally came to an end as a loud coughing fit made him stop, and it took a few minutes for him to calm down and get his breathing under control long enough to ask where Lily was staying now that she had left James.

When she told him that she was currently staying in a hotel and had no where else to go for the time being, he ordered her to pack up whatever she had and catch the first flight to New York, and that she could stay with him for as long as she wanted until she got back on her feet.

-End Lily's POV-

'I can't believe I'm actually doing this? I shouldn't have bothered Uncle Hal with my troubles like this...' Lily thought silently to herself as she looked out the window once more and into the night sky, before a small smile crept to her lips for a moment, 'But at least I'll finally get to see all of them again, and introduce them to Harry. I remember hearing that Fox is already expecting a baby'

Just then Lily's thoughts were broken by the sound of the flight attendants voice calling out over the speakers.


Sighing a bit, Lily reached over towards Harry's seat to adjust his own seatbelt to make sure it was secured tightly to the baby seat, before moving her hands to her own seatbelt and buckled it around her waist, and sat back in her chair to wait for the plane to land.

-Halcyon's POV-

Halcyon Reynard sat in his wheelchair as he impatiently waited inside of John F. Kennedy International Airport with his personal aid, Preston Vogel, as they waited for Lily's plane to arrive.

"When is that blasted plane going to get here!" Halcyon demanded, looking around the airport for someone to blame, before he started coughing loudly, "it should have been here at least an half an hour ago!"

"Sir, you should calm yourself, getting upset won't do your health any good. I've already spoken to the receptionist" Preston said as he moved in front of his employer, pulled out a transparent face mask that was attached to an oxygen tank at the back of the wheelchair, and attempted to place it over the older mans face only to be waved off, "and they say the plane should be arriving any minute now. Ms. Lily won't like it if you've overworked yourself like this."

"I'm fine, Vogel. I'm just eager to see my god daughter after all this time, and meet one of my grandsons," Halcyon snapped as he glared up at his aide for a moment, as he finally managed to get his coughing fit under control for a few seconds, "She's been through a lot as you know."

"I'm sure that everything will be all right when Lily and Harry arrive, sir," Preston said as he glanced over towards the windows.

When he had gotten a call from lily he had been overjoyed to hear from his god daughter once more, but as soon as he heard her voice, he knew something must have been wrong, because even over the phone she had sounded like she had been crying. It didn't take him long to get the whole story out of her, and even now he could feel rage filling him at what Lily had told him.

Upon hearing from Lily about what had happened between her and James, he had been royally pissed off as all of his speculations about James Potter had been confirmed by his actions against his wife and son.

Halcyon had never liked James Potter, even after he had met the young man a few weeks before he married Lily. He had always thought of the young man as being no good for his god daughter, especially reading some of the letters she had sent to Janine about her school. In most of Lily's letters during her early days at Hogwarts, she had always complained about how much of a total jerk Potter was, and how he always bullied both her and some of the other students in her school with his little gang of friends.

So it had to come to a great surprise when Lily had returned to her school in her final year only to start dating Potter, and then later marry him a few months after graduation, but both he and Anastasia had supported her in her decision, and Halcyon had stood at her side at the wedding to give her away in place of her parents, who had been killed the previous summer.

After learning that she had no where to go, he practically ordered her to pack whatever she had with her, and catch the next flight to New York City with Harry and live with him. She had put up an argument over it, but he managed to convince her that it would be best to come to him since she had nowhere else to go. Once the flight arrangements had been made, all Halcyon had to do now was sit and wait for the plane to arrive.

'How dare that boy hurt Lily and Harry this way. I don't care what his reasons were, they didn't deserve this,' Halcyon fumed silently to himself as he glared for a moment, still wheezing a bit as a slight frown creasing his features, 'If I was still in good health, and ever meet that boy face to face, I'd give him the beating of his life!'

Just then Lily's planes arrival was announced over the loudspeaker, and Halcyon forced himself to relax as they waited for Lily to disembark from the plane, and five minutes later the duo spotted the familiar redhead coming through the doors with an overnight bag slung over her shoulder, while pushing a baby stroller that had a now wide awake toddler sitting in it and looking around at his new surroundings with wide eyes.

Lily spotted them instantly and quickly hurried over to them, quickly greeting both men, before leaving Harry in Preston's care as she turned towards Halcyon and placed a gentle kiss on Halcyon's forehead, before pulling back to get a better look at him with a worried look on her face.

"Uncle Hal, you don't look well," Lily said, worry filling her voice as she looked him over for a moment, as she shot an accusing look at Vogel for bringing Halcyon out in his condition, "you should be in bed. I was expecting just Preston to pick me up tonight."

"What, and miss being the first to greet you back to New York?" Halcyon said in a cheerful voice, as he waved off her protests with a bony hand, as he smiled up at her, "I wouldn't have dreamed of it, Flower."

"You still should have stayed home, there's no telling what could happen to you in your condition," Lily scolded, though she smiled a bit at his use of her old nickname that he had for her, "If you were still awake when I got to the mansion, we could have spoken there, or waited until tomorrow..."

"That's all water under the bridge now, we can't change what's already done," Halcyon said with a dismissive shrug of his shoulders, smiling a bit as he glanced around for a second, "Now where is my grandson? I've been dying to finally meet him young lady."

"Fine if you are sure that you're up for it," Lily said, as she reluctantly turned away from Halcyon's wheelchair and walked over to Harry's stroller, and gently lifted the toddler out of his chair, and carried him over to Halcyon, "Uncle Halcyon, meet your grandson, Harry James Evans."

"Evans?" Halcyon asked, his head cocking to one side in question to her last name.

"When I had my name legally changed back to Evans, I had Harry's last name changed too." Lily said, as a small sigh escaping from her lips as she held Harry in her arms, "I didn't want have to deal with any complications later over his last name."

"So this is young Harry? He looks just like his father with that hair of his," Halcyon asked as he looked the toddler over with an approving look in his eyes, before he reached out with his frail looking arms "except he has your eyes. May I hold him?"

"That'll have to depend on Harry," Lily said as she looked down at her son for a moment before turning her gaze back towards her godfather, as she slightly turned her son around in her arms so he could get a better look at Halcyon, "He gets pretty shy around strangers."

Harry was clutching tightly to his mothers shirt, as she carried him, and he looked curiously over at the strange old man that his mommy was talking to.

When Halcyon started reaching for him, Harry reached out for him with one hand. Seeing that Harry wanted to go to Halcyon, Lily handed him over to her godfather, who gently took the toddler into his arms and placed Harry on his lap with the boy facing him, as the duo stared at each other for a few seconds, as the toddler reached up with both hands to touch Halcyon's face for a moment, causing Halcyon to laugh and comment about it to Lily who only smiled.

"Mr. Reynard, I hate to interrupt, but maybe we should get going, it's getting late," Preston said, bringing the groups attention back to the brunette, as he continue speaking once he had their attention focused on him, "It's been a long day, and I'm sure ms. Evans would like to get some rest."

"Yes, yes, Vogel. I know," Halcyon said as he finally handed a now yawning Harry back to Lily, who put him back in his stroller with the seat down so he could lie down, "Let's get going."

"Okay, just lead the way," Lily said as she started pushing the stroller behind the two men, as they made their way towards the main entrance of the airport.

"Ms Evans, do you need me to go to baggage claim to get your luggage for you?" Preston said as they started to reach the entranceway to the baggage claim room.

"Don't worry, Preston. There's nothing for us to pick up," Lily said as she patted the duffle bag she was still holding, which contained all of the objects that she had shrunk within, "Everything I brought with me from England is in this bag. I decided to travel light. And please, call me Lily, we're all friends here."

After that the group left the airport terminal and entered the parking lot, and piled into Halcyon's limo. Once Lily had Harry strapped into the baby seat that Halcyon had brought along, they were soon on their way.

-End Halcyon's POV-

As the months flew by, Lily quickly adjusted to her new life in New York, she found it easy to get herself used to living a simple muggle life once more, and was glad to no longer have to always look over her shoulder for signs of attack from enemies wanting her dead.

Since her divorce and departure from England, Lily still kept in touch with her old friends from the wizarding world, including Remus Lupin, who was the only one of the Marauders who bothered to write to her and ask her how Harry was doing. She sent letters to every week, along with pictures of her and Harry to show him how they were doing, and how fast Harry was growing.

Shortly after her arrival, she was reunited with Fox and Anastasia, and was finally introduced to the mysterious David Xanatos who she had heard so much about in Fox's letters, who seemed to be a nice enough man when around her, except Lily had a feeling that there was something off about him at times.

While there, she was also introduced to Xanatos' personal Aide, Owen Burnett, and the two instantly hit it off perfectly, and Harry loved him instantly. They saw a lot of each other whenever Lily came over to visit the family, and during that time it had taken Owen over two and a half months to get up the nerve to ask her out on a date and she immediately accepted, and they've been going out ever since.

While in New York, Lily found herself starting to get sick with what she had thought was the stomach flu, but after a quick check up from the Reynard family doctor, she discovered that she was over two months pregnant with James baby.

After her discovery, it didn't take her long to realize that the baby had been conceived back when she was still on speaking terms with James, on the night after Voldemort's defeat. The boys had been spending the night at St. Mungo's under observation. So she and James had spent the whole night celebrating their family surviving their encounter with Voldemort.

In the days leading up to the end of Fox's pregnancy passed by, Lily moved into Wyvern castle with Harry to help Fox out and give the other woman moral support as her due date approached. The two of them mostly spent their time shopping for clothes and stuff they would need for the babies with Anastasia's help.

On one of her trips to the doctors for a checkup on the baby, she had an ultrasound done to find out the baby's gender, and discovered that she was going to have a little girl, and was already making plans on naming her Willow Saria Evans once she was born.

On the night of April 17, 1982, Fox gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who she and husband named Alexander Fox Xanatos. It was also on that not that the two women discovered a secret about their families that neither one had expected.

It turned out that Anastasia Reynard was in fact Queen Titania, queen of the Sidhé race, and was also Lily's great grandmother from a previous marriage many years ago, and that both women had dormant Sidhé blood running through their veins.

During the party that they had to celebrate Alexander's birth, Anastasia revealed her true self to all of them when her ex-husband, Lord Oberon crashed the party that was celebrating Alexander's birth, wanting to reclaim his wife and have her return to Avalon with him to rule. Titania told Oberon was willing to go back with him as long she was allowed to take both Harry and Alexander with her, to be properly trained in how to use their dormant Sidhé powers which she could sense were stronger than their mothers, and casually saying that they could erase the memories of everyone there of the two boys existence so there would be no problems, and Oberon agreed wholeheartedly to the plan if it meant getting Titania to come back home to Avalon with him.

A big fight broke out among the adults, as the humans fought back against Oberon as he tried to take the boys, but the group was losing badly against the Sidhé lord, while Titania simply stood back and watched.

During the fight it was revealed that Owen was another Sidhé named Puck. Despite Oberon's orders for Puck to stand down and help get the boys, Puck stood up to his ruler and refused to obey his orders, and helped fight back, with the help of a group of creatures called Gargoyles who showed up just as things were getting really bad.

In the end, the group of humans and gargoyles were immobilized by one of Oberon's spells, completely frozen in place with only Lily and Fox still standing as they tried to protect their children from Oberon. During the fight, they had moved both Harry and Alex into Harry's playpen so that they were together in one place.

Lily had her wand out and was flinging stunning spells and hexes at Oberon, but none of the spells fazed the Sidhé as he simply brushed them off as if they were nothing, before both she and Fox were flung away by his magic, and Lily had to twist her body a bit to try and avoid landing on her stomach when she hit the ground in order, and wound up with the wind knocked out of her.

Sitting back up, As Lily pushed herself back to her feet, she could see Oberon standing over the boys cribs and starting to reach for Harry, who was standing up in the playpen and watching everything that was going on, and staring at Oberon with a scared look in his eyes, as he glanced back over at Alex, before glancing back at Oberon.

Just as Oberon's hand was about to touch Harry, Harry raised up his hands and some kind of shield appeared out of nowhere around the playpen, and shocked Oberon as soon as the royal hand came in contact with it, causing Oberon to curse loudly for a few seconds, before he started casting spells at the shield to try and bring it down.

As she watched what was going on, Lily wondered where the shield had come from, as she could feel all of her anger and hatred build up within her in one powerful burst of power.

All she could remember was reaching out towards Oberon wanting to stop him from taking Harry away from her, and she could see Fox doing the same thing, and as they reached out the power that she felt building up inside her flew from their hands and blasted Oberon and sent him flying halfway across the room and through several brick walls.

The attack left the two women completely drained and out of breath, as they tried to get back to their feet to get to the boys, only to be stopped by a royally pissed off Oberon, who was getting ready to blast both of them when Titania stepped in between the three of them and called him off before he could do permanent harm Lily and Fox.

Titania then proceeded to announce that she had changed her mind about taking the boys away, and had decided that they would be better of with their families. She also suggested that Puck should stay in the human realm as 'punishment' for disobeying orders, to train the boys and any other children Lily and Fox had in their Sidhé heritages.

After finally calming down Oberon, who was completely fed up with everything that had happened so far and now only wanted to go home with Titania, reluctantly agreed to everything including punishing Puck, by putting a seal on Pucks Sidhé powers so that he could only access them when he was training Harry and Alexander, and was banished from ever setting foot on Avalon soil until further notice.

Before they left, Titania approached Lily and Fox who were sitting down in chairs with Alex and Harry in their arms, an David and Puck standing on opposite sides of them. The group openly glared at her as they held onto their sons protectively as she made her way towards them.

Standing in front of the two women, Titania apologized for what happened that night, and that she had never really planned on taking the boys away, but had instead planned from the start to use Oberon's arrival to try and wake up their powers before she left, and also to create a reason for Oberon to let Puck stay in the human world rather than force him back to Avalon and away from Lily and Harry.

"I can't have my favorite god daughter be miserable now that she's found love with someone else, now can I?" Titania said with a slight smirk on her features as she took in the shocked looks everyone was now giving her, and the blushes that were creeping up to Puck and Lily's faces as they tried to put up an argument about their relationship, "Don't give me those looks, you two. I've seen how the two of you are around each other, and I approve. But if Oberon made you go back to Avalon, you wouldn't be allowed back for a long time."

"My queen, I don't know what to say," Puck started bowing, only to stop in mid sentence as Titania raised a hand to silence him.

"Just take care of my girls for me, Puck. And be good for Lily and Harry, along with the child that's growing inside of Lily now," Titania said, as she smiled a bit as she moved forward and placed a kiss on both Lily and Foxes heads, then bent lower to kiss Alex and Harry before standing back up to look at all of them, before she turned her gaze fully on Puck once more, "I hope that you are up to the job handed you?"

"It would be my extreme pleasure, your majesty," Puck said, as a mischievous look appear on his features as he glanced over at Lily for a moment, before turning his gaze back on his queen and bowed to her, "I will be honored to watch over all of them."

"Good. Then I wish all of you good luck, and promise to come back to see how your doing." Titania said before turning around to walk back towards Oberon who was waiting impatiently by the windows, "All of you are going to need it for what's coming in the following years."

Lily and Fox both tried to call her back to demand what she had meant by what she had just said, but Titania ignored their calls as she continued on her way to Oberon and took the kings hand in her own, and the duo disappeared in a flash of light.

After the two royals had departed, everyone spent the remainder of the night cleaning up the mess left over from the battle against Oberon, and while cleaning up Lily finally confronted Puck about what he had been hiding from her all this time.


"I can't believe you, Owen!" Lily exclaimed half an hour later after the Sidhé royals had left the castle, as she glared at her boyfriend for a moment, who was still in his elf form, as her eyes filled with tears, "Or is it 'Puck' now? Either way, how could you keep such a secret from me?!"

"Lily my love, I'm still the man you've known these past few months no matter what form I'm in. I've always meant to tell you who and what I really was," Puck said as he walked over to her, his form shifting back to his Owen Burnett form, as he wrapped his arms around Lily's waist and pulled her unresisting body towards him, "but the moment never seemed right, I never meant to hurt you, and I didn't want for you to find out this way. Forgive me?"

"Fine. I guess you have a good reason for hiding it." Lily let out a small sigh, as she leaned back into Owen's embrace as she felt her anger starting to die down for the time being, "Are there anymore secrets that I need to know about? What I'd really like to know is where that shield came from, though..."

"That was my doing actually. After learning about you being a witch, I wanted to see what Harry could do, so I started coaching him in some spells." Owen said as a sheepish look appeared on his features as Lily turned and gave him an incredulous look, "Don't look at me like that. It's not as bad as it sounds."

"You've been teaching my son spells?!" Lily exclaimed loudly as she glared at him for a moment, "He's only twenty-two months old, Owen!"

"He's never too young to be able to protect himself. After hearing your stories about what happened in England, I had a feeling something bad might be coming, you wouldn't believe the things that kid can learn." Owen said defensively as he backed away from Lily while holding his hands up in front of him as if to ward off her anger, as he quickly started to explain, "I only taught him a few basic defensive spells like that shield he used tonight. If he hadn't known the shield spell, Oberon could have been holding both him and Alex when you and Fox blasted him through the walls."

Lily glared at Owen for a few minutes, before visibly deflating a bit as she realized that what he was saying was true. She didn't want to think about what might have happened tonight if Harry hadn't been able to put up that shield, and was grateful that Owen had thought to teach him how to do it.

Turning away from Owen, she waddled over to a nearby chair and slowly eased herself down onto it, with a loud sigh.

"Lily? How are you feeling really?" Owen said as he walked over to her and got down on his knees so that he could look up at her from the floor, "With all of this excitement tonight I would think you'd be exhausted."

"I'm more than exhausted, Owen. But now I'm scared too." Lily said as she looked up at Owen and met his gaze for a moment before looking away, "After everything that's happened, where does it leave us?"

"What's that supposed to mean? Nothing has changed between us." Owen demanded, his eyes narrowing a bit as he stared at Lily in confusion for a moment, as he pursed his lips a bit, "Or has it? Are you changing your mind about what we mean to each other?"

"No I haven't changed my mind. But," Lily said, shaking her head for a moment, as tears started to fill her eyes as she met his gaze, "I almost lost both you and Harry tonight, because of Aunt Anas—Titania."

"Oh come on, you heard the queen. She had this all planned out from the start." Owen said with a dismissive wave of his hand, as a thoughtful look appeared on his face, "I don't think she would have really taken Harry and Alexander away from the two of you. She loves you girls."

"But still, even if they hadn't taken the boys, then what about you?" Lily asked, as she sniffled a bit, "She said you wouldn't have been allowed to come back ever again if Oberon had made you go back."

"Stop your crying now. Not even Oberon could have kept me away form you and Harry. I know if I had gone back to Avalon there would have been little," Owen said, with a defiant look in he reached up to brush aside a loose strand of red hair from Lily's face, "chance of me being able to come back here again. If I had to I would have given up my Sidhé powers before I'd lose you because of him."

"This might not be the right time to say this, but before I met you, I wasn't even interested in settling down with anyone. But the minute I met you for the first time." Owen said as he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small black box, while Lily watched him with wide eyes, "four months ago, I just knew that I couldn't bare to spend the rest of my life without you and Harry in my life, no matter how short our time together might have been in the coming years."

"Owen..." Lily started to ask, only to stop as Owen opened up the black box, to reveal a gold diamond encrusted ring sitting in the center of the cushioned case, causing her eyes to widen for a moment before she turned her gaze back up to him to see that he was blushing a bit as eh stared back at her.

"But now that it looks like I'm here to stay indefinitely, I have to ask you, will you, Lily Marie Evans do me the honor of becoming my wife," Owen said as he held up the ring box in front of Lily, so she could see the gleaming ring, as he stared at her with a hesitant look on his face, "and let me be the father of Harry, and the baby that you carry within you, for as long as we are live?"

The words were barely out of his mouth before Lily launched herself at him and sent the two of them falling over onto the ground with Lily sitting in his lap as she kissed him fully on the mouth.

"I take it by your reaction," Owen said with a teasing note in his voice, after finally pulling away from her after a few minutes of kissing, as he caressed the side of her face with one hand while he grinned at her, "that you're saying yes to my proposal?"

"You git, of course it means yes!" Lily exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around his neck as he carefully pushed them back up, "Yes! I will marry you, Owen."

-End Flashback-

Two weeks later, Lily and Owen were happily married, with Owen legally adopting Harry and changing his last name to Burnett.

It was a big wedding which they held at night so the gargoyles could join in on the festivities, and they had invited everyone they knew, and even Remus Lupin had also arrived to attend the wedding. This time around though, since Halcyon was restricted to his wheelchair, it was David who walked Lily down the aisle and gave her away to Owen at the alter.

After the reception, the two of them left to spending another two weeks in Hawaii on their honeymoon in a condo that had been given to them as a wedding present by David Xanatos, with Fox and David watching over Harry while they were gone, the couple were finally back in castle Wyvern, in the room they now shared together with Harry sleeping in the adjoining bedroom next door to theirs.

The two of them were sleeping side by side on their king sized bed, when Lily woke up and found herself unable to go back to sleep. After glancing at Owen for a moment, she pulled out from under his arm without waking him up, and headed for the bathroom.

After using the facilities, she put down the seat cover of the toilet and sat down on the lid with a loud sigh, as she looked down at her growing stomach for a moment, as she gently rubbed it with one hand, and smiled a bit when she felt a responding kick from the baby within.

'Just two and a half more months before you are born, kiddo.' Lily thought fondly to her daughter, as she continued to rub her belly for a moment, 'I promise I won't let anything happen to you or your big brother, if I can help it.'

As she sat there, she thought back on everything that had happened in her life so far, and she found herself happy by everything she had done so far. A part of her still wondered about what was going on back in England, and if James and Dylan were all right without her, sometimes even thinking about what her life would have been like if she had stayed with James and given up Harry as everyone had wanted her to do, but she forced herself to push those thoughts out of her mind as she thought about Owen/Puck.

'There's no going back now. I've moved on with my life with Owen,' Lily thought determinately to herself, as a slight frown appeared on her lips as she looked back down at her stomach for a moment, 'Things can never be the same between James and myself.'

As she looked down at her stomach, another thought came to her as she realized what might happen if James somehow ever found out about Willow also being his daughter.

'I can't let James ever find out about this baby being his. If she looks like him, I'll just put a glamour on her to make her look more like Owen if I have to,' Lily thought to herself, as she looked down at her now slightly rounded tummy for a moment, before letting out a small sigh as she rested a hand on it, 'If James ever finds out the truth about Willow, he might try and take her away from me as payback for leaving him and Dylan for Harry...'

Just then a soft knocking at the bathroom door broke her out of her thoughts, just as her husbands voice came calling through the door asking if she was all right and if she needed any help.

"I'm fine, Owen." Lily called back as she pushed herself back up to her feet as fast as she could, while reaching down to pull the toilet seat cover back up, before towards the door, "I'll be right out in a minute."

After listening for a few seconds to the sound of Owen's feet padding away back to the bed, Lily turned around to face the bathroom mirror one last time to give her appearance one last look, before she turned away and headed back into the bedroom to sleep for the rest of the night next to Owen.

To be continued...

Author's Notes:
SO, how do you guys like it so far? I came up with this story after watching some old Disney's Gargoyles episodes one night, and it wouldn't go away no matter how hard I tried, and it wouldn't go away until I typed it all down. It's completed at 20 pages.

I've tried to type down what I remembered from the Gargoyle's series as best as I could, and sorry for the spoilers to those of you who've probably never seen the series, but I had to write it down to include Lily and Harry in it, and I couldn't remember exactly what it was that Halcyon was dying from in the original series so I gave him Leukemia as the cause.

For those of you who don't know what the word 'Sidhé' means, it's basically another word for 'Fairy', and I picked it because it sounded cooler, and the fact that in the Gargoyles series not a lot of the sidhé that Oberon and Titania rule over in Avalon actually fit the description of what fairies look like.

I have a question though. The trunk that Lily is using is supposed to be like the one Alastor Moody, or Barty Crouch Jr., used in book four when he captured the real Moody. Does anyone know the real name of that trunk?

I've been reading all of those other 'parents-survive-and-Harry-Potter's-sibling-is-the-child-who-lived' fics, and I noticed a pattern forming in all of them, where James and Lily either got rid of Harry so that they could spend all their time on their little savior child simply because Dumbledore 'suggested' it, with Lily barely putting up an argument about it before giving in to what the others wanted, OR they keep Harry, and Harry is raised in abject misery while everyone in his family who should be loving him ignores him completely for his sibling.

SO I decided on a new approach, using the same plotline only differently as you all see here, with Lily deciding to dump James and their child savior and going away with Harry.

On a side note, before anyone asks me, the next chapter of 'Tempest Mage' will be out in the next week or so. I've been busy, and have a major case of writers block on this story, for the last couple of months, but I think I'm back in the swing of things concerning it.

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