The Grey Templar 2

By Starspawn07


Yup, waiting for Starcraft 2 to come out is quite an agonizing affair for fans such as we ( especially ones who keeps the obsession to themselves most of the time, like I do ). I could draw, but writing fanfic is the most convenient XD

I have the rough plot in mind already, but I am still rather occupied, so don't expect this to be updated and concluded as fast as the last one.

Some things will stay the same : 1. there will be no romantic or gender related themes. 2. My fanfics do not adhere to canon, so if you can't identify certain elements in the story with Star Wars or Starcraft, then they are most likely all made up . And 3. I do not own any of the characters or plot devices I write about.

Star Wars is the brainchild of director George Lucas.

The StarCraft series is the product of game developer Blizzard Entertainment.

Now on to the Story:

The Crystal

"Master ! Master !" A familiar voice rang throughout the cavern, and Jedi master Farid awoke from hours of meditation.

He looked around for the source of the voice. Actually, he could feel it approaching, though having lived and witnessed 200 years of conflict and intrigue, he now trusted nothing but his own eyes. Sometimes, even the Force misleads.

He sat in the middle of a 4 metre tall cavern with black, corrugated walls, accessed by three round tunnels, each roughly the height of one average man. From the tunnel directly in front of him, faint white daylight shone in and reflected off the surfaces of the various crystals which encrusted the walls, floor and ceiling of the cavern, giving the primitive dwelling a glittering, surreal atmosphere.

Presently, against the dim white light of the cave entrance there appeared a tall figure with fiery red hair, tied into a small braid at one side, wearing similar brown robes as Farid, only newer and less droopy.

The young man rushed to kneel excitedly before Farid and from his belt he detached a small device shaped like a foot long, inch wide metal cylinder, fluted like the hilt of a straight sword.

"Look, master, I did it ! I made a new light sabre !" He grinned proudly and held out his handiwork for Farid to see.

"Very impressive, Kart." Stroking his long white beard and trying to hide his own excitement at his apprentice's latest achievement, Farid took the light sabre and examined it closely, turning it over and over to take in every fine detail that was visible under the faint light. Admiration for the boy's skill was augmented by the feeling of a strange power emanating from the cylinder he held in his hand.

Then something towards one end of the cylinder caught his eye, and all three black eyes narrowed as he scrutinized a small sky-blue crystal encased within the focus unit of the hilt. It gave off a shimmering blue glow. As he ran his thumb over it, he felt a connection with the Force in a manner which he had never felt before.

Kart raised a nervous eyebrow and the broad grin on his face faded a little.

"You didn't find this crystal within the Caves." Farid stared into Kart's eyes, and the latter felt as if his Master was looking straight into his soul.

"Um… uh … yes, I mean … I bought it." Kart stared back with a sheepish smile.

"You what ?" Farid jerked back his shiny bald head.

"See the guy found this thing near an old temple, and … uh … couldn't find much use for it so he offered to sell it to me. The transaction was legal I promise." Feeling bolder at the end of the confession, he added. "I don't understand, Master. Why are Jedi discouraged from trade ?"

"Our principles are what makes us true Jedi, my young Padawan." Farid sank back to his thinking posture and pretended to ignore the crystal.

Inwardly, he sighed. The younger generation was much harder to bring up than it used to be. Now they always questioned, they must always satisfy their curiosity and their love of novelty, never content with protocol and routine.

Still, Kart was immensely gifted. The very fact that he recognized the force potential within the crystal and incorporated it into his first personal weapon, was telling. Kart had grown in the Force

and creativity too, which a lot of Knights lacked nowadays.

If only he could temper his impulsivities and passions just a little bit …

"So, can I go read the Black Book ? A little peep ?" Kart pleaded.

Farid's white eyebrows twisted into a mild, exasperated frown."No, only a highly experienced master can be allowed to access the Dark Holocrons. Great knowledge comes with a price. Have I not told you many times about the dangers of falling to the Dark Side ?"

"'Cos it makes you more powerful ?" Kart crossed his arms.

"It is a path of no return." Farid muttered and closed his eyes, going over a list of Jedi who would have been a more suitable mentor for Kart.

"So it's back to good old pure and holy Jedi training then." Kart turned his head and pouted. The fire of passion in his dark green eyes was replaced by the dim ember of boredom and resignation.

For a while, Farid fiddled with the light sabre, then handed it back to Kart and spoke in his usual calm, serious tone. "Not exactly… We are going to find this temple you mentioned."

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