After dropping Brer Rabbit, Tigger, and Goofy off at their respective homes, the Hitchhiking Ghosts raced off to the Mansion and uploaded their video on Youtube (using a computer in the special Cast Member's break room). They had made it! The Internet!

Their movie got one hit. Ever. And the person who clicked it may have been drunk, for all anyone knew.

That's how it goes in the bustling world of Youtube, where things are uploaded by the second. It's all-too easy to get lost in the crowd if you're not lucky like Numa Numa Guy, or Obama Girl.

And yet, the ghosts didn't care. Their movie was a hit with the people that really mattered: It was a hit with everyone at the Mansion.

For many nights after the adventure (and many more to come), all 999 ghosts, all the Cast Members, everyone from Splash Mountain, and scattered others from the parks would gather outside the Mansion and watch a projection of The Brer Witch Project , as the movie came to be called. Madame Leota especially enjoyed it, for some reason.

All in all, everyone agreed that it was a success.

And as for Chula...well, at this point, you've probably forgotten he was in the story.

But in case you WERE wondering, after everyone's favorite spider had been thrown off the island, he decided to tackle something bigger.

Namely, he tied up Mickey Mouse in Cinderella's Castle.

"Oh, come on!" exclaimed Mickey, still caught in the web. "What's the point of this?"

Chula shrugged. "Gotta end it on something funny."

Mickey thought about this and nodded. "Good point. That's all, folks!...Don't tell anyone, but I've always wanted to say that."

That about ends the story. Stay tuned for one starring Chula himself! I really hope we don't all grow to hate him. Thanks for reading!