Well Hello, I decided to start a new side project to help with my creative flows and because my last 'project was a success'. So here you go a series of one shots just for you guys out there. It will have a variety of pairings all with Raven though maybe a little of others but mainly Raven. I hope I do well :D

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Pairing- Rabin and Raven

The Cost to Lose Control

She sat on the roof, bathed in the pearly glow of the moon, her mid length hair swaying in the near non existent wind, her brilliant amethyst eyes closed as she repeated the words that kept her powers at bay, that is until she called upon them. Robin often came to the roof at moonrise, which coincidently was the time Raven chose for her meditation, she had decided on this time due to the fact that she hardly spent time with her friends, so this way she would have time for them, she would also rise for sunrise, how she loved watching the state of the sky change.

Robin would come up to the roof every night, not for the skies view, but for another view, he hoped that one day he would find the courage to confront her, he would hide behind a vent and simply watch, but tonight was different to other nights the nights sky was clear, and it made Raven resemble a goddess, and a sudden fire of courage rose into heart and he stepped from his hiding place and coughed rather loudly.

She turned her gaze towards him a slight look of interest in her eyes, when their eyes met Robin's newfound courage vanished.


"Ermm …Yeah ..Hi." he cursed himself in his head 'Yeah real smooth boy blunder'

"Calm down, your emotions are going crazy." The purple haired sorceress told him touching down on the ground; she walked over to the nervous boy and set a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Sorry Rae, guess I'm not as good as controlling myself as you."

"That would be meditating" she stated simply

"Could you teach me?" he asked, she looked at him funny, but then seeing the determined look on his face agreed. She instructed him into the cross legged position then sat opposite him.

"Relax, your so tense." She could help but peek at his well defined muscles, yes it was true she harboured a crush on her leader, but didn't dare confront him about it, she feared she would be rejected.

" Its hard" He wined she chuckled at his childish antics, he stared into her precious gem like eyes loving the sound of her melodic laughter.

"Raven, I know this is completely out of the blue, but, do you ever want to feel emotion?" He watched as her eyes opened slightly as she contemplated the idea.

"I do feel emotion but I lack the right to express them fully, I can express them to a half way point, but if I could choose there's nothing I would like more than to loose control, but of course that would destroy the planet." She told him a slight sad tone in her voice.

"Half ways enough for me!" He told her honestly, she gave him a questioning look.

"Raven I have been coming up here every night for the last 3 month's and only in the last month I have realized why." He paused

"Why…?" She urged him not letting hope creep into her voice.

" Well…I think that I…I ..Love you" She had a look of pure shock on her face, Robin took this as rejection and walked towards the door.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have, I….." But before he could continue she walked up to his and captured him in a chaste kiss.

"Don't you dare ,Richard Grayson , ever take it back or apologize… I love you too" Unfortunately their passionate moment was interrupted by the alarm.


They arrived down town were Slade was launching his worst attack on the city yet, millions upon millions of Slade bots, attacked innocent civilians, not injuring them, but knocking them dead, Slade himself watched over the attack himself.

"TITANS GO" Was Robin's immediate order as they arrived on the scene, each titan took off in different directions, Robin headed for the head honcho himself ,Slade.


The titans fought valiantly, but alas they were not destined to be victorious, the valiant alien princess had been the first to go down, she had been fired into a ally thankfully out of harms way and hopefully only unconscious, the next to go was the determined changeling, he had been fired into a wall, he had been injured, but hopefully nothing too bad, by looks of it he had a broken wrist and a collection of small cuts, the next to fall was the heroic Cyborg whom had been shot down whilst pushing his little sister out of harms way, Raven wished he hadn't done so, she didn't wish to be the downfall of her friends, she moved him out of harms way along with the limp body of the small green boy, Raven herself was seriously injured, even more so than Beastboy, she was walking on a broken leg, most of her porcelain skin was masked in crimson this also covered the collection of bruises, and her lung was quickly filling with liquid, soon she would drown in her own body fluids, but still she refused to be knocked down. But she was not prepared for what happened next, Robin was threw to the floor by Slade, when he landed he spluttered blood this was not a good sign, the empath knelt down beside the dying boy, she surrounded her hands in blue to heal him, Slade fled.

"No.. I know how it works, you take my injuries, and I won't let you die." He told her defiantly.

"Robin, they need you to survive let one of us survive please." She begged.

"What are you talking about… One of us?"

"Robin… I'm dying, let me have my last wish and save my friends lives."

"But… But…"

"Please.." The plead barely left her lips she was loosing all strength quickly. He didn't reply and she healed him back to perfect health, she then fell down.

"Raven…" He knelt beside her

"I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough, but I'm finally able to do it…loose control without consequence, it feels amazing, please carry my last messages, tell Star she was the sister I never had and no matter how much I denied it I loved having doing the hanging out I love her, tell Bb he was always funny, I'm sorry I never laughed I feared I would laugh too much and destroy everything, he was my little brother I love him, And tell Cyborg he was my big brother always made me feel like I belonged and I'm sorry I wont be able to help him upgrade the t-car like we said we were going to do I love him…and.. and cough Robin my true love, I'm sorry we never had time, so much I wish we could have done and said I ….. Love …You"

"And I love you." With that she smiled her eyes closed and she fell limply to the ground. He Screamed out in despair, and cried for the first time in years. When he decided he better leave he carried his dead angel to the t-car placing her in the passenger seat, the rest of his friends in the back, now he would carry out Raven's last wish and make sure their friends live, for she gave her life for them…. For him.

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