Crazy enough but this Kingdom Hearts series is based on my homework assignment. Hope you enjoy.

Organization Personal

My name is Roxas.

But my real name is Confused.

I am the retriever for isn't that all I am? A pawn for one's gain and revenge?

The object in my non-existent heart is key for am I not the Key of Destiny?

'Lost' brands my forehead; I have never felt this hopeless before.

I love hearing the sounds of the ocean hitting the sand, interrupted by the hisses of the Dusks.

I love the smell of sea-salt of the ocean and my favorite ice-cream but it doesn't even cover the stench of the fire that had taken my best friend's life.

I had been born in Twilight and forevermore I will dwell in it.

My hands beg me not to destroy the non-existent lives of my comrades as my Other finishes them off.

What would I remember if Sora had stayed a Heartless any longer?

"...You will make a good Other."

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