I might be able to get this story completed. I apologize ahead of time if I concentrate more on My Years than Organization Phobia. I will be putting that story off until I get that story completed. Also the quote is a KH manga reference and it doesn't belong to me. Nor do the characters or the game itself.

Ahem, my name is Vexen.

My real name is Even.

Wouldn't I be the fox? Clever through and through?

Preposterous. We have no hearts.

Okay! Who branded 'NERD' and 'GEEK' on my forehead!

Like a few of my fellow colleagues, I like the silence.

You don't want to know what the lab smells like.

Time of day? I wouldn't be able to tell the difference from being stuck in my laboratory for so long.

Hands don't talk!

I still experimented with chemicals even as a child.

"Maybe they're wearing the same cologne?"



P.S. Thank you Firebloom for the Vexen quote.