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"Kyuubi Talking" for like 3 lines of the story anyways.

Chapter 1: Time to Go.

For Uzumaki Naruto, today was a good day. For nine years of his life he never had one person he could call a friend, but that changes today. It started like any normal day and he thought it would end that way, but after coming from the academy he went to Ichiraku Ramen like most days. The difference is this day a girl from the academy sat down next to him and when he greeted her she responded without malice. When he asked her name, she told him. Deciding that this Hyuuga Hinata girl was awesome he started a conversation with her.

Naruto was not that only one having a good day. Hinata, not having the courage to ask to eat lunch with him at school came up with the best plan she had even made: Sit next to him at his favorite ramen stand and pray he talks to her. Worked like a charm. The Ichiraku family was also happy to see someone talking to the boy and from the way the girl was acing she probably had a crush on the boy. So they didn't mind in the least when the two stayed at the stand for hours talking, forgetting about everything else, including ordering ramen after the first bowl.

Takeuchi Ryoma was not having a good day. The Chunin exams were today and he failed the first test, again. It wasn't even his fault, he joined a team with a missing member and one of them got into a fight with foreign Nin that got them kicked out. The rent was due last week and he didn't have the money, and would not have it. "D-rank" missions simply didn't pay much and he didn't have an official team yet so "C-Rank" was out of the question, at least that what he was told.

He wouldn't be in the situation if his sister hadn't died 6 months ago. No, not died, killed or rather executed. What made things worse was the reason she was executed was sitting, happily chatting with one of those damned Hyuuga. They were the reason he failed his first Chunin exam, one of them killed his team mates, even though were from the same village. Oh, the fact that Naruto held the Kyuubi certainly didn't help things. 'If my life has to go down the drain I'll be damned if they'll be so damn happy.' He thought.

Teuchi noticed that it was the time of day where business is at its slowest, a little past dinner time and it was getting dark out. So there were very few people if any around. He then looked to the two people still sitting in their stools after probably 4 hours of talking. 'It's probably time to tell them to head home, the girl will probably get yelled at when she does get home.' He thought.

Just as he was about to tell them Ryoma grabbed Naruto and Hinata and tossed them into the stand and into Teuchi and his daughter Ayame.

"Hey, TEME what the hell do you think you're doing?" Naruto yelled as he got up. He noticed that the man pulled down the metal door they used to close down the shop. Then he started doing hand seals for a sound proofing Jutsu.

Ryoma then grabbed Ayame from the floor and put a kunai to her neck. "What am I doing? That's simple, getting revenge, for my sister, and for my team."

"They boy had nothing to do with the attack, you can't get…." Teuchi said before getting cut off.

"I'm not talking about the stupid fox, although I can't say it's not related. My sister was executed for just talking about the damn thing, all she did was talk about it and she was killed for it. My team, it has nothing to do with the fox at all. A damn Hyuuga killed them; we're from the same damn village yet the Hyuuga think there so much above us that it doesn't matter what they do. Old man, I'm sorry you and this girl got involved in this, I don't think I would have ever gotten a better chance, bad luck I guess." He said before sliding the Kunai across Ayame's neck, killing her.

"AYAME!" screamed Teuchi before running to her fallen body. Naruto and Hinata was frozen in shock, never having seen anything like that, it also was safe to say fear also had a hand in their frozen state.

Ryoma only two people to suffer, the old man was not one of them so he decided that make it quick for him to. While he was holding the body of his daughter he stabbed him in the back of the head with a kunai, killing him as well.

That action snapped Naruto back into reality. This man had just killed two of his favorite people, and was probably planning on doing the same to Hinata and him, not if he could help it. So Naruto grabbed of his Kunai and charged towards Ryoma, only to receive a swift powerful kick to the arm, sending flying to the back of the stand and breaking his arm.

The scream of pain from Naruto forced Hinata to take action as well. She activated her Byakugan then ran forward in attempted to land a Juken strike on his stomach. Ryoma grabbed the girls wrist then kneed her in the stomach, when she curled over he picked her up by her hair then pressed the side of her face to the hot plate used to cook meat.

Seeing this and hearing the loud scream from his new friend, Naruto forced himself to his feet, and charged slowly, limping with his left arm hanging useless. Ryoma dropped Hinata and said "For academy students you two have guts, but no matter how brave you are if you don't have strength it's useless."

"Teme, I don't give a shit what you think. I'm going to killing no matter what!" Naruto said.

Ryoma just smirked and when Naruto got in range he kicked in the jaw, breaking it and knocking him unconscious.

Naruto's Mindscape

"Child, you said you would kill him no matter what it took. Do you truly feel that way? Even doing so could cause countless others to die as well?" Kyuubi Asked.

Naruto just stared at the seemingly empty giant cage in from of him with the blank expression of his face before nodding.

"Good. His life will end, all you need to do is remove that seal from the cage." Kyuubi said.

"I don't know who or what you are, and I don't care either just make sure he pays for what he did." Naruto said before walking up to the bars and ripping off the seal.

As soon as the seal was removed the bars faded away. Then Kyuubi stepped forward causing Naruto to see him for the first time, but still not caring what it was. Kyuubi then locked eyes with Naruto then turned in a really thick red mist.

"Free at last!" Kyuubi said.

Real World:

The moment Naruto's eyes opened, he looked directly into Ryoma's eyes causing the Gennin to freeze. Then Naruto's mouth snapped open and a red mist flowed out from it and into Ryoma. Ryoma or now Kyuubi in a new body raised his hand towards Naruto and then the boys injuries healed.

When he no longer felt any pain was confused, he looked towards Ryoma and was about to attack him until he noticed his eyes changed, from the black they were to a deep cerulean blue "What happened?"

"You wanted him dead, so I removed his soul from his body and replaced it with mine!" Kyuubi said with a smirk.

"What? You're that thing I was talking to? Who, what are you anyways? How can you replace someone's soul? Is that bastard really dead?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, I am that 'thing' you were conversing with. I am Kyuubi no Youko. It is simple because I am Kyuubi." Kyuubi replied.

"Enough questions child we must leave here." Kyuubi said before flaring his Chakra. He then grabbed Naruto, then bust trough the side door and took off faster than Naruto though it was possible to run, even Gai would be hard pressed to catch up with the Demon now in a human body.

They had been running for two hours before Kyuubi stopped.

"Child, listen to me for I will not repeat myself. I'm going to give you a few things so that you can survive alone in this world. First you will notice my eyes are blue like yours used to be, you know hold the eyes I once had, they are glowing red and carry the power of illusion." Kyuubi said. Indeed Naruto's eyes were red with a slit down the middle. "The second ability the eyes hold will allow you to cloak yourself. You will be not be seen, smelled or heard while cloaked."

Kyuubi then held his hand out towards Naruto and more red mist poured from Naruto's mouth again. The mist flowed around Naruto then formed into clothes; he now wore something similar to black ANBU gear and a black featureless ANBU mask. He then noticed two daggers, one strapped to each side of his waist.

"Those clothes and gear are not nearly as special but they should be useful to you. Now before I leave there are a few things I must tell you. One, do not go back to Konoha unless you must. Two, live for yourself and your own goal, depend on no one and take what you want from everyone. Learn to use your abilities and grow as strong as possible, you will see me from time to time, but I probably won't look the same. I'm leaving now I have shit to do." Kyuubi said before he took off to who knows where.

3 Days Later: Konoha

Hinata who has been unconscious for two days had finally woken up. That's why Hyuuga Hiashi and Sandaime Hokage are entering her hospital room. Once they entered they headed over to where she was and Sandaime ask how she was feeling. She actually was hurt the least of everyone, though her face was wrapped in bandages, and she would have a decent amount of scares to show for the event.

"My face hurts a bit, but where is Naruto-kun? Is he alright? What about that man did you catch him?" Hinata franticly asked.

"Calm down Hinata. Uzumaki-san has not been found, nor has the culprit. Also, unfortunately we have no clue who it was, or where he went. Although when you learn Henge no Jutsu we will be able to find out if you still remember how he looks." Hiashi said.

"Well Hinata, we'll leave you to rest for now. I promise you, we will find both of them and Justice will be served." Sandaime said to her before he and Hiashi left the room.

'He better hope you do find him because going to be looking and if I'm the one to catches him he's going to regret the day he's was born.' Though Hinata.