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Scione Naruto would have brought her with him, but Kyuubi didn't want to bring trouble to Naruto by having her with them. Kyuubi is not Naruto's friend in this fic, just needs the boy alive.



Chapter 2: Time to Join.

It's been two days since Kyuubi dropped Naruto off who knows where in Fire Country and he was hungry as ever. He thought about trying to find some animal to eat but since he had no way of cooking or even knowing what edible he decided he would try and find a city first. During these two days he figured out some cool things about the gifts Kyuubi gave him. With his eyes he made many birds panic by making them think they were being chased by bigger birds. While cloaked he walked up and kicked a squirrel and it still didn't notice him. When he removed his mask it turned into a red mist and that flowed into his body, same with his armor and daggers, and can be brought back out at his will. His daggers, he thought they were supper cool, when he pushed chakra into them they vibrated making them cut trough things easily.

He was now traveling though the treetop hoping to find a city when it happened. A woman appeared in his path and kicked him in face, or rather his mask making him fly through the air and crash into the ground. Once he got back he noticed he was surrounded by four people.

"You're looking a little small for ANBU kid. Konoha must be getting desperate if they're sending kids like you on ANBU missions, alone at that." The woman who kicked him said.

"I'm not ANBU, and I don't work for Konoha. Who are you people and what do you want." Naruto said.

"Oh? If you don't work for Konoha who do you work for? You're wearing custom amour and are carrying weapons, not to mention you were traveling in the trees so I know you're not a normal kid." A guy who was wearing a black shinobi vest said.

"I don't work for anyone. This gear was a gift from someone and I'm lost." Naruto said.

A second guy, who happened to be wearing a business suit, walking to the one in the vest and whispered something in his ear then they both smiled.

"Ah, Hei here has an excellent idea. We're a group of ninja who don't like to be tied down villages or shinobi clans. We've been following you for about 4 hours and can easily tell, well you suck. Point is would you like to join us." The guy in the vest said.

"Well, who are you and what do you do? What will I get for joining you?" Naruto asked.

"Our little group is called Yajuu Butai (Beast Unit). What we do is whatever we fell like, and members can do whatever they please unless it interferes with the leader's orders, my orders. If you join we will train you and you won't be lost anymore." The leader said.

It wasn't really a hard choice for Naruto. He was hungry, he was lost, and he could really use the training they could give him. Not to mention he was thinking they probably would kill him if he said no. "Sure, I might as well join you." He said.

"Good, guess it's a good time to introduce ourselves. I'm the leader of this group my name is Yajuu Yoshiro, former Jounin of Suna, age 20." Yoshiro, the one with the vest said. He was dressed like a typical Suna shinobi except it was all black. His hair was light blue and spiky but only reached his ears.

"My name is Yajuu Hei, former member of Umito clan of Sea Country, age 16." Hei said in a bored voice. He was wearing a western business suit, and his hair was white and cut very low. His eyes were a light brown and he looked to have no weapons, scrolls, or gear on him.

"My name is Yajuu Atsune, former Chunin of Taki, age 17." Atsune whispered. She wore a blue battle kimono, her hair was black and hung down to her back, and her eyes were also black.

"My name is Yajuu Saeko, former whore of wind country, age 14." Saeko said, sounding a bit too happy for what she said. You could say she was covered more than Naruto, but you could see her eyes, where Naruto you can only see the slits of his mask. She wore a completely back traditional cloth ninja (think TV ninjas) outfit where you could only see her brown eyes. She also has a sword strapped to her back. One thing Naruto noticed was that none of them wore hitai-ate.

Naruto figuring it was his turn and deducing that they all changed their last name to Yajuu said. "My name is Yajuu Naruto, former first year academy student of Konoha, age 9." Naruto said.

"Mind removing your mask so we can see what you look like?" Saeko asked who happened to be the one who kicked him.

Naruto nodded then reached up and pulled off his mask. He had his eyes closed when Saeko squealed "Aww cute!" that was until he opened his eyes. When he did all four of them took a small step back. Naruto just looked at them with a blank face. "You guys got any food, I'm starving." Naruto said.

Yoshiro pulled out a food pill from his pocket and tossed to Naruto. When he caught it he thought it was a joke because it was so small. Hei noticed how he was looking at the small pill and said. "Just eat it, that small pill will do more than any meal can. We might as well camp and start your training. If you not as strong as a Gennin soon you're going to get in the way. We'll show you the basics now then we're going to wander around the forest, once you're at a decent level we'll go somewhere else. To start off you need to learn to climb tree's…

Close to Kirigakure

About an Hour ago Kyuubi had switched bodies from Ryoma to random a Kiri Jounin. It was not the ideal body for him and he only changed because the Gennins body was too weak, and he did promise to kill it. He only planned to keep this one until he found a better one.

As luck would have it, when he was walking away from Kiri a boy with an odd white sword appeared in from of him. "Are you from Kiri?" The boy asked.

Kyuubi wanting to see the boy's response nodded to him and raised an eyebrow when the boy attacked him. Kyuubi jumped over the boy's swing of the sword then brought down an axe kick to the boy's head causing him to fall to the ground and drop his sword. The boy quickly got up then did something that made Kyuubi smile, he got into a Taijutsu stance then sharp bones came out from his palms.

The boy then ran towards Kyuubi and attempted to trust the spiked palm into his stomach, the plan failed when Kyuubi sidestepped the attack and grabbed the boy's neck and locked eyes with him. When their eyes met the boy's body went limp then Kyuubi opened his mouth where a red mist poured out and into the boy's body. When the mist was gone the boy's eyes turned a deep blue then he trusts the spiked bone into the Jounin's head.

"Ah, this will be perfect! Still young and with much potential, and this ability will help me greatly. Still though, it will take me years to complete my goals. My list of things to acquire is still high, new eyes, tailed beast with five or more tails, 100 live shinobi, 1000 rubies, and maybe a few more things. I gave the child my old eyes to ensure his survival until at least I remove the bulk of my chakra from him, and besides I don't use illusions anyway." Kimimaru or rather Kyuubi said before continuing where he was going.

2 Months Later:

For the last two months Naruto has only been practicing things like tree walking, water walking, working with his daggers. Even though he doesn't know any Ninjutsu he was doing really well with Genjutsu due to his eyes. He simple had to think then project the illusion where he wanted it, though that only worked for area Genjutsu. Area Genjutsu changed things about the area it was cast on, a river in the sky, fake backup, ect. With eye contact he could unleash a personal illusion on a person, fears, bad memories, if the person had a weak mind, control their actions.

They had many, many other things they planned to train Naruto in over time, such as walking on sand without leaving any prints, boosting his speed and reflexes, strength training, how to fight with his dagger, Taijutsu, depending on good his chakra control gets other things.

He began to see Saeko as an older sister, the group quickly got past his red eyes, the fact that he usually had on his mask could have part in that though. She had no problem answering all Naruto's questions and even took on the roll of teaching him non-shinobi things. She was mostly a happy person and the only time she has ever shown even a flash of sadness is when Naruto asked what a whore was.


It was Naruto and Saeko's turn to hunt, though because of Naruto's abilities he was brought on hunts pretty often. He had just made eye contact with a deer decided he and Saeko could sit on its back while it walked them back to camp. While riding, he decided to ask about something he had been thinking about for a while. "Saeko-nee, when I first meet you guys, you said you used to be a whore, what is that?" Naruto asked while looking at her through his mask.

Her eyes grew dim for a moment before she smiled and said. "A whore is a person, usually a woman, who has sex for money, or other things. In my case it was for food and a place to sleep. When I was 10 my parents were killed and I was taken as a slave and then sold to a brothel. I worked there for nearly a year when Yoshiro stopped by. He saw me and starred for a few seconds. I got the wrong idea and asked was he going to pick me." She laughed for a few seconds then continued. "He smiled to me then wrapped a cloth around my eyes and then told me not to move no matter what. Then, well he killed everybody in the building, everybody in the buildings next door and even the one across the street simply because they knew a child was there. Afterwards he brought me with him and trained me, and that's how the Yajuu Butai started."

End Flashback

Konoha: With Hinata

The last two months brought on a lot of change for the Hyuuga heir. She was released from the hospital 6 weeks ago, and was constantly training so see could reach her new goals: become a Hunter Nin, kill Ryoma, and find Naruto. There were a few snags which some turned out to be helpful in the end. One of them was that Hiashi pulled her out of the academy and took to training her himself. His reason was he didn't want people seeing a scarred Hyuuga main family member. The right side of her face, starting where her mouth ends were a few shades lighter than the rest of her skin, also she was missing a large amount of hair from that side of her head, that would not grow back.

At first she though being trained by her father would be a disaster, that he would berate her and stopped her training all together. She was wrong because she didn't take her new resolve into account. No longer would she pull punchers or worry about hurting someone, when her father was busy and could not train her she would drag the closest other Hyuuga to take his place, regardless of what they were doing or had planned. She even activated Neji's seal when he said she was a waste of time and wouldn't spar with her, he never complained again but he attempted to use spars against her to pay her back, he quickly found that if he held back he would be hurt.