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Chapter 4: Time to Gather.

Naruto seriously underestimated the time it takes for normal people to walk from Fire country to Wave. They were fairly close to the border so he guessed it would take about 3 days but it turned out to be 5 days. It really doesn't matter anymore as they were at their destination. He had sent Saeko ahead so she could have Yoshiro meet them when they arrived and she obviously followed his orders as the man was standing at the dock waiting for them to get off the boat.

On their way to the 'base' Yoshiro told Naruto about a battle between a Kiri missing-nin and a Konoha team that took place just a few days ago. Yoshiro recognized the Konoha Jounin as Sarutobi Asuma and the Kiri Nin as Momochi Zabuza. He was a little embarrassed to say that he didn't know why they were fighting, as he only saw a bit of the fight and left before the end of it because he didn't want to be spotted.

They could figure that out later because right now they were at the base, or old abandoned warehouse, whichever you preferred. It was fairly large with a few windows, broken and covered with board on what would be the second floor, if warehouses had second floors. All in all it would do just fine for the start of the girls training and a nice place to sleep.

Naruto knew the situation in Wave country was bad but he didn't expect it to be at the level of poor that it was. There was a lot of evidence that the country had money and recently at that, now it seem like someone came and robbed everyone. Wanting to know what was going on

Naruto told Yoshiro and Hei to find out what's causing this level of poverty. The girls could also use some clothes and weapons so he sent Atsune off with some money to handle that.

Now all that was left in the warehouse was Naruto, Saeko, and the six new additions to the Yajuu. It was time to start their training and the first thing on the long list of lessons was to teach them about chakra, so he told Saeko to explain it to them. He would help too but Naruto was never good with explanations, besides he was working on new Genjutsu, ones that don't involve his eyes.

Hei and Yoshiro were walking about town asking at about the current situation and whenever someone wasn't afraid to answer them they went on a long rant about evil Gatou and his thugs choking the life out of the country. They also ranted about how if Tazuna could actually finish the bridge they would be saved.

They then decided to try and see if anyone knew where Gatou was. Him being one of the riches people in the world he was bound to have something they could use. Unfortunately no one could tell them anything about where the billionaire stayed. They got lucky and spotted a group and samurai looking thugs that people were shying away from. They had to be working for Gatou. Figuring this was their best chance of finding out where Gatou was the decided to follow until they go to where the man was.

While on her errand Atsune wondered what exactly Naruto was planning and how she was even in this situation. Just a week ago they were a fairly relaxed group, as relaxed as a group of missing-nins can be anyway. Now they were in the poorest country she has ever been in and taking orders from a kid his who is planning to train an army of whores. 'It's like he wants to make a bunch of Saeko's' she said to herself then froze. 'That probably IS what he's trying to do but why? Saeko is not that good of a ninja herself.'

She was also getting annoyed that she had not seen Yoshiro much since Naruto assumed leadership of the Yajuu. 'It's because Naruto is making sure we're not together much.' She thought. She put her thoughts to the back of her mind as she was walking into the only open clothing store in the town.

Looking around the shop she saw a lot of shirts and pants that looked handmade. She also suspected that the woman who was sitting at the counter lives here as well, that's probably the only reason her shop was still open.

"Hello, do you need any help?" The shop keeper asked.

"Yes, I was wondering if you would be willing to make uniforms for me." Atsune asked.

"Yes, that is definitely possible. I can start immediately if you want me to but first I will need the… details." The older woman said.

"I'm going to need as many as you can make. As for the size and design of the uniforms…" Atsune had to stop and think a bit, she knew the size of the girls as she had examined them all during the trip to Wave country. The problem was the design of the uniform. She knew Naruto probably didn't care what the girls wore, though he would probably prefer something black. So she decided on getting battle kimono for them, just black instead of her blue. She even ordered a few for herself.

When it came time to discus payment she told the lady she was willing to pay $50 per uniform and the woman agreed readily. From what she could see of the town Atsune knew that much would be the most the lady had in a long while. She also decided to give her $500 in advance, in case she needed to get materials and such. After she gave all the details of what she wanted to the woman she left the shop to complete her other task.

It was considerably easier to find a weapons smith than it was for a clothing shop. As odd as that sounds the reason for this was that Gatou's men would obviously need weapons. She also wondered if he would have ninja weaponry and not just samurai gear. She stopped at the door of the shop and let out an annoyed sigh. The problem was that even from outside the shop she could see that some thugs were hanging around the place. They were most likely there for two reasons. To make sure he made weapons for them and to make sure he doesn't try and arm the civilians. She could take care of them herself but it would probably be best if she told the others before doing something like that.

Yoshiro returned from following Gatou's men without Hei. They had found a nice looking building that was actually pretty well hidden. He decided that it wasn't necessary for him and Hei to watch the place to gather some info so he came back without him.

When he came back the girl were doing a bunch of physical exercises to build up chakra reserves and stamina. 'What does he plan to do with these girls? They will probably never be anything more than fodder.' Yoshiro thought.

He then walked over to Naruto who was doing something with his daggers. "Are you planning on recruiting anyone from here into your 'army'?" Yoshiro asked Naruto.

Naruto put down his daggers and turned to Yoshiro in thought. The man didn't know which he hated more, the blank black mask that was staring at him at the moment or the red eyes he sees whenever Naruto took off the mask, which was rare as he even slept with it most days.

'It definitely was a bad idea to pick him up. We feed him, we teach him, and then we give him the girl he wants and how does he repay us? He turns on us. I created the Yajuu Butai because I

didn't want to follow orders from anyone now but now I'm taking orders from a kid, but not for long.' Yoshiro though.

"You are free to leave the Yajuu if you don't want to take orders from me. But… Atsune will not be allowed to leave. If you wish to stay with her you will take orders from this kid for however long I wish." Naruto said before walking off.

Yoshiro was freaked out now. How did Naruto know what he was THINKING about, he was sure he didn't say it out loud, or did he? Was even his thoughts not safe anymore? Another thing was Naruto said he was free to go but Atsune was not, why is that? A few seconds of thinking about it and he had two likely reasons. One was that he was less likely to leave without Atsune and the second most likely reason was that she was a med-nin and would be useful to keep around.

By the time he completed his thoughts, or what he believed were his thoughts, Naruto returned and handed him a bag of jewelry. The Suna missing was confused as to why he was given the bag but Naruto just stared at him trough his mask. He knew it wasn't any kind of reward or payment for him, Naruto probably wanted him to buy something but what. 'My god he wants me to…'

"That should be more than enough to gather more people for my 'army'. This country is ridiculously poor so there should be homeless children, as well as parents who would sell theirs for some money." Naruto said. He thought Yoshiro did have a good idea about expanding the Yajuu more. While it sounded cruel to buy people they would probably live a better life with the Yajuu then they would with someone who was willing to sell them in the first place. Not that Naruto cared about being cruel, no beast ever does.

When the Jounin got over his shock he left the building to go do his new job. Naruto sighed under his mask. When Yoshiro asked him about getting more people the sarcasm was dripping from his words so Naruto used a Genjutsu to make him say his thoughts out loud while believing he was thinking it. He then wondered how his 'students' will react to his red eyes. They had yet to see them but the will once he enters their minds. They all seem to be doing well and none of them seem too much effected by their kills. While he could have just let the girls that didn't want to follow him leave they could have talked and caused trouble for him. Changing their memories would be a waste of time and he wanted to make sure the ones that did follow him would do anything he said, one didn't and she died.

Shrugging off his thoughts he went back to experimenting Genjutsu that didn't involve his eyes. Yoshiro used to try and teach him Ninjutsu but Naruto never liked them because he believes his illusions are better, especially the black ones.

It had been a few hours since Yoshiro left him alone to watch the place and Hei figured he learned as much as he was going to today. He didn't see much that but told him all he needed to know. Besides the Kiri ninja Gatou's force was made entirely of thugs. There were probably 35-40 people inside the building now and all together he estimated the billionaire had about 100 thugs working for him. In other works he doubted they would have any trouble should Gatou find out about them.

Having done his job he decided to go back to their 'base' which was nowhere near as nice or hidden as the one he was watching. He wished he could find a woman and stay in a hotel for a few days after all the crap that has been happing over the last few days, Naruto taking over the group and now training those girls to be ninja. Hei was broken out of his thoughts when he spotted 3 kids around Naruto's age 'training'. 'Those are the Konoha ninja that we a few days earlier, well at least most of them, the older one isn't around.' He thought.

One of the three he seen was fat and his constant eating of chips wasn't going to make him any thinner. The other boy was lying on a tree branch staring at the sky as if he was bored. The third was a woman, or rather a girl who was yelling telling them they should be training. He could probably take out all 3 with a kunai and they'd never know what hit them, but that would be stupid because the older one, who was probably a Jounin would be looking for whoever killed his teammates and Hei was not stupid enough to pick a fight he can't win. That why he never looked in Saeko's direction for more than a few seconds. Not that he was interested in her anyways, she didn't look that good in his opinion but that was enough thinking about this he had to get back before he was spotted.

When everyone returned from their errands for the day they decided to inform the others of what they accomplished. First Atsune told them about the clothing shop but she noticed that she would have to return soon because of the new additions to the group. When she told them about the black smith Naruto told her that he would deal with it.

Yoshiro had the 9 new kids introduce themselves to the group, 7 boys and 2 girls ages 7-10. They all lived in a rundown orphanage and all it took was a few pieces of jewelry for the lady in charge to hand over the kids. All it took was a kunai and Yoshiro had the jewelry back, he seriously had no mercy for those would sell children. The kids will be training as ninja and they will lead a better more honorable life than they ever would here in a wave anyways. Well unless some village caught wind of what they were doing and wipe them out soon.

Hei informed them all about his thoughts of Gatou and his forces. How he doubted the man had anymore than the 2 ninja that were hired to kill the man the Konoha ninja were protecting. He told them that he seriously doubted that they would find them and if they did they wouldn't be any trouble.

He then told them about the 3 Konoha ninja that he saw 'training' in the forest and that they should probably avoid that area so they wouldn't be spotted. Naruto smiled a bit when he learned about the Gennin, not that he knew they were Gennin, but he had an idea that could benefit the group a bit.

The next two weeks went past without any problems for the Yajuu. First Naruto went to the weapons shop. He simply walked in a looked at all the thugs inside and made them quietly leave, under Genjutsu, to a have a sparring match that turn to a fight to the death. There was no need for him to do anything physical himself. The man running the shop didn't have any Kunai or shuriken but he did have a nice selection of daggers, swords, and spears though. Excluding the latter of the weapons, Naruto thought that those would do fine for his new recruits. The smith was nothing but happy to actually get paid for his work.

The lady who made the clothes worked day and night and even hired two other women to help her so that she could get at least 2 sets of uniforms for everyone done. While the girls got battle kimono the boys got a simple long sleeve shirt and pants, all black. All of the new members could use their chakra now even though some only had a tiny amount of it. They were still weak and didn't know a single Jutsu but they were learning Taijutsu and getting into shape. It would probably be a few months before they will be able to be classified and ninja.

Naruto eyes were proving to be more and more useful every day. As of 15 minutes ago they made him the 7th richest man in the world when he had Gatou sign everything over to him before he killed the fat man. With his new fortune, new hideout, and thugs that easily accepted them as their new leader once they found out he had all the money now decided to put his new plan in action but first he needed to stop the fight at the bride before they killed each other.

The rest of the group, or at least the ones that could fight were already at the bridge completing their missions.

Yoshiro didn't know why Naruto wanted him to do this and he thought it was a bad idea anyways. Kidnapping a ninja from a major village would bring nothing but trouble. He didn't know what the boy was planning with everything he's been doing but it wouldn't be too long before someone catches wind of them and when they do it will be ugly. He knew it would be soon but since he didn't plan to be around when it happens he would do this job since it would make it worse for the brat.

The only one he could see from where he's hiding is a blonde girl and an old man. 'Let's do this.' He thought. He then extended chakra strings from his fingers and connected to the girl. She was already close the edge of the bride and he was hiding over the side. With one small yank the girl seemingly tripped and fell over the bridge and Yoshiro quickly hid under the bridge. When she hit the water she passed out from the impact and went under. Atsune was

already under the water and the girl went under she grabbed her and pulled her somewhere safe, all while making sure she was out of site from the man. Once she made sure the girl was still alive she and Saeko took her back the hideout, the new one.

While that was happing Naruto managed to make to the bride before the Jounins could finish each other. How did he plan to convince the two to stop trying to take the head off the other? He didn't plan to ask them to stop but rather force them to. Because of the mist he couldn't look them in the eye so he went with one of his new ways of delivering a Genjutsu. One better suited for multiple targets, audio or rather sound.

Naruto pumped chakra into his two knives and they vibrated loudly. He then touched the two blades together and the noise lever grew to an almost unbearable level and sparks were flying. Within 30 seconds the mist cleared and everyone besides Naruto who was on the bridge was now on their knee's clutching their ears. Naruto smiled under his mask as he stopped the flow of chakra. Using Genjutsu to amplify an already loud sound worked great.

"Who the hell are you?" Zabuza asked. Naruto could tell the Konoha Jounin was thinking the same thing.

"I'm here to inform you all of Gatou's death and that this fight is now meaningless." Naruto said to them. The Jounin seem relieved and Naruto could tell he was losing the fight before he arrived.

Zabuza however was far from happy with the announcement, he still haven't been paid! Haku had gone over to him after the noise ended and was now standing next his master.

"No need to worry so much. Though Gatou is dead you will still be receiving you payment. All you have to do is follow me back to the base and you and your partner will have it soon. If you choose not to follow, you will receive nothing." Naruto said.

While Zabuza wasn't sure if he believed the kid in the black mask he wasn't about to take the chance of losing his pay. So he walked to the edge of the bridge were the kid was and waited for Haku to get there before all 3 jumped over the edge and ran off.

Asuma seeing that the danger was gone went to check on his students. He found Shikamaru and Chouji first. The Nara had senbon sticking out of almost every limb and was unconscious, well at least the Jounin hoped that was it. Chouji seem to have far less senbon on his person, he was probably protected by his meat tank Jutsu. Asuma was happy that the guy who assassinated Gatou decided to stop the battle because he wasn't sure how much longer he and his students could have lasted.

When he found Tazuna the man was hunched over the rail of the bridge and seemed to be in a panic. "Tazuna, what wrong and where is Ino?" The Jounin asked.

The bridge builder turned to the ninja with a look of fear and guilt on his face. "S-She… She fell over…" Tazuna said. When Asuma heard that he ran to the edge in hope to spot her in the water and when he could not Tazuna said something that the man certainly did NOT want to hear. "She was pulled under by the current and it's been a few minutes and… and…" He didn't get to say the rest as the Shinobi jumped over the edge so he could walk on the surface to find the girl. Sadly he would now find her. Because of the strong current in the area he suspected she was pulled her and far away by now. Yamanaka Ino would be official marked as KIA once they got back to Konoha.

Kyuubi had finally gathered everything he needed for his plans but before he started something else needed to be taken care of. That something was Uchiha Madara. The man had to be killed soon. Not because Kyuubi was afraid of the man or that he would be controlled again, he simply found the man to be unworthy of the power he was given. Truthfully he found the Uchiha as a whole to be unworthy of the Doujutsu that he given that Hyuuga child hundreds of years ago. The bloodline was cursed having been the result of two different demons.

When Kyuubi had found out Madara took his Sharingan to the highest level he allowed the man to control him. Most would be confused as to why a being such as Kyuubi would allow himself to be controlled. Madara himself believed it was his power that was controlling Kyuubi. The reason is simple, when you are immortal and likely the strongest being on the planet there is not much to do. The Bijuu are not tolerant of the others and the Fox was as strong as the other 8 combined, though not at the moment. He found human to be the most interesting of all animals on the planet and decided to do something amusing. So he injected some of his chakra into a pregnant Hyuuga woman and the baby that was born became the first Uchiha, not that anyone alive now knows that.

For about 150 years there was only 1 or two Uchiha at maximum before Uchiha Masaki and her husband had six children, all boys and when they realized their potential they all took multiple wives and started what would be the Uchiha clan. They did a lot of amazing things during their time but now they were down to 3 and he decided he was done with them, he had a new bloodline to watch. So now it was time to hunt.

There is a big misconception about missing Nins. They are not all bloodthirsty criminals who ran away from their village after committing some horrible crime. Most leave because they don't agree with some rule their village has or simply don't want to put the needs of the village above their own. Don't be mistaken though, there are some bloodthirsty criminals who ran away from their village after committing some horrible crime, that's why that stereotype is there.

Hunters however, do not care why they left the village, but only the fact that they did. Shinobi are not allowed to abandon their village for any reason not even for their own lives. It was not because of something simple as keeping training secrets, Jutsu, and bloodlines. Though those

are very big reasons the main reason was simply to deter people from leaving. If people know they will be hunted until the day they die they were far less likely to leave.

It wasn't a perfect system, as the ash remains of two missing Chunin from Konoha showed that some still chose the life. There was a wind from a Jutsu soon scattered those ash into the air. The caster of the Jutsu had on a white mask and a white hooded cloak. The mask was similar to all the ones worn by hunters but this one had grey lines on right side that looked like cracks but if you looked closer you could see that they were paint on. The cloak she wore was pure white, except for the few splatters of blood at the bottom. On the back of the hunter was a long white scythe, making the hunter look like a white version of death.

'62 missing-nins from Konoha left: 38 D-Rank, 17 C-Rank, 5 B-Rank, no more A-Rank, and 2 S-Rank. I will leave the D-Rank to the other hunters. First I'm going to eliminate all of the B-rank and then the C-Rank. I can't believe Ryoma is already dead though, now I having no clues to fine Naruto-kun. I wonder if he is alright. If he's safe he's probably living a normal life as a civilian now. I hope he remembers who I am when I finally find him.' The hunter thought before taking off to head back to Konoha to report the deaths of the A and B-Rank missing Nins.

The last thing she remembered was falling over the edge of the bridge so when she woke the first thing she did was scream and trash a bit. It was then she noticed that she couldn't move and after a quick look around her fear or drowning was gone and the fear of something much worse settled in its place. She was chained to a chair in the middle on an unknown room, never a good sign of things to come.

Before she could gather her thoughts properly the door open and all the light in the room faded away. Now in a pitch black room her fears grew more and more. She couldn't see and now she could hear footsteps approaching her. "Who are you?" She yelled. When the footsteps stoped she heard a deep dark voice say. "Your new master."

After the voice stopped two red eyes could be seen, fit to be more on an animal that a human. Yes, Yamanaka Ino wish they had turned back to Konoha when Asuma asked if they wanted to continue, but no she wanted to complete a C-Rank mission to impress Sasuke.