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He just knew that he wasn't in his bedroom in Atlantis; as he preferred his room to be as darker than a cave. The way-too-bright-to-be-legal sunlight was assaulting his eyes even when they weren't open yet and bird-like creatures native to the Pegasus Galaxy were singing very very loudly. I am never drinking ever again. Opening his eyes seemed to be the best option, even though he had a hangover. So he opened them.

He guessed the room he was in could be called a homey room: the bed he was laying down on had tan-colored cottony sheets with a huge multi-colored quilt, trinkets were scattered around the room, wood-paneling covered the walls, and under a large window a modern wooden-looking table with a few chairs oddly similar to various styles and time periods on Earth.

Not expecting an answer, he rhetorically asked the room, "What the hell happened last night?"

On a high-backed Victorian-looking chair that faced the large window, was a familiar-looking copper-haired woman, who stood up from her chair, gracefully sat down on the bed, watching him with an almost coy loving look on her gorgeous face, there were simple silver bands on both her wrists which hadn't been there yesterday. She calmly answered his question with a small and joyful smile, "We eloped."

He whispered, "Oh." Sheppard is so going to kill me.


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