Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Avatar: The Last Airbender characters. I only made up Thuy and Emi.

Scene: At night, near a fire nation campsite.

Emi gives instructions to a group of women. "Make as little noise as possible and whatever you do don't let Ty Lee hit you. Now let's go."

They follow her over to a large metal box. Emi bends the metal box open to reveal Iroh inside. She motions for him to come out.

"I'm here to help you," She whispers.

Iroh cautiously exits the box wondering "Who is she and why does she want to help me," and at the same time knowing that going with her and the others was better than staying where he was at.

"I'm sure whatever they'll do to me won't be half as bad as what my brother will do to me," Iroh acknowledges to himself. Just as this thought fully enters his head a knife comes whirling at his head. It is quickly knocked off course by a rock and goes straight into a tree. Everyone looks to see who threw it.

In the distance, Mai is seen preparing to throw another knife. Mai urges the camp to awaken by saying that the traitor is escaping.

Ty Lee comes flying out of nowhere and lands beside Iroh. Iroh prepares to fight her when suddenly she falls to the ground standing behind her perfectly calm, as if nothing is happening, is Emi. Iroh stares at her in disbelief. She ignores his looks and commands the woman next to her to remember her assignment. The woman quickly obeys her by grabbing Iroh and dragging him quickly off into the woods.

Emi turns to confront Mai and the rest of the camp, who are currently fighting with Emi's followers. Emi starts to approach Mai, who starts throwing knives at her. She lazily blocks the attacks by moving pieces of rocks in front of her. Mai starts to wonder who is this woman when she notices that she can no longer see her. It is as if the woman disappeared in the blink of an eye. In the next second Mai is rendered motionless.

Emi is now behind her and lets out a high pitched whistle. Her followers quickly start to disappear into the woods and out of sight. Emi moves quickly and calmly towards the woods.

As she nears the edge a bolt of fire barely misses her. She turns around to see, who shot off the blast, only to discover that it is Zuko. A look of betrayal comes to her face as a single tear slides down her cheek. Emi turns back toward the woods and disappears within them.

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