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Scene: Emi's underground campsite. (seen from Iroh's point of view, thoughts italicized)

Iroh requests to meet the leader of the women. A strange woman, who doesn't speak, takes him to an empty chamber and leaves him there with no way out. She locks him in by closing the door, just a hole in the wall, behind her.

"What? Where is their leader? Was I just rescued to become someone else's prisoner?" wonders Iroh.

He looks around the chamber. "It's huge, but there aren't a lot of things in here." He sees a rolled up sleeping bag in the far right side of chamber and table over it. On the table, he finds a carved, hand-painted box and some scrolls. "This is very odd that these things are the only things in here. Why would someone put these things in a prisoner's chamber?"

He looks at the scrolls and the box again. "I wonder what do those scrolls say and also what's in the box?" He looks at them again and starts to pick up one of the scrolls when the door, hole in the wall, opens up.

The person, who walks in, is no other then the woman, who calmly stopped Ty Lee from recapturing him. She walks over to him and says, "I hope you haven't been waiting long? How may I help you?"

"You can help me by taking me to your leader. I want to know what he wants from me and why I've been made a prisoner." Iroh exclaims.

The woman starts laughing. "Why is she laughing? What's so funny?"

She soon stops. "I'm sorry, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm better now though and so I'll answers your questions. First I'm the leader, so your request has already been granted. Also you aren't a prisoner you are our guest. I'm sorry for the confusion. Now to answer the question of what I want from you. It's simple really. I want you to introduce me to the avatar."

"Why do you want to meet the avatar? And why ask me?" asks Iroh.

"You know the avatar personally and I can teach him something of value."

"I've only spoken to him once so how do I know him personally and he already knows how to earthbend. So …" says Iroh.

"That's nice, but I would still like to meet him."

"I don't understand."

"You will." The woman bends a chair from the wall and sits down. "Would you like a seat?" the woman says as she bends another chair from the wall and gestures for him to sit down. Iroh sits down.

"Now I believe that introductions are in order before we continue on…" says the woman.

"My name is Mushi and …" says Iroh.

"Don't lie to me. I know who you really are. You are General Iroh, Dragon of the West. Actually I know a lot about you so lying to me is absolutely pointless," the woman strongly says and then in a softer voice says, "Now my name is Emi and I do believe that your chamber will be done in a minute."

"This woman is very curious. How does she know me and if this isn't my chamber than what is this place?" Just as thought came to his head the strange woman reenters the room.

"It appears that your chamber is finished. Thuy will take you to your chamber so that you may rest," says Emi. Thuy guides him swiftly out of the chamber before he can ask anymore questions.

Iroh asks Thuy to tell him what she knows about why he's here. He also asks her about what she thinks of Emi, her leader. She says nothing as she guides him down the hall to his chamber. After making a lot of confusing twists and turns down the hallway, they finally arrive in front of an opening in the wall that is covered by a drape. Thuy leads him into the room and quickly leaves him there without saying a word.

Iroh looks around this new room. "It's a lot smaller, but there are more things in this room then there were in the last room." Iroh looks around the room to see a bed on one side of the room and a table opposite it. On the table is a fresh pot of hot water, and next to that pot is a single cup and two bags, one containing jasmine tea and the other containing ginseng tea, and a reusable metal tea bag.

Iroh stares at the bags of tea in disbelief and wonders, "I thought she was exaggerating when she knew a lot about me. Wait a minute maybe this is just a coincidence. Yeah that's it. They just happen to only have these types of tea and out of courtesy's sake gave me some. Yes, that makes a lot more sense."

Iroh puts some of the ginseng tea into the metal tea bag and puts it into the pot. After a minute or two, he pours himself a cup of tea. As he's pouring the cup of tea, he starts to realize just how tired he is.

"I think I'll just go to sleep after this cup of tea." After he finishes his cup of tea, he goes to the bed and lies down and just before he falls asleep he starts to wonder, "What is really going on here and will Emi ever tell me why she wants to meet the avatar. Emi, why does that name sound strangely familiar?"

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