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Scene: Emi's chamber

Emi watches Iroh leave. "That was harder than I thought it would be." Emi breathes a sigh of relief.

She walks over to the table and opens the box. Inside are pieces of broken gold metal. She gently caresses them and starts to remember memories of love. She also starts to remember the rescue of Iroh and tears appear in her eyes as she remembers the fire blast. She slowly closes the box and sighs.

She then turns to the scrolls. She starts to open some of them. The first is a map of the area, which she lays across the floor. The second is a scroll stolen from a fire nation soldier on its way to an important general. The third is a checklist of sorts; it is written in a code that only Emi and Thuy know. The others she leaves untouched for the moment. She starts examining the documents before her.

She has no reason to fear interruption, because only Thuy dares to come to this chamber without permission. The others respect her, but due to her mysterious past also tend to fear her. All they know is that all of her family is gone because of the fire nation and nothing more. Thuy is the only exception to this. She knows a lot of about Emi and Emi knows a lot about her. Thuy is also respected and feared for the same reasons as Emi. The only reason the other women stay with them is because they have never failed a mission yet. Nor have they ever allowed anyone of the women to be captured or killed no matter what the cost has been to themselves. Thuy and Emi are also fair and have never assigned someone a duty that they couldn't complete.

About ten minutes later, Thuy enters the chamber. "Is he comfortable?" asks Emi, who doesn't look up from the scroll.

"I assume so. I didn't actually ask," Thuy says in an irritable tone.

Emi chuckles as she looks up from the scrolls. "No, I suppose you wouldn't ask. Now would you."

"So is he going to introduce you to the avatar?"

"I don't know yet, but I think that he will."

"Well that's good at least then the avatar will be able to learn firebending and be able to navigate himself around the palace like he's lived there his whole life."

"I know and what's even better no one will even see it coming because they think that we're both dead. Ok then what's next on the list?"

Thuy picks up the list, "It appears to be: Find the avatar and train him in the art of firebending."

"I suppose that will have to wait until morning. Have you heard any sightings of him?"

"No, but rumor has it that there will be an invasion of both earth and water benders during a solar eclipse."

"I love the fact that servants go unnoticed in the palace. It makes our job so much simpler."

"True, but I think that we should change informants the one we have is starting to become noticed."

"Of course, it's about that time again. Make sure that she gets out safely and we'll send some one else in about a week or two so that no one, meaning Azula, gets suspicious. The rumors that we have are good enough for now. No one at the palace will know where he is anyway, because they think that he's dead."

"Yes, but I heard of a way that we can find the avatar."

"How?" Emi said excitedly.

"I hear that Zuko is going to hire a hitman, so we can follow him to the avatar."

"That sounds like a perfect idea we'll just need to be careful." The two women continued to formulate the plan for hours. Until Thuy reminded Emi that sleep was also essential to the success of the plan. So Emi and Thuy went to their quarters and went to sleep.