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Chapter one

When Tony DiNozzo got up that morning, something just felt "off". He couldn't put his finger on it but he just had this sense of foreboding. He arrived to work on time and his boss seemed to be in a somewhat civil mood. So far, so good he thought. It was lunchtime, they hadn't caught any new cases and his boss hadn't slapped the back of his head once yet.

Just as Tony started to think that maybe he had been wrong this morning; his phone rang. It was one of the Security Guards at the front desk, letting him know that he had a visitor and that they were on their way up. Tony swore softly, under his breath. "Damn, what was he doing here" he thought to himself. He was just thankful that both McGee and Ziva had left for lunch already. This was one scene he did not want to have to explain to his coworkers.

Tony was just about to get up from his chair when the elevator pinged sounding its arrival. He looked up and saw him step out from the elevator and walk towards his desk. "Hello Anthony" he said as Tony rose from his chair. "Good afternoon Sir" Tony responded, "What are you doing here?"