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Chapter Three

As the afternoon dragged on, Tony could feel Gibbs watching him every once in awhile. It was really starting to get to him; he had to get away even if just for a short time. As Tony got up from his desk and headed to the elevators, he threw over his shoulder, "I'm going to see Abby, be right back". He then ducked into the elevator before anyone could say anything.

As Tony approached the lab, the sound of Abby's music made him smile. "Just what I need", he thought to himself, "A little normalcy". That made him grin even more, never thought he would put the words "Abby" and "Normal" in the same sentence. Tony walked into the lab and as he reached to turn down the music Abby turned around. "Tony!" she almost squealed. Tony smiled back at her "Hey Abby, you busy?" As Abby gave him a hug she said "I always have time for you Tony. What's up?" She could tell that something was not quite right. As he sat down on her stool, Tony tried to think of the best way to bring up the subject of his Father.

"This should be easy," he thought. Abby was one of the few people he had talked to about his Father, but he had only told her part of the story. Tony decided it was best to just jump right in. "So, I had a visitor at lunch today" he said. "Oh really, who?" she said. Tony just sighed, raised his eyebrow "Him". Abby look a little confused at first, then it was like a light bulb went off in her head. "Him? Him…oh HIM!" she said. She had been sitting on her desk but jumped down and grab Tony's arm "Oh my god, what did HE want?"

"I'm not exactly sure and by the way Abby, ouch," Tony said as he tried to pry her fingers off his arm. "Oh, sorry." Abby said as she started to rub the spot she had been squeezing. "Gibbs interrupted us, so as I was walking him out we made plans for dinner." Tony continued "He did say something about wanting my help but he didn't want to get into it right then." Abby chewed on her bottom lip and asked, "So, are you going to do it? You know, the whole dinner and helping him out thing?" Tony rubbed his hands across his face, sighed and looked up at her. "Yes to dinner and not sure about the helping out part." Abby stood up and with a determined look on her face said, "I'm going with you and you're NOT meeting him alone."

Tony stood up, leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He then gave her a smile and said, "That's really sweet of you Abs but first of all, we'll be in a public place and second, I AM a Federal Agent you know." Abby just crossed her arms and said "But this is YOU we're talking about Tony, you know, trouble magnet?" Tony just rolled his eyes and said, "You worry too much. I've got to get back upstairs now before Gibbs notices how long I've been gone." As he left, he told her "I'll call you tomorrow and give you all the details" After he left Abby thought to herself, "I don't care what you say Tony, you're not going to that dinner alone."