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Chapter Seven – Epilogue

Gibbs entered the bar, scanning the room and finding Tony immediately; he was down towards the end. Casually leaning against the bar with a drink in hand, he had his back to the bartender so he could watch the entrance. Gibbs walked over and adopted the same pose. While looking straight ahead Tony said, "So" as he sipped on his drink, "You heard everything?" Gibbs responded, "Pretty much." not looking at Tony either. Gesturing towards the door with the hand that held his drink, "And THAT is why we haven't talked in over ten years." Tony said without emotion.

"So what now?" Gibbs asked. Glancing at him, Tony replied, "What do you mean?" Knowing some of Tony's history with his father, Gibbs turned and looked him straight in the eye, "You could press assault charges." Silently adding, "this time." Tony held his gaze for a minute, then looked away saying, "No thanks, that would mean I would have to see him again." Throwing back the rest of his drink he continued, "I think tonight will last me another ten years." Straightening up from the bar, Tony turned to Gibbs, "Well, this was fun but I'm out of here. You coming?" "On your six DiNozzo" he answered. "Oh and by the way," Tony said " can you tell Abby that next time she wants to 'tale' somebody, she might not want to use her own car." Gibbs just gave a small smile and as they headed to the parking lot, he put his hand on Tony's arm. "I'm driving," He said as he steered Tony towards his car. "Come on Boss, I can drive." Gibbs just stared at him, "You've been drinking DiNozzo." Tony just rolled his eyes but suddenly stopped walking. "Oh crap, I just remembered." "What now?" Gibbs said.

"I told Abby I would call her tomorrow to give her all the details." Gibbs told Tony "You've got all night to think about what to tell her." Tony grimaced, "Don't think so Boss, she's standing by your car." Gibbs turned to look at Abby, frowning as he walked over to her, "I thought I told you to go home?" "You did" Abby smiled "But you never said I couldn't come back." As she turned and hugged Tony, she asked, "How ARE you?" "Fine, except Gibbs won't let me drive." Tony almost pouted. "Hey Boss man, I can give Tony a ride, it's on my way." Abby said. Gibbs knew that Tony would tell Abby more, about what had went down tonight, than he would him so he said to her, "He's all yours." Practically jumping up and down, Abby grabbed Tony's hand and as she started to drag him towards her car, she squealed "Oh we are going to have so much fun tonight!" "Don't I have a say in this?" Tony asked. "No!" both Gibbs and Abby answered. As Gibbs got to his car, he said to Abby, over his shoulder "Just make sure I get him back in one piece tomorrow."

The End