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That One Week in October

Working for the world famous Uchiha Corporation, was by no means a bad job. It was the biggest software and electronics company in Japan and one of the biggest in the world. Uchiha Corp. also had shares in almost every field imaginable, not including the line of popular sports cars that they manufactured. To put it simply, it was one of the most influential companies in the world and all this power rested in the hands of two brothers.

Of course it hadn't always been so. Uchiha Software Systems (as it was once known) was a relatively small company in the grand scheme of things, big enough to get by but hardly well known. However when a car crash took the lives of both the President and his wife, the company fell into the hands of his two sons Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke, then 19 and 14 respectfully.

At the time the car crash made all the headlines and was the talk of the town. The employees of Uchiha software groaned at the news, predicting job cutbacks and the possible closure of the company, few believing that the boys could continue even such a small company. However they underestimated the pride the brothers possessed and the determination they both felt to surpass everyone's expectations and the workers (quickly assured of their jobs) continued their work with renewed vigour.

Within a year, their production rate had doubled and it became necessary to employ more staff. Two years later the company had grown so much in sales and quality that the company moved its headquarters to Tokyo and set up several sub divisions across the country. A year later plans went into motion for an American division and by the time the younger brother Sasuke had reached 19, he was fully in control of the Japanese network while his brother became President of the American branch. By this point they had far excided everyone's expectations and now, 10 years after that fated accident, the two men were the proud owners of the Uchiha Corporation and everything that went with the name.

Now getting back to my original statement, it is definitely not a bad job to work for the Uchiha's, although everyone agreed that it was easier to deal with the younger of the two. Uchiha Itachi was a formidable opponent with sadistic tendencies and more mood swings than a girl with PMS, but at the same time he was fair and honest and certainly made an interesting boss. His employees spoke highly of him because he had their respect, while his enemies spoke highly of him because the 7ft vice president who followed him everywhere had a terrifying obsession with sharks and acted as his body guard as much as his second in command.

Not that Itachi really needed protection. None involved could forget the incident where one of the company's rivals thought it would be amusing to poke fun at Itachi's choice in purple nail polish. Needless to say the next day when the foolish man walked into his office, he found his company had been bought out and he was promptly fired. That same morning, evil and slightly psychotic laughter could be heard from the older Uchiha's office and when the vice-president was questioned on the sanity of the president, he simply sighed and said that to insult his nail polish is like sacrilege to Itachi. No one really understood but it was decided that from then on, Itachi's make-up choices would be treated with only the utmost reverence. So other than having to deal with their leader's slight insanity, life was good for those who worked for the Uchiha Corporation's American branch.

Now as it has already been mentioned, it was the view of the vast majority of people that the younger Uchiha was the easier of the two to work for, so since Itachi's employees were so content, you would think that Sasuke's would be ecstatic and in some ways this was true. Uchiha Sasuke was constantly calm and in control and his natural leadership skills earned him respect and admiration. He was a strict but fair boss whose charm had sealed the deal on numerous contracts and while he didn't have a fish obsessed giant for a vice president, he did have Hyuuga Neji, a giant in another sense.

Hyuuga incorporated used to be a major rival for Uchiha corp. run by the firm hand of Hyuuga Hiashi, Neji's uncle. When Neji was 18 he was named heir to the vast empire, however soon afterwards when news of Neji's sexual preferences came to light, Hiashi disowned his nephew and cut him off from their vast fortune. Upon hearing this, Sasuke immediately offered him the vacant position of his Vice-President, the two already being well acquainted through a common friend. Neji agreed and the following year they completed their hostile takeover of Hyuuga Inc with the company's assets being left largely in the control of Neji's more than capable younger cousin Hinata.

Neji himself made a valuable partner for Sasuke as his presence could soothe any quarrel while his meticulous and neat personality ensured that Sasuke acknowledged all relevant points while simplifying the situation at board meetings and such. As a bonus, the male lover Neji had been caught with turned out to be the red-headed heir to Sabuku Inc. enabling good ties to be made between the Uchiha's and the powerful African family(1). However what really made the difference for Sasuke (though you could never get him to admit it) was the fact that Neji provided some much need friendship for the young Uchiha who was still a teenager when he hired him.

In actual fact, it was often pointed out that possibly the biggest difference between the two brothers was the fact that all the higher ranking staff in Sasuke's office were considered his friends as much as his colleges. There was head of design and development Nara Shikamaru, considered by many a lazy genius; Inozuka Kiba, head of security; Ino Akimichi Sasuke's personal secretary and her husband Choji, Sasuke's cook. Perhaps closest to him was his physician Sakura, who was widely considered to be among the top medical professionals in the world. Her husband Lee was Sasuke's fitness instructor and self-appointed motivator for the entire staff. As well as receiving martial arts training from the green spandex loving instructor, the president had a well know love for weaponry and learned sword combat from a fiery brunet named Ten-Ten. The two were often seen sparing in the corridors and his female instructor took great delight in throwing sharp metal objects at him at every opportunity.

Along with Neji and Hinata, the staff of Uchiha corp. were described as colourful at best (downright insane at worst) and many of the office underlings often voiced their confusion as to how so many different people with contrasting personalities and different backgrounds could come together as such good friends. However when asked, the members of the group would simply smile and reply they had met through a common friend. No one really understood this until one rainy day in October, a young man with the brightest blond hair walked through the front doors.

AN: (1) I just figured Garra should come from somewhere with lots of sand...